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More on Earthing

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here is more from Dr. Mercola regarding to do it, the benefits of doing it etc. I find it all very interesting.

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    There is an herbalist, also a doctor no longer practicing regular medicine, whom I've followed online over a decade now... feeds my ongoing education on herbs and their many uses. :) Anyway, years ago he had commented on his morning routine, which included going outside and walking around barefoot while drinking his morning teas. A lot of questions were asked, especially about 'why barefoot' and he explained how it works physiologically but also emotionally, citing that The Bible says we (humans) were created from dust, from the earth, so we need to connect to it in some tangible way on a regular basis. (not sure I agree completely, but it has some merit) He added that as kids we were often, if not always, playing outside in the dirt, running in the grass, and so forth. We didn't realize it then how much good it was doing being just kids. But we grew up and did that less and less... but still found things like walking the beach barefoot, or even just feeling soft grass under our bare feet as adults to be relaxing and at the same time mentally stimulating. Whatever the reason or the science, it seems good for humans in general and that why he made a habit of it. Just ten to maybe 20 minutes a day before really starting his day gave him a good start.
I haven't read Mercola's articles on it recently - but I do find it is beneficial for me too... when I can do it. There's a lot to it - for me it's clearly better outside on totally natural surfaces as opposed to concrete, asphalt, flooring, etc. It's just the time, and taking care to know if said natural surface has been treated with any pesticides and so forth - not so easy these days.

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CLAUDEM1 9/26/2012 7:51AM

    I shared this with others as well. Thanks for the great information, Asta.


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CELEST 9/23/2012 8:01AM

    As kids we always walked barefoot, as an adult I walk barefoot every opportunity I get. In fact, I get home and the first thing I do is kick off my shoes. What I didnt know is that it is called earthing. Very interesting indeed.

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ONLYTEMPORARY 9/22/2012 11:08PM

    Yes, it is. emoticon

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SKEETOR 9/22/2012 8:13PM

    Something to think about....thanks for sharing!

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Oh Fiddlesticks! Wheat?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is a blog I really didn't want to be writing.

I have been on Sparks for a pretty long time now...and did have an initial loss of 10 lbs. For me, that was great. Since then I have been up and down and up and not all the way back down. My weight has stubbornly remained around the same spot....actually a little higher than that 10 lbs lost on my tracker.

I am not sure what got me in gear most recently...I was responding to someone's blog comments about their efforts. So many of us seem to start over and recommit or whatever over and over and over.

We are probably all familiar with that saying that you can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. Apparently that is what I have been doing.

I am eating pretty well...always room for improvement, but I think within calorie range. My diet could use more veggies, and am working on that. I am conscious of my choices...even when they aren't so good.

I am exercising daily. Some days more than others. My level of exercise is probably mild compared to some folks...but I have neither the means nor desire to join a gym. I dance, I mow, I walk (would like to walk more), I am up and down stairs a lot. When the mowing season tapers off, I use walking videos and T-Tapp (LOVE T-Tapp!) indoors.

I feel good, feel reasonably healthy (I've never been an athlete..and have no interest in becoming one now!)

So what is this all about? I realized I am just doing the same things and making no headway. What to do?

I have heard for years that diabetics and others would do well to eliminate WHEAT from their diet. I have resisted this...though my blood sugars linger above good levels much of the time now. I have two daughters with food allergies and chemical sensitivities and know what a hassle it can be. It seems that wheat is in EVERY thing.

I decided to try going wheat free for a week to see if it has any impact. I can do ONE week. I promptly lost two pounds (again). One more dropped off as of this morning I think (old scale!) My problematic midriff seems smaller...and less firm...T-tapp will help when I get going on that again. I haven't changed anything else. Last Friday was the last time I ate wheat products so today is the end of the first full nearly totally wheat free week.

I don't WANT to go wheat free. BUT, I don't want to stay stuck at one weight (where I don't want to be) for years and years, either, especially knowing it could affect my heart, blood sugars and everything else in a negative way. The older I get, the harder it will be to make any changes to get weight down again.

I don't know if my one week experiment should be called a success or not since I don't WANT to eliminate wheat from my diet...but I guess I will continue one week at a time. I am not going to fret about being super strict..but am going to be conscientious. No more rolls or biscuits, no pita breads, no homemade zucchini bread, no bagels or English muffins...not even my favorite cereal. I have been surprised at how many times I have reached for or thought of serving something..and brought myself up short in just ONE week.

