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A different pace

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I kept saying I would blog, but just keep putting it off. Now, there is so much to write that I just don't feel like writing it all...

So, we'll do a recap :)

Well, I finished school and received my Masters! We found an apt in Chicago. I really like the area..lots of stuff nearby, yet not too close to downtown. The move here was HORRIBLE. Our uhaul broke down, we didn't get her until midnight, didn't have movers, and had to carry everything up three flights of stairs with just me and my top it off we had to unload and drive back immediately (a 3 hour drive). Boy am I glad that is over!

Aside from the horrible move, things have been okay here. I get homesick and miss my friends and family, so we have made two trips home so far to visit. BUT this Thanksgiving my husband's family is coming to us! So it will be nice to cook here and go to the parade and not have to worry about such a long travel.

School keeps me pretty busy. It is different for sure. Right now, I'm still trying to find the balance between school work and managing time. I still have not set a good workout schedule. The weather here is touch and go, and can rain (or so it seems) without a moments notice. So, I need to get to the gym, but travel is no easy feat in the city. Parking is difficult and public transportation takes a bit of time...but I have been teaching zumba! I teach on Wednesdays and starting next week I will be teaching on Mondays too! Exciting. Looks like I better get to practicing some songs since I got my homework done this morning. Hope all is doing well!!


Having a "not so great" week

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This week, seriously, has been too stressful for me. I probably shouldn't even write a blog because of the lack of time I have. It's quite ridiculous. Since September I have been "assisting" with the writing of our accreditation for two of our Master's programs. Well, the deadline is approaching for us to send it out at the end of this week and everything feels like it is all on my shoulders. I have like zero time to even do my own homework. It's quite pathetic and I'm overwhelmed and have been eating horribly! My face has a mondo pimple on it from the stress and lack of good sleep. I lay in bed and toss and turn and think about all of the things I could be getting done instead of sleeping. Yeah, it really is at that point. So, I know this week's weigh-in is not going to be good. I am just hoping to not gain anything. Frustration is too much this week...grrrr. So, looks like I better stop complaining and get to some work! Hopefully I can spend another few hours on this stuff and get to my OWN work. Plus, there is NO question..I am going to zumba tonight. If something doesn't get done..oh well. I NEED and WANT to go for ME.

Hopefully my next blog or status will be upbeat, but not until this week is over....

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PARANAS 7/1/2011 8:33AM

    Stress is a weight gainer. However, stress will go away. Hang on tight, we're here for you and when you're feeling better, the weight will start coming off again. Way to be an accomplished woman doing such great work!!!

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BLUEWATER71 6/29/2011 1:29PM

    Take a deep breath and do one step at a time and just do the best the you can.

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Contemplating becoming a ZUMBA instructor

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well the past few days have been busy as well. I think every day is busy. lol. Even though it is Saturday I am practically on Monday in my head because the weekends go toooo fast and are always a blur with a million things to get accomplished. I, unfortunately, work ALL weekend. Last night was HORRIBLE!!!! I am serving in a hotel restaraunt and I like it OK. Last night would have been good if the kitchen would not have been HORRIBLE! The kitchen manager was the one that did it too. They messed everything up, totally not even my fault. Let's just 17 people got free dessert and 4 people had a free dinner because of the kitchen. I however, still managed to make some money, thank goodness! Hoping for a better night at work tonight.

Homework is still book is next to me now but I just don't feel like reading or doing the research that I need to do. I will probably save it for tomorrow (last minute) lol. I guess I work best under pressure emoticon

I still have not been 100% on my workouts and eating. It's like I KNOW I can do better. I KNOW that I could make more time to workout instead of just sitting and doing nothing. But sometimes, I think for some mental sanity I need to just relax and do nothing. I am hoping to make a little bit of changes in the right direction this week. It will be a testament too, because I have SOOO much studying and two projects and an exam this week, plus work, and everything else. I really want to make my goal of 10 hours of cardio a week. I have been getting about 6-7 hours. So, I really want to kick it up a notch. I know that I can do better. So, that will be the goal for this upcoming week.

