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Trip to Silver Falls State Park

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our big trailer trip to several national parks was cancelled as my Dad entered his last days and passed away mid-August. As his executor, I have had plenty of things to do that didn't make three weeks away a good idea. DH and I did manage to take 3 days this week to enjoy the sights and trails around Silver Falls State Park here in Oregon. Here are some photos that don't do justice to the lovely atmosphere there!
Upper North Falls

North Falls

South Falls

lower South Falls

Bridge I liked

Middle North Falls

There are 10 falls along miles of trails. We saw all the falls, but not all the trails.

Now it's back to cleaning out Dad's house to get it ready for sale.

Edit: sorry about the sideways photos! I don't know how to rotate them here.

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ILOVEMALI 9/19/2014 10:54PM

    We've been to Silver Falls a couple of times. Love it. Have you been to Oregon Gardens?

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KENDRACARROLL 9/16/2014 9:22PM

    So sorry about your Dad.
Thanks for sharing your pictures. I always like reading about everybody's trips and adventures.
I just now saw that you live in Oregon.
We've visited there in July to scout out the area, as we're thinking we might want to relocate to the Portland area. Took some wonderful hikes and went to see the Tillamook Cheese Factory, of course :) Delightful! Great times :)

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ILOVEMALI 9/14/2014 12:02PM

    I love Silver Falls.

I have a SP fantasy. Next year, we're planning to go to Oktoberfest in September as part of our OR vacation. I see clinking a beer with my OR SP pals!

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KANOE10 9/14/2014 9:45AM

    That is a beautiful park. I love all of the waterfalls. I am glad you got a small vacation and a rest from all of your duties as executor. Thinking of you and sending many warm hugs. It was wonderful to hear from you.


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WATERMELLEN 9/13/2014 6:28PM

    So good to get that break while you're dealing with emotional stuff -- gorgeous part of the world!!

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PHOENIX1949 9/13/2014 3:13PM

    Enjoyed your photos.

Great idea for the mini-break before continuing your executor responsibilities. Been there myself and sometimes it seems like a never-ending process.

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TRAVELGRRL 9/13/2014 3:07PM

    O. M. G.

Now you've added ANOTHER must-see to my bucket list! emoticon

If you ever make it out east, you MUST go to Rickett's Glen State Park in Pennsylvania. There are 22 "named" water falls along a 7-mile trail.

THANKS for sharing.

I hope things go well with your work on your Dad's house & estate.

PS -- did you take the pictures with your phone? It seems people with phone pictures have more problems with the sideways business than people with camera pictures.

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BROOKLYN_BORN 9/13/2014 1:57PM

    You live in a beautiful area. Being out in nature helps us through the sad times in our lives.
I always rotate my photos first and then post them. I don't think SP has the facility to do that.

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JANTHEBLONDE 9/13/2014 1:53PM

    I'm so glad you and your DH took some time off and went to Silver Falls State Park, Oregon.
Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Sending you lots of hugs!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Back from Vacation...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm back from 3 weeks sailing around Washington State's San Juan Islands. Our sailboat is 26 feet long, and has no room for my scale or many steps while onboard. I consider it a victory that I only gained 1 pound over that 3 week period. Of course, I started with some up pounds, so I have my work cut out for me again.

Here are a few glimpses of what we enjoyed:

Our sailboat, Pilgrim.

A cove found on a hike

Inside a hollow tree in Matia Island's old growth forest

Sunset off Ewing Point on Sucia Island

Prevost Harbor off Stuart Island

After sunset on a calm night

A rocky beach on James Island

Lovely Mt. Baker

It's good to be home!!

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MEADSBAY 8/6/2014 9:50PM

    Amazing pictures!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time in a beautiful part of the country.
One pound is very reasonable, methinks.

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KENDRACARROLL 7/29/2014 11:21PM

    Sounds like you had a fun vacation.
Thanks for sharing your pics.

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SUSANNAH31 7/26/2014 11:01AM

    What beautiful scenery! And what a special vacation that must have been.
Thanks for the photos.

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JANTHEBLONDE 7/25/2014 9:16AM

    Wow! What a wonderful vacation! That is awesome you sailed around Washington State's San Juan Islands for 3 weeks! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your fabulous trip! Hugs and love!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KANOE10 7/25/2014 9:15AM

    Those pictures are beautiful. What a lovely way to see all of the islands. You did very well only gaining a pound on your trip. Way to go my friend. Now that you are home, you can easily work off any pounds that you want. I love sunsets on the water!


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TERI-RIFIC 7/25/2014 7:58AM

    Beautiful pictures. Really nice boat. What a grand vacation! emoticon

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TORTISE110 7/25/2014 6:07AM

    What wonderful pictures and an excellent accomplishment with your healthy weight too!

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PHOENIX1949 7/25/2014 12:55AM

    Awesome photos. My kind of vacation. Thanks for sharing.

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LOVEBONNIELOVE 7/24/2014 11:56PM

    Beautiful!! I have been there, but not on a sailboat. We went by ferry. You did great btw!! Back to reality! Thanks for sharing.

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TRAVELGRRL 7/24/2014 9:16PM

    Love the pics, they are GORGEOUS. WTG on only gaining 1 pound! That's really an accomplishment.

My cousin and his wife have lived on their sailboat for 4 years now. They sail up and down the east coast between Boston and the Bahamas. What a life, right??