If week two is like week one, it won't be painful in anyway...just an occasional nuisance. AND if it takes off two or slightly more lbs...I will be BACK to the 10 lbs off shown on my ticker...and finally moving towards further progress at last. I don't need to lose a zillion lbs...but it seems ridiculous that I cheer on others who have lost 50, 75, 100 and more lbs, and I can't budge my own 25-30.

Oh Fiddlesticks...guess I have seen that it may help, will continue WHEAT free for a little longer...I can do one day or one week at a time.

Anyone care to join me?

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BOOKWERME 9/26/2012 4:16PM

    Thanks for everyone's comments and observations. I have lost 4 lbs without making ANY other less than two weeks. I am not being obsessive about avoiding the wheat...but mostly have not found it difficult so long as I pay attention. Not too much TESTing yet, going out to a restaurant that serves garlic cheese biscuits....or even just reg. biscuit. THAT will be more difficult. I have one more pound to go to get back to where my SP tracker left off...then we will really see what's up with avoiding the wheat.

I ABSOLUTELY agree that the human tampering with the foods we eat is all to our detriment. I do read labels most all the that is nothing new. I just need to remember to watch for the wheat now along with other things I pay attention to along the way.

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    Hey Asta, I know I'm late on this - no surprise there. lol

I've been wheat free for some time - mostly - I say that because it sneaks in now and then. Even when reading labels you may miss some because it hides under other names. Same for corn, same for soy, same for a lot of allergens and other foods too. Science breaks down anything into components and man takes just one component and gives it a name (maybe close to what that component is called, maybe not) that gets put on the labels. Most of today's manufacturers do a lot to hide what's actually put into their products and won't even mention some stuff if there is no law requiring it to be there. :(
So it goes back to "know your farmer" sort of thing - know where your food is coming from and if processed any, know who says it does or does not have "x-ingredient) in it.

Today I know when I mess up - my gut tells me so pretty quickly. But I have seen over the months... 18 or 19 now... when I totally avoid wheat I'm losing weight quite easily. I get lax, I get tired of double checking everything and wheat slips in and pounds get stuck or come back even. I've tried experiments with different types of wheat, different types of flours, and various alternatives to grains. For me, avoiding grains seems to work best when it comes to losing weight. Of course I have a lot to lose yet... my max high weight was 340... I'm down in the 280's now... several ups and downs but for the last 2 or 3 months no ups - and wheat is almost completely avoided. I'm using brown rice flour, almond flour/meal, arrowroot powder, and sometimes Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour mix without corn or soy. But I'm also not eating much in the baked goods anymore. I've read some are using cooked cauliflower mashed thru a ricer as a substitute for a lot of grain baking so I'm wanting to try that.
Wheat, corn, soy & sugar beets are all 80-95% GMO in the U.S. now and I've read that GMO rice is now over 50% GMO in the states plus they are finding that U.S. rice of all types is holding onto arsenic (from soils high in arsenic pesticide residues) in amounts high enough to become dangerous if one is eating rice more than twice a week. Man's messing with the food supply is way out of hand and getting worse.
We are considering (now that we live in an apartment) container gardening for veggies we eat the most and literally just living off of those. It's harder and harder to know what's safe to eat/drink and what's not unless you make it yourself or really know the person who does that you get it from.

