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I just got out of the hospital

Monday, February 22, 2010

I was in the hospital for 7 days and in that time I lost another 10 lbs from being so sick. I was sick for over week and my husband had to take me to the emergency room I was not breathing right. When I got there they started EKG, heart monitor, blood work, oxygen, iv's the works. I found out that my potassium level was life threatening and I had pneumonia. They were afraid that my heart was damaged from the my potassium being so low. I was so sick they had Iv's running putting potassium in me plus several antibiotics, steroids meds to help me breathe. I had breathing treatment after breathing treatment. I am home now after 7 days and I am still not out of the woods I went today and had blood work done I go Wednesday to my doctor she has to find a way to get my potassium up.

With all this being said that is why I have lost so much weight not because I was trying not to eat I could not eat. I still have a hard time eating still taking meds.

I am still eating healthy even in the hospital what I eat I make the right choices. I will continue my journey and find my new life style. I just started coming back in here and logging my intake of food it will be a while before I can exercise because I am so weak but I will get back on track with that also.

I still have a long way to go just taking one day at a time.


Not feeling good today

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I am fighting a sore throat and running noise for 2 days now I was hoping it would go away. I still have to go out in the cold and snow and help my husband with our miniature horses we have 11 of them. We are suppose to get more snow in the next 2 day from 8 to 12 inches. I don't know if we will let them out today we got about 8 inches last week and they are so little that they get stuck in the snow drifts with all that snow my husband has to plow for four hours just to get back t o the barn what a mess we still have so much snow on the ground that we don't know were the 8 to 12 more is going to go. I just wish I would get to feeling better.

My diet (life change) is going good. I stay right on track with my calorie intake. We had the living and dinning room tore up and put down laminate flooring so I have not been able to get on my gazelle and exercise it is buried somewhere out in the shop. I really enjoy working out on it.



My journey has started

Monday, February 01, 2010

I was so unhappy with my self I would look in the mirror and would say who is that fat person in my body. I always was thin my whole life raising 5 children I had to cook all the time and I could eat anything and never gain I was always was a 6 or 8 in cloths. I married my husband at 57 years old and moved to northern Ohio in the country I was a size 8 when then. He said you are to thin you need to gain some weight so I started eating ice cream and all kinds of goodies to gain weight my stomach got use to all the food and here I am. I tried several times to get this weight off Adkins diet not good for me. When I got on the scale in December it said 216 I was just so overwhelmed what am I going to do I was so desperate I got on the computer and put in I am obese and very unhappy I found this site so I joined I started my (diet) life change the first of January and I have lost 19 pounds I am so proud of my self. I am always looking at different foods to see what the calories so I can keep myself under my calorie intake so far I have been doing great. The main thing for me is I took the first step to a healthy me.