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What to Wear?!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Okay, I've been here before. Weight loss, clothes hang. Boost the psyche buy getting a killer outfit that I can hopefully wear for at least 2 months while the pounds continue to come off.

But when this weight went on during 4 years of chemo and surgeries and steroids, I didn't get rid of the things that were too small. Those things were like a symbol of hope in the back bedroom closet.

So, at least for now, until I get back down to what I was in 2006, I have a pretty good wardrobe waiting for me.

But my goal is to go below where I don't remember ever having been before. I know I must have been, but I definitely don't have any clothes left from the sixties. Nor would I ever wear them if I did.

So I'm starting to look for key pieces in all of my closets that will do me through this exercise in finding the new me. A-line dresses, tunics, skirts that can first be cinched in with belts, and then simply take in the side seams. Back seams can also be taken in, or created, especially around necks that start to look like they were created for the hulk.

Shorts and pants are more difficult, but the belt through waitbands with loops helps to hold up bottoms that want to fall off. What a nice thought. And the long tunics cover up all the extra pounds of fabric I'm carrying around.

Why not just go buy new pieces along the way? I will probably need to, but this time, I want to find a killer wardrobe in a size that I've never worn before. That means that when I get down to size 14, I will start to look at twelves and start to throw out or gift any of those pieces that I've been masterfully tailoring to the new me.

I once saw a woman on a TV talk show who had lost a phenomenal amount of weight. She had started out bigger than I and was a size 6 or 8 at that time. She stood up and put on a pair of white pants that fit her at the biggest, and then proceeded to work magic with a belt and the waistband. When she was done, she looked like she belonged on a NY runway!! Amazing!! Wish I could remember her name!!

I guess I'd better start looking for solutions to this problem so I can save up for that killer wardrobe!!

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CHRISTINASP 9/4/2012 2:01PM

    Have fun finding the new you!

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    emoticon emoticon

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    A problem we should all have!

Make Today a Great Day!

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Hula Hoop #2

Monday, September 03, 2012

My inner child is very happy. My sister Sandy gave me her larger hula hoop. It isn't limp. It doesn't stay up around my waist, but I CAN twirl it.

So I decided I'd better start going to the Y since I'm paying the monthly membership fee. And I was in and out of the chiropractor's office in an hour, so I went to the Y afterwards. Yes, I actually worked out.

I was ready to go back in the morning for a swim, but they finally fixed whatever the problem was that contaminated the community pool.

I keep telling myself if I lived closer to the Y, I'd be there more often. But that rationale doesn't fly since I drive a Prius.

I wonder if someone there can help me with my hula hoop problem.


Thanks to MOSTMOM1 and her Hula Hoop!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

My inner child has been stomping her foot lately, but NOT for chocolate cupcakes. She has been watching the video blogs that MOSTMOM1 has been posting and has decided we haven't been having enough fun.

I searched for a hula hoop around here, and none. Then I did a SP websearch and found directions for making one, and watched a video on YouTube and thought, I can make one.

Home Depot had everything needed, and I sat down on the floor in the middle of the living room last night and made a hula hoop instead of watching the RNC. Other than needing a saw to cut the tubing, I had no trouble and actually made a hula hoop with only 2 tries. I had added a foot to be sure it would go around me. I had to cut the extra foot off.

I DID get a lot of exercise when I took it outside to try it. Picking it up. Over and over. I've decided I purchased the wrong tubing. It can't be me. It's like riding a bike, right. You don't forget something like that. I used to be hula hoop champ. Well I might forget anything, but my inner child remembers walking up and down the block with the hoop twirling around.

So It must be the tubing. I think it needs stiffening. It is rather limp. I can't think of a nice way to describe it.

We're going to my sister's tomorrow. She has TWO professionally made hoops that she bought when she was living in St. Louis. Of course there is no St. Louis in Florida, but there IS a chance I could find one if Peck's Bad Girl can manage to keep the hoop up for a couple of twirls. If she can't, I'll just have to distract her with the recumbent bike and the swimming pool.