Asta, I wish you well in your endeavors to remain wheat free. I know you'll have a lot of support nearby. :) But something else to consider too. For "some" people who avoid wheat for about a year or so, they find they can return to eating it in moderation after that because the damage done previously has healed. They take care to not have it too much again and do fine. I do think that's another problem for most of us with wheat issues or other "allergy" issues - things like wheat, corn & soy are in almost all of our (U.S.) processed foods these days so it's super easy to get more than our bodies can handle. The human body is designed so what it can't handle at a given time gets locked into a fat cell until some later time. Today, so much is getting locked into those fat cells that the body needs to make more fat cells to keep up. Those locked fat cells are the LAST thing to get opened up and used up. A simple fat cell gets used fairly easily for energy, but it seems that once a toxin or surplus of some/any kind is locked into it then it doesn't go to energy use as easily, rather it is pushed back to use later when the body is in a better position to handle what was stored there. This is why detox programs work like they do. This is why some people have so much trouble losing weight. This is why eating as much processed food as most people in the U.S. do packs on the pounds so easy and why other countries find similar results the more they bring in the "american" way of eating.
From my own experiences in the last year, I know that if I will eat just veggies in all sorts of forms, adding in a little fruit, and totally avoiding all grains, plus using only sweeteners & seasonings I know to be non-GMO and even organic when possible, I can easily lose a pound or more a day, feel absolutely fantastic, even mostly pain free after a few days! It's wonderful!
But it's not so easy to stick with! :( Price/cost is only part of the problem for me. Not everyone here at home eats that way or will want to keep eating that way. Other foods are so tempting because I like/love the taste. And it's not easy to stick with it when I go out with others unless I bring my food with me - which is not always possible, and is usually weird too (but maybe I'll get over that someday).
Can't help thinking of movies I've seen, as entertainment of sorts, but now wonder about... like W.A.L.L.Y. or Soylent Green and such. Sure makes one wonder how much longer can exist under these conditions! So nice to know the end is in sight... in Jehovah God's due time. What a wonderful prospect to know the day is coming when we won't have to be do diligent to find/eat good, health foods. Eating Jehovah's way, in his new world, will just have all those extra pounds falling off without any real effort on our part! :)

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CLAUDEM1 9/26/2012 9:07AM

    My sister has cut out most carbohydrates from her diet. That is to say, she has cut out man made carbs in processed foods. So, she stays away from breads, pastas, and baked goods. But she hasn't cut out fruit and vegetables with carbs, as they are live foods, and at least 80% of her diet is made up of live food. She has cut out beef and pork as well.

Carbohydrates are necessary for building muscle tissue. The danger of cutting them completely out of a diet is that while the body is losing weight, it draws from the fat and then muscle. So it is important to continuously build muscle.

The problem, I feel, is that we are eating altered foods... processed to the hilt.

I look forward to seeing how you do, Asta. Oh, I forgot to mention that my sister, who has always eating healthy but now has cut carbs, was never able to lose weight, no matter how hard she tried. She has gone from 190 lbs down to 165. Amazing!


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BOOKWERME 9/21/2012 4:47PM

    Thanks for all the comments and info, everyone. I am not in pain with this...just annoyed at least for now. I have lost three lbs in a can't complain about that..and mostly it has not been an issue other than figuring out what I CAN choose. I have eaten the chicken fajita out of the pitas at Jack in the Box...and managed to work around the wheat stuff pretty well all week. Lunch without bread for a sandwich on the two days I worked was a bit weird. I thought I had the first day fixed, only to learn there was no microwave to cook the sweet potato I had brought along. Today I just rolled the spinach, turkey and cheese and ate it. Not as satisfying but successful. I will keep everyone posted on how things develop.

That GMO stuff is indeed a disaster for human consumption...Thanks Simone and Shari for your comments regarding that.

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GAMOMMY3 9/21/2012 1:17PM

    Will be eager to hear how your experiment continues.

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SHARISHORTCAKE 9/21/2012 11:54AM

    Asta, I've recently had the same experience with cutting out wheat and gluten (when it lurks in other places besides wheat). I also read an excerpt of Wheat Belly, that's a good book and I'm going to look for it in the library so I can read the rest of it. It was explaining that the reason wheat gives us so much trouble now--rather than being the healthful, life-sustaining thing it has always been throughout history--is that back in the (60's? 70's?) the government decided to genetically modify it. Now the gluten in wheat, which used to be a good thing, has a protein in it called gliadin that our bodies can't deal with. This protein crosses the blood/brain barrier and causes mental/emotional damage (related to autism, adhd, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, hyperactivity, sleep disorders, etc), as well as tearing up the gut and causing leaky gut syndrome and immune system problems, which lead to cancers, etc. THIS is what mankind can be given credit for. Of course, now they've GM'ed corn too and several other things. So far I think rice is still safe and I've found I can use rice flour and even oat flour on occasion for my baking.

