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Refocused...not that I was not focused, but yeah.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A few posts ago I mentioned that I readjusted how I was doing things because I felt that I was slipping (wow there were a lot of "I's" in that sentence) I seem to have renewed my eager willingness to be as strict as a Sunday school teacher that has had a bad week where my intake is concerned. I have not slipped or eaten one single thing that has not made it onto my Excel sheet since that day and this is how it will be from here on out, no exceptions. somehow it feels as if I have reached an agreement with my will again and that agreement is that I have a long way to go and as long as my will can hold out and I can stay focused, what I want I shall have and thats that.

Intake was good for Tuesday coming in at 1273 calories for the day I can honestly say that lowering my calories to 1300 per day this week vs my normal 1500 is not effecting me one bit as far as the being hungry goes. Hopefully this tactic of cycling my calories lower this week kick starts me into a good week, not that last week was a bad week at a 3 lb loss but I know in my heart of hearts that I was not being true to myself when I was "taste testing" things or grabbing that extra few bites of whatever it might have been. bottom line is that I am back to the insane eat right guy status that I had lost there for a couple of weeks. I had this feeling of being unstoppable, the invincible weight loss guy and though I have not had a week where I have gained yet (I haven't even had a week where I didn't lose yet!), I felt like I was slowly losing focus because I was getting comfy with my size again but I just needed to realize that I am going for the Gold this time Bronze just will not cut it and the end result will be me at 275 lbs, and who knows? maybe I will go even lower once I hit 275.

Here is my menu from Tuesday.


7:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

12:00 PM
21 oz watermelon 178

3:00 PM
2 multigrain muffins 200
sliced tomato 10
1 tbsp miracle whip 35

6:45 PM
6oz deli turkey 180
3 slice whole wheat bread 210
slightly more than 1 tbsp miracle whip 45
1oz smart puffs 130

9:00 PM
1 pear 85

Grand total is 1273 calories for Tuesday and were on our way to a nice loss this week. I AM determined to get to the end of this weight loss goal and I DO intend on becoming as healthy as I can so that I will be around a long long time , so thats bad news for anyone that would bet against me because I do not give up on things, especially things that important to me.

As Ever

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MESACHICK 6/25/2008 11:07PM

  Dude...I'm one who has my money on you WINNING!


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ZIRCADIA 6/25/2008 10:36PM

    YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!! :D Your focus will be rewarded -- most definitely! :D And I think the idea to curb calories while recovering and then up them when your activity level goes up is a great idea.

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SCHNOOGLES 6/25/2008 5:08PM

    I'm so proud of you!!!!!

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KMEKATE 6/25/2008 12:03PM

    You are amazing, you know this! I showed my husband your page last night, your progress pic especially (tho he thought the Captain Kirk was hilarious) and he said WOW...WOW! So kuddos to you from my warden!

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CHAZELTON 6/25/2008 9:44AM

    AWESOME!!! What an inspiration!

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SWEETZMIX 6/25/2008 9:36AM

    I need to do what ur doing & renew my determination. I slipped up with the food on Sunday & Monday. I went over & yesterday I didn't go over, but I know I ate some food yesterday evening & I wasn't all that hungry. I am really looking foward to the new me, but I am getting to comfy with my fitness level & how I am doing. I know I have a long way to go to get where I need to be.

LIFE....I dunno. Don't give up, u never know once u get to ur goal weight u might keep going. You might start lifting, looking like the dudes in muscle & fitness (great magazine for men by the way &


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Tuesday Morning and the start of a good week

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As far as the change in my lifestyle goes I have to report only good things so far for this week, I have decided to drop the calories to no more than 1300 per day for this week while adding my push ups back into each and every day this week, at the end of the week I will go back to 1500 per day and hopefully this gash on my foot will be good enough to start in on the walks daily again. I have also been thinking about me still calling this "my lifestyle change", it dawned on me that this is my lifestyle now and were on month six, should I really still be calling it a new way of eating? I think not. I choose to live a healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible dietary intake and moderate exercise and this is the key to my success thus far in my opinion. From day one I never treated this like a "diet" but more of a new way of life and six months later it is what it is and thats all that it is. It comes natural to me to grab a piece of fruit instead of a package of cookies, and there ARE cookies in my home for the kiddos, I would not think of drinking a soda and I realize that things like ice cream are just a treat to have sparingly and not as a part of the main course, or to eat a strawberry for desert is closer to what desert should be instead of a triple scoop peanut butter fudge banana split. so there you have it, I do live a healthy lifestyle for the most part and its only getting better day by day.

