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Friday, September 18, 2009

This info is NOT my own..but it is so important that I want to remember it and to share it. It is from the Swanson Vitamins Health Tip today...9/18/09

Here is what I learned today:

How Inflammation & Weight Loss Are Connected
When people suffering from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, asthma, colitis, skin problems and certain cardiovascular complaints came to see Dr. Leo Galland he would put them on a diet of anti-inflammatory foods. Not only would the inflammation clear up, but their weight would drop as well, even if they didn’t need to lose weight. What Dr. Galland discovered and describes in his book, “The Fat Resistance Diet” is it’s all about leptin, a hormone that controls appetite. People who are overweight, contends Dr. Galland, are leptin-resistant, which also goes hand in hand with inflammation.

Foods that are fattening like white flour, white sugar, red meat and hydrogenated oils, as is found in French fries, are inflammatory as well. So it’s not all about calories or carbs or even willpower as much as it’s about whether you’re low in leptin, which will thwart all efforts to lose weight if you are. Further complicating the picture is excessive stress, and lack of exercise, not to mention environmental toxins. These all too common features of the American way of life trigger inflammation and inflammation leads to leptin resistance.

Anti-inflammatory foods such as berries and cherries, walnuts and almonds, whole grains, fish, cabbage, broccoli, garlic and flaxseed, are some of the foods that will heal inflammation, which will in turn lead to weight loss. Dr. Galland has a list of 40 super foods in his book that will help ease inflammation. And not to be overlooked is exercise, a huge anti-inflammatory tool, particularly walking, where you can heal your inflammation, “…slowly, but surely, with every step you take.” Last but not least, supplements can be beneficial too, especially fish oil and antioxidants.

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RASCALSMOMMA 9/19/2009 12:08PM

    Asta I woould like to share this with my mom and sis! before i lost my weight my feet swelled up, i thought it was because of lousy circulation (wheelchair u c) I had a pair of shoes with two stretch straps across (maryjane style) and a year ago they both told me to cut the straps or burn the shoes. Now because i lost the weight and started doing the things you mention (avoiding w flour, sugar etc) and eating antiinflammatory foods my feet went down! so this year when they visited i wore the shoes again (with the straps, never cut them). THEY didnt notice! or rather, comment. asked mom later and she said" yeah i saw you had on the shoes we told you to burn!" GGRRRR MOTHERS

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    I've been enjoying reading this same information in Dr. Rosedale's book, "The Rosedale Diet". I agree 100% Wish more people would learn and understand this.


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TEACUPGIRL75 9/18/2009 12:48PM

    I'm going right to the library for this book! Thanks!

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JCHOATEX2 9/18/2009 12:26PM

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us, Asta!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Those are important numbers and letters to someone with Diabetes.

"A1C is a blood test done in a doctors office or in a laboratory. An A1C shows your average blood sugar level over the past 2 to 3 monthsand, by extension, how well your blood sugar is being controlled over time. Generally, doctors recommend that you get an A1C test up to 4 times a year.

It's important to know your A1C because it tells how balanced your blood sugar level is staying over time. Balanced blood sugar means that your blood sugar level is neither too high nor too low. It stays within a healthy range." (quote from Januvia website..I don't use this but the explanation was clear.)

another definition from Medicine Plus website: "HbA1c is a test that measures the amount of glycated hemoglobin in your blood. Glycated hemoglobin is a substance in red blood cells that is formed when blood sugar (glucose) attaches to hemoglobin."

SO, what should my HbA1c be?
(more from Medicine Plus): "You have more glycated hemoglobin if you have had high levels of glucose in your blood. In general, the higher your HbA1c, the higher the risk that you will develop problems such as:

* Eye disease
* Heart disease
* Kidney disease
* Nerve damage
* Stroke

This is especially true if your HbA1c remains high for a long period of time.

The closer your HbA1c is to normal, the less risk you have for these complications.