I have not been eating "clean;" however, that is not my goal. I am aiming to eat "realistically" or what is realistic for me to maintain once I reach my goals and well in life. My husband and I have made so many changes to our eating habits over the past few years, such as going from 2% milk to skim, white bread to 100% whole wheat, trying new vegetables like broccoli and asparagus, grilling and steaming instead of frying foods, using ground turkey instead of beef, buying sweet potato french fries instead of regular, eating less boxed/processed foods, not drinking as much juice, opting for more water, etc. We have made a ton of changes. I know that is maintable because we are doing that. I am not aiming to only eat chicken, vegetables, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes...that's not our lifestyle. I know that I LOVE chocolate, so I like having fat-free puddings, or mousse dessert cups with lite cool whip. It really is about makins simple swaps that add up, and that I CAN do!

We are still apartment searching. I look online for about 30 minutes to 1 hour every day. Plus, I am in contact with an agency in Chicago. So, we are getting an idea of areas and what we will be getting for our money. Things are moving along with our house as well. After this next week we are hoping to finish up the outside work, weather permitting, so I can take a few pictures and post them up. I believe we are going to rent our house out to graduate students that go year round for a few years instead of selling it. That will pay for our rent in Chicago, and that way we won't be losing money on the house either. Plus, graduate students are a bit older than under-grad and more likely to take better care of it. So, with three bedrooms, two baths, a fenced in yard, a three room (unfinished) basement for storage, an office, washer dryer hook-ups, dishwasher, a security system. I think we can safely ask $425-$450 per person (for three students). Hoping that goes well.

On another note. I have seriously been debating a big thing. As it may be known. I absolutely LOVE zumba. Classes are outrageous in Chicago and I just cannot fathom paying $20 a class or $150-$200 a month for zumba or a gym membership. That is just plum crazy! Anyways, I think I might go through with the training. However, I am not sure how that will meld with being a counselor (child psychologist once I finsh my doctorate)...but it is something I am passionate about and my husband is finshing up personal training. We seriously have been talking about once I am completly done with school to open a facility and he would personal train and I would have exercise classes and could specialize in child/adolescent health programs. It is really needed and is sooo good for young minds and bodies to be healthy. Still not sure yet, but definitely contemplating it. I have been going to zumba for over two years and I love it more and more each time. I talked with the instructor of where I go to zumba. She told me to totally GO FOR IT!

Also, (Sorry this is long!) I weighed in today! I was hoping to get the 5 pound loss for this week's weigh-in, but as I stated earlier I have been slacking with my workouts and not giving 100%, so I should have known I would not get the 100% result I wanted! However, I did lose 3.4 pounds this week! I was excited! So, I am about 1.5 pounds away from that 15 pound reward (the Bare Escentuals travel make-up case that I want ooohh soooo bad!).
So, since it is on sale until tomorrow....I went ahead and ordered it and the new eyeshadow. I got a smokey blue called chameleon. I rationalized (haha) that it would not be here until the end of next week at the earliest and I will have lost that 1.5 pounds by then, so it would be PERFECT timing and plus I am saving $10 by ording it now!! I can't wait until it gets here!!

So my day is going to be filled with reading, some light cleaning, making some homemade lasagna for dinner, then off to work in the evening. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

**What do you think about me becoming a zumba instructor?! BE HONEST PLEASE!! All feedback welcome!! Do you think it would be too conflicting with me going to school to become a child psychologist?? THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK!!!**

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  I say go for it. You might have to do other's routines if you don't have time to come up with your own, but you could handle a couple hours out of your day a week for classes, the other couples hours through the week for practicing and whatever else an instructor has to do.

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BLUEWATER71 6/18/2011 12:57PM

    If it is something that you really like doing, I say go for it. I have been working out to zumba the last couple of months and I love it and between zumba and hip hop I like zumba better. Good for you in losing the 3 lbs.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So it is super yucky out this morning. Normally I would be sleeping like a baby right now, but NOOOOO. I am irritated with myself. I keep forgetting to buy new pillows and ours are COMPLETELY flat and hard. I HAAAAATE it!! So, I tried to go to bed around midnight...didn't fall asleep until about 2 and tossed and turned the WHOLE time. I just cannot get comfortable! I know that I am like uber stressed and working out is helping me IMMENSLY, however, I still am restless at night..have any ideas to help this?! I have tried "winding down" before bed, bubble baths..I'm just all tense I guess. Then it started to storm at about 5 I gave up. I laid in bed awake until 6 when Chris got up and then I did. Since that time I have done a little work for my assistantship, had breakfast, and been surfing online for my "rewards" or should I say the things that my little heart desires!! I will get to that in a minute...