The intake for Monday was pretty decent coming in at 1333 total calories and I had ground turkey soft tacos for dinner, very good meal I might add. I did get my "daily required push ups" into the day as well and feel good. I weigh slightly less than I did on Friday this morning so I am happy about that because this weekend I seem to have blew up a bit (retaining fluids I think because I did not drink enough Friday or Saturday) so I am cycling back to normal. I hope to have a decent loss by Friday because of the getting strict with the intake again as well as adding my calisthenics (partially) back into the mix. with that I give you the menu from Monday.


8:15 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

12:00 PM
18oz watermelon 153

1:45 PM
cambells soup 240
Dannon light yogurt 60

5:30 PM
6oz ground turkey 255
4 mission white tortilla shells 220
1.5 oz vermont white cheddar 165
tomato/lettuce/onion 20
taco sauce 20

Grand total of 1333 total calories so pretty much on my goal for the week of no more than 1300, I figure since my limit is really 1500 that the 33 I went over is ok. back to the normal and no looking back at the old, here I am and there you are and the choices are there to be made by each for their own good. I made my choice, Have you made yours?

Thanks for reading along.

As Ever

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KMEKATE 6/24/2008 12:05PM

    That dinner sounds delish!

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SODREDGE 6/24/2008 11:49AM


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SODREDGE 6/24/2008 11:48AM


Dude you really are a good read. Your no nonsense style and plain honesty really rock that plus after reading you I never need a cookbook or am lacking what to eat. Thanks Hoss. X

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Admitting the funk

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It is almost 3:00 pm Sunday, it is an odd day, the sun cannot decide if it wants to be shining or not and we have had a couple down pours. I have been sitting here most of the day thinking about my weight loss and I have to admit that I feel as though I have been slipping lately and what I mean when I say slipping I mean grabbing a couple extra olives with my Ground turkey tacos and not putting them into my excel sheet, or eating 2 Dunkin Donuts Munchkins while driving to the park and not putting them into the excel sheet right on down to taking a bite of macaroni and cheese that I made for the kiddos for lunch to "taste" it and see that it was "all the way done" bottom line, it needs to stop. Just 2 months ago these are the things that I would remind wify that she should not be doing and here I am with my hand in the cookie jar if you will. My exercise has slacked off as well, granted I do have a back injury and it did in fact act up a couple of weeks ago and I will admit that I am a bit worried about getting back into the workouts again because I don't want that pain to return, but then as I type that it sounds so much like an excuse to me, and I know that I need to get back into the frame of mind I was in back 2 months ago because I am admitting right now that I got comfortable and am in fact not being as strict with myself lately. I mentioned this very same thing about getting comfortable to a friend of mine that also blogs just a day or so ago and that comment on Robyn's page really got me thinking about being comfortable and slipping into old habits so I decided to take my own advice and fix it. I thought that if I posted on my blog and gave full disclosure about this fact that it would maybe help me re-focus and get back on track.

Now if you are a regular reader of my page you might be thinking "but you Mr. Meatball lose weight each week like clockwork" or "slipping here and there is not really a bad thing as long as you don't over do it we do after all need treats" yes I do lose each and every week, and yes it is ok to slip up here and there, BUT in the past 2-3 weeks I know that I have gotten comfy with the size I am and I AM slipping. I am approaching a weight and strength level that allows me to do whatever I want to do, I don't get out of breath any more, I do not have back pain related to just being too heavy, and I can out pace my bottle of energy running fool of a son on a hiking trail and not even feel it. I am back to a weight and fitness level that allows me to be active and in control of what I do and plain and simple I am getting too comfortable with it.

I have a long way to go before I am done with losing weight and just because I fit into the clothing that I was wearing when I met my wife 9 years ago and feel awesome that I am back to that size or at least very close to it does not mean its time to light the fireworks and call up the parade people. now with all of that said, I am not slipping to the point that I am not still losing, I am in fact still working very hard to eat properly and get exercise in, I do track my intake daily and do not eat mindlessly, all I am saying is that I have not been as diligent in the last couple weeks as I was in the beginning.

As Ever

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PUMPKINFACE73 6/24/2008 9:31AM

    always impressed with your honesty and focus on your are amazing!

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JOY2BEMEE 6/23/2008 7:37PM

    With acceptance comes change. You are headed in the right direction once again!