I've been experimenting with gluten-free flour substitutes (rice flour, GF oat flour, coconut flour, and making my own almond meal) and it's been kinda fun--although the baked goods never come out "beautiful and fluffy" like they do when we use "Frankenflour", but I'm trying to build up an extreme prejudice against that kind of perfection and see the beauty in my humble, rather homely, GF baked goods, lol.

Love you!

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COOLCALLALILY 9/20/2012 10:15PM

    Awww! emoticon So sorry, Mom. You KNOW I FEEL your pain.

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ONLYTEMPORARY 9/20/2012 6:01PM

    Like Laurie said, there are options but wheat is in so many things, it will mean reading all the labels emoticon

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MOMOSG 9/20/2012 2:25PM

    I'm not sure I'm ready to give up wheat entirely either but I am thinking seriously about a gradual change to 100% organic diet. I say gradual because I simply can't afford to toss everything in my house that isn't organic and no one has any urgent health issue for which such a radical change would be considered prudent.
I believe that many people are having health issues because too much of the food we eat is modified, altered or processed in some way. Modified foods are bad for our digestive system and that in turn is bad for our health. GMO foods are everywhere and affecting the health of the poeople and animals that eat them.
It's also a matter of principal for me. I don't believe mesing around with what God made is wise. We have no idea what the long term ramification of the changes will do. Quite frankly, if I consider this subject too long, it is depressing.
Sorry for the rant!

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CINA-MINI 9/20/2012 2:17PM

    It sounds like you may have found the issue. Have you seen if your husband feels differently too? If he is feeling better, than maybe it's the way to go.
I tried the Atkins diet. I lost a LOT of weight quickly (I was no carbing which isn't the best since fruits have carbs). As soon as I ate bread, I gained instantly. Since there are so many ways to get grains other than wheat, maybe it will work. I hope you are successful.

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SKINNYGRAMMA2 9/20/2012 12:37PM

    Good for you! My son in law has Celiac's disease and when they come for a visit I try to make us all go gluten free so we don't contaminate any of his food. So I know what a switch in the mind that it is. But I have found that it is certainly doable and not so hard once I get used to it. Good luck to you and your quest to lose that small but stubborn bit of weight. I also do T Tapp and love it!


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LAURIE160IN2013 9/20/2012 11:54AM

    I'm on Atkins, and my experiences might provide some useful insights. I think a lot of us are carb addicts. For me, there is/was nothing better than good quality fresh white bread. Second best was pasta with no sauce, just some butter, Parmesan, and black pepper. But when I eat carbs I never ever feel full, I just get hungrier and hungrier. Another thing: I was raised on meat and potatoes, eggs for breakfast, etc., so logistically it was fairly easy for me to cut out bread, pasta, and so on. I'd make a regular breakfast but just not eat toast with it. Or I'd make a regular dinner with meat and veg but skip the potatoes and dessert. But then I would read about other Atkins dieters and how hard it was for them to figure out what to eat, because they'd spent their lives eating cereal for breakfast, casseroles for dinner, and so on. Anyway you seem to have figured out how not to eat wheat. Maybe if you miss that stuff you could allow yourself certain things at certain times. For example, instead of saying never, maybe you allow yourself a reasonable portion of certain things on special occasions. I've found that often, the first taste is where the real enjoyment is; the rest is just pigging out. (This is not Atkins advice, as Atkins is much stricter, but it might work for you.) Or you can look on it all as a new phase in your life and say goodbye to wheat products for the sake of your health. Good luck, and yes, I am wheat free, so hurray for us both!

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STEADFASTNSEE 9/20/2012 11:29AM

  Sweetie, you can substitute corn or oat flour or rice (if you can get that soft enough;) like it has been said. There are options! HUGS

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MIATIA1 9/20/2012 10:41AM

    There is so many more options for grains now that the change is not as hard as it once was. Lately many of my friends have gone gluten free and tell me they have never felt better and are now losing weight.

