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Silent Saturday

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I don't know where everyone is today. They were down to get mail and some of us visited for a while. I've gone down a couple times this afternoon and no one is about. We have no managers today so that is part of the reason.

It is very windy and it blew the angry black clouds away for now. We did have rain this morning. I found a book in the library about wolves so I'll read it.


Jan Update

Friday, October 02, 2009

Jan is doing much better since she had to go to ER the other day with infection in her stitches from her brain surgery. The also found out she has COPD so she is on meds for that. I received a hundred dollar check today from a Spark friend I met on the message board, cashed it and took it to Jan and she is so grateful for the help. It amazes me the kindness of strangers. Jan is still working on getting disability from SS but it takes time. In the meantime our new managers are letting her stay here rent free for the next month until she can get some income. Our old manager was just kicking her out.


How Much Fiber?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

How much do I need?
The recommended daily intake for total fiber is:

Adult males, under age 50 38 grams daily
Adult males, over age 50 30 grams daily
Adult females, under age 50 25 grams daily
Adult females, over age 50 21 grams daily
Adult pregnant females 25-35 grams daily

Where can i get more fiber?
Check out the chart below for the amount of fiber in some common foods.

Grams of Fiber Grams of Fiber
Fruit Grains & Pasta
Raspberries, 1/2c 5 ( 1 cup cooked )
Apple, 1 4 Bulgar 8
Blueberries, 1c 4 Barley 6
Prunes, dried, 3 3 Whole Wheat Spaghetti 6
Banana, 1 3 Brown Rice 4
Pear, 1 3 Couscous 2
Orange, 1 3 Macaroni 2
Strawberries, 1c 3 Spaghetti 2
Grapes, 1c 2 White Rice 1
Apricots, dried, 1/4c 2
Peach, 1 2 Cereal
Pineapple, 1c 2 Fiber One, 1/2c 14
Plums, 2 2 All Bran, 1/3c 14
Cantaloupe, 1c 1 Kashi, 3/4c 8
Watermelon, 1c 1 Raisin Bran, 1c 8
Grapefruit, 1/2 1 Shredded Wheat, 1c 6
Apple Juice, 1c 0 Wheat Chex, 1c 5
Orange Juice, 1c 0 Bran Flakes, 3/4c 5
Grape Nuts, 1/2c 5
Vegetables Oats, 1c 4
(1/2 cup cooked) Cheerios, 1c 3
Potato with skin, 1 4 Wheaties, 1c 3
Green Peas 4 Granola, 2/3c 3
Brussel Sprouts 3 Corn Flakes, 1c 1
Carrots 3 Special K, 1c 0
Broccoli 2 Rice Krispies, 1c 0
Cabbage 2
Cauliflower 2 Other Grains
Corn 2 ( 1 slice )
Carrot, 1 med 2 Pupernickel bread 4
Green beans 2 Whole wheat bread 4
Spinach 2 Triscuits, 7 4
Asparagus 1 White Bread 1
Celery, 1 stalk 1
Green pepper, 1/2 1 Beans
Lettuce, 1c 1 Lentils, 1/2c 7
Tomato, 1/2 1 Pinto beans, 1/2c 7
Lentil soup, 1c 7
Kidney beans, 1/2c 7
Ham / bean soup, 1c 6

Tasty ways to add fiber to your diet:

Try a high-fiber grain instead of rice. Bulgur, barley, and brown rice are great high-fiber substitutions.
Add beans to your favorite stir-fry, dips, quesadillas, burritos, and tacos.
Eat some type of fresh or dried fruit with every meal.
Start your meal with a large spinach salad, sprinkled with nuts, seeds or dried fruit.
Choose fruit instead of juice.
Make a pot of vegetable soup.
Add extra veggies and/or beans, peas, and lentils to soups, casseroles, and stews.
Try Middle Eastern cuisine, such as tabbouleh or falafel.
Keep nuts, trail mixes, and cereal mixes available for snacks.
Buy whole wheat pasta, breads, crackers, and cereals.
Top casseroles with wheat germ or bran.
Eat the skins of fruits and vegetables when possible.
Start your morning with a whole grain, high fiber cereal.
Ask for lunchtime sandwiches to be prepared with whole grain bread and topped with veggies.
Too much fiber too quickly may cause constipation or stomach discomfort. Increase fiber in your diet slowly, and boost your fluid consumption by drinking 8 glasses of water daily.
Use canned beans or dried beans that are thoroughly cooked; the undercooked starch in beans can cause gas. Discard the cooking water because it contains some indigestible sugars. If bothered by gas, try Beano, an over-the-counter product which contains an enzyme that digests bean sugars.
Laxatives…exit here: Do not take any laxatives for more than one week without checking with your physician. Do not take a laxative within two hours of other medications.

Bulk formers (Metamucil, Citrucel, Konsyl, Serutan). These products absorb water in the intestines and make the stool softer. They are similar to insoluble fiber. They are the safest laxatives.
Stool Softeners (Colace, Dialose, Surfak). These products keep the stool moist and prevent dehydration.
Saline Laxatives (Milk of Magnesia, Citrate of Magnesia, Haley’s M-O). These products act like a sponge to draw water into the colon for easier passage of the stool.
Lubricants (mineral oil). Lubricants grease the stool so it moves more easily in the intestines. They also can bind with fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) and can cause a deficiency over time. In rare cases, pneumonia can occur with usage.
Stimulants (Correctol, Dulcolax, Purge, Feen-A-Mint, Senokot). These products cause the intestinal muscles to contract and move the stool through the intestines. They can lead to a dependency.


I found this article today and have been trying to figure out how to copy it but no luck so far. I got it this far. The article is so long that I didn't want to waste ink and paper copying it all.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

K4FRED 10/1/2009 11:08AM

    Wow! I just made fiber one of the things I am tracking daily. It's amazing how much it helps to know where you are in a day, so you can make better and best decisions on food selection.

As to your computer problem, if you found it online, you can usually copy and paste. Copy on a pc is control-C and paste is control-v. First select the area you want to copy then use the copy command. Place the cursor where you want the text to appear and use the paste command. On an apple, use command-c for copy and command-v for paste.

Shortcuts save hours of typing.

Good luck! emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/1/2009 11:08:57 AM

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Jan Update

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well, I found out last night that Jan has been given a reprieve and can stay here rent free for another month due to the kindness of our new managers. I ended up collecting $251 for her so far to help her over this big bump in the road. She has moved a lot of her stuff out and into a friend's storage but it shouldn't be too difficult to bring some stuff back and have the bare necessities until she can find more help.

What really gets me is that Jan has worked all her life and has supported herself. If she was a druggy, bum off the street or whatever, she would get all the help she needs. It just isn't fair that the different services won't help her until she is actually homeless. Hopefully, she won't be and her doctor will be able to release her to go back to work soon.

I am still taking donations if any of you would like to send a few bucks. Just contact me through Sparks Mail and I will send you my address and pass any monies on to Jan.

Bless you all for your prayers and kind words.



Weather Change

Monday, September 28, 2009

It has turned cold all of a sudden because of a cold front from the Gulf of Alaska. Nights are getting colder and now turning the heater on low in the evening.

My quest to collect money for Jan is over now as I have contacted as many people here as I can who know her (plus some who don't but still donated). We gave her the card and money today and she was very touched. I only got $251 but it is more than she had this morning. She went to talk to our new manager this morning and she may get to stay here another month. The old manager would not do anything to help her. This is owned by a big corportation and I can't see what it would hurt to give her a little free rent at this time. New residents moving in are getting their first month rent free.

I got a good workout with all the walking around the building I have done the last couple days.


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