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ZIRCADIA 6/23/2008 5:17PM

    It's totally possible to have some similar food actions, and not be slipping -- but it's also possible to be slipping and the fact that you know your feeling of motivation behind everything and can acknowledge that you're slipping and kick your butt is AWESOME. :) I take a bite of this or that and don't track it, but it's only from time to time, and I usually am enough below my maximum in calories that I'm not too worried about it. BUT!!! If I were to be doing this more often, and slacking on excercise, and feeling the excuses starting to rise in my mind... then I can definitely understand where you're coming from. Just be careful with returning to excercise -- I can totally understand the fear of returning after injury. I jacked up my hip once last year from running on a treadmill, and I haven't run on a treadmill since. I might try it again sometime just because it will be really practical when it's cold outside... but for now I'm still avoiding it like the plague. Well -- Thanks for visiting my blog as always, and for your positive attitude at correcting your own flaws. You're not overly critical, just the right amount of critical I think. :) You don't take any crap from yourself!

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KMEKATE 6/23/2008 2:30PM

    You've got guts and glory....good job on recognizing it. Rockstar.

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HEATHERBFIT 6/23/2008 10:40AM

    My first thought was not oh, it's ok or anything of the sort. My first thought was nooooo!!!! After all your hard work, don't slip! Keep it up because you're doing amazing work and you're SUCH an inspiration! lol

As you always are, and thank you for this entry as well. :)

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SWEETZMIX 6/23/2008 10:25AM

    Hmm.........I know how u feel. I do the same thing, get on my BF but do the samething I yell about. It's like we are losing the weight but our journeys are not over. So there is no need for us to get comfy, we gotta stay on our game because then we will eventually slip.

I feel ur pain.


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NATALIE1964 6/23/2008 8:41AM

    You're suffering from "Acute Prettygoodism"
I have this chronic disease very early on .
Lets stop this madness !
Thanks for your blog, keeps me on track.

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TRACY368 6/22/2008 10:57PM

    I was also "tasting", but I was tracking it, as close as I could anyway. I track everything, I just wasn't looking at it. When my weight stalled, it took having someone else looking at my tracker for the big HELLO!!!! I was eating so much sodium, besides things with (eeewww) TRANS FATS!

Good for you for taking control, and be able to do it on your own!!!

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WRITER28 6/22/2008 8:15PM

  You aren't alone in this. But, you've written about it, you're aware of it, and now you can do something about it. I believe you will!

I'm slipping also, even though I'm tracking my food. I got discouraged about my 2 ounce weight loss this weekend (was hoping for two pounds gone. I know, what's the difference, it's a loss, right?) I've sort of said 'what the hell' and have eaten things I wouldn't usually eat, like trail mix.

I know I've got to get back to my eating and exercise routine tomorrow. In fact, I have to do more exercise--I've been getting comfortable with the level I've been doing. My brain knows all this, but reading your post helps me to know that tomorrow has to be the start of a new level, like it or not.


Comment edited on: 6/22/2008 8:13:38 PM

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H2O4LIFE 6/22/2008 6:45PM

    I agree man...*slap* You get your butt in gear and no more freebees!*smiles*

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VEEJAY3 6/22/2008 6:24PM

    Thou hast confessed thy sins. Yea and verily, it is a common sin among the dieters. I say unto you that whosoever loggeth each and every bite of thine mouth will triumph. He that cheateth the tracker shall lay waste unto his waist and shall be smited.

Go forth and sin no more.

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MESACHICK 6/22/2008 5:36PM

  The first step is acknowledgement, right?? YOU GO!

I have had a similar series of events lately, and it started on a trip. It has been SO hard to pull myself back out of this. But, it's gonna happen, dang it!!

You rock!

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JAYMATTER 6/22/2008 5:06PM

    The past 2-3 weeks are but a comma in the sentence that is Botzzz's journey; not a full-stop. emoticon

Tally-ho then, and on to smaller and better things!

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JDMAKEIT2HOT 6/22/2008 4:30PM

(todays also my new start)

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Aliens, Cows and a three pound drop this week.

Friday, June 20, 2008

This 1971 Suzuki T500 weighs in at 418 lbs

and like every Friday to see what weighs as much a I have lost go to my every day blog @ because Spark only allows 1 upload per entry.

Friday morning is upon us again which means that its time to get on the scale and see what she says, I knew there was a loss because yesterday there was and when I got on this morning the scale said 417.6lbs woohoo I am solidly into the teens I think to myelf, so I get on again 417.8-418 even and its bouncing between those two numbers, third time on it says 417.6 again so it looks like more than a 3 lb loss this week and since I round up to the nearest pound I will call it 418 pounds which is a 3 pound loss for the week. not too shabby for a guy that had fried chicken strips, French fries and a sundae out at a restaurant on Monday, along with chocolate cake on Fathers day all within this week eh? thats not to down play all of the hard work that I did to lose that weight this week, I am just saying that a person does not have to give up everything that is good (and not so good for you) in the world of food to drop weight consistently. I am happy with the 3 pounds that is no longer a part of me.

