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Rant; looking fit

Sunday, June 22, 2014

So my son (5yr old) recently started in A martial arts program, the place also runs a gym/fitness studio that's attached. So I was conversing with a friend and made comment that I was surprised that they had not tried to get me to join thier gym or sell me on thier fitness classes. My friend responds 'guess they looked at you and figured, there was no point' I gave him a confused look..he responds ' well you don't exactly look like someone that works out' ...

What the H E double L, is that supposed to mean??
And yes he was dead serious.

So my reaction was not subtle or kind. He tried to back track..' You look fine, I just meant your not all muscular and fit looking' a few other things along same line were said but by this point I was seeing red.

That soo didn't help my self image. Still mad, confused and hurt.
I'm all for honesty but, this just felt mean.
seriously, how's a girl supposed to take that.

Thanks for listening.

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GREGGWEISBROD 6/24/2014 11:16AM

    Yeah, just a dumb slip of the mind to say that... I mean, you'd also think that they would try to sell ANYONE who walks in their doors, not just muscular people.

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KATIBUG49 6/22/2014 10:57PM

    That was mean but you stand up for yourself - great!

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Walked my first 5k.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Been a busy weekend, but Thursday was my first 5K.

Those who know me or read my previous blog know that I have spent years thinking of running a 5K. Thinking, not doing. I let fear of the unknown psych me out and I let the accomplishments of others make me think I needed to be better. Although that did get me to work harder toward a tangible goal thus making me better/fitter.

The race I entered was a woman only 5K, over fairly flat service roads. during the event there was also a family event being held, giving the guys and kiddos something to do. My son ended up with a lot of swag!

Their were ladies in all manner of dress from sweats to shortie shorts, big and small, young and old. Many were together, but some like me ran alone. And like at the gym, people were polite but more concerned with themselves then me!!

I was a bit surprised by the lack of stretching I saw, before and after. Though I did see a few women stretching in the bathroom! Me I said heck w it and stretched out right there at start. I was also one of the few that carried water w me.

(Heading toward starting line)

When race began of course we were all bunched up, but soon we were spread out and I was mid-pack. I set my speed-walk pace and I think kept it pretty solid throughout, though there were a few times I caught myself slipping into a stroll, (I have to work on that). I passed several women running, and must admit I smirked a bit to myself. You know what though?, I was passed by a woman pushing a stroller, that put me back in my place! LOL.

I walk 3-4miles most days, but I must say this was one of my more boring walks! Probably cause I didn't know route and therfore couldn't gauge distance, and because I didn't check clock, so had no sense of time.

When end was near I realized I was close to two joggers, and was pretty sure I could sprint ahead of them. Tempting, but I didn't want to risk angering my knee and I decided in that moment that I wanted to be able to say 'I WALKED the WHOLE thing.' Later when I realized they beat me by 20sec I kinda regretted that!!

When I crossed the finish line I was urged on and congratulated by the other racers and spectators, it was nice but I almost cried cause my family wasn't there to cheer me on, they were inside playing!!!

Of course I didn't place, but I am pleased w my time. I'm sure I will participate in another, I'm sure with a little actual pace training I can beat myself!

My time for 5K, 37:12 . Average 12min mile.

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ALICE_TENNIS 5/5/2014 6:56PM

    Congratulations! Hope this accomplishment will spur you on to future successes. You are a very strong woman! Keep all the promises that you make to yourself.

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UMBILICAL 5/5/2014 6:32PM


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NEWBIRTH2014 5/5/2014 6:31PM

    emoticon for making entering you 1st 5k and making it to finish line! Huge accomplishment emoticon


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Done letting fear hold me back

Friday, April 25, 2014

Several years ago now as I was nearing my goal weight the idea of a 5k was introduced to me. The whole concept of racing was new and frightening to me, after all not that long before I could barely walk around the block!! Idea intrigued me, but the reality was scary and off putting. I had no idea what to expect.

Then a woman I worked with completed her first one. She had also lost a lot of weight and knowing someone in same position as me who did it, gave me more confidence. Then she said she ran the WHOLE thing, and my confidence crumbled. I was amazed and happy for her, but knew I couldn't do that. I had only just begun adding in jogging intervals, no way could I go a full 5k! So I became more serious in my interval timing and pushed myself harder and slowly I began running 3-4 miles straight 5 days or so a week.

I began thinking about the race thing again and heard my (non)sister in law ran one. First through her work then she enjoyed so much that she signed up for another. I was happy for her and proud. And again I felt a little empowerment from another's accomplishment. Then I saw her time. I was humbled. I a 'everyday' runner could not match the pace of a 'sometimes' runner. I began focusing on speed intervals and intense programs like xfactor and insanity. And my speed did increase.