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JILLITA55 9/20/2012 10:33AM

    Fiddlesticks! Haven't heard that work in many years.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have recently run across info on Earthing..something I had never heard of until recently. This morning I read an article by Dr. Mercola regarding aspirin use and part of it included advice abut earthing. I thought it so interesting, I am sharing that part here. Here is the full article link:

Here is the section I was interested in:

How Earthing can Affect Your Blood

Earthing may actually be one of the best-kept secret strategies for preventing blood clots. In its simplest terms, Earthing (or grounding your body) is what occurs when you walk barefoot upon the Earth. There is a transfer of free electrons from the Earth to your body. And these free electrons are probably some of the most potent antioxidants known to man. These antioxidants are responsible for the clinical observations seen in Earthing experiments, such as:

Beneficial changes in heart rate
Decreased skin resistance
Decreased inflammation

Earthing has been shown to produce a number of health benefits, including decreasing pain and inflammation, improving sleep, and even slowing the aging process. One very important discovery, and one of the most recent, is that Earthing thins your blood, making it less viscous. This discovery could have profound implications for cardiovascular disease.

Virtually every aspect of cardiovascular disease has been correlated with elevated blood viscosity.

Earthing experts Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. James Oschman measure blood viscosity using a method called zeta potential, which is a measure of how quickly your red blood cells migrate in an electrical field. When you ground to the earth, your zeta potential quickly rises, which means your red blood cells have more charge on their surface, forcing them away from each other.

Earthing causes your blood to flow more easily and your blood pressure to drop.

It follows then when your red blood cells become more electro native they are less inclined to stick together and form a clot. They actually repel each other similar to two magnets with the same pole.

Blood clots don't have to be very big to form a mass that could kill you instantly (such as pulmonary embolus), so this is an important part of lowering your risk for heart attack, stroke, and multi-infarct dementias, where you start losing brain tissue due to micro-clotting in your brain.

This is what many physicians erroneously believe low-dose aspirin is doing for you, and why it's so widely prescribed. The problem is, as you have seen from the studies summarized above, science just hasn't been able to prove that aspirin does what it was intended to do. Rather, studies show that aspirin has several dangerous side effects.

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CLAUDEM1 9/6/2012 7:48AM

    What an interesting blog! There is so much to discover about our bodies, isn't there? When man was put in the garden of Eden, he certainly wasn't given a pair of shoes. Earthing makes sense.

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JERZYDEB 9/4/2012 7:23AM

    Thanks for sharing this information. I hate shoes - one because my feet are so darn big that I usually have to wear men's shoes, but two, I just love how the ground feels on my bare feet - even when it's muddy ! Now I know when I go for a walk or run outside it's perfectly ok to skip the sneakers and keep my feet in contact with the ground .... I just may have to start having regular pedicures ! emoticon

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ANITA_CHANGE 8/9/2012 4:32AM

    Well, now we know what shoes are depriving us of! Besides causing our arches to drop and pain, they are actually depriving us of essential elements of the earth! Very informative article. Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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LOVINGMYSELF101 8/8/2012 10:05AM

    I love this, and I love going bare-foot! Now I have even better reason to do so, thank you Asta. I also agree, Jehovah made this earth perfect for us, and there are so many things we have yet to discover. In the new system we will have so much more to learn about our wonderful earth.

Love and Hugs, -Rose emoticon

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    Asta, I had read about this back when Mack was back in the hospital with multiple blood clots in his lungs (from his accident).
I've known most of my life that walking barefoot in good earth (not pesticide covered grass, not places full of prickly or stickery stuff) like organic soils, beach sands, or open fields and such has a very good effect upon the human body. Reading all of this science behind it only makes me appreciate it even more so! Mack isn't so impressed - but we'll see - he may come around to this understanding one day.
I just think it's so awesome that Jehovah God has truly provided everything that could be needed for our health and well-being! It's too bad that so many of man's 'creations' and inventions and progress do so much harm to us - but no one sees that until years later when they question the increase of some disease process or something.

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JOYCEATH50 6/18/2012 4:44PM

    Wow that sound very interesting. We are more connected to the earth than most people give the Creator credit for. After all he formed man from the ground. Thanks for sharing.

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ONLYTEMPORARY 6/17/2012 10:51PM

    Very interesting, thanks!

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Isaiah 41:13 " not be afraid. I myself will help you."

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ever have an experience that is trying enough at the time, but later you HAVE to think Jehovah (God) was watching out for you?

Last Tuesday I drove my daughters ancient (1996 I think) Sentra to work as always. I noted when I left home that I would need to stop for gas on the other end...I had just over a quarter of a tank. It is a 50 min. drive to work. This is routine.

