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Day something or other, and a query of sorts.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I seem to have lost track of the fact that this is "a lifestyle change" or a "diet" and it just is how I live. there is no more thinking about every bite that goes into my mouth and hoping I got the weight right or added the calorie content correctly, I know that I did. I can estimate my meals pretty much within a few calories just by looking at the food on the plate and I honestly do not crave anything thats "bad" for me. When I have a slow week where dropping the weight is concerned its no worries for me and its just another week in the string of weeks that I have chosen to live healthy and I do know that I have done something good for my body on any given day of any given week, which includes the days that I slip and have a treat or go over my limits.

Robyn who has been with me on this trip to the half from almost day one left a comment on one of my older posts today and when I got the email notice I took a look at a few of my posts from when I first started this blog and I read a post about the Ice cream that has become so significant in this thing that I am doing, when I started this back in January and decided to put that quart of Ben and Jerrys in the freezer instead of my pie hole, I honestly thought that it would just be another attempt by a fat guy to lose weight and the final result would just be another failure, well that fabled quart of Dublin mudslide still lives in the freezer just waiting for Jan 1st 2009 to be eaten up by a guy that weighs substantially less than he did when said quart of goodness was bought and on his terms this time unlike so many quarts that came before. To say that I am a different person would be too light a way of saying it, I guess though its more like I am back to the real me because at 534 pounds I just was not me and it is that simple.

Here is the menu from yesterday, it was slightly low but over all not so bad.


7:30 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

10:00 AM
2 pears 170

12:30 PM
1 Progresso soup 200

3:00 PM
3 slices light Italian bread 120
1.5 T peanut butter 140
1.5 T Jam 75

6:30 PM
7oz chicken breast 385
2 cups green beans 70
3/4 cup white rice 150

8:00 PM
1 pear 85

Grand total of 1595 calories for the day so not too bad, I also have a question for anyone out there reading this, I have a stainless steel Salter scale model 1010 that goes up to 5lbs and I am getting an error on it, the error is "out2" and I cannot find any info on what it means and am out my scale until I get it worked out. I checked their site and it said it was down so if any of you kind folks out there know what the error "out2" means Please help a fella out, the photo posted is what it looks like though I suspect they all have similar if not the same error codes.

Thanks for reading.

As Ever

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DONEPAT 9/10/2008 8:02AM

    Well, it took me 3 attempts to read your blog. The cat kept walking all over the computer, and then put her head on the mouse to sleep.

Isn't it great when this becomes part of your life? No more diet mentality? I lost it this week. I changed my program to WW core. I hated it HATED, HATED, HATED IT. IT FELT LIKE A DIET. I THOUGHT ABOUT FOOD ALL THE TIME.

So, in reading your blog, I guess I realized, when I do my reg. thing, I'm in that zone too, I just do it and its easy. I hope your ice cream tastes very good if you have it. I'm only a third done and have not thought of any rewards.

You're doing so good. You also reminded me I need to up the veggies. 2 cups of green beans? You put me to shame!

Patty emoticon

PS. I can't help you with the scale, but when I read that, I thought maybe it needs recalibration. My dad's glucometer gives the same message when it has to be recalibrated.

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MESACHICK 9/9/2008 8:56PM

  You know what? None of the rest of us relate you to ice cream either. I had totally forgotten about that post. That will be the sweetest ice cream EVER. You rock!

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ZIRCADIA 9/9/2008 7:41PM

    HEY! I have no help for you on the scale front. BUT! It's really wonderful that you are transitioned into your new lifestyle. No real changes necessary -- you're there. You just have to continue forward and it's all going to keep falling into place. I mean sure, your calorie intake may change from time to time as it should while you're body weight is changing, but still -- the basic ideas behind the way you eat and excercise and LIVE are in place. :D AWESOME!!! I don't really post pictures of DH even unless he's ok with it. And when it comes to kids, it's fun to show off how cute your kids are and everything, but at the same time I can understand not wanting to expose your children's visages to the vast internet. Definitely. AND TELL YOUR WIFY THANKS! :D

