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Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm not sure if there's any progress.

But I can say, Wed/Thur I was super tired. Wed I could understand--didn't get a lot of sleep, maybe 6.5 or something, but Thurs I definitely had my 8 hrs...and yet while I was running my mile and half-and most of the time I was running with my eyes closed! Marcus thinks I should increase my calorie count considering my workouts Tues/Wed were at least 700 cals. Something to reevaluate on Sunday I think...since today was an off night eating, and no workout (minus minor walking and up and down stairs at the conference).

But it's soon to bed...and another week is coming soon. A new week of starting new hours...and new working out routine and new sleeping routine...

I can't wait to see what God has planned for me ... Use me Lord.


Where am I?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Well...since it seems it's already been a week since my last blog updated (weird for me since I feel like I used to blog all the time)...I thought I'd drop a quick line--not too long, I gotta bolt in like 2 min.

Seemingly have found my passion for turbo jam. Making me want to purchase every single DVD out there. But will be patient...asked my hubby to think about getting a set for me. We'll see how long I can wait.

Trying to up my cardio to 45 min 3-4xs a week...but I'm wondering if my in-calories are a little too low for the amount of calories I'm burning (over 700 the past two workouts). Yesterday after my workout driving home from work I was exhausted. Like I felt like I could have slept at 5pm until I wake up at 415 for work. I didn't, and finally got some nausea weird stomach to calm down (maybe cause I had to go to the bathroom? I dunno-it's acting up lately). NEways.

Tonight starts the HIM conference...tomorrow I'm off from work so I can attend the conference which ends Saturday afternoon. Then Monday morning I start my glorious 12hr shifts. It might be a rough week working 5 days (one week 5 days on 2 off, the next week 2 on 5 off) but...we'll see. Prayerfully I'll be able to maintain (and actually improve my priorities)--time with God, time with hubby, working out/eating well.

But...I think I'm doing ok so far. Sure miss being super active on SP...but sometimes I get too addicted to internet...when I shouldn't be on it.

See you around!

oh- last week I didn't run my 1.5 mi I think I did something else to work out.
And my biathlon I did, I actually won 3rd place (of 6 peeps), so I can go back to the place and get my trophy.
And today I'm *hoping* to really run my 1.5 mi--even though I'm NOT expecting it to do better than my last time.

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RAEDAY 4/4/2008 10:51AM

    You must really like your job to be able to be there for 12 hours. I almost lose my mind being at mine for 9 hours.

I hope your conference is Awesome! That way you will have some extra momentum when you have to go in on Monday.

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Catch Up

Thursday, March 27, 2008 some of you may know I had a spring retreat the past few days. I also had my "big project finale/test" Monday morning. Needless to say the retreat was very much appreciated and God was super encouraging and real...and just--it was awesome. The weight management wasn't that great--tempting snacks, irregular schedule, lame excuses..but I did run ~2mi and swim ~20/30 that was good.
I also found out my work schedule is changing up. I'm in training another week and a half, and won't start shift work until next next Monday. Which brings a lot of discrepancies in life...but I'm confident God's going to work them out for good, I just don't see it.
But tomorrow is Thursday. and I'll run my 1.5 mi tomorrow....and it might not be that fast..but I'm going to do it. Cause that's one streak I want to keep alive!!!
More to come later.
Alohas and God bless-

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LESLIE_P 3/28/2008 3:07AM

    Good job! Beautiful pic!!

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Be my strength...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lord be my strength...because right now...

I so can't wait for this project to be over.
I can't wait to rest in His presence at the retreat Monday afternoon.
I can't wait to be able to exercise without feeling guilty--because I need to be working on this (seemingly my project is watching ~22hrs of dvds, taking quizzes after each quiz then a final test on Monday morning) project that I have. It's almost like being in college again.
I can't wait to have that great feeling of working out again, and not feeling like a sloth and fat.
I can't wait for my heartrate monitor to come.

Thank you for your mercy. So many times I've fallen ...and everytime you pick me back up. And every time you remind me of your love. So much more than I can imagine. More than I can fathom. Beyond what I deserve.
I WILL praise you. I CHOOSE to PRAISE you. Regardless of my situation. Regardless of the circumstance. Regardless of what the world says...I will bless the name of the ALL times.

**Praise the Lord. I did get to run my 1.5 mi (3 weeks in a row) and it was 22 sec less than last time! It was all Jesus baby! Hooray!

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REDSODA 3/26/2008 3:47PM

    lovely - congratulations on the faster running

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Weekly Weigh In...and Work

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I try not to complain. Or make excuses.

But work has me really stressed out lately crunching me for time to finish a project. With that in mind, I literally don't do anything else except work related. I make time in the morning to have quiet time (sometimes a little less or more time depending) I haven't even gotten as much sleep as I would like to the past few nights....and I haven't been working out. Sadness I know. And it really makes me mad.

But the light at the end of the tunnel is near. On Monday I'll take my final evaluation so just in time for our church retreat (starting Monday afternoon) I'll get to REALLY relax in His presence and enjoy the fellowship and *prayerfully* good weather.

Fortunately--and praise God, I still weighed in less than last week...and I've "lost" ten pounds! So exciting. My goal this week is to stay in calorie range, esp since the working out is less. I have a little over an hour until people start coming over for our weekly prayer I'm going to try and finish one work dvd, and hopefully get in a 20 min turboworkout. (We'll see).

Just wanted to drop in and say Hi. Normally I'm really active on Spark, but since last week mid week or so this project has really been weighing me down.

But praise God he was faithful and his power really was shown in my weakness--and my evaluation was moved from Friday to Monday (more time to prepare). Prayerfully I'm diligent with this extra time. So...after the retreat gets back Wed...and I'm off on Thursday, I should be making more appearances.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement...I'm so excited to keep on this journey with you, and I'm so blessed by your words!


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LESLIE_P 3/20/2008 9:03AM

    ooo 10 awesome!!! Yeah, trying to fit in work, working out and sleep can be tough! I personally know...hehe...but sounds to me you are still on track...keep up the good work and hope you have fun on your little retreat thing!!! Have a good one!! ;)

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