I mentioned yesterday that I finally gave in and bought some of the laughing cow cheese that I have heard nothing but good things about. Welp since buying it I have been experimenting (a lot in my head) and have come up with a couple things that I really enjoy eating using these tiny wedges of deliciousness. for instance my breakfast this morning was two English muffin sandwiches which consisted of 2 multi grain English muffins, 2 wedges of perfection wrapped in foil triangles, sliced tomato, and a few slices of Turkey pepperoni topped with some black pepper, This is my new official favorite breakfast! I was being greedy and ate two, one would be perfectly fine for a breakfast with maybe a yogurt on the side but either way I am hooked. I am convinced that this Happy cow cheese is created artificially on a space craft not of this world using cows that were taken in the 1950's by the same extra terrestrial beings that make crop circles and is now imported here by the Chinese government for resale in a ploy for world dominance, ok that might be a stretch BUT this stuff is good!

Intake was average for Thursday coming in at 1375 calories total for the day and I am happy with that. over all I am feeling good and I am only 18 lbs away from hitting my goal of being under 400 pounds. I want to kick the exercise up a bit this week and see if I can get a nice sized drop in weight for the next weigh in day, this is the second week in a row that I did not eat perfect and exercise daily so maybe if I switch it up I will see a big loss in the coming week. 3 pounds down and this week will go in the W column for me because a loss is a loss and three pounds is a good loss. Thats that for todays post and I thank you for reading along with my ride of rides, I hope to soon be writing about how I am maintaining my weight instead of losing it.

As Ever

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LAURA915 6/21/2008 8:02PM

    I love Laughing Cow Cheese too! I use the light Garlic and Herb flavor on bread with sliced apples and turkey lunch meat. Then I grill it with Pam. I know it sounds weird but the combination of the cheese, turkey and the sweetness of the apples combined with the grilled bread is just heavenly to me. Post any other ideas you have for it so I can get some more ideas.
Congrats on your progress, you are an inspiration!

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JDMAKEIT2HOT 6/21/2008 6:52PM

    i went shopping and totally forgot about that cheese!

congratz on the 3 pound loss

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LAYDIEJ 6/21/2008 1:43AM


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CPT.SPACEMONKEY 6/20/2008 8:31PM

    Cpt.Space Monkey bows down to the alien cow god! OMG this stuff rocks! My fave... the french onion with raw broccoli and almonds. mmmmmmmmm yum...

Lookin' good Botzzz! You are rocking and rolling my man! Woot!

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ZIRCADIA 6/20/2008 8:02PM

    Also they're really good with HAM, and believe it or not -- the original swiss is good topped with some sugar free preserves. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM SO GOOD. AND CONGRATS ON THE LOSS! :D That is awesome!

Comment edited on: 6/20/2008 8:01:25 PM

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DONEPAT 6/20/2008 6:59PM

    "Triangled foils of perfection." Hee. I love the stuff. It's good wrapped in a fat free tortilla, or a flatout flatbread.

Congrats on the 3 pounds. You are awesomeness.
Keep going! I love your blogs.


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MESACHICK 6/20/2008 3:43PM

  You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to steal the breakfast recipe for hubby. He loves all of those ingredients but has never put them together. Yum!

You are a ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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KMEKATE 6/20/2008 12:21PM

    Time for more progress pictures!! :)

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SWEETZMIX 6/20/2008 10:39AM

    emoticon on the weight loss. I hope this Sunday my weigh in is just as good.

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One hundred seventy days and a whole lotta wow.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 170
Another day gone and another pound down, hopefully. Last time we met Batman was heading off to a lake in an attempt to rid the planet of some slimy villains known only as Rainbow trout! unfortunately for all involved no trout were caught so a recipe will have to wait until there are actual trout involved, thunder cut our trip to the lake short but I am planning on another trip this weekend so maybe a trout recipe will surface soon enough. The intake for the one hundred and seventieth day was lower than normal and for no good reason, just sort of ended up low. I ended up eating some cheese and crackers late in the day to make up some of the calories, we stopped at a grocery store earlier in the evening and bought some of that laughing cow cheese finally, I had been wanting to try it out, I have to say I am a believer! this stuff is good! I bought some of the light French onion and had it on ritz crackers and the little wedges of goodness will be added to the menu from here on out, I cannot believe I waited this long to try these tiny foil wrapped pieces of cheesy awesomeness until now! either way we have found one another and can now have a long relationship made of win from here on out.

while at the lake I did get some walking in, it was not too far (a mile at most) but it was walked fast and up hill half of the time, I did find out that the tables have been turned on my walking speed because while we were walking to the far side of the lake through the trail my son was having a time keeping up with me and I found myself having to slow down or just plain old wait for him to catch up a bit as we were walking through the woods. He is a very normal very able 9 year old kid who can run a mile in just over 8 minutes, I asked him if he was going to let his Dad out walk him and he picked up the pace a bit, I was just surprised that I had to wait for him. I also did 50 push ups earlier in the day so I am happy with my movement for the day. intake was as follows.


