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Quilting today

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I know, it is not food and diet and exercise related...again.

My daughter got inspired to make a quilt for her dear friend's new baby who is due next week. DD visited her aunt and cousin who own/work at Over the Rainbow which is an online quilt shop. When visiting and exposed to a super quilter (cousin) and all that fabric..a whole warehouse could she NOT want to make a quilt.

Tuesday she brought me the quilt for help with getting it quilted. This was NOT a project I had intended to get involved with...but you know how things go. We prepared the "sandwich". We called my mentor for advice...and ran out of time. Yesterday I began the quilting and today, finished that part. Next is to prepare and make the binding. I hope to get that done tomorrow morning.

Here are pics of just the quilt top. My daughter did a gorgeous job of piecing..she is not an experienced seamstress or quilter, but she IS meticulous.

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MARIE4950 7/23/2010 12:43PM

    emoticon I cannot do this and happy to see others achieve this craft and beauty.

Love Marie emoticon

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BOOKWERME 7/23/2010 11:04AM

    I'd like that. She has a great eye for what goes together.

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YIDDLE 7/23/2010 10:31AM

    Great job, especially for a first quilt. She may just get hooked. emoticon

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JNPRGR8T 7/23/2010 9:08AM


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BOOKWERME 7/22/2010 10:39PM

    Baby's room is decorated in sage green, I am told. DD said this is not exactly the right green, but she liked it.
Binding will be that green.

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HONEYDRIPPER 7/22/2010 10:23PM


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LEFTSOX 7/22/2010 9:48PM

    I love that it is not typical baby colors! Who ever said a baby had to sleep in a pink or yellow or lt blue room! She did a very very good job and the funnest part is when she gets a photo of the baby sleeping under it!!!


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ONLYTEMPORARY 7/22/2010 9:28PM

    Nice job. It's going to be beautiful when you get it finished. emoticon

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Snake in the Chicken Coop

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I know this has nothing to do with weight loss or fitness...but it sure helps keep life interesting.

We have about 25 chickens. We have a ten nest box mounted on the wall in the coop. Three days ago, the snake that occasionally visits to steal eggs, tried to slither through one of the ventilation holes...and got stuck.

My husband figured that the snake would digest whatever he had eaten and would go on his way. when I checked, snake was still stuck and not looking too great. He had to be getting dehydrated. Chickens were avoiding the nestboxes...we only got five eggs for a couple of days..only got ONE today.

So, now came the rescue attempts. Bruce tried pulling the snake on both directions. I tried lubricating the snakes body at the point of "stuck" with mineral oil..hoping that since this is edible, it wouldn't damage or hurt the snake. I can't fault the snake for being a snake and doing what he was created to do. I would prefer, of course, if he did his grocery shopping elsewhere!

Bruce decided to try cutting the metal of the nesting box wall. First attempt..with electric blade was awful..throwing sparks and terrifying the snake AND me!

Next we tried metal cutters..which eventually worked..and Bruce could bend the metal back. Poor snake was NOT happy with all this attention, but finally, we got him loose. As he cleared the hole, Bruce managed to grab relocate him down at the barn where hopefully he will feast on rodents instead of our eggs.

Snake is not dead here..though probably exhausted and not happy. Bruce took him down to the barn following the (fast) photo session.

This last one is not snake related...I took a photo of the two pots of lavender growing by the garage.

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MARIE4950 7/23/2010 12:51PM

    Great adventure. Bruce is your HEro. emoticon Thanks for sharing your life with us.

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CASJ57 7/18/2010 9:15AM

    That was interesting - and I liked that you were able to rescue the snake.
Love the lavender pots!

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RASCALSMOMMA 7/15/2010 11:17PM

    Asta all I can say is (as an involuntary shiver went thru my body!) you are a brave soul but betteryou than me! lol hug to you and (B)

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BOOKWERME 7/15/2010 5:30PM

    Well, we've certainly had our share of skunk adventures, too. Used to have a pair of dogs that would regularly get sprayed...and since they were indoor dogs, that posed huge problems in the winter months.

The pots of lavender were an afterthought as I was walking around with the camera still in hand...and I liked the way the sun was hitting them at just that moment. I have a terrible time getting pics onto the computer in a way I can then find and use them! SO, when the snake pics came up, so did the lavender.

