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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Deciding to up my calories to 1700 per day because I am exercising more regularly as well as more intensely still has me thinking about my weight and how it is not coming off all too fast the last few weeks. I am not concerned really just more interested in whats happening and what has changed to make the weight drop slower than it has been, and only because it seems to be sudden. I have been doing well with the switch over to 1700 calories but still feel like I am eating just to make up those calories but thats ok I don't mind too much.

I hope to see a drop in weight this week as I am tired of seeing 399 pop up there each morning, and I need to see a difference for the work I have been putting in lately. I got a 25 minute ride on the bike in Wed followed with 60 push ups and called it a day, we are expecting Thunder storms this afternoon so it looks like it will most likely be a bike ride today unless weather holds out and then I may go to the park with the kiddos. intake for yesterday was pretty much right where I wanted it besides the fact that I was more than 100 calories lower than my 1700 target coming in at 1595 for the day and here is that menu.


8:30 AM
raisin english muffin 90
1 T Grape Jam 50

10:30 AM
6oz sweet potato fries 150
ketchup 20

12:45 PM
1 Caramel zone bar 200

2:00 PM
1 can of tuna 150
2 80 calorie rolls 160
1 T Miracle whip 35
1 dill pickle 10

5:45 PM
2 Gortons fish fillets 340
3/4 cup white rice 150
2 servings brussel sprouts 90
salsa/light sour cream 30
ketchup 20

8:30 PM
1 apple 100

Grand total of 1595 calories and thats good enough for me. This morning I hopped on the scale and it did show a slight loss and I am hoping that it stays for tomorrows weigh in but I am not counting my chickens before they hatch and will hold off on sighing that sigh of relief that I dropped below the mystical number of 399 that has attached itself to my scale until it has done so in a permanent way. I will try and eat a little light today but stay within calories in order to try and coax the scale down a bit this week and what I mean by eat light is lighter foods, lots of veggies and I think I will make soup for dinner which will be fitting if the rain comes rolling through. and with that another entry on Ye old blog is here and I thank you for reading along and I especially want to thank everyone that has left supportive comments for me. so Thanks.

As Ever

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ZIRCADIA 8/7/2008 9:49PM

    You're doing great! :D It takes some getting used to, changing calorie ranges. You get used to how to meet those numbers and when it's not all about LESS LESS LESS LOWER LOWER LOWER, you could eat more and more of the same things, or incorporate some more healthy fats type items -- more calorie dense foods. Stuff that you normally would avoid because it's less filling for your calorie buck. Like NUTS or AVOCADO or something like that. :D That's my 2 cents on the eating more thing. And hey -- you have lost soooo much weight sooooo fast. Getting stuck for a week or two is most likely in the cards from time to time in your weight loss journey. I definitely have to throw in my AMEN with those who are commenting that each healthy day is a step towards a healthier life, regardless of the scale's current leanings. :) HANG IN THERE!!!!!!

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MESACHICK 8/7/2008 8:32PM

  From one nut to and salsa??? Totally sounds like something I'd do...LOL...I live in AZ, where salsa comes with just about everything...

Your numbers will be goin' down, down, DOWN! You will ROCK the weigh-in!

BTW, thx for the popcorn tip, I knew there was something big I was leaving out...LOL

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LUCKY8GAL 8/7/2008 2:55PM

    Don't get to fixed on the numbers, as long as your eating right and exercising you will always be healthier today than you were the day before. Keep an eye on the destination not just the journey. Eventually you will get where you need to go no matter how long it takes in travel time. You doing awesome! emoticon

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DONEPAT 8/7/2008 2:13PM

    I'm sure you're below 399. My scale was wrong, it showed a gain, and I went to my ww meeting, and I lost weight! Sooooo.....You could be lighter than what you are. No way are you heavier. You still look like you lost more weight than you said you did. (you know you've lost inches.)

Ok, time for me to shut up.
Just keep going strong. Show us how its done.

Patty emoticon

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CALICAVEGIRL 8/7/2008 2:05PM

    No matter what the scale says,... remember that you are healthier today then you were one week ago... and next week you'll be even healthier!! Each day you make great decisions and exercise and pay attention to your nutrition is a victory. Keep on keeping on!!!

Strength of character becomes evident in hard times (and plateaus DEFINITELY are very trying for those of us on this weight-loss journey). I know you will be able to push through,... just keep thinking 'losing' thoughts. "The scale WILL be lower than 399 tomorrow when I step on... the scale WILL be lower than 399 tomorrow when I step on... the scale WILL be lower..."

