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Friday, August 10, 2012

I went out to the gulf to do a little plein air painting. This is the spot. I have the background painted and the trees I'm putting in are sketched. I'm going back early tomorrowat sunup to get the light right. Breakfast is packed and the coffee pot is ready. You'd think I was going to work or fishing, but this is fun!!

This is probably a policeman, but I like to think it's a French artist with a beret!!


Sleep Challenge Day 10

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ha! I took the challenge tip to heart, woke up with the sun, went for the doggie walk and since it was cooler, she walked further. Then home for breakfast and made it to the pool shortly after it opened. Didn't stay for long once the sun started to cook everybody, but I was able to get in an early workout! And the afternoon storm was fierce and earlier than usual.
Maybe I can get back to the pool and try the idea of painting, harping, AND swimming for a good night's sleep.


Sleep Challenge Day 9

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Good sleep, good nutrition, good exercise . . . and compression socks. What do they have in common? All things which might help the leg swelling which the Primary doc says is due to the varicose veins. If I'm very successful, perhaps I won't need to fight the compression socks every morning.

It's funny how putting a favorite activity on the back burner can affect you. I "allowed myself to paint last night before bedtime, and it was as beneficial as playing the harp was a couple of nights ago. Possibly not as great as the nighttime swim, but it's not too safe when it's storming.

I'm developing a list of activities that assure a good night's sleep so that I can switch them out if something prevents me from doing one, and it will also help me to rein in the randomness. If it isn't on the list, it can't be done before bed time!!

So, it's that time, and I'm going to put on my playlist for sleeping, paint a while, and then play a couple of songs that are calling me to the harp.

Maybe tomorrow's weather will cooperate and allow a swim AND painting AND playing the harp!!

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ANNIESHINES 8/10/2012 12:43PM

    Yey! Sounds like what you are doing is working! I hope the weather cooperates for you! emoticon

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Sleep challenge Day 8

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Not only did the swim relax me, the swelling in my calf was markedly improved this morning!! The record breaking night's sleep, coupled with good nutritious meals helped me get through two doctor's appointments and worrying about what I would hear. Absolutely nothing. Two more appointments tomorrow, and yes, I'm going to go swimming and play the harp again tonight!!

Recommendations for this week include turning the clock so you can't see it. That didn't work for me. I need to be able to see the time. But the colon separator between the hour and minutes blinks on my clock. LOUDLY!! I had to cover that part of the display with a piece of electrical tape. I no longer think a fire truck or ambulance is out front and can get to sleep.


Sleep Challenge Day 7

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I played hookey from the homefront today and went to a watercolor class and then the primary doctor' office, and then to Advanced Imaging for ultrasound to rule out blood clots. No blood clots, so 2 more appointments tomorrow. All that wore me out and after a nap, I went up to the pool to do some gentle water work in an effort to relieve some of the swelling. Knowing there are no blood clots will help sleeping tonight.

I'd recommend a swim before bedtime for anyone still struggling with getting a good night's sleep. I wish the pool were in my back yard. I'd be in the pool just before bed. But the community pool is the next best thing. I'm usually the only one there the last hour of the day.

The sleepy time play list is growing. I want to go work on my painting and listen to my music instead of playing tonight. Sometimes the routines have to be altered for the soul.


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