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Passion Vine Tea?

Thursday, August 02, 2012

So my passion vine which I planted as a host plant for the gulf fritillaries and zebra longwings is taking over. It doesn't seem to want to grow up into the shade of the arborvitae so the zebra longwings won't use it in the sun. And it otherwise draws ants that patrol to capture the fritillary eggs and cats if one makes it to hatching.

Now I'm on a quest to learn what parts are edible, and if I can safely dehydrate those parts to make tea. I have heard the leaves, flowers, pods and seeds can all be dehydrated and are beneficial as a cure for insomnia.

And if I add some to a mint tea mix, will it make me want to spend more time in the recliner?

Any HELP or KNOWLEDGE out there?

Here is a picture of the flowers, leaves, and fruit.

And I'm not exactly sure how to pick when the fruits or seeds are ripe like the three that were in this pod.

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CLWALDRO 8/2/2012 11:36AM

    I do not know anything about it but I am sure if you put it into a search engine on the internet you could find all kinds of information on exactly what you are asking emoticon

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Sleep Challenge Day 2

Thursday, August 02, 2012

In my menu plan yesterday, tomatoes, peppers, olive oil, gouda cheese, an orange, dark meat poultry, jarlsberg cheese, carrots, and blueberries
were chosen as synergistic foods with anti-angiogenic qualities. This means that they work synergistically to keep my body from making all of those haywire capillaries that feed cancer tumors and fat cells. Hmmm Killing two birds with delicious food!!

I was active, calm and happy all day, even through a mid-morning trip to Walmart with Mom. It was a different story midafternoon when I went to Office Depot. I couldn't find pop up tape on aisle 10 where I was sent. Wandered all over and found it on aisle 20. When I went to pay, I let the clerk know where I found it, and she said she didn't understand why it was back there, like I put it there. Then she looked across to aisle 10 and said, Oh, I see it. It's right over there.

I didn't want to go back there. Usually I end interactions at Office Depot with one of their lines, "See you next week." I just left, wondering if I'd return. I realized my sugar might be low, so I went home and had my snack # 1. Things perked up after that. I guess I learned I need to have the afternoon snack BEFORE the errands. AND remember to request the young know-it-all to please help me find the hiding items when I had already searched for 10 minutes.

So. How did I do on my activity list?
I did 30 minutes of weeding and installed the edging, walked 65 minutes, planned and prepped my meals, read for 2 hours, and worked on Spark People. I think I might have gone to the YMCA if I didn't feel I had so much to do online with Spark People. And I only spent one hour in the recliner watching TV. WOOHOO!!

I still need to add another exercise, do housework (did the Walmart and home depot errands count)?, and work in a creative activity to meet my goal. I forgot to take my supplements yesterday. I've already taken them today, so I'll probably get the whole house cleaned. Should go to the Y though. Which one will win?

Oh, I'm planning on practicing the harp before bed. That really relaxes me.


Day 1 of Sleep Challenge

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I set 10:30 as my "be in bed time." I had to watch Michael PHelps get the silver. After a good night's sleep, I woke up without the alarm around 6:15.

As I went out to walk Jewels (Yorkie), I heard the sanitation truck on it's early morning rounds to pick up yard trash. I moved my piles of vines, branches that blew in during a front, and bags to the curb. In our community, large things like this are chomped at the landfill, and you can return to pick up mulch or compost for free. Anyway, it's a good thing I got up early and did this chore then because the truck came while Jewels and I were walking. With most of the community "flown" back to homes in the north, trash pick up is three hours earlier.

That's the way most of life is now in Florida. You have to get the outdoor activities like yard work, exercising, plein air painting, or even picnicking done before the sun, heat, humidity, and afternoon thunderstorms ramp up.

Even though I got a good night's sleep, I am still achy and slow to get going. I have planned to finish edging the front yard and site my 4 4x4 raised beds today. I'd better get out there before the sun gets up much higher.

I'm wanting to be back to an energy level that I think existed before cancer did in 2007. and 2008. and all the chemotherapy and surgeries.
I'm surprised I can even remember that old energy level. I really don't, but I DO know I didn't EVER spend the day in the recliner except to tend to getting meals or personal hygiene. So I get frustrated at times with the slow improvements.

And I can definitely see the improvements. I count my blessings because the headaches are gone, along with neuropathy, tinnitus, balance problems. But memory, fatigue, and weight (which I blame on 28 weekly maintenance chemo treatments that included a steroid) continue to seem to be very happy residents in my body.

They discovered a B12 deficiency the end of June even though I had been using sublingual B12 throughout treatment. Three shots in a row then and another last week have definitely improved my energy level and I'm spending less time in the chair, and adding more and more activities to my fitness log.

Getting better sleep isn't my goal. I look at it as part of my action plan to have more energy during the day. I have already taken some actions toward this goal such as dealing with the B12 deficiency, improving my nutrition/meal plans and losing weight, increasing activity, and reading before going to bed. I am looking forward to learning other steps I should take to make all of this happen!!

Until I came back to Spark People in June, I did all of the activities below, but only one or two at the most in a day, with the other activity involving that recliner. My goal is to be able to do all of the following activities daily by the end of this month long program. I'll be okay if I'm able to do half the list in a day with the rest coming along in another month.
1. do 15 minutes yardwork
2. do 15 minutes housework
3. do meal planning and prep 1 hour
4. walk 45 minutes daily
5. Add another 30 minute exercise (choose from YMCA weight training twice a week, swimming, biking,
6. work at a creative activity for two hours (like plein air painting, marquetry, writing)
7. Read for 30 minutes
8. Practice developing skills 30 minutes (like playing harp)
9. Ultimately, being up out of the chair and doing the above type activities allowing a "break" mid-morning and mid-afternoon as if I were actually at work getting paid for all of these wonderful activities.

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POSEY440 8/1/2012 1:04PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SOMKHE 8/1/2012 10:32AM

    Hang in there, things will definitely improve even more, but be patient. You already are doing wonderfully!! :D

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