Normal Results

An HbA1c of 6% or less is normal. If you have diabetes, you should try to keep your HbA1c level at or below 7%. However, you and your health care provider must decide what is a normal HbA1c level for you."

For my last two checkups, my HbA1c was 7.8...too high. I didn't get the info after the first test, but DEF. got it after the second one...and my Dr wanted me to start another with a reputation for making you gain weight. NO THANKS.

When I first learned I had type 2 diabetes, I got busy, dropped a bunch of weight (40 lbs or so I think) and got my blood sugars right down into the normal range. My Dr's reaction on my first follow up was: "WHAT DID YOU DO?" I thought he would fall out of his chair when I told him "I did what you told me to do."

The thing is, life continues and we get too comfortable with things. My weight never ballooned back up to the extremes (for me) but I did gain gradually. Several life changing events in my life contributed to good control for several yrs..even to where I was off meds for a while ...followed by three yrs of bad choices. THAT is what I am trying to undo now. I joined SP, I have found T-Tapp...but still managed to gain for a while and was feeling like I was never going to get it off again.

THEN that HbA1c at 7.8 with the Dr wanting me on another med that I don't want and don't want to pay for (no ins). SO...I began the blood sugar down campaign.

I had the blood test yesterday..don't know the results as yet. BUT...I do know that MY daily testing is showing better and better numbers AND...I have (re) lost five pounds without really even being focused on that!

The best part, right now aside from the obvious health issues, is that those five pounds were making a huge difference in my shape..and how my clothing fit. I am astounded at what a difference in my midriff!
That along with the importance of good blood sugar readings for good health is a huge incentive to keep going. 3 more pounds and I will be back to where I started with SP over 2 yrs ago.

Now, I know more. I have better tools. AND I feel like I finally am going to turn things around. We shall see...but..there it is. 5 lbs and better glucose control. I am delighted.

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OREGONGRANDMA 9/30/2009 1:27PM

    Asta, I wonder if my diabetes meds are what is keeping my weight on? I try so hard to eat healthy; and I do have good BS readings; and my hA1c numbers are in the normal range. But I cannot lose any weight no matter what I do. I take Glipizide 10mg/daily and Metformin 1000mg/twice daily. I have lots of belly fat around my middle. I am always tired, with very little energy or motivation. I don't get much exercise due to the pain in my legs and feet. So that could very well be a big factor too.

I promised Jehovah I would be more careful in what I eat and make a better effort to get some weight off. But I need some good help and advice. What is the Blood Sugar Down Campaign you mentioned. What is your daily meal/menu plan? With winter setting in I will need some exercise I can do indoors.

So glad things are working for you. I know this is an older blog, but still interesting to me.


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MARIE4950 7/30/2009 11:54PM

    Great Job Asta, Please continue your excresize routine and weight loss.

Love You.

Marie emoticon

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TASHON2 7/29/2009 4:55PM

    WTG Asta! You can do it!

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    Good spirit and attitude, Asta, keep up the good work! And thank you for the positive reinforcements as well, by reminding us that every pound counts and we should be focusing on the health benefits of every small goal reached.

emoticon emoticon

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When I blogged in February about my goals, I meant what I said and most of that has not changed.
For over 300 days, I have managed to get in 30 minutes of exercise EVERY day. While I intend to keep that process going, I have begun T-Tapp and actually don't feel compelled to do 30 minutes every least not on the T-Tapp days.
I have not missed a single day of exercise...and only missed the 30 min. once recently..there just were too many things going on to squeeze in the other 15 min after the T-Tapp.

I feel wonderful with the T-Tapp and really think this is a wonderful program for me. I am working on improving my form to enhance my results...which are slow at the moment..but coming. Recent HbA1c report also shows I need to adjust my eating to get my blood sugar down more. So..that is good motivation and should help me get the flab off at last.

Anyway, thats my plan and I'm sticking to it!!!

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POLY-E 4/23/2009 3:04AM

    I'm impressed how you're sticking to your plan. I wish I could be as persistent!