8:45 AM
1 banana 105
1 tbsp peanut butter 95

2:00 PM
1 cup white rice 200
1/2 cup black beans 90

5:15 PM
3 slices whole wheat bread 210
1 can tuna 150
1 tbsp mayonnaise 90

8:30 PM
2 wedges laughing cow french onion cheese 70
10 ritz crackers 140

9:00 PM
1 pear 85

Grand total of 1235 Calories for the day and no fish for dinner today, maybe I will get a few next time out (which will be Tomorrow), I can get a little obsessed with what I am doing at times and with the new poles, fishing is what I will be doing for a bit. also on a side note I finally made it below last Fridays weight again this morning so I will hopefully have a decent weigh in for tomorrow. once again I thank you for following along with me and my trip to the half.

As Ever

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LILLIAN364 6/22/2008 12:41PM

    You're always an inspiration. emoticon

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ZIRCADIA 6/20/2008 8:00PM

    YAY! :) I like all kinds of the Laughing Cow Light -- Original Swiss, Garlic and Herb, and French Onion. :D At least, those are all the kinds I've ever seen... could there be more?!??!? :D

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CECE0330 6/19/2008 5:50PM

    Yes-it's always a good thing to be able to out-pace the offspring! I can move faster than my almost 5-year old, but we won't talk about LASTING as long! Man, I look at her sometimes on hour 6 of running around with the neighbor kid, and think if only i could maintain that energy level, i could be at my goal weight in like 12 days!

Love the Laughing Cow! I usually forget about it cuz they put it in the fancy-pants section at our grocery store. I'm going to put it on my list for the next grocery trip.

Good luck with that elusive trout. (I couldn't help but add: Drats! Foiled Again! as I read your blog) lol.

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 6/19/2008 4:42PM

    You are DA Man!!

You are SO right about the Laughing Cow. Becky and I found that and that and a couple crackers is just perfect. She likes to spread it on a low fat tortilla with a slice or two of deli meat as well.

Good luck on the fishing trip.

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MESACHICK 6/19/2008 1:13PM

  Yum, Laughing Cow cheese! I love the stuff!!

That is SO awesome that your stamina is up! GO YOU! Doesn't that feel great? That is actually one of the major reasons I started keep up with my (now 4-year old) daughter. I used to huff and puff everywhere - not anymore. There's something to this dang exercise crap...LOL

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HISHAPPYAPPLE 6/19/2008 11:18AM

    Laughing cow is the best! It used to be a great snack when I was a child. I still like it... it's just a huge bummer that I am lactose intolerant! *pout*

I have somerainbow trout in the freezer I need to make. Enjoy your fishing trips! I'll be getting some fishing in later this month.

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JDMAKEIT2HOT 6/19/2008 10:29AM

    hope your next trip to the lake is even better than your last!

imma have to try the laughing cow cheese ive heard so much about it

Report Inappropriate Comment
SWEETZMIX 6/19/2008 10:01AM

    Glad someone tried the damn cheese. I love different kinds of cheese but haven't been sold on it to actually buy it. I might have to buy some this weekend. I look at ur menu when u blog & I like a lot of the same stuff that you do. I think I can trust ur taste buds. LOL Also I forgot to tell u earlier when I left a comment on ur page, that I know sometimes it is hard to even make it to a minimum of calories. I have been coming in short for almost a week. I started making my own slim fast smoothies. I buy the slim fast powder the sell in the stores, cheaper than the shakes in the can. I get French Vanilla, put 1 scoop, some ice, some vanilla soy milk (they say use low fat but whatever u want is fine), some ground flax seeds, a banana, strawberries or whatever I got & make a nice shake. It really helps, it has a decent amount of calories, filling, & good for you...tons of vitamins & protien. Just a suggestion..


Comment edited on: 6/19/2008 10:00:33 AM

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MUPP1970 6/19/2008 9:32AM

    Me likey the laughing cow! yumm!

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