About 10 min. from home on the highway, I began to think I was smelling gas fumes...thought it odd.
Then I looked at the gas gauge...BELOW EMPTY!!! WHAT???????? I made it over the next big hill..chugging a little...and headed for the very next exit with many prayers for safety.

Put in 20$ worth of gas...and headed out again. Was surprised that it only put the gauge back to where I started. Odd. Should have gone further than that! Gas odor still strong. I am so dumb! But I wouldn't have known what to check anyway.

I continue on the highway and make it to the gas station I had intended to go to in the first place...and am again riding below empty. I call my daughter and as I am getting out of the car, notice a puddle...look under the car and the puddle is from the Sentra...dripping. I still don't get it. I put more gas in the car...intending to drive on to her house (doubly stupid now!), but she says NO, park it and she will come get me. So I pull the car over to the grocery store parking lot next door. When she gets there, we roll up the windows (stupid!) and leave. I had been sitting with the doors open while I waited, enjoying the sunshine and breeze. As I get out of the car, I notice the carpet on the floor board is wet...GASOLINE IN the car!! We are in a hurry because she has a photoshoot in just a few minutes. We'll deal with it later.

DD calls her husband when we get home. HE asks if we left the windows open so the fumes could escape...we hadn't. We now realize how dangerous this could ignite from the heat and fumes. (It is now about lunch time so car has been sitting for several hours.) I call AAA to have the car towed to mechanic. THEY won't touch it till the fire department has a look and tells them it is safe. One spark and things could ignite.

We call the fire dept nearest the grocery. THEY won't is actually in next county. We hunt for the correct number and end up calling the Sheriffs Dept. to find out who to call. Call Emergency Management...get transferred several times and finally get Dispatch. Yes, they will be glad to have a I with the car? No..but will be there in 15 - 20 min. Andrew decides he needs to potty...more than just pee (we are nearing the end of the potty training efforts so it is important to heed this call!).

20 min later, Andrew and I are back to the Sentra...I open the doors to both cars and let the wind blow through. Andrew climbs all over his mom's car, pushing buttons and adjusting EVERYthing. We wait and wait. Finally after an hour, I call the dispatch again, get someone else this time. He says they had been out but noone showed up so they left (thanks a lot!). They could see there had been some kind of leak but it was OK to move the car.

Now I call AAA back and arrange the tow. 20 min to an hr. They say. We walk to the grocery and get Andrew a cookie. Back to the car. Don't want to miss the tow. AAA calls TWICE ..nope, not there yet. Finally an hour and a half after I initiated the service call, the guy shows up, hooks up the car and in maybe five minutes is gone again!!! Andrew loved seeing the process but was not happy about the loud machinery of the winch.

Today (Sunday) DD and her husband ran into their mechanic at KH between mtgs) He had initially told them the car was not worth salvage..just junk it. (it has four brand new tires on it!) BUT today he told them he had discovered that there was a pencil tip size hole chewed in the gas line...THAT is what caused all this trouble... a MOUSE (or squirrel). He says that if the mouse had chewed an electric wire, too, the car would have exploded. He mentioned the fumes issue, SHOULD have exploded sitting in the heat in the parking lot for several hours....with gasoline on the floorboards and no ventilation. Temps were in the mid 80s that day. Yikes! It was also a wonder I didn't get sick from all those gas fumes.

So, now the verdict is that the car is fine except for the interior and the gas line (not hard to fix that apparently). It will need the headliner removed and the carpet all pulled up...the gasoline ate all the adhesives. The seats will need replacing also (I don't know the why of that part). I don't know whether they will decide to repair it and keep it on the road or not. Guess that will be decided soon. The mechanic feels all the carpet that is gasoline soaked is too dangerous to have in his shop, so it is sitting in a pile in the field near his shop.

In the meantime, I am considering how grateful I am that of the things that COULD and even SHOULD have happened, none did. I can get in and out of this small car, but had it been an emergency, I would have had a hard time. Had the gas or fumes on the floor of the car ignited, my pants would probably have ignited, too. I doubt I could have gotten out. I should not have been able to get to the gas station once..never mind TWICE! The car didn't ignite on the road or when I restarted it at the gas station either time. What if I had been a smoker!!! (I am not!) The many "what if" scenarios are all pretty frightening.

I reflect now on all those things and give thanks to Jehovah...he truly must have been holding my right hand that day.