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JCHOATEX2 4/22/2009 5:57PM

    Having a plan is a sure step forward toward success. You have been so faithful with that 30 minutes that I know you'll succeed in lowering those blood sugar levels (I assume that's what they are). When you set your mind to something, you do it. Go for it! emoticon

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Grrr...forgot to record somewhere!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I have FAITHFULLY exercised EVERY day since I discovered the streak self-set goal is 30 minutes a day for one full year. I have NOT missed a single day, however apparently I have missed recording from time to time...nearly did tonight..had shut down and then remembered, but when I checked the streak record. I see my current streak for 30 min of exercise is 12 days...which means I forgot to record at least once ..12 days ago. MY log in record is accurate for the exercise also...for I started them on the same day. So, today, it is 269 days. Less than 100 to go to make a full year. Hope I don't miss a log in!!!

UPDATE....I DID NOT forget to record, but for some reason, the tracker is not counting a day back in early March. I went back to check and all the records are there. I can't fix it...but it is not right. Anyway, so long as the log in streak continues, THAT is the accurate count of my days of exercise.

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BOOKWERME 3/28/2009 11:24PM

    THANKS, Jen, I fully intend to! I've been up early, up late, indoors, outdoors, hot, cold etc...this last stretch should not be a problem. The ONLY think I see as an issue may be recording while I travel to the DC in June! I may be calling home and having a family member log in for me!!! *GRIN*

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JCHOATEX2 3/28/2009 10:52PM

    Asta, that's absolutely amazing! So many days without missing? Terrific! I know you'll make it. emoticon

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BOOKWERME 3/28/2009 10:10PM

    BUt Dee, I didn't MISS a day of recording...THEY did. But thanks or the tip anyway. It is still bugging me weeks later. Still I KNOW that I am now only 84 days from my goal. Not fretting about that!!

PS...saw your comment the day you posted. Thanks!

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    You know I've gone back and edited my stuff when my streaks aren't working out. Did that with my water streak. Also, I setup in the journal a recurring daily appointment complete with link to other goals and exercise and it sends me a reminder. Been better about logging ever since! Dee

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Re-evaluate and adjust my goals.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Since the SP goal is better health, better food choices and better fitness...what I need to do is to ID where I stand.

I exercise daily..30 min min. (at the moment that is usually the max. also!) I eat enough calories, but not of the right choices..and I think that is an issue. I am terrible with keeping the full daily record..don't like measuring stuff. I know from my WW days, this is important. I am healthier than when I started, I know more, and have dealt with some health issues.

I am embarrassed that I have managed to gain weight in recent months...and now, with CA, DC (special events) and a visit to my in-laws all coming up in June, it seems ridiculous that others can lose 100+ lbs and I can't lose any! I MUST get this rolling. It is almost 2 yrs that I have been on SP with a net loss of +several lbs! That is outrageous...though I AM back on the exercise bandwagon and AM healthier overall I think.

SO, EAT better (EAT RIGHT) I guess is goal one. Exercise MORE is goal two.
Keep myself accountable is goal three. about chocolate...When I lived in St. Croix, I had to have my dd ship my fav. dark chocolate to me from I was very careful in doling it out. Thus, choclate was never a problem. Somehow, I think I need to keep chocolate in my diet..but go back to the limited dole each day. So..that must be goal Four.

In January I joined the boot camp challenge and enjoyed doing it. I had problems with one thing that really upset my right knee...I have saved all the info and intend to continue doing them, without that ONE exercise. My problem with the boot camp was trying to do all this in front of my computer where there is not appropriate space for exercise. I have also no inflated my exercise ball more...didn't realize what a difference that would make.

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JCHOATEX2 2/18/2009 5:27PM

    Asta, love your goals! They are so reachable. Perhaps to make them even more so, you might want to quantify them. For example, how many calories will be made up of carbs/fat/fiber? How many minutes of exercise do you intend to do in a week? How many pieces of chocolate will you allow? That way, you can measure your success tangibly. Just a thought! But I loved your blog!

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