Today, despite the storming and downpours, I am hoping to have a decent day. I am meeting up with a friend today for lunch, along with her little girl who is three and I ABSOULTELY adore. She even calls me "Aunt B" lol. I have known this friend since about 4th grade..I'm assuming this is a life friendship emoticon So we are eating at Olive Garden for lunch. I have been contemplating what am I goign to order? I have been trying to eat better and make some simple changes in the things I order. I know I am getting water instead of soda and I typically only eat half a serving of salad..but it is the breadsticks that always get me! So, I will have to keep you posted on how this goes! Afterwards we are going to do some shopping, mainly for Fathher's Day gifts. I have NO clue what to get my father. He has everything, and if there is something that he wants he gets it for himself...leaves me in quite the pickle! So, I may make a few phone calls today and see what he "needs" lol.

Today is ZUMBA!!! I am excited! I have painting (the last two rooms) to paint after zumba. I am thinking I might do a workout video after this blog before I shower up and getting ready to go to lunch..we aren't meeting for about 2-3 hours. I need to get in some strength I may just do a video that has strength so I don't have to head to the gym for a workout. I hate being out in the rain more than I have to.

Ok. So, I have seriously been thinking about rewards. Typically my rewards are kind of lame and not big and well not things that I REALLY want to strive for. But yesterday I went for a walk after work..knowing I only had about 40 minutes before dark. So, I went to this hilly park that has two monsterous hills. I walked a bit to warm up, went down one of the hills and decided that I would jog to the big-mama-jama hill..haha. So, I get to the bottom of the hill and I have an amazing song on that is motivating me, so I told myself I CAN DO THIS! So, I kept going. I figured I would walk once I got to the top. Well, there was a large group of people playing frisbee golf and I did not want to look foolish and just stop and pant in front of them so I pushed myself up the baby hill..thinking I could walk once I got past them. I continue and then I am behind someone walking..Well, why would I stop running and just walk right behind her? That would be I ran past her. At this point, I am already half way back to where I was..this part is pretty and flat. So, I said, "I've got this!" Feeling a little discouraged a minute or two later I think...all I have left is to go down a big hill and that won't even take much energy...I CAN DO THIS. So I did. I was so proud that I did that mile. I even did a 12 minute mile with all of those hills..and that time itself is a feat for me. I typically run that speed normally, so with those hills I was beyond proud that I PUSHED through it!

I really think that is what works for me. . . a little at a time. Don't think about the whole mile..think about the next hill, the next bend, the next curve, and each obstacle as they come. I think that is true with transforming our lives to be healthier, fitter, and more fun. We cannot think about the whole journey from the starting line. We don't know what we will see and encounter. We have to take it with each twist and slope and PUSH through it until the next one. Only then can we look back at all of our accomplishments and know how STRONG we are.

Making myself do that made me proud. I am still leading with this challenge and I want to win it..not just for the money or to "win" but because I am trying to change things for me. I am not perfect. I do not eat perfect, always workout, or know all the answers. And that's OK. We all have bad days, but you keep going. So, with pushing myself and trying to change my life, I need to reward myself with things that I really want or need in my life to help keep me in the right state of mind. So here are some of the things I have been thinking about/wanting and how I will earn them! In fact, I think I deserve a "make-up" reward or two since I have not done any besides bubble baths, a movie, and a blue polish.

5 pounds lost: Bubble bath/new polish **GOT IT**

10 pounds lost: New pair of summer shoes/sandals **GETTING TODAY**

15 pounds lost: Bare Minerals travel make-up case and new eye shadow for summer (This is on sale this week!! If my weigh in goes well this week I will get this. Can't wait!)

20 pounds lost: Zumba outfit! (I super duper want this!)

25 pounds lost: Zumba bag (I def. need a gym bag, and these are adorable and fun!)

30 pounds lost: Polar wear link bra (I soo soo want this!!!)

OK. That is enough rewards for now. I don't want to go too far in the future, becaus I always lose sight of what it is I'm striving for. So, I am at just over 10 pounds lost so far. I weigh in on Saturday morning. If I lose the weight Saturday I will be buying the make-up case online that day! If not, I can wait until I get it, but boy oh boy do I want/need it! The next are things that I really want to help with working out/wear and stuff. As it may be known by now..I am practically in LOVE with zumba and so I think a zumba outfit (cargo pants and tank) is appropriate for 20 pounds lost, and then the bag for 25. Then 30 pounds lost is the ever-so-desired polar bra. I want a whole bunch of different workout bras, especially the zumba ones, but the polar one has a built in strap for my heart rate monitor. I would just clip my transmitter to it and..voila! Good to go. It is pricey..about $70, so I def. think losing 30 pounds I will more than deserve it! Can't wait!!

