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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Mons pubis.

I can spot mine. Can you spot yours?


Donít take it for granted. Well trimmed or not. Brazilianized or bright eyed and bushy-tailed, appreciate the view. There are some people who cannot enjoy the same. And I do not mean the handsome young men with whom you would like to fornicate but refuse (and rightly so), I mean those women whose bodies resemble the Venus of Willendorf more closely than they resemble Venus Williams.

You know who they are. Is it you? Go ahead. Take a little peek.

Stand in front of the mirror, sans drawers. Can you see a triangle or semblance thereof? If so, congratulations. You are not a member of the trap door tribe!

If youíve lost yours, and you have to unhinge the flap that is your gut to see your va hoo hoo. Weíve got some work to do.

I say we because I was there once upon a time (a very recent time). All I saw was a half moon sliver like the Cheshire Cat. Those milkshakes brought all the fat cells to the yard and they spilled over the river and through the woods too.

Now, I use the size of the triangle as a way to measure my gutís obtrusiveness levels. When levels get low, itís off to the gym I go. (I know my trainer is like, stop lying! I havenít seen you in more than a month!)

I wish that I had a better self-concept that would allow me to be more upset and ready to work out at smaller emergencies. Some women tell themselves to stop eating fried foods when their pants get tight. I tell myself sweet little lies like, ďOh, I must have washed these pants on hot and then dried them . . . all thirteen pair of them.Ē

By the time my gut has gone so far out that it falls down, itís quite late. Iím going to start looking around for some information about ways to change my mind about my body.

Actually, I am reading The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn, son of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, baby daddy and husband (itís legit!) of Anne Esselstyn and mac daddy of vegetables everywhere. His clinical research and diet have both prevented and reversed heart disease through the power of plant-based eating.

Technically, I have started the diet. By technically I mean that I read the words ďWeek 1: Dairy and Processed FoodsĒ, interpreted that to mean that during this week I should cut out dairy and processed meats and have proceeded to avoid dairy outright.

Does Krispy Kreme and Ghiradelli count as processed food or dairy? Probably. But since I didnít actually read the chapter yet, I donít know that for sure. And what you donít know for sure, you shouldnít assume. So, donít be over there assuming that you know that I shouldnít be eating donuts and brownies unless you actually read the book. If you read the book, donít ruin the ending! Donít be that guy.

Somebody help me.


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NOMORENOMORE 12/6/2012 7:04PM

    ROFL!!!! Love it!

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FIT4MEIN2013 12/6/2012 6:13PM

    Great, humorous blog. emoticon

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COXBETH 12/6/2012 5:58PM


You might also want to check out the irreverent and awesome video for Decembeaver. I can't stop laughing. (Don't watch it with the sound up at work.)

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ALIDOSHA 12/6/2012 5:54PM


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Unthanksgiving. Thank you very much.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tomorrow I go back to work! Ugh. I know that I am supposed to feel grateful and glad that I have a job in this recession. However, I donít. I feel like I already know whatís about to happen tomorrowóand it aintí pretty.

Tomorrow, I will get up. I will drag myself to work late. I will push through another day and get into the groove around noon. I will make it through. I will eat out because I did not cook anything this evening.

I will go home, play, and fuss with the dogs.

I will feel heavy and moody. I will feel low and temporarily gleeful over something small like the glitter in my nails. Then, I will go to sleep so I can repeat this on Wednesday and Thursday night.

On Friday, I might drink a little to feel like I am doing something new. However, I will simply be continuing another cycle, albeit weekly.

The beating in my chest to do something different is so loud but the concrete in my feet is so . . . Heavy? Normal? Comfortable? I just sit and complain.

What in the 60 minutes is wrong with me?

P.S. I also decided to eat very nearly an entire dozen brownies within the last 24 hours. Oh, and almost a dozen donuts. I am unsure of whether their powers combined are responsible for the slime of dreariness that is coating my insides. I feel gross, low, and utterly drained. However, I could eat more. (In fact I did. I had Moeís Billy Barou nachos with steak a couple of hours ago.)



