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Another day...another gift

Friday, March 14, 2008

Well, I did my 1.5mi timed run, and although I only cut 3 sec from last time, I seemingly felt better, especially since there was a head wind coming around the corner (I tried not to use it as an excuse for added time) but I definitely know my first half of the lap is faster than the second half. Something to work on.
Also went to spin, got to meet the lovely Leslie and that was cool.
Think it's time to get ready for bed...didn't get to cook tonight, but not really expecting to since it's a late day. Hooray tomorrow's Friday! Another weekend to redeem myself from last weekend's boo boo. And tomorrow I have a meeting with my lovely nutritionist. Who rocks by the way. Man I love the HAWC.

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LESLIE_P 3/16/2008 4:12AM

    3 seconds is excellent, it's showing progress!!! So good job! And maybe if there were no head wind your run would have been even faster!!! Good job and keep up the good work!!!!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I stepped on this morning, and it was 165! Granted, I want to wait a couple days of consistent 'less than 168/167' before I change my weight...but that was so encouraging! And today I'm in my calorie range...hooray! It's been a super encouraging day...thanks Lord...for showing your goodness...keep me strong and leaning on you.


Falling down...and getting back up

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, I planned that this weekend would be a little lenient--meaning that Friday afternoon I might go over the calorie range, and possibly Saturday. But...seemingly went over the whole time, including last night with a late not so healthy dinner (I wanted the grilled kalbi--less fat and sauce, accidently got the bbq kind, and chicken long rice--delish but not good for cal intake). Needless to say stepped on the scale this morning for my "weekly weigh in" and I was 168...1lb more than last week. All last week I kept weighing in (I weigh myself every morning-but only track the weekly Tues AM one) at 167...and I was sad that nothing was coming off. And now I just feel a little frustrated and I dunno...unmotivated?
On the positive side...Sunday I ran a little over 2 mi in 21:46. It was nice to run outside (I don't think I'm a treadmill runner). And yesterday I've opted out of staying late from work 3 days a week to just 2 (to go to spin Tues/Thurs) so I did 30 min elliptical. So...I guess the exercise is there...just the eating needs to get back.
I guess it's frustrating, because I feel like I can do it, and then at times I just almost binge eat stuff! It's crazy. But I do find myself making healthier choices (IE chocolate mini quakes instead of a snickers candy bar, or skinny cow mini fudge pop instead of tub of ben and jerry's).

Oh Lord. Sometimes I don't understand what you're trying to work in me, but I just trust that you're molding me into this Godly woman that you want me to be. Just remind me of your glory and your goodness. Show me your love in the little things...because it's taking a lot to hold on to my joy--even then I'm not sure how well I'm holding on. Thanks daddy...

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DEBBIE_25 3/11/2008 9:57PM

  Hey Brenda, your weight gain is probably water weight from all that sodium lurking in our foods...i.e., kalbi, chicken long rice, etc...and not from a solid lb of fat so that's a good thing. Keep drinking that water to flush the sodium out of your system and the weight will come back down. Secondly, you did awesome sticking with your workout routine so concentrate on what you did do right and boy do I know how hard it is to pass up a korean, hawaiian and chinese restaurant with all those aromas in the air...not to mention all the plate lunches, noodles, mac salad..aaaaahhhhhh now you've got me going...hmmm there's always a subway in the neighborhood if you're really in a jam. Hang in there, we're strong women!

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Ft DeRussy Biathlon

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Let's just say I kept waking up this morning, and I kept thinking--dang I don't want to do this. I wish I didn't tell so many people about it. :) But thankfully, I did get out of bed and got there on time...talked with some strangers, officially met a girl that I saw in Spin class (Amy)...and felt good about this race. I pushed it. And although my 2.5k run time (about 1.5mi) was slower than my timed run on Thurs...I still improved my time from last year! I didn't place this year in my age category--but I think there were a lot more participants in my category--and they were more fit. :) I improved. and that's what I really wanted to do.
Run time: 16:27, swim time:12:06, Total: 29:21.
Last year: 17:20, 12:52, 30:12.
Not bad for being sick, and for hardly training. I think this might have been the bug to start getting back into races. The Honolulu Triathlon is starting to look pretty sweet--just if I want to do the Olympic Distance (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run) or the sprint (.5k./20/5). Decisions decisions. :) I want to do it, because I'm off that day, and the Lanikai (the one I've done two years in a row) is on a day that I work. So... we'll see.
Anyway-time to rest before the carwash and's a busy day. O I posted my horrendous fatty pics...definitely motivation to lose weight and tone up--since now my pics are on the site! So vulnerable!!
Happy Saturday everyone! God bless!

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LESLIE_P 3/11/2008 2:32PM

    YEAH!!! Good job!! Running is one thing but adding a swim is hard for me!!! You are a great motivation!!! And you're doing the Honolulu Triathlon?! That is amazing! Good luck with that!!!

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LANA-00 3/8/2008 3:24PM

    Way to improve on your time!! I need to do something like this -- not as many opportunities where we are. The one race I did last year was canceled for this year... hmmm, going to have to keep my eyes/ears open. You inspired me!

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Well, I better take advantage of the time I have now, before work starts to get super busy. Yesterday was PT day, and it was enjoyable, and since I had to stop by and p/u my race packet for Sat I couldn't swim at the beach like I had planned. But, that's ok. Right? Right. I got my 30 min of "goal" cardio in...and that's good.
I kept reading stuff on SP blogs about Turbo I did some snooping around on amazon and the web, and decided to give it a shot. For the days that I don't feel like running, or want to do some more cardio/working out. I bought the dvd that has like 5 workouts on it, and I guess it has the beginner one so you can get used to the moves. I even paid an extra $2 for expedited shipping, so I can use it sooner. I mainly wanted to see if I could stick with it, to try and get my waist down for my PFT in April. Since--I can't get my BMI below 25 (mean losing 22 lbs) by then...however--I do know I will pass it so my goal is to do the best I can, and next year to get my BMI down so I can get FULL waist points! (first time in my life). Speaking of DVDs, I found out that while I was gone I got a Shape Toning DVD...I tried two of the 5 min AB workouts the other day; man the Pilates one was intense! There are some other things on it, so I'm thinking about trying their 19 min all over body tone. I'm all about the short workouts so I can always be like (ok, I can do another 10 min workout), and sometimes DVDs are really fun. I almost did the 19 min workout this morning...I thought about it. Then I was like, Neh, I'll hit the shower instead. Maybe next time. :)
Today is another day-giving me the chance to do spin class. Hopefully I get to go (hubby's working afternoon, so he can't call me home ;p)'s just whether or not I opt to go running before. I might be overdoing it with that-esp with this sinus infection and all that beautiful drainage coming out of my head. Bleh.
Uh-oh yes. Today at 1900 we (our church) is having a Vespers service--time of prayer and worship. It's pretty sweet, this is going to be the first one I get to go to since I've been back...I'm excited. It just starts 45 min after spin gets out...and it'll be interesting to see how this all works out. I might go sweaty and stinky :) God doesn't mind...

Alrighty. I think that's all for today. Have an awesome rest of the's Almost Friday!

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LANA-00 3/7/2008 1:17AM

    Sounds like a plan.... how'd it pan out?

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