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BIGGIRL2082010 9/9/2008 6:18PM

    Hope this helps with the scale:

u'll probably have to cut and paste that link to your browser. Anyway, it basically says that the "Out2" simply means you need to recalibrate your scale. They don't mention what could possibly cause it to NEED that recalibration, though. :)

I like that you're already in lifestyle mode. Someday, I'll get there, too. And then I'll just walk right past the brownie sundae that always calls my name, right after I've walked past the fast-food hamburger that I used to love. :) Great things to look forward to, in many ways!

>Hmph. After I posted that, I realised that this was for a different scale. But RightOnScales also sells a Triton one that has the same error message, and the fix is the same. So ... maybe it is a common error message for all these scales? Here's the Triton link (it actually has calibration instructions as well, but don't know if those are the same for your scale):

- Maya

Comment edited on: 9/9/2008 6:20:56 PM

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Fried dough, cheese steak and four hours of walking around.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Me and Boss lady at the fair

Sunday has come and gone and I find myself at the keyboard, its time to report how the day went and all that. we ended up going to a Harvest Fair (I was talked into going) and walking around for about four hours or so and I have to admit even though I vowed to have an incredible week intake and exercise wise if we were going to judge that on todays start I failed miserably! we got to the fairgrounds around noon on what I will call the most perfect and beautiful New England day and started walking around looking at some of the attractions, I said to myself as we walked past a fried dough stand "ignore the tasty goodness" and thats what I did as I took a swig of green tea from the gallon jug I brought along with me. we walked past a pig race (I kid you not pig racing) and they had some displays around with farm animals in them as well as a predatory bird show with eagles hawks and falcons etc and then it was getting around 1:00 pm and wify suggested we get something to eat, I had packed an apple for myself but we were near a stand selling cheese steak sandwiches, long story short 3 minutes later I was in front of a stage listening to a folk singer with a guitar enjoying my cheese steak sammie, not even caring or thinking about whether it was cloned or not, wify did have a clone sandwich comment though.

After the folk music and steak sammie we headed over to meet my Father in law who happened to be there unknown to us and we ended up walking over to where some rides for the kiddos were and bought a packet of tickets and let them have at it, and here is where the fried dough enters the picture, yep I bought myself some fried dough and it was damn good if I do say so myself, and after we were done there it was onto some more walking around just looking at all of the craft tables and animals, rides etc etc etc that were there for our amusement. there was everything from truck pulls to pig races right on up to 3 different stages with 3 different bands playing at any given time and the sunburn was free of charge! here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

All in all it was a good day out with the family, lots of fun was had by all and other than indulging in some fried dough the intake wasn't really that bad, the cheese steak was literally some roast beef tossed on a grill with a couple slices of American cheese melted over it and the dough, well there was nothing good about that where diet is concerned! on the drive home I asked wify, half kidding and thinking that I already knew the answer "Do you think I would have gone to this fair if it was last year?" and her response was eye opening, she said "We did go last year, you stayed home" I guess I did know the answer and didn't even remember or chose to forget because I did not go, all of the things that I must have missed out on and don't even realize, it really was eye opening to think about that, and the only thing that has changed is my weight. Who wouldda thunk?

Thanks for reading along. and there are more pictures on my blogspot, spark only allows one so click here to take a look.

As Ever

PS: the storm from my last post wussed out, was just rain ;)

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BIGGIRL2082010 9/9/2008 5:02PM

    Sounds like a good day anyway. You walked lots, the kids had fun, you got to listen to music and eat fried dough - now what's wrong with a little indulgence? :)

Go to more fairs, says the wise one. :)


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SANLONDON 9/9/2008 8:43AM

    Fried Dough and cheese steaks? They don't have 'em here! Maaaaan, I don't think I should come to America anytime soon - I know I'll be putting weight on! (though to be fair - up in Scotland - they sell fried mars bars in their fish'n'chip shops)

Good to hear it was a fun day out.