Side Note: Apartment finding stinks. I hate it. We are 3.5 hours away from where we are moving to and it is difficult. Chris is working and doing an internship to finish up his he hasn't even started looking for a job up there. I'm still in classes..we are working on the house. I think I might get a stomach ulcer from this!! Stressed to THE max about this situation. I am just hoping it all falls into place..really that's all I can do. Most of the places I have seen online and people I have talked to want a July move-in..well we won't be able to move until the end of July/first of August because I am still in school. Ok. This makes me upset thinking/talking about it right after I was so giddy talking about my rewards haha.

Hope everyone has a FABulous day!!

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TEAM-SARAH 6/16/2011 12:07PM

    Great rewards!! In Chicago it's actually just really hard to find an apartment that far in advance. In June is gonna be mostly july apartments, but late this month/early next month I promise there will be TONS of August apartments. just tons of em. Just kinda how it works here.

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HEATHERDIAN 6/15/2011 9:59AM

    Good luck! Have a great day! emoticon

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    I love all the rewards you have set up especially the zumba outfit! Have a great day. emoticon

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Week of June 13-19

Monday, June 13, 2011

Today was a pretty good day. I have been going to bed a bit later and sleeping in a little later. I was getting up between 5-7 and now it's more like between 7-9. It is niiiice. So yesterday I did paint. I did not get it all finished, but after having two blisters and them popping and bleeding I felt I put in some effort. I primed the two rooms that were left and then painted three rooms. So there are three rooms left and OF COURSE they are the largest ones! Bahh..I avoided it like the plague today!

Today I had class and it is right in the middle of the day from inconvenient. So I had a good breakfast and equipped myself with snacks for during class because I knew I would get hungry. After class I took care of some financial aid stuff for school. Then it was off to zumba. She did an "all request" day. It was super fun and suuuper tough. I wear my heart rate monitor so I can get an idea of how many calories I burn during workouts. Typically, I burn around 650 during regular zumba and during the hip-hop party a few weeks ago I burnt 725!! So, I was expecting my usual, but I found myself pushing a bit harder tonight during zumba..telling myself, "You get what YOU put in it." So, after the class was over I checked and I burnt just shy of 700! I was soo happy. Then I went straight to the park and had a nice walk with a friend. So, today has been a pretty good day.

I purposely traded shifts at work so that I could be off on the zumba days, which, unfortunately, makes me work all weekend, but it is worth it! I will get to go to zumba (today) Wed, Thur, and Sat morning. I am soo pumped!! Plus I have other workouts in mind. Tomorrow I plan on working my chest/triceps/and abs and I'm not too sure what I am going to do for cardio yet. I want to walk/jog outside but I will have to check the weather. If not I think I'll bust out some workout videos..I have been wanting to do that here lately!!

For zumba, I have mentioned before, we are doing a summer weight loss challenge based upon % of weight loss. Well last week finished up week three and I'm winning so far!! I was soo pumped when I found out. I have been weighing in in the evenings, either Wed or Thurs, but I think I am going to wait and switch to Saturday mornings after zumba. I think I would rather weigh in in the beginning of the day. I find that on weigh in days I eat very little and try not to have food or liquid in my system when I weigh in, which is horrible because then I am tired and can't push hard enough during zumba. I think this will be for the best.

So, for this week I am planning on zumba 4x..other cardio at least 3x this week. I am trying to get in 10 hours of cardio a week, and then strength train at least 3x a week or more as long as I am working different muscles.

For nutrition..I am still staying within my ranges of 1100-to about 1500. I might have a higher day here and there, up to 1900 to keep things mixed up.

I plan on finishing this painting this week too!! I think I might reward myself at the end of the week if all things go well. OK, actually I have been rewarding myself all along! hahaha I have bought nail polish, tried new foods, bought a new candle. I need to buy a new battery for my watch. Plus, I am meeting up with an old friend this week for lunch and some shopping.

As you can tell by reading (I'm hoping) I'm in a positive mood today. Don't get me wrong I am also writing so much because I am avoiding the fridge, or going to the store! I have a hankering for something sweet and chocolatey, but I am resisting it since I already had a pudding cup (minus my cool whip since I am out..bummer).

What are your plans for this week?? What is keeping you motivated?!
Hope everyone has a good evening and may you have a GREAT week!!


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