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WALKSFAR 7/15/2010 12:54PM

    We live out in the country and have snakes visit us occasionally in the house. I know they won't hurt me, but they make me hurt myself getting away from them!

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SHARISHORTCAKE 7/15/2010 12:42PM

    emoticon We had the same story happen to us not long ago.....but with a SKUNK! (trying to get to the cat food in the garage) I bet you smelled better when your story was over and told than we did, lol!

(p.s. love how you squeezed in showing us the pots of lavender at the end!) emoticon

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HONEYDRIPPER 7/15/2010 10:35AM

    Since I can'r tell the difference between poisonous and not poisonoius that poor snake would have been a goner for sure! But not by my hand!

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VANDYJ 7/15/2010 10:11AM

    What a lucky snake he My husbands grandfather had chickens and he would have done that poor fellow in for sure. He did not like snakes to be around his chickens at all. But as for me.. I know that they do have a useful role in rodent control and I think they are cool too.. as long as they do not have fangs!!
Great story and pics, thanks for sharing them!

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BOOKWERME 7/14/2010 10:17PM

    Interestingly, this guy, or a close relative, has visited before...I even have photos of two other visits! I am not afraid of him, knowing he is not poisonous, but I don't go playing with him either.

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ONLYTEMPORARY 7/14/2010 10:12PM

    Much better you than ME! Snakes and I don't get along at all. Sure was a long one and do hope he recovers and does his proper job.

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ENRICKMAN 7/14/2010 7:17PM

    YAY! I'm glad you were able to set him free. Thanks for posting something positive and NOT food related...I needed a mental break from sweating about not being motivated today. LOL emoticon emoticon

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Mind over....body?!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I was looking for some other information here on SP and stumbled upon someone else's blog...with something very interesting. I followed the link and thought it well worth sharing again. I neglected to note WHOSE blog I was on, so I offer my apologies to whomever it was, and my thanks for posting this info.

this is the link:

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHARISHORTCAKE 7/14/2010 11:58AM

    Thank you for sharing that, Asta, that is very interesting and yet another reason to maintain a positive, healthful attitude in all we do.


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ONLYTEMPORARY 7/13/2010 12:37AM

    Great article. It goes to show that your mind has a lot to do with the way your body reacts to things. Not just exercise but mentaly too where disease is concerned.

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I met Angela today!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I MET ANGELA D. today at the District Convention in Huntsville AL.

What fun it was to see this lovely sister in person, hug her and hear her voice.

THANKS Angela!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BOOKYETI 8/3/2010 2:13PM

    How exciting! :)
I've had a couple experiences like this, and it was so much fun!

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MARIE4950 7/23/2010 12:44PM

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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CELEST 7/11/2010 11:24AM

    That is such fun. I can't wait to finally meet some of you too....just my wait will have to be longer....but not much longer hey?!

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ONLYTEMPORARY 7/10/2010 11:33PM

    Isn't it awesome? It is so enjoyable getting to meet our Sisters not only at the Conventions but on trips too.

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RASCALSMOMMA 7/10/2010 11:16PM

    These last two blogs you have done something that we will be doing on a grand scale soon enough. And you "look the part" as well. Such joy on your faces!! HUGS Laurie

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Meeting Michelle

Thursday, July 01, 2010

This morning I met Michelle and her family here in Nashville. DD had a medical procedure last week and today was the follow up app't. Michelle, Bill, Jenna and Isaac all came. We met at Cracker Barrel and had a delightful luncheon together. What a LOVELY family. My camera is on its last gasp, but we managed to coax a few photos...I regret I didn't think to get one of their whole family

Oops..this will be sideways...Meet Isaac! .

Meet Jenna!

And here...Michelle and me.

This was SUCH a delight!!! Can't wait to find a way to visit with this lovely family again.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MARIE4950 7/23/2010 12:47PM

    So happy my beautiful sisters could meet. emoticon

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MSAXON94 7/3/2010 10:02PM

    Asta, we had such a great time. It was so nice to meet you. Wish we had all day to just sit and chat.

Thanks for sending your love my way too Laurie!

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    You'll make it, thanks for sharing. Need to remember to take both chips and extra batteries with me tomorrow as Bev & I are hoping to meet up at the DC.

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RASCALSMOMMA 7/1/2010 10:41PM

    You'll find a way; love always does!! Did ya give Michelle the hug? (A) from Laurie

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