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Re-evaluate and adjust my goals.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Since the SP goal is better health, better food choices and better fitness...what I need to do is to ID where I stand.

I exercise daily..30 min min. (at the moment that is usually the max. also!) I eat enough calories, but not of the right choices..and I think that is an issue. I am terrible with keeping the full daily record..don't like measuring stuff. I know from my WW days, this is important. I am healthier than when I started, I know more, and have dealt with some health issues.

I am embarrassed that I have managed to gain weight in recent months...and now, with CA, DC (special events) and a visit to my in-laws all coming up in June, it seems ridiculous that others can lose 100+ lbs and I can't lose any! I MUST get this rolling. It is almost 2 yrs that I have been on SP with a net loss of +several lbs! That is outrageous...though I AM back on the exercise bandwagon and AM healthier overall I think.

SO, EAT better (EAT RIGHT) I guess is goal one. Exercise MORE is goal two.
Keep myself accountable is goal three. about chocolate...When I lived in St. Croix, I had to have my dd ship my fav. dark chocolate to me from I was very careful in doling it out. Thus, choclate was never a problem. Somehow, I think I need to keep chocolate in my diet..but go back to the limited dole each day. So..that must be goal Four.

In January I joined the boot camp challenge and enjoyed doing it. I had problems with one thing that really upset my right knee...I have saved all the info and intend to continue doing them, without that ONE exercise. My problem with the boot camp was trying to do all this in front of my computer where there is not appropriate space for exercise. I have also no inflated my exercise ball more...didn't realize what a difference that would make.

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JCHOATEX2 2/18/2009 5:27PM

    Asta, love your goals! They are so reachable. Perhaps to make them even more so, you might want to quantify them. For example, how many calories will be made up of carbs/fat/fiber? How many minutes of exercise do you intend to do in a week? How many pieces of chocolate will you allow? That way, you can measure your success tangibly. Just a thought! But I loved your blog!

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Day 3

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well, it is nearly 9 pm..I just did, more or less, the day three bootcamp. I fell off the ball when I tried to roll down...the dogs don't know WHAT to think of this stuff mom is doing. Working with the weights had me cramped for space in the area here with the computer. My hope is that I can do all these activities...even if I don't MASTER them at first, and then go back and continue working on them.

I think I read somewhere that there are 7 days of workouts, so perhaps that means we will be doing them all again each week. If I can learn the routine, I can do it where there is more room. Oh well, I amTRYING and that is a start. Did my 30 min. cardio also.


Bootcamp day 2

Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 2. This involves a balance ball, so I got out my brand new one and inflated it. Today's workout requires a wall! This got interesting since I have no available walls near my computer (can't do these exercises against bookcases or on the stairs!)

I watched the video several times and took some notes...then went elsewhere and tried it. I am pretty shaky with what I am doing this first time..and I skipped the weights..but I did do pretty much what was shown.

I found that my right knee REALLY did not like one of the moves and the crunching sounds scared me. I will have to think about whether to risk stressing this joint I helping strenthen it or risking joint damage? I don't know. Day 3's video has arrived and I "walked" through it w/o the ball and weights...I will bring them up to my computer for tomorrow.

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ARIZONAROSE 1/5/2009 9:34PM

    I was posting on your first day and you were posting your second day already lol

The ball is good for lots of things. I will have to check out the videos probably tomorrow. Because of my surgery I may not be able to do them yet. emoticon

Definitely be careful with the knee. You don't want to cause any injury. Sometimes if you look at other exercises you might be able to find something to sub one for another that works the similar area but less stress on certain joints!

Sounds like your doing great though! Keep it up!
emoticon emoticon

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Bootcamp challenge

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The New You fitness bootcamp starts officially today. I actually started on Jan 1st when she posted the first workout...and discovered I am going to be doing this in my office...on very squeaky, bouncy floors and with my very puzzled dogs for an audience. Space is limited in here as I have been kicking at plants and chairs...will take me a while to get this all worked out. Still I DID IT!

I hate to admit it but my weight is up at the moment. so I am eager to get those unwelcome surprise pounds back off. I am doing these workouts in addition to my daily 30 or more minutes of other cardio (walking, gazelle or rowing). Hadn't thought of taking my measurements but think I will record those ELSEWHERE...but will report if I find progress.

No sooner did I post this than the day 2 instructions came.

I have already had three servings of fruit (was my breakfast!) and have already done an additional 32 minutes of walking/cardio today. Those are instructions for tomorrow, I know, but I am HAPPY to say I did it today!

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ARIZONAROSE 1/5/2009 9:30PM

    emoticon emoticonAsta!! You know I joined it but haven't had time to go even look at the board. emoticon As you know when online this weekend I was busy elsewhere. And today I wasn't home for very long because of doctors appointments some of which were mine too. emoticon And then some errands one being the post office finally. emoticon

I'll try to make time tomorrow to go check it out. We may end up with some last minute appointments but we'll see. Plus hope to make the gym and actually use the hot tub and pool for the first time since surgery. Looking forward to the hot tub for sure.

Have a great night!

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Didn't know I was making progress!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

WOW..just reread my msg to sent to someone on Nov 15th...and am so surprised. I could only do THREE minutes on the exerow and only did 7 on the Gazelle...That was just over a month ago! I do 250-300 pulls on the exerow now...15 -20 minutes. I get on the gazelle with a book in one hand and totally lose track of the time! The treadmill needs lubrication so it is just sitting at the moment. I didn't remember when I had started the indoor exercising but evidently, I am making some kind of progress!!! WHOO HOO!

---------- BOOKWERME wrote: (on Nov 15th) ---------

Because of the weird weather, I have finally begun working out little treadmill is not happy about it, but plugged along. Today, I did ten min on the treadmill, then 3 on the Exerow, and 7 on the Gazelle...then ten more on the treadmill. It worked out well, though I am not sure it is as much of a workout as walking around the cowfield or doing a full 30 on the treadmill. I am hoping that some variety will not only help with the boredom but will help jog things along on my stagnant weight loss efforts. Food choices come into play of course, as well and I have NOT done well there. This time last year I had two stents put in my heart, and I am doing well I think. so even though I am not a skinny minnie these days, I believe I am healthier than before!!!


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