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_KATHY 11/28/2012 11:12AM

    It's a pattern I'm sure we have all gone through or are going through. One that is hard to break free from. One might start with a change of attitude. A positive attitude. It will come because I know you don't want to feel that miserable every day. It just takes a decision to do those things that make you happy and to stop doing those things that make you miserable. I don't mean book a flight to Paris or anything, just make a better decision in what you are eating. Any positive action will make the next positive action a bit easier. Build on that. It takes time. Good Luck :)

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JESSIG5 11/27/2012 10:34AM



Empathizing with you.

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NEWFOR32 11/26/2012 9:33PM

    Hi Eva,

I read your post and had to comment because I've been through similar binge eating cycles. My personal experience has been that the higher sugar my diet has been, the lower my mood is afterward. Balance is key for me.

Another thing I find is that when I eat as you describe, it's often not to fill any sort of physical hole, but to fill an emotional one. Learning that food can't fill those holes is an ongoing process for me. I find physical activity helps most, when I can get myself on track to do it.

You didn't ask for advice (but of course, I gave it because I can't help myself:), but if you would like some support on your journey, let me know. When I binge, I am usually feeling quite low and without other resources to cope - and then the binge itself perpetuates the cycle - I feel awful about what I've done, and then return to food for comfort again.

I don't have answers, and I'm not a success story, but I'd be happy to commiserate and share what's working when things are going well for me.



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Blast from the Past

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yesterday, I bought a size 18 dress for my high school graduation. I worried about acne, making friends in college, and whether Iíd ever have a boyfriend.

This morning, I woke up to a size 28 body. Then, I worried about acne, making friends, and whether Iíd ever find a husband . . . or what the (if-only-there-were-an-expletive-strong-en
ough) happened to the last decade of my life.

In ten years, I have dug the deepest, darkest rut EVER.

When I try to jump out of the rut, my gut, who is the boss of me, grabs me by my waist and slams me back to earth.

When I try to climb out of the rut by one leg at a time, the chorus of fat that lives in my thunder thighs swells and shouts, ďMy name is Charlie! Last name, Horse!Ē Rather than catch a cramp, I stay cramped, stay put, and in the rut.

When I try to pull myself out of the rut using my upper body, my arms pop out like imitation Barbie dollsí. Unfortunately, instead of bulbous armpit joints, that roundness where my biceps used to be is a concoction a la OíNeal Ron Morris, but instead of Fix-a-Flat, Iíve injected Fix-a-Fry, Fix-a-Plate, and Fix-Myself-Some-Seconds. I know Iím not ready for this jelly.

Yesterday, (the real yesterday, not the decade ago yesterday), I did a jumping jack. It was more like a trampoline jack because when I stopped jumping my rolls kept bouncing. I did a mountain climber that felt more like a ski lift because my butt and thighs avalanched well after both of my feet were firmly on the carpet.


When I look in the mirror, I see a face I donít recognize, as though time painted tiny cracks in the youth of my face and gravity has been using my chin as its uneven bars. There are two chins now (and I had to take out the tweezers on the second one!)

I would like to say that I am a Christian so I am happy, a middle class woman so I am content, or an American so I continue to dream, but I feel none of that. I feel adrift. I feel flat, and I feel bitter about feeling like I did everything right and ended up in a place so very wrong.

This blog is about getting back to a place thatís sweet and wearing a size that at least starts with a one.


-- Eva


One More, Twenty More to Go

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OK, so I finally got my calories under wraps today. Normally, I let them hang out like a third and fourth boob from a too-tight bra, but today I had them all neat, tidy, and close to my chest. Alas, I cannot celebrate because as that one area fell into place, all the others started jutting out.

And by all, I mean all the others. My nutritional report looks more raggedy than Anne and Andyís redheaded stepchild. Iíve got bulges, buckles, and broken limits all over the place.