Comment edited on: 9/9/2008 8:48:16 AM

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ZIRCADIA 9/8/2008 5:23PM

    I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!! :) I figure -- fairs happen like once a year, right? So a bit of fair food is not going to derail an entire year. Moderation and the occasional splurge and all that stuff... and lots of walking to help balance, right? :D Just gotta keep on with the good stuff all the rest of the time. Now to look at the rest of the pictures...

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MISSHOLLYDAE 9/8/2008 1:04PM

    Ugh fairs are terrible food wise, I know the last time I went to one there was fried Oreos involved... shameful, lol. They always have the most unhealthy food that man can concoct at the fair, they really do. So that being said I think you did phenomenally well with the multitude of other tempting things there must have been. Glad you and the fam had a good time.

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TELERIE 9/8/2008 9:25AM

    Sounds like a wonderful day, and quite different from last year... And you chose to have some unhealthy things (but sounds like you practiced moderation). That's great! Don't sweat it - as long as most of your choices are healthy, which I know they are.
- Marit

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CHEEKYMUNKEY 9/7/2008 11:02PM

    The pics were great. I think it is fantastic that you went this year. The eye opening moment sounds like great motivation for the start of a new week.

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MUSICFREAK911 9/7/2008 10:25PM

    With the year you've had, I don't think having something at the fair - which comes once a year- is anything to worry about

Tomorrow is another day and we know you'll be right back on track emoticon

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DITRYING 9/7/2008 10:16PM

    Sounds like you ate some things you enjoyed, did not go crazy and are back on plan. You were able to enjoy the day with your family, walked around and felt good. That is truly a phenomenal day!

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TWICETHEMAN 9/7/2008 10:07PM

    It is great that you went this year, I bet what you ate a home last year was worse then the damage you did this year at the fair. I am not sure how to respond about the fair food, but I will say this ... some days we are going to eat more calories, higher fat foods and more sugar and carbs. As long as your weight loss does not stall much or go up, then you can feel comfortable that the frequency and amount you eat on those special days is something you don't have to get too concerned about.

Sounds like you had a great day. emoticon

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MESACHICK 9/7/2008 9:45PM

  Those pictures are so fun! You guys are so cute! Was that a self-portrait? PDG there!!

Fried dough sounds evil...and DELICIOUS. :-) I think if you are going to do a "treat" it should definitely and always be something you love. I stopped buying those 100-calorie snack packs because they never did hit the spot, you know? Instead, if I REALLY want something I just have it...MOST of the time, in the right portion. Oh yeah, and I work chocolate into my calories every day because life just isn't the same without it...LOL

The fair sounds fun. Thx for warning me of the evils of the fair before ours comes in October...LOL (Indian fry bread is my is AWESOME)

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Apples, Tropical storms and the ferries have left the docks.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The storm looks like its just about here.

Saturday posts have been rare for me but today I am home and were expecting some weather so I figured I would pop one up. we have a flash flood warning up and apparently Tropical storm Hanna is on her way, fun fun. I got a good nights rest in last night and my weight is a good amount lower than it was for weigh in yesterday and I am hoping to hit that 150 pound lost mark this week, and if I do I will post up some 150 pound lost compare photos up. I am keeping on track with the food intake and plan on hitting the cardio hard again this week to get that 150 pounds lost under my belt. Calories for yesterday were a bit low coming in at 1375 total which I am trying to stay away from doing but sometimes it happens that way, no worries. I did experiment a bit with a snack that turned out very good, I sliced an apple into sections put some cinnamon and splenda into a sandwich bag add said apples shake, then place the slices into a preheated 400 degree oven for 14 minutes and bamn! baked cinnamon apple slices all for 100 calories, it is a bit of work for a snack but very tasty and I told wify that it felt like I had something bad for me so it all works out. here is a look at the menu from Friday as well as a Radar photo of whats heading towards me.


7:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

11:30 AM
2 raisin english muffins 180
1.5 T grape jam 75

2:30 PM
1 can progresso Minestrone soup 200 (My new Favorite)
1 multi-grain english muffin 100
sliced tomato 20
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70

6:30 PM
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
6oz deli turkey 150
1.5 T miracle whip 50
sliced tomato 10
dill pickle 10

8:00 PM
1 baked apple 100

Things are still going in the direction that I want them to go in, which is down so all is well. That pretty sums up the day so far as well as the menu for yesterday, nothing more to report really so I will end this post here. I need to gather up a few candles and check the batteries in the ol Mag light, Thanks for reading, hopefully I don't lose power and can check back in later.

As Ever

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ZIRCADIA 9/8/2008 5:20PM

    I've heard you can do the apples in the microwave, too, but I have yet to try it either way... DO have some apples at home, though, so I should get on that. :)

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TWICETHEMAN 9/6/2008 11:05PM

    with your diet, I feel that 150 mark is very very near, awesome man!! emoticon

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DITRYING 9/6/2008 9:37PM

    The apples sound delicious! Good luck on hitting the 150 mark and on avoiding Hanna.

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ROSEOFSHARON73 9/6/2008 6:18PM

  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll meet your 150 lb goal and that Hanna won't bring much damage your way. Have a great weekend :o)

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MUSICFREAK911 9/6/2008 5:20PM

    150 lbs is amazing, and in a relatively short time frame. Good luck with the weather - stay safe.
I'm going to have to try that snack idea too - thanks for sharing

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TELERIE 9/6/2008 5:05PM

    The snack idea sounds great, I use apple and cinnamon on my oatmeal breakfast. Hope the storm doesn't do any damage!
- Marit

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NDMOMOF4 9/6/2008 4:01PM

    Hope the storm doesn't get too crazy.
Also thanks for the apple idea...gonna have to try that, it sounds yummy and something fun to make with the kids.
Have a great weekend and stay warm and dry. :)

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MESACHICK 9/6/2008 3:54PM

  MMmmmmm, you always have the best recipe ideas!

I hope you and your family are safe during the storm!

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SWEETZMIX 9/6/2008 3:37PM

    Hey I am home too!! Damn tropical storm. It actually just started coming down real hard like 20min makes me feel like I should take advantage of being home and do some house work I been meaning to do. Being in the house makes me lazy. I doubt I will lose power but I got my candles just in case.


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Weighing in and random gray matter issues.

Friday, September 05, 2008

There is a photo of me from Woodstock 99 that I chose not to post on spark, if you would like to see it go to my blogspot @

Learning from what a person does is the best form of education in my opinion, nothing can beat experience where learning is concerned. with that said I have in the past 8 months learned my limits on exercise again, I have learned how to eat properly and moderately and I have learned how to feel comfortable with myself again as far as my size goes. I can read one thousand books about weight loss & health and have that knowledge inside my cranium and be able to answer any question tossed at me by anyone and yet still weigh 500 plus pounds, BUT until I try it out for myself its not really worth as much as if I had the experience under my belt and lived it, now a combination of the two would be optimum. Random is my head this morning as I type and last night I was browsing at some photos of people that have lost weight and I noticed something about a lot of them, in the before weight loss photos the person generally does not look as happy as in the after shots, now I know that doesn't exactly seem hard to figure out, one, the before pic the person was heavy and likely uncomfortable with themselves, two, the person likely picked the worse photo to show the most dramatic difference possible (I know I am guilty!) but the thing that caught my attention the most was that the person looked comfortable with themselves in the after, and what I mean is they look like the size of their body is not something that is floating around the gray matter at surface depth, there is no tugging at clothing to make it feel right, there is no constantly pulling the pants up and just a generally happier look to them. I can remember a time in my life when it would not be totally uncommon for me to be walking around with shorts on with a button up shirt on but totally unbuttoned, that is when I was comfortable in my own skin and I can remember a time when even though I may have been a pretty good sized piece of real estate walking through the crowd I was none the less walking through the crowd. Something dawned on me a while back, I thought about my former self and I am the guy that cleared the pit at Woodstock 99, and what I mean is that mid song I found myself all alone in the middle of the pit demanding that I be joined so that I had someone to slam against but no one wanted any more of what was being handed out, one of my best friends that was there with me said to me shortly after that happened and I quote "I've never seen that side of you and I think I am a little scared now", How could I let myself go from that to a 534 pound guy that couldn't even walk 1/4 mile without making excuses to go back? I walked around Rome NY quite literally for four days all while participating in other physical activities for that event and went to work the day afterwards with no issues! that was only 9 years ago! but yeah like I said randomness is in my skull this morning.