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MISSHOLLYDAE 8/7/2008 1:19PM

    Woohoo first comment on ye old blog. Its funny I can't say that without hearing Strongbad in my head. Well anyway you're doing so great, that scale better show it too!

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Now a word from our sponsor...a post from Wify

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So like I said I had asked my wife to write a post a couple weeks ago and she has been working on it for a while now and she finished it so I thought I would post it up here for anyone that cared to read it. some of what she wrote is personal but when I asked her to write it I told myself no matter what she writes thats the post, she said to me when she gave it to me "just edit out what you don't like" but I don't want to do that because this is what she wrote and I don't like censorship. so here it is exactly as she wrote it.

As Ever

Click the link to my blogspot page to see the quite long post Wify wrote for me. I decided to leave this one on blogspot but link it to spark, Thanks for reading.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ZIRCADIA 8/7/2008 9:43PM

    I'M the best wify in the planet *AHEM* But your wify is definitely awesome. I loved reading about your story from her perspective and her part of the whole thing as well. You are both very inspirational. :) Congratulations to both of you on making this lifestyle change TOGETHER. My DH and I got started on it last year, but now I'm entering maintenance and I feel like he's continuing a backslide into poor habits. I'm hoping I can get him back on board soon.

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UTSEAN 8/7/2008 5:40PM

    You know what, you do have the best Wify on the to mine of course! Very nice, very inspiration and most of all very heart felt. I'm very happy that you didn't edit it. There's no way you could have made it any more perfect than the way it was written. Mucho continued success to the both of you! P.S. I posted some new pics...check em' out!

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SCHNOOGLES 8/7/2008 7:32AM

    I agree with everyone else - you two are a fantastic, inspirational couple!

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MUZIKFRK75 8/7/2008 2:31AM

    Awesome post. I feel your pain about sporting events. I went to a Cowboys-Panthers game last year...those seats were very very small. lol

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MESACHICK 8/6/2008 9:02PM

  Thank you for sharing this! I totally get the "getting overweight" as a couple. You and your wife are absolutely awesome! "Soul mates" comes to mind. I am so glad you have each other for this journey. I got tears reading some of her blog.

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JAYMATTER 8/6/2008 8:15PM

    My wife commented on the blogspot page, but I wanted to chime in here:

Been there, done that!

"Not a booth please!"
"Why on EARTH did you buy a Focus? There's no room!"
"Do we HAVE to go to another football game?"


So yeah. Ya'll ain't alone. emoticon

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    You and your wife inspire me!!!!! emoticon

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BIGGIRL2082010 8/6/2008 5:25PM

    Loved that post, Botzzz-man! Your wife ROCKS! And she writes beautifully! :) I'm soooo glad you found SP and also found yourself along the way to your goal weight!

Thanks for not editing her post! :)


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LUCKY8GAL 8/6/2008 5:01PM

    Your a lucky man to have such a supportive friend/wife! It is always better to take a friend on a long journey. Your on a journey of self discovery. Enjoy the new you. Keep it up. emoticon

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MISSHOLLYDAE 8/6/2008 4:28PM

    You know what they say, behind every strong man is a strong woman. So true time and time again. I'm so happy for you guys, that you have each other and that you are doing all this together! It seems you both contribute greatly to each others' success! Your past may be littered with some bad decisions but you made a killer decision marrying that girl!
I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know though emoticon

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SWEETZMIX 8/6/2008 4:16PM

    So inspirational. I love the way how u do things together. You have inspired me, which has inspired my's a circle of inspiration and if I can keep up with you, there's nothing I see but success.

You and the misses are doing wonderful and she is gorgeous!! I know there is no amount of money that can put on what you have already accomplished and what you guys will continue to accomplish.

In the words of you my friend...Keep on Keeping ON!!

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ZELCAT7 8/6/2008 3:02PM

    Wow, what a beautiful marriage you guys have. Its a blessing. Thank you for sharing this very moving and personal post with us. I'm in awe of both your successes and your generous spirits. Rock on, Botzzz and Wify!

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SAMANTHA212 8/6/2008 3:00PM

    What a great blog this was, it's always so inspirational to read what you write, but to then see it from her pov just really reinforced all the things we probably don't ever think about.
Your wife did a great job, kudos!!!!!

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PINKY_120 8/6/2008 2:51PM

    Wow! Your wife writes really well. :) I loved the post. Thanks for sharing that. And congrats to both of you!!! :)

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TRACY368 8/6/2008 2:45PM

    I bet that was a real eye opener for you! For both of you. Your possibilites are endless with the support you are giving each other.

I have 5 words for you:


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RNNRGRL 8/6/2008 2:34PM

    Thank you so much for that post. You and your wife are such an amazing inspiration.