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    Several years ago (in my previous marriage) I was working in the kitchen and saw my young Brother-in-Law drive into our driveway...between our house and the neighbor's. He jumped out of that old car, opened the hood and started to throw snowballs at the engine as flames were coming up! Gratefully he stopped the fire with the snowballs. It turned out that the wire harness had caught fire. emoticon

Another similar incident was when my brother about age 19 was working on his 57' Chevy with a buddy, at the guys house. They also were between houses while doing this. While working on the caught fire and they had to call the fire department. That car was a total loss and a heartbreak for my Brother since that car was a classic and it was 1968. emoticon

I did not even know you at this time when your car had that gas leak, but; Astra I really do appreciate you and your family's survival of a potential danger. emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/26/2012 5:14:21 PM

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CLAUDEM1 9/10/2012 7:44PM

    Hi Asta,

I just read your blog, and can only imagine what could have happened. We had a fire in our car years ago. My husband and I had a cleaning business, and he had parked it to clean some offices. Suddenly he saw smoke. A wire shorted under the dash, and it ignited. The car was totaled. He wasn't in it.

Close call!

Claude emoticon

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    WOW Asta!
Sure not a lot to add that would just repeat what others have said here, but, isn't Jehovah just so absolutely amazing!?! He was sure with you in your adventures on this day! :)
(and... I gotta read everyone's blogs more regularly so I can find out about these things in a more timely way! lol)

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BOOKWERME 6/16/2012 7:52AM

    Update. The repair to the car turned out to be fairly minor..just replacing a hose. However by that time they had decided to let their mechanic purchase the car. He was going to have to overhaul the interior..those gas fumes were bad and caused a lot of things like the floor mats curling up! The mechanic was going to put his son to work and then let the son drive the car. So that great little car is still going! emoticon

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MELTEAGUE 6/15/2012 9:51PM

    wow! glad you are ok!

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LOVINGMYSELF101 4/28/2012 11:41AM

    emoticonPoor Asta, sorry this happened!

I will have to check my friends blogs more often, my!

((HUGS)) -Rose

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JOYCEATH50 4/10/2012 5:27PM

    I am so glad that you ended up being safe! I was just popping in for the first time since Feb and wanted to check up on a few friends. I am very happy that nothing tragic happened to you! Love Joyce

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NCFITCHICK 3/27/2012 6:07AM

    Asta, I too had chills just thinking of what could have happened. However, I am grateful, because our loving Father, Jehovah, knew to protect you even when you didn't know you needed to protect yourself (and your darling little Andrew). So incredibly glad how things worked out for you my dear sister and that you're here to relate the experience to us!

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LOVE2WALK1 3/26/2012 5:14PM

    What an experience, and how glad I am our loving God, Jehovah, was looking out for you! emoticon

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CINA-MINI 3/26/2012 4:20PM

    Asta, I am so glad that nothing terrible happened. I know when things work out for the best, we just think, "Whew, that was close!" I am glad you know who was with you at the time. It's so great that you thought to pray for help getting to the gas station. Little did you know that Jehovah knew what you needed and provided!

So glad you are safe!!!

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BOOKWERME 3/26/2012 4:03PM

    I learned today that the mechanic purchased the car (pretty much for the price of the new tires) and will gut it, then fix it up just enough for his son to drive it. Bye, Bye Sentra.

Thanks for all the comments. Sandy, I really appreciate that scriptural thought!!!

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SANDYZEE 3/26/2012 4:00PM

    What's that scripture about God protecting the foolish ones? I have to look it up, but that's how I feel when something like that happens. I'm so glad you were safe, as we never know what can happen. Now, that scripture, I remember. LOL
(Ecclesiastes 9:11) . . .because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all. . .

SandyR> emoticon

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CELEST 3/26/2012 10:27AM

    Absolutely shocking and amazing Asta. Thankfully you were ok. I always dread being told one of my favorite sparkers is no longer. We are very protected by Jehovah. We have so much work to still do. Glad you are fine and Andre (the little angel) is too.

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HARMONY78 3/26/2012 6:25AM

    That could have been tragic!! So glad to hear you are okay.

Report Inappropriate Comment
GAMOMMY3 3/26/2012 12:11AM

    So glad it all worked out!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BOOKWERME 3/25/2012 9:47PM

    THANKS, Me, too!