Caloriesócheck. . . Proteinócheck . . . fatódo a triple check. I ate 91 grams of fat today! Thatís the number of fat grams in an Angry Triple Whopper; Iím just angry that I didnít get to enjoy one but still ended up with the same tally. That sucks.

Sodium= 4897 mg. I am the walking, talking, Great Salt Lake. I could float on top of myself. Wait, Iím doing it now. Sheesh.

Of course, my fiber couldnít keep up with all of its bad siblings and be an overachiever. Instead this little guy decided to underperform. After being on target since Saturday, my fiber decided to chicken out todayóliterally, since eating too man chicken wings and not enough veggies can explain why this number was so low today.

I suppose I should focus on the good of it all, and I will: There it is. Yes, it is so great, but if youíll look right behind that folks, youíll see the part that really sucks too.

The fact is my diet blows because Iím the one blowing it. Still, itís getting a little bit better each day. . . I still havenít gone to a fast food restaurant. Small changes like that are what keep me going.

Still striving,

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KIMBEEJ16 10/29/2009 9:31PM

    I enjoy reading your blogs...humor mixed with brutal honesty...gotta love it!

Make changes gradually. Take it a step at a time. When I began I started making small changes and now nearly 2 years later my current diet is NOTHING like it was in the beginning! Still, those little changes led up to some good weight loss. Now with a lot less to lose, I have to tweak things a bit more carefully. Still eating plenty though and enjoying what I eat. food will kill you. Stay away!!!!!

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DIFROMWYOMING 10/28/2009 9:09PM

    You are wonderful! I love that you are keeping your sense of humor but NOT beating yourself up (too much) for those little off moments...this takes time, and trial and error, but you'll get there. I chose a few things to focus on and honestly, I am NOT worrying about sodium intake right now. I know mine is too high (loved the great salt lake thing...I live nearby there ) but I am taking this one thing at a time...

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GEORGIA_KAY 10/28/2009 12:40AM

    I love this blog! You have the rare ability to laugh at your wit is priceless. I grinned the entire time I was reading it. My favorite was The "Great Salt Lake" comment....ROFL......

od job on NOT going to the restaurant.

Things will get brighter for you soon because you have the kind of spirit that just won't stay under for long!


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Five O'Clock Munch Hour

Sunday, October 25, 2009

OK. I have fully discovered the deliciousness of food, but I have yet to understand the reasoning of my stomach. I normally donít get really hungry until 4 to 5 pm in the afternoon. It seems like right about then, my stomach becomes a ravenous monster that cannot be filled. I literally go into a feeding frenzy.

I have contemplated eating the most mundane and insane of things at those timesó5,000 calories worth of sausage, food from two different fast food chains, animals from the land and the sea, among other strange combinations.

If women canít control their biological clock, then how am I supposed to control the time bomb that comes alive every day through my appetite? Most days Iím not hungry at breakfast or even at lunch, but each afternoon whether Iím at work or savoring a day off, I feel like I have to eat everything in the house.

Really, at those times I have entered nearly trance like states while watching restaurant ads. I have dreamt of being beamed through the screen so that I, like the true food addict I know I am, could be solicited to do anything for a Klondike. Baby, that would be one hell of a commercial.

Over the last week of my charting and tracking my eating, Iíve seen that I eat nearly Ĺ of my calories at dinner. I know thatís not healthy for me, but how else can I feel satisfied? They say I should use a smaller dinner plate, but that doesnít help if I just refill it three times.

I dream of a supper of single servings and superb satisfaction.

Until then, stay sweet.

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DIFROMWYOMING 10/28/2009 9:12PM

    I honestly think if you MAKE yourself eat normal meals you will find the 5 oclock hunger thing fading....eating doesn't always have to be about when you're hungry...sometimes it's about feeding your body. I have found that a nice glass of water and a handful of almonds usually takes the edge off...and sometimes I'll have that before I start cooking dinner so that by 45 minutes later I am not starving and ready to eat it all. Good luck finding your balance.

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