Oh yeah I weighed in this morning, I am going to call it even with last week though there is a slight loss. Last week I weighed 389.4 pounds and this morning I weighed 388.8 pounds so its a .6 loss for the week which I will just round up to 389 pounds so no loss no gain for the week as far as recording it goes. this is actually good news in a way because it lets me know that I can indulge a bit and not gain anything, I did nil exercise this week barring a single ride on my bike on Wednesday and I ate at restaurants twice this week as well as had birthday cake a sundae and a rather large piece of chocolate silk cherry cake at my aunts house and my sleeping was way off this week as well, there was even a few beers in there and no weight gain, but rather a slight loss so can I be upset at this weeks number? no way, no how. I won't put up a pic of what weighs the same etc because its the same as last week for the most part and I did give ya that Woodstock photo instead. I will be back on track this week and plan on exercising daily, My Mom has returned home to CA and there will hopefully be no distractions this week.

That is how do they say? all she wrote for todays entry, thanks for reading along.

As Ever

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MISSHOLLYDAE 9/6/2008 1:49PM

    Great stuff as usual. I know what you mean about thinking 'wow I used to be able to do that?' kind of feeling. I was actually just thinking about that last night. For some reason I remembered playing on the playground sometime in high school and there was a bar that I could just kind of jump and hang from by my knees. I was thinking ' man there is no way I could do that now!', but I will again soon! If there wasn't hope and that light at the end of the tunnel, that would be depressing, lol.

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NEWKIM1 9/5/2008 10:31PM

    As always, I have enjoyed your blog...thanks for sharing! Good luck this week getting in your workouts! You know you can do it.

So do you ride a lot? How far/long? Thinking about getting a bike. I live in bad time of year to be thinking about it...but we have nice days thrown at us once in awhile during fall and winter.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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BIGGIRL2082010 9/5/2008 9:37PM

    Heh. Looks like you were having lots (and LOTs) of fun at Woodstock back then. :)

You said it - no amount of reading and theory gives us the _real_ knowledge of ANYTHING, not just weightloss - you gotta live it before you really believe it! :)

I'm so glad a little indulgence this week didn't result in negative progress - in fact, so proud of your new and improved metabolism! You give me hope. :)


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MESACHICK 9/5/2008 2:39PM

  I always enjoy your insights about the mental side of this journey! I think you have had as much success as you have because you are addressing your entire body ("cranium", as you put it, included). You so rock! :-) P.S. Funny pic and memories too... :-)

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ZIRCADIA 9/5/2008 1:34PM

    You know -- once someone actually did make a blog post about ME in their blog -- like not about other things using me as an example. It was a like a blog tribute to Dana. HAHAHAHA I felt like quite the celebrity, even though I think only a couple of people read that blog. Yeah, it had a picture and everything. Now if I was mentioned in YOUR blog with a picture, WOAH. That'd be big news!!!!!! :D HAHAHAHA. But the other picture was fun, with the censor bar and all. ;) And yes -- it is nice to know that we can indulge a bit and maintain. It really helps to know that for a week it's not going to make THAT big a difference if we slack on the excercise and food a bit. Cause for one, I think everyone needs a break now and again -- vacation anyone? And two, it kind of helped me realize that maintainance was not going to be this huge ordeal. If by working as hard as I have been I've been losing weight, then to maintain I'm definitely going to be gaining SOMETHING in the equation -- more food, more time? :D Anyway. I ramble.

