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Another day gone.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Long day of babysitting the brat children.
Have I mentioned that the same family that have the two brats have a pig?
She's supposed to be a miniature pig but because they feed her too much she's HUGE!
And she's an inside pig. She pretty much owns the house and they let her. She bites and eats/tears apart things in the house. It's ridiculous!
She got into the play room today because one of the kids left the gate open and I had to chase her for 10 minutes with the two kids just laughing the whole time.
And one of the two kids wouldn't listen to anything I said today. And I have to go there tomorrow too.
I slammed my thumb into a part on my trunk and snapped the nail super far back that it started bleeding too. Boy oh boy!
I finished reading the Marathon book today. SO GOOD! Recommend it for anyone that likes to run and such. I really like reading about running. Maybe soon I'll like actually doing it too! :)

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WAIKATOKAT 11/27/2012 6:35AM

    It's taken me 3 months of jogging 2-3 times a week to not dreading starting. I've signed up for a funrun this weekend and I am really excited. Hope you'll enjoy running soon too. emoticon

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Day 2 of Just Dance 2...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I feel like crap! My brothers best friend got my brother sick, who then got my mom sick, who then got me sick. I've had a slight cough for a few days but now comes the stuffy nose and such.
I was thinking I wasn't going to work out tonight since I had to babysit and didn't feel good. I was going to check my email and the title of the most recent SP email in my box was... "You're Not 'Too Busy' to Exercise" :)
After reading that I HAD to whip out the Wii and such. :)
Only did 30 minutes compared to my 55 yesterday. BUT I still feel pretty good :)
I got woken up this morning to find that my brothers Pit Bull snuck into my room and took a crap all over my floor..... my bedroom is the only one with brand new carpet in it.... I had to go and wake him up from the recliner and make him clean my room at 6 this morning... Fun times!
But I did only have to babysit one of the brat kids instead of both :) that was the highlight of my day by far! :)

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WAIKATOKAT 11/20/2012 6:27AM

    Good on you for exercising anyway. It always makes me feel better too. Have a great day! emoticon emoticon

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Just Dance 2...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I was going to do my Zumba game last week I think it was... but never got around to it... of course. BUT for the past two days (mostly today), I tried my friends Just Dance 2 that I borrowed. Wow... Sweating majorly and I realized I have hardly any coordination to dance but after the first few times I have the hang of it. Sorta... I still do it in my room with my door shut so no one can watch! :P But I did it nonetheless!
Hmm... Food wise... I kinda screwed up the past two days and ate about 600 calories more than I was supposed to... I knew it was going to happen sooner or later and I'm not too worried about it as long as I get back on track! :)
Long day tomorrow babysitting... Lucky I'll make enough $ to get my mom the ring she wants for christmas/birthday of my uncle's, grandma's, brother's and my birthstones.
Time to shower! :)

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BREAKAWAY88 11/19/2012 8:53AM

    I think that Just Dance 2 was easier to follow espeically since you hold the remote in your hand and it registers your arm movements. Which on that game is a lot in the dances. But I haven't tried Zumba again yet. I've heard that Just Dance is easier than Zumba too.

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WAIKATOKAT 11/19/2012 6:35AM

    Did you like 'Just Dance 2' better than Zumba? I only have Zumba but might be interested in trying something else.

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Loooong day!

Friday, November 16, 2012

I was planning on watching movies at home and doing nothing exciting today until I get called in to babysit last minute. My best friend, Kristin, and I babysit for this couple with two bratty boys, well one is good for me and the other is a brat and it's the opposite for Kristin. Well, Kristin was supposed to babysit today and she's had problems with cysts on her ovaries so they cause her lots of pain and she can't do much, including babysit. So I got called in very last minute to shower quickly and rush over to the place we babysit because they had to go set up for the craft shows they are doing this weekend. (They own a metal art business and sell at shows.)
But blah blah blah.
I used to not eat while I was over there because... their house is kinda gross and I don't really trust things there but now that I'm trying to keep my eating under control. I brought food with me yesterday and today when I had to be there. And I remembered to bring protein bars so I wouldn't forget a snack. It was super tough when I was making the kids pizza to not steal a slice or a pepperoni for myself. I did good! I had a mini donut but I made sure that I added that to my tracker and found out that I was still below my limits and am not hungry! :)
Back when I was in school (June) I borrowed my friend's Kindle to read a book on it. And he doesn't use it all that often so I still have it and decided to read another one that he had on there called Marathon by Hal Higdon. My friend is a major runner so a lot of his books on there are about running. So far it's a pretty good book. And it's been making me want to run/walk a marathon more and more. I have always wanted to do the Bloomsday race in Spokane (I went to school there). But now I'm thinking that I actually might be able to do it! Very exciting! :)
Alright time to get to bed! Night all!

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BREAKAWAY88 11/19/2012 9:04AM

    I was looking into them the other day. I'm glad I have input from someone else. They looked really good to me since there is a loop right around my house that is 2.5 miles which would be a really good/easy walk and jog to do. Thanks :)

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WAIKATOKAT 11/19/2012 6:32AM

    Have you tried the training programmes on SP? I completed the Virtual 5K walk/jog and then the Virtual 5K jog. It's a great feeling to finish them. I'm working on increasing speed next. Have a great day. emoticon

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's been pretty interesting. I didn't get a chance to work out last night since I sat down on my bed and ended up waking up a few hours later because I had forgotten to put in my retainers.
Today for sure I will work out! Although babysitting my best friend's kid, Mason, is pretty much a work out in itself but I'm still going to do it! :)
He's a little monster but really cute!

Let's see... yesterday I seemed to have missed almost both my snacks since I was busy and gone to the store. I have to remember to make sure I have some sort of protein bar or something in my car and purse.
I'm thinking about getting a heart rate monitor tonight when I go to the store since when I tried the exercising thing before I wasn't sure about how well I was doing and such and I think that might help keep me motivated throughout the whole thing. We'll see. :)
Oh and movie marathon tonight! $5 at my local theatre so my friend and I are going to see Argo and Chasing Mavericks! I'm pretty excited! :)

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BREAKAWAY88 11/19/2012 9:06AM

    I wore the heart rate monitor while I was doing Just Dance 2... it definitely made me work harder :)

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WAIKATOKAT 11/14/2012 6:15AM

    I love my heart rate monitor; it keeps me honest about how hard I am working out emoticon

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LTMURPHY7 11/13/2012 3:34PM


good luck

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