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Holding steady

Monday, September 27, 2010

September was another horrible month for diet and exercise. I got sick right after the baby's birthday in late August, and have been sick for FOUR WEEKS now. The chest infection has left me breathless, making it hard to exercise. Add to that big changes in our diet due to new allergy info for the baby and it equals a month of no progress. BUT! I am proud of the fact that despite the many challenges over the last two months I am holding steady. I had gained 4 pounds and have lost 3 already, and so I really do feel lucky in that regard. There are going to be more doctor appointments for the baby, more tweaking of the foods we can eat, and that will continue to be challenging. So I am putting aside my goal of losing all the weight I wanted to by Christmas, but I'm feeling better about that. My baby's health, and mine, are more important than a number on a scale. And I am back in the realm of the simply overweight, not obese, so I have time on my side to lose more when our health outlook brightens.

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BORNAGAINBRAT 9/27/2010 3:51PM

    Sure sounds like you have your priorities straight. You are having to make more adjustments to your lifestyle then most of us do and your positive attitude is going to serve you well. emoticon emoticon

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Getting back on track

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Well August was a hell of a month. Epic fail on my part to keep on the diet. I only gained a few pounds back, but that doesn't feel good after all the success I had. I was kept from exercising because I have no place to put the baby where she won't get attacked by mosquitoes, and swimming at night just keeps me wound up too far into the early morning hours. So I need a solution to that. Tracking food, too, was difficult because of baby, but she seems happy enough to play on her own while I enter stuff in the database, so I'll just make that a given part of our day together. So I'm tracking food again, which is a good first step. Now if I can get over this cold I can get back to exercising. I NEED to make that happen.

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CATCRAZYGAL 9/7/2010 7:18PM

    August was a helluva month for me too...
I did so good with my walking in June & July, then come August, with the heat, i did it for about 1 week then quit for 4...omg it was so hard getting back into the swing, i tried 30 min..that was easy..then the next day an hour...OMG...hurt my groin, ached from my belly to my i quit for a week, now i'm b ack on i did an hour....tomorrow maybe 45...then off on Thurs as i work 10 hrs...2 jobs..then meet a friend to walk a path...God o nly knows how long we'll do that..then i'll walk again on the weekend...i get more satisfaction & it prettier to see than just getting on the elliptical...
Good Luck to everyone whos had a rough time due to the heat or any other things...
Getting back on track is the best thing for you & you CAN & WILL DO IT!!!!

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Stepping through the gate

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I really let myself get derailed this past month. First I stopped swimming because the baby was getting bit by too many mosquitoes and it was too hot for her to be outside in her playpen. Then my busy days led me to stop tracking food. Then I started late-night emotional eating that was probably just thirst. A triple whammy! Instead of losing the 6 pounds I was hoping for, I gained 2 back. It's not a disaster, but it's more of a setback than I'd like... I read in one of the SparkMails recently that the difference in achievement between optimists and pessimists is that where pessimists see a brick wall, optimists see a gate to open and step through. So here I am, reaching for the latch on the gate.

I need to get re-motivated to exercise daily. I need to set aside other projects and make food journaling a priority instead of taking a back seat. And I need to reach for the water bottle at night instead of food. If I promise myself to make those things happen I will follow through, so here goes. I promise to rededicate myself to the successful steps that have helped me so much already. My mini-goal is to lose another 10 pounds by September 25. Signing off now to start the process and make that happen!!

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BOWFIRE 9/7/2010 7:18PM

  That promise fell through, but I won't let myself get down about it. This month was rife with conflict with our teen daughter, and dealing with her very important issues was more important than my weight, which is no longer as problematic as it once was. But before the weight becomes a problem again, I need to get back on track. I need to reach out to my doctor again for the help and motivation I need. If he says "lose 10 pounds" I do it. I'll see him tomorrow, so wish me luck.

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Another mini-goal achieved!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I still have to lose 30 pounds to reach my main goal, but today I reached an exciting milestone along the way. The last two pounds have been slow to melt away and I really wanted them to so I can celebrate moving from the "Obese" section on the BMI chart to simply being "Overweight". Being considered obese was not something I gave a lot of thought to until I was pregnant and in the hospital last year and I saw it noted on my chart. I determined then and there that my daughter would never know her mommy that way. I set my main goal for 149 pounds since that will finally put me in the "Normal Weight" category for my height, but hope eventually to reach about 135. It'll take until next year but she is SO worth it!!


Swimus Interuptus

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So my darling almost-11 month old daughter interrupted tonight's swimming not once but twice with crying fits. Instead of traipsing into the bedroom dripping wet again, I gave up for the night. So sad, too, because the pool was nice and warm and my other daughter and I were having fun. It was a good thing I did my laps in the morning or I would have missed out on my cardio for today!!


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