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Better late than never!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I totally forgot to post this morning! so a late post it shall be and a weigh in is lurking in the next few hours, I do not expect to have lost much with the week that I have had, I have been out to dinner twice, have had cake twice and there was even a sundae in there at one point. exercise was all but not there with me riding the bike a total of one time this week, if I have a loss its not because of anything that I did.

On a different note I have been worrying about the loose skin issue a lot lately but there is something at work in that area of my body. Something that I do not post on this blog is that I take bi monthly photos of myself for comparison purposes and the last one that was taken was on August 12th so it was time for the beginning month photo, and when I put them together I noticed that the picture taken on the first has a noticeable difference in the way I look and more so how I am shaped. in the month of August I lost a total of 11 pounds and in July the total was 16 pounds so a 27 pound difference in the last 2 months total and if I were looking at photos that were taken two months apart and a total of 27 pounds I would think "oh ok its a 27 pound difference and two months" but we are talking about a 20 day difference and on August 15th I weighed in at 394 pounds which is only a 5 pound difference from the 12th to the first and yet the difference in the two photos is clear and obvious. I would post the pictures up to show you exactly what I mean but I take the bi monthly photos in my skivvies and shirtless and I would not want to subject any of you to that sort of thing. So, with all of that aid I feel as if maybe the difference in the way it all looks to me is that skin is shrinking slowly but surely and that is why I appear to be in photos smaller. now is this even possible? hell if I know, but I do know that the 4x shirts that I just bought within the last couple months fit looser on me already and a significant amount of weight has not been lost in that same time period. maybe someone with some experience on this subject can chime in and let me know if I am crazy or not.

but alas children call so I must end this post here, check in tomorrow for the weigh in post and until then keep on keepin on.

As Ever

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TX.PATRICIA 9/5/2008 8:05AM

    They just talked about the "shrinking skin" on either Dr. Phil or Oprah (re-runs) this week. What I remember them saying is that if you loose the weight at a slower pace and keep your skin hydrated, it should shrink.

Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat! You can be gaining some muscle while loosing that fat resulting in looser fitting close and the scale not moving down very much!

I think you are doing GREAT! You are a huge motivator and I look forward to reading your blog!

I also think the dogs are SOO CUTE! Keep up the great work!

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SANLONDON 9/5/2008 7:30AM

    Tony, everything I was going to say, Dana just said it better. This is a good thing and hopefully will mean that your skin may take somemore time but will get back into a reasonable shape.

Y'know, it just keeps blowing my mind how much you've been able to lose - even on a month by month scale. Great work, mate.

Heh. Love the pic of those dogs.


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JAYMATTER 9/5/2008 12:23AM

    You're crazy!!!


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BIGGIRL2082010 9/4/2008 11:01PM

    I've actually heard that "it takes some time for the skin to shrink to catch up with the weight-loss" - so what you're experiencing may well BE shrinking skin! Very cool - I would suspect this proves, yet again, that you're losing weight at a reasonable pace for _your_ body!

Yay on the looser clothes!


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ZIRCADIA 9/4/2008 10:59PM

    It's very possible for your skin to be shrinking at a slower rate than your loss, especially since you lost so much so quickly. So your skin could be catching up. Also if you're gaining muscle/losing fat, your body shape can change more drastically without as big of a difference on the scale. So two ideas there -- either one is AWESOME. :) Maybe a little of both going on.

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TWICETHEMAN 9/4/2008 10:48PM

    Scales dont always reflect progress, some times the best indicator is your mirror or your partners increased sex drive emoticon

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MESACHICK 9/4/2008 10:13PM

  I totally get that phenomenon!! I went for months without feeling like I looked or felt any different. One day I looked down, and my favorite shorts were falling off. LOL

That is AWESOME! It just means you are building muscle and losing inches faster. YOU SO ROCK.

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