Watch this video by yourself unless you want to have to get a hula hoop:

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KIWIANN 8/31/2012 11:05PM

    emoticon This made me smile! Hope you and your sister enjoy the hula hoops tomorrow!

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I AM in charge, Sunbonnet Sue

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am in charge though I obviously have botched it up over and over again. Sometimes my inner child takes over and says, "We will eat every chocolate frosted cupcake in sight." or "Pull in here. I want some donuts!" And I actually do it. And since I am in charge, I get to eat it all. And suffer the consequences.

Perhaps I can use psychology 101 on her. Because if I say "No. you can't eat those donuts. you need to lose weight," my inner child pouts and pitches tantrums. But she loves to help out in the kitchen, AND she was a phenomenal gymnast on the swingset.

She could go up and down the block on stilts, a pogo stick, or with a hula hoop twirling around her middle. She rode her bike all over St. Pete, pitched slow ball soft ball, played tennis, and was tether ball champ when she broke her arm and hit the ball with the forearm of her cast.

Perhaps I can enlist her help when I'm planning menus and looking for snacks at the fruit market. She could add some fun to the vegetables. She never did like the veggies Mom boiled to death. She could get me to eat more veggies and I bet they'd be delicious. And she also like a challenge so she would die if I asked her to help makeover old favorites so they were healthy. And then she could put the fun back into exercise. Even throw those tantrums when I just sit in my recliner or settle in to a boring repetitive routine.

And finally, she is from a time before TV, before TV dinners, before all food was processed and enriched, before fast food, a time when chickens roamed through the yards, and you could pick an orange from a backyard tree when you wanted a snack. I'm sure she remembers those homemade meals and that healthier time better than I do.

So, Sunbonnet Sue, could we team up?

I'll go for a walk with you, yes even if it's raining, but NO THUNDER!!
Then will you help me bake bread when we get home?
Do you remember how Grandpa used to take us out for smoked fish? Maybe we should have grilled tilapia for supper. What do you think?

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POORGIRL_DIET 8/29/2012 1:24PM

    Loved seeing your pics also hun I must dig some of mine out, its nice to renimise at old times

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CHRISTINASP 8/28/2012 4:06PM

    Lovely post, lovely pics!
One thing that helps me when I have a thought to go get something sweet or junky is indeed to think about the nice HEALTHY treat I'm going to fix myself as soon as I get home.. Picturing it. It often works.

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CBRINKLEY401 8/28/2012 2:29PM

    I love it!! My inner child is also in control so much of the time. Great idea to get her to cooperate instead of fight against you!

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Water is a rainbow promise to your body

Monday, August 27, 2012

Are you having difficulty drinking water? There are lots of tricks like keeping a wedge of lime in your glass, refilling the minute the glass empties, etc.

But I found I had to stop thinking of it as a beverage. I now think of it as food that my body requires to keep my skin young, to carry all the great nutrients I'm now eating to all parts of my body in a swift bloodstream, to help all my brain cells remember.

The visual above might help, because every glass of water is a rainbow promise to your body that you will never let it be parched again.

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BRAVELUTE 8/27/2012 2:43PM

    Yes, Christina. I try to get in at least 1 creative something every day, just for me.

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CHRISTINASP 8/27/2012 2:26PM

    So you created this? Looks great.

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BRAVELUTE 8/27/2012 1:01PM

    I created the visual on a word document, landscape so one side or the other could be put in one of those mugs you have your kids decorate?? Otherwise, feel free to print and hang on your fridge.

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JBELICIOUS5 8/27/2012 12:15PM

    I always have had difficulty drinking water, so I'm definitely making it a goal of mine. Thanks for the visual--it does help!

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KIWIANN 8/27/2012 11:47AM

    Good visual motivator!! Thanks for sharing

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