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Tuesday, Hiking a cat and a bag.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This tree was the only sunlit tree, it was pretty cool looking so I snapped a couple pictures, there was also a bigfoot sighting but spark only allows one pic upload so if you want to see the rest of the pictures from my hike they are on my blogspot @

This morning the scale moved again if only slightly and an empty harbor may be to blame, and this is a good thing. so were feeling good today, and I went on a little easy hike yesterday after my last post and ended up at the park for two and a half hours between the hiking around and the stopping at playgrounds that are scattered throughout. I did some more sprinting on the uphill parts which was mostly just to see if I could do it at first but its sort of become something I do now and I think it adds a layer to the workout that doesn't have to be there but is good that it is. I did take a few photos of the area where I was but they are nothing especially spectacular as I was in a very thickly wooded area for the most part and was hiking the bottom of a huge hill so no real "sights" to photograph this time. here are a few of the pictures I that I did take, click any of them for a larger view.

Intake for the day was ok but I do think I went over if only slightly, we ended up at my Mother in laws house where we had Subway for dinner but with the subways in came some Cheeto's and some wavy lays potato chips which I had a handful of I had 825 calories to spare and believe I went just slightly over with some dipping into the Cheeto's bag a time or two, all together not too shabby a day if I do say so. I would also like to mention that the cats out of the bag so to speak as far as me keeping this blog from people that I know personally, up until yesterday I had not let anyone that I know personally in on the fact that I write this blog but I was talking to my best friend yesterday and told him about it and he has the link now so hopefully he will read through a bit and see how it has been for me for the past few months, I can remember back when we were kids (it was probably late teens) and he had just lost a lot of weight and he said to me "being too skinny will always be better than being too fat" which when I mentioned it to him, he of course does not remember saying it, and back then I thought GTFOutta here man! no way I want to be some frail ass! but today if he had said that same statement I would have to agree with him and it was just one of those insignificant statements that people make that actually sticks with someone else, that someone else being me this time.

I wanted to mention that I had asked my wife to write a post that I can put up here from her point of view a while back and she accepted and tells me that she is working on it now so I will post that up when she finishes it and I think it will be interesting to see this whole thing through her eyes so I am looking forward to that, and thats all she wrote for this post and it seem like the day is off to a good start weather wise and maybe another hike is in order for this afternoon or maybe I will just hang out in the yard today and ride the bike instead for today, or maybe I will do both! we will see, Thanks for reading.

As Ever

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CTSTALKER 8/6/2008 8:15AM

    I love that picture. Where do you go hiking?

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SAMANTHA212 8/5/2008 9:43PM

    I think it's really cool that you asked your wife to write something from her pov, I would love to read it when it's ready. That's a great idea.

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ZIRCADIA 8/5/2008 7:34PM

    I kept mine on the hush hush for a while until I became somewhat successful at it, then of course I was telling everyone. :) Although I have tried to keep the specific link from floating around at work since I play on Sparks WAY TOO MUCH at work..... HAHAHAHA.

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MISSHOLLYDAE 8/5/2008 4:33PM

    I think it might be a little different for females telling people they know about Spark. Maybe I'm wrong, but I have no problem telling people about this site and that I'm on it. I doubt that many have checked it out, but its not for a lack of trying. I even told my sisters and my mom about it, but they haven't written back or anything. I think they would be the people I would be keeping things from too if I wanted to keep it from anyone. I'm not worried though because I am proud of what I'm doing here. I guess the only embarrassing thing is my pictures, lol, but hey that's reality. I'm trying not to worry about what people think anymore because its what I think of myself that is truly important. If I like me than no one else can make me feel bad anymore.

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SCHNOOGLES 8/5/2008 1:35PM

    You're brave, man! I haven't had the courage to "out" myself to people I know personally. :) Even hubby!

Although he is very smart and could likely figure it out, by, oh, the activity on our computer. :)

Comment edited on: 8/5/2008 1:33:54 PM

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MESACHICK 8/5/2008 12:44PM

  LOL..."Bigfoot"...too funny, dude! LOVED the photos. I really miss hiking - I am in AZ and it's too darn hot to hike until about Halloween. So, I live vicariously through my hiking friends.

Can't wait to read your wife's post! What a great idea! I might ask my hubby to do the same, and maybe my sis (my original inspiration...she lost 60# and kept it off for 5 years, and became a showgirl! No joke!).

Have a fabulous week! As usual, you are rockin' it!

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PEACHYCYN 8/5/2008 10:47AM

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you how amazing you are doing and how great you look! You look like a different person all together! How awesome is that? Keep up the hard work, you are doing a fabulous job! :) Keep smiling!