I joined a c25k program and was busting it out. Then week three I busted my knee out, so to speak. I rested and then worked back in to it but as soon as I began to jog the pain returned. I floundered for a bit constantly focusing on what I couldn't do. Then slowly I began doing intense excercise again just trying to be lower impact. Then one day while walking a loop around the lake and seeing the wide variety of people biking, walking, running, jogging, at all sizes and ages it suddenly hit me, I can still walk. Maybe I can't run anymore (it band issues) but so what? To be honest with myself and everyone else I wasn't ever a very good runner anyway. It was odd,in this moment it was suddenly clear and suddenly ok. I didn't have to keep focusing on trying to run, walking was not failing.

Again I began thinking of a 5k, after all that's just 3.1 miles, I walk more than that daily!!
Then my younger sister did one. I was SHOCKED, my sis is a foot shorter and a hundred pounds heavier and not exactly active. No she hasn't started a fitness/weight loss program, she signed up spur of the moment for a color run...for the FUN of it. Took her two hours(her 9yr old daughter accompanied her) and she's proud of that, as she should be. She said she was so sore that she couldn't even stand the next day, but you know what? She's already signed up for another. So now what's my excuse?

Im done waiting. I waited till I was small, waited till I could run, waited till I could go faster, waited for my knee to heal, I'm done waiting to live my life. There will always be someone faster than me, always be someone better and you know what that's ok. The only person holding me back is me.

I'm tired of being afraid. If I continue to wait and live in fear of judgement and failure I will never succeed and never be a better me.

I WALK my first 5k may1st.

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SORLANDO21 4/28/2014 3:03PM

    LOL I can't believe your sister signed up for the "fun" of it!! She should be proud, and so should you!!! Maybe I will do one too, although that may be too much of a committment for me ;) If I can get my unny to do one with me, I will do it at his pace with him. Other than that, dont yet see it in th ecards lol!!! Take pictures!!

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JES_VARNER 4/25/2014 10:01AM

    Congratulations & have fun!


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144AUTUMN 4/25/2014 1:36AM

  keep up the good work!!

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Fireplace makeover pics

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Picture heavy post.
Not at all fitness related, but I had promised pics to a few and this was way easier than individually loading!!

BEFORE. How it looked when previous owners had

We removed the dated tv cabinet, ripped up carpet, put down new walnut floors, painted and added wider trim. Ripped out the tile around fireplace. I thought the tile had an unfinished look and several were cracked.

Unfortunately wall came off with the tile!

It took a lot of "conversations" and hundreds of trips to every and any place that sold tile before we could come to an agreement. Course if the fireplace insert had been centered in wall or even level it may have been easier!!

Again we were at odds over a mantle...I'm pretty picky and he's pretty cheap!!!
So we decided to build one, I really wanted it to have a wrap around effect but as my guy pointed out repeatedly...he's not a carpenter, and cannot do the mitered edges. Well I found these premade corner boxes and after some cajoling (and multiple trips to lowes) he agreed to try...

He did a real good job......but I wasn't happy......didn't quit look right.....

So we added a little to it, think it fits space better. Very proud of my guy, he did an awesome job.

So just need add another coat of paint and clean tiles up and grouted.
Fireplace is double sided, I want to wrap mantle and tile around completely...but he not game yet!!

So what you think?

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COOP9002 3/28/2014 11:59AM

    Awesome job!!

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DIANEG213 3/28/2014 11:11AM



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SADIESLIGO 3/27/2014 10:08PM

  Wow, you are pretty good with this decorative stuff. Can you come and make my house look stylish please :D Some difference there. I see now why you didn't like it the old way. Your guy did a fantastic job. Gotta love men that chance doing anything even when not trained.

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FITBIT feedback?

Monday, March 24, 2014

So I just got a fit bit! Still kinda excited. Was a little afraid to get one cause I didn't want to become obsessive over steps taken and whatnot. But so far it's kinda like a fun game and for the most part haven't thought to much about it during the day, but is exciting to see data when synced. Also great that I don't have to manually enter fitness info in spark!!

First day I wore to work I had 15000 steps, was a little disappointed since all I do is walk at work, though was slow day so I wasn't moving super fast. So how much do you do during a moderately active day? I was clipping to my bra strap, but am trying it on waist today to see if that makes diff. Any suggestions?

I will say that I'm not sure I like that theres proof of when I've been lazy!!

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BABYSOX 3/24/2014 5:41PM

    I found it most accurate clicked to my bra strap. I would say 15,000 is great. I do between 10,000-15,000.

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MEMKEEPR 3/24/2014 5:27PM

    emoticon emoticon

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CAROL494 3/24/2014 1:49PM


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