Report Inappropriate Comment
COOLCALLALILY 3/25/2012 9:47PM

    I am so glad you are okay!!!!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ONLYTEMPORARY 3/25/2012 9:46PM

    OH ASTA! Jehovah was indeed with you that day! I have cold chills all over just reading the rest of the story. I am so glad Jehovah was with you that day, as always.

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One down, one to go. RBC volunteering

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Home from the third day of the Regional Building Committee remodel project. It is the second weekend of work there, but I was not asked to be there last week. DH and I have worked three days and tonight are sure feeling it all over. It is amazing how sore you can get from walking and standing. I wish I had tracked my walking on was much like yesterday so was probably around 11 miles. Today, finish up and clean up for this weekend with DH doing much of the escort walking this morning, I walked 7.41 miles. That is over 18 miles in two days...probably around 28 miles in all three days. MORE than a marathon! (walked of course, not run). emoticon BTW..7.41 miles is 19006 steps.

Weather has been remarkably cooperative...Many of us have sunshine faces...a few folks have gotten unfortunate sunburns. There were 234 volunteers on site today (if I remember that number exactly right..if not, it is close.) Folks have traveled from as far away as Memphis to volunteer their time and expertise (at their own expense) for this project.

It is such a wonderful experience to be part of it all...and to know there are other such projects ongoing all over the world. Celeste', I am thinking of YOU, too, as we share this experience...wish we could be working together!

We have had to be there at different times each day...and it is a 45 minute drive from home to the site. We had daylight savings Spring Forward time change last night. I startled awake at 4:06 am...and thought the alarm hadn't gone off...then couldn't remember what time I was supposed to be getting up...had to figure out which day, what time we had to be there, time we leave thus time we get up..only to realize we could sleep almost another hour...but of course, that shot of adrenaline kept me awake after that. emoticon

Well, this is volunteering at it's best. We have had a wonderful weekend. I was training to run the shuttles to off site parking and week will be running it without my mentor (EEK!) along with another Sister who trained on a totally different project. This is going to be interesting! The other Sister and I have not met yet.

Wonder if I can find another pedometer (I think I have two more!) for DH to wear next week. emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BEEBEE1936 6/7/2012 8:34AM

    Enjoyed your blog. I remember the first KH building that I attended. It was close by and I worked with the food. But most of the time, I stood watching all the activity with tears running down my face. I was seeing what the new system would be like, it was one of the most touching things I have ever experienced. I hadn't been in the truth to long at that time. Then in 1989 we built our new hall. My husband is not a Witness but favorable and we had brothers and sisters staying with us, during the building. We live only 2 minutes from the hall, so we had friends sleeping everywhere. Loved every minute of it. Our lives are so full and like our "happy God", we to are happy.

Betty (BeeBee) emoticon

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GAMOMMY3 3/12/2012 12:29PM

    That's great! Would love to see photos of the new Hall.

Report Inappropriate Comment
CELEST 3/11/2012 10:55PM

    It would be fabulous if we could do a project together. Talk about adrenalin...its 5am and here I am lol. Whats more is I have Carol coming to dinner tonight. Hope I have a shot of adrenalin to keep me going later.
We will be finished our project on the 18th and I hope to have a few photos of the old and new look is so fabulous, clean and smart.

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ONLYTEMPORARY 3/11/2012 8:26PM

    emoticon emoticon

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CINA-MINI 3/11/2012 8:18PM

    Great job! It is so wonderful that you are able to help out. Your willingness to work where needed is so wonderful too!


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NEW-ME-IN2012 3/11/2012 7:26PM

    Isn't it wonderful that we can serve Jehovah this way? It's so very encouraging to hear of different one working with the RBC! There's a niche for anyone who wants to help/ Remember what Jehovah had recorded at (Hebrews 6:10) For God is not unrighteous so as to forget YOUR work and the love YOU showed for his name, in that YOU have ministered to the holy ones and continue ministering.
Indeed, this is a fine way to minister or to serve Jehovah & our dear brothers & sisters. emoticon emoticon

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STEADFASTNSEE 3/11/2012 7:23PM

  WOW 28 miles in three days!?! Watch for a giftie! HUGS!!!

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