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SWEETZMIX 8/5/2008 10:45AM

    sO I am making my way by..u know how I do.

I looked at the pics on ur blog and after I read everything, it seems like it would be nice to just go and walk and hike somewhere different. Imma kinda mention this when I get home and see what happens.

So ur wife is going to wrtie her point of view down, I assume it would be about the transformation which she has saw in you. Correct me if I am wrong. I try to get my BF to blog, cuz he has enjoyed fitness since I have known him and all his friends males and females want to work out with him. And we be at the gym, and I am like he got some great advice. I figured when I slim down, he is going to be my personal trainer, why pay if he already knows and practices what he preaches.


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Monday, August 04, 2008

This is one of the packs I am considering, it was $79 if I am remembering correctly and has a spot for a lap top if I wanted to use it for things other than hiking so its dual purpose.

Monday morning and its beautiful outside, I find myself wondering why I am inside sitting at the lap top when I should be outside enjoying the day, ahh now I remember, because this blogging thang has been pinnacle in keeping me on track with my weight loss and plan for better health so here I sit for the time being. The weekend was decent but like my last post said I did not really get any exercise into either day barring some time walking around a mall with wify and the kids. we went to a few sporting goods stores and a few outdoors type stores looking at back packs and other random things because I want to start hiking on a more serious level, we have a lot of great places to hike in this state (the Appalachian trail for instance) and it would be a shame to not take full advantage if hiking is what I will do for exercise. I definitely need to work my way up to that trail because at almost 400 lbs I think that would be a rough one but I need to get use to walking with a back pack on again and will walk the easier more beaten paths for a good long while to recondition myself back to a strength and endurance level that will allow me to hike harder trails because right now though I am energized and eager I am very heavy and know that I am in no condition to take on a hard trail. I have hiked much of the Appalachian trail that runs through CT and into MA and NY when I was younger, some of it was when I was a boy scout (yes I was a boy scout) and some was in my very early 20's. so with that said you can see that I am finding joy in some of the things that once upon a time were things that I would do for fun.

Intake for Sunday came in pretty much exactly where it needed to at 1695 calories for the day but like my previous post mentioned there was a medium Dairy queen chocolate cone in there so it was not the best day in the world for consumption. I would also like to mention that a large freight ship left the yard this morning and that is the first one in a while, small ferry's have left here and there but the freight ship was just sitting in customs, because the customs officers were too slow all of the cargo rotted and had to be flushed away, I blame that on the fact that I upped my fiber consumption starting on Friday and will continue to do so from now on because if the ships aren't flowing freely then the harbor gets all kinds of congested and we can't have that now can we?

Over all I am still going strong but still can't help feeling like the 1700 limit will cause a gain this week, and I know its a foolish stance to take but I can't help it. I know I will be over it in a day or two and I am pretty sure that I will not gain anything and I am pretty sure that I will continue to lose so thats the outlook that I will try and keep. Now that I have a post up for today it is time to go outside and enjoy the rest of my day, I think I may go for a short easy hike with the kiddos and I will bring my camera this time and be back later hopefully with some pictures from my walk about, until then keep on keepin on and thanks for reading.

As Ever

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ZIRCADIA 8/5/2008 7:30PM

    YOU SHOULD NOT BE WORRIED ABOUT 1700 calories a day GAINING weight. Here's why -- according to one BMR Calculator I like to use (which factors height, age, and weight) your BMR is 3305.27. This is PRIOR to any activity factor, this is no activity, what your body burns each day. SO. Unless you're eating over that amount you should continue to lose weight. That's the idea. Because you have a lot of weight to lose, you can afford to reduce your daily intake a lot more than someone with a few lbs to lose can without worrying too much about slowing your metabolism and your well within safety range -- BUT!!!!! You definitely shouldn't worry about gaining weight by upping your calorie intake to 1700 vs 1500 a day. (I estiamted your age at 33 based on your page's "early 30's" comment, and I scoured your blogs until I found your height of 6'5". :P So there. HAHAHA)

Comment edited on: 8/5/2008 7:29:21 PM

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MISSHOLLYDAE 8/4/2008 6:29PM

    Wow for a minute there I thought you were really talking about boats O.o Anyway you're doing so well and I'm mad at myself for not reading everyone's blogs sooner. I've been doing my own blogs but neglecting all of yours'. Tsk tsk. Its selfish and just a bad thing to do, when I read everyone's blogs that energizes me to want to get of my butt too, by not reading I have been slacking. So it hurts me more than it hurts you, I'm sure my not commenting on your blogs hasn't stopped you from doing your thing. Lol.

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MESACHICK 8/4/2008 5:50PM

  LOL on the fiber talk!! The first time I upped my calories in February, I lost 7 lbs. in a week. When I changed up my exercise in May, I lost 8 lbs. in a week. Don't be surprised if this change is for the better! BTW...don't forget to snap a photo of your surroundings when you are kicking some booty on the A. Trail!


Comment edited on: 8/4/2008 5:48:44 PM

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JOY2BEMEE 8/4/2008 4:53PM

    Aahhh! a boy scout (how cute!) Amazing always showing the human side of yourself. Like I said earlier, that is a great quality for any man to have. I think if more men would share their emotions life would be so much better for all of us! Enjoy the rest of your day and hope the walk makes you feel great! emoticon emoticon

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A Sunday night Summary of a boring weekend.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another busy weekend kept me away from the computer but I wanted to get a post up for the weekend, I upped my calories to 1700 and if I am being honest I feel terrible about it, I feel like I am gorging myself and I know that I am not but I still feel as if I am. today along with a big breakfast, though late it was big I had a medium chocolate cone from Dairy queen and regretted it later on in the day but I am over it now. I feel like this whole weekend was sort of completely off track with the intake, I did not exercise at all besides walking around the mall all day yesterday and today we went on some errands bu nothing in the way of what I consider real exercise like hiking or bike riding etc, I will give this 1700 calorie thing a week or two but somehow I don't feel good about doing it.

On a different note my wife is noticing that I am my old confident self again since dropping the weight, I smiled at her this afternoon and she said to me "I think you smile when you look at me because you see your reflection in my eyes", She caught me off guard with the comment and we had a good laugh, I have to admit that I am feeling like my old self again lately but I had no clue that I was projecting that to anyone else. we also pulled out a few old photo albums and were flipping through them looking for pictures of when we met back 9 or so years ago to compare and we came to the conclusion that I am smaller than when I met my wife (or really close anyways) so I am just a tad bit more than ecstatic about that little discovery.

So to sum the post up, I feel like my old self again and my wife can see it, this is a great thing, just trust me on that one, and I feel like 1700 calories is too much and that I am gorging myself on the extra 200 calories, yes I know that where the gorging is concerned is a ridiculous statement and that I can likely eat more than that and still lose pounds BUT since I have been eating 1500 for the last 7 months it is a change and a change in an upward direction so it feels off is all, and I can't help but think about people that I have read about with eating disorders etc and can't help but understand a little how they can get there even though they weigh nothing but feel like they are eating too much. I have learned how to eat to live and not live to eat in the last 7 months and eating is nothing more than fueling my body so that it can live and keep me moving and not eating comes easy these days..but yeah, I can see where if someone let themselves get absorbed it could become a problem. No worries here thats not happening I just thought I would mention it because it was a thought I had earlier today. Thanks for reading my ramblings once again, and I want to leave you with this. weight loss is a decision it is nothing more and nothing less, thats not to say that its not difficult but it does come down to a decision to see the reality of the situation or choose to ignore it.

Will you choose the red pill or the blue?

As Ever

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ZIRCADIA 8/5/2008 7:14PM

    It's hard to up the calories once you're used to eating less -- especially because eating less has come to mean - being disciplined, being in control, doing what you're supposed to be doing to lose weight. Well -- you're still doing that. 200 cal more each day is not a HUGE jump up -- and with extra excercise I'm sure it will be necessary to fuel your body properly. I think that it is definitely easy to see where people go down that slippery slope of being in control of their eating in a good way, and being a food nazi and thinking more control = healthier so therefore the more food I can say NO to, the better. It's tricky. But you are aware of it so I know for a fact that it's definitely not a potential issue for you like you mentioned, I just mean I can relate with thinking about it cause it's something I've definitely thought about in my journey -- I do not want to become an obsessed person.

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JOY2BEMEE 8/4/2008 4:46PM

    Thanks for always speaking from your heart! That is a great quality to have. Some people live their whole lives not really saying what they feel inside. I know you will do this, you have already shown that! Have a great week! Mr. Sunshine! emoticon

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SWEETZMIX 8/4/2008 9:51AM

    hmmm.......ur right weight loss is a decision. But I think in June I came to terms that this is no longer a weight loss journey. It is becoming more and more a journey of a new life. It just started about weight loss and evolved.

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THINNYMINNY 8/4/2008 8:03AM

    You are totally right that weight loss IS a decision. Put in those terms, it is clear we are not victims, and we have the power to change. Thanks for the reminder!

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JAYMATTER 8/3/2008 10:48PM

    Jessica and I came to the same realization -- that I am in better shape than when we met. 'tis indeed a good thing.

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