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GINNABOOTS 7/24/2014 8:37PM

    emoticon , very beautiful pics. Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

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WATERMELLEN 7/24/2014 8:17PM

    What bliss! And no worries -- you'll do find shedding those very few "vacation pounds"!!

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CAROL494 7/24/2014 7:56PM

  Beautiful photos!

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WORKNPROGRESS49 7/24/2014 7:53PM

    Beautiful pictures!!! emoticon for sharing emoticon

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SLENDERELLA61 7/24/2014 7:39PM

    I was thinking about you today and wondering. I didn't realize you were on vacation, but I did realize you have been absent. That vacation just looks wonderful. The scenery is gorgeous. And you look great, too. You'll get those couple pounds. You know what to do and have proven you can do it!! -Marsha

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Going the wrong way...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I've been struggling with my weight lately. The latest challenge was moving into my sister's home, while she and her family were on vacation for 10 days, to care for our Dad. My husband and I got home yesterday. Dad's 88 with major health issues, and he needs encouragement to eat and help to get around. I made many of the foods Mom made when I was growing up, and it's very hard to be constantly providing food for someone with a tiny stomach capacity who has been losing weight he cannot afford to lose while not indulging myself in the tastes and memories of loving family. I gained weight. emoticon Due to Dad's schedule, I didn't exercise first thing in the morning, as I usually do, so other than just daily activity, I was not burning the usual calories. Did I eat less? Oh nooooooo. emoticon

Saturday we leave for the Washington State San Juan Islands. We may be gone up to 3 weeks. Our boat is a 26 foot long sailboat, so there's not room to exercise if I'm not pulling on lines or jumping around to fix things that get out of order under sail. We hope to get ashore and explore some of the State park islands. As I won't be pushing food on either of us, I hope to come back smaller. In any case, I probably won't have wi-fi access to the internet often, so it may be a while before I'm back here keeping up with my friends.

Thanks to all who have kept in touch with me even though I've been pretty silent online lately. I'll be back! (Maybe with photos.)

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OHMEMEME 7/8/2014 10:31PM

    Hope your trip is going well. Life is a balancing act for sure! Just remember that routine will return and adjust back to healthy habits when it does. No more all-or-nothing attitude about "dieting." Weight management is just part of life. Again, hope your trip is fabulous and will be checking for a blog on your return. ENJOY!!!

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MEADSBAY 6/29/2014 9:37PM

    Enjoy your vacation!
I have been doing 100 wall push-ups and 100 calf raises and 100 squats while I have been home-bound with a medical issue lately.
I break it up into sets of 20-25.
I am expecting some long boat rides on our new (old) boat and hope to do things like that- not cardio but something, anyway!

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SLIMMERJESSE 6/29/2014 9:17AM

    Have a fun sailing trip.

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BROOKLYN_BORN 6/29/2014 9:14AM

    A two part comment here:
First I sympathize and completely understand about caring for an aging parent with no appetite. My Mom lived with us for 10 years after Dad's death, It was in 2009 when I put a scale in the kitchen to check HER weight every morning and made her record everything SHE ate, that I got the spark and started doing it myself. Good results for both of us.
Second, I just LOVE your sailing adventure. DH bought a 2nd hand 25' sailboat when we retired in 2007 and it hasn't left our dock since. It's been a great "pirate ship" for the grandkids, but he never learned to sail it.
I'll be waiting to see your pictures.

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TRAVELGRRL 6/28/2014 6:55PM

    It is easier to maintain our weight when we are at home, in control of all things food and exercise. It is NOT easy when events occur that take us out of that routine. I think you need to be kind to yourself; any weight gained in just 10 days will not be with you long. Enjoy your boat trip, you deserve it!!!

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ILOVEMALI 6/28/2014 1:52AM

    Let's see. Life changes. Dad's not doing well. Nothing to stress about, right? I am giving you virtual hugs -- enjoy your trip and relax. emoticon

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KENDRACARROLL 6/27/2014 2:09PM

    Drastic routine changes and having to change focus are always a bit of a challenge.
Enjoy your sailing trip.
Looking forward to the photos :)

Comment edited on: 6/27/2014 2:09:20 PM

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WORKNPROGRESS49 6/27/2014 11:21AM


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LESLIESENIOR 6/27/2014 10:19AM

    These are difficult times. I've been through this with my dad, step mom, fil, and mil. It is vital to be kind to ourselves on every level at this time. The emotional toll is deep as we watch our parents go through this time of transition.
Please enjoy your sailing adventure. You gave your sister and her family quite a gift by staying with your dad so they could take a vacation!

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KANOE10 6/27/2014 10:18AM

    Being a caretaker is not easy and does throw you off schedule. Cooking old family favorites would be tempting to anyone..but probably helped to encourage your dad to eat. This is just one of those cycles in maintenance where life intervened and you detoured. I am sure you will be back on track while on that boat. That sounds like a lovely 3 weeks. The San Juans are beautiful.Maybe you can get some walks in when you stop! Have a great trip!


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MJREIMERS 6/27/2014 7:40AM

    I understand the situation with your Dad. I had a similar experience with my Dad. Don't be too hard on yourself. You know that you can "recover" from this little bump in the journey. You know what to do and I know that emoticon

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TERI-RIFIC 6/27/2014 6:37AM

    Hang in there and have fun sailing! Please take pics and share! Enjoy your time off grid.

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PHOENIX1949 6/27/2014 12:07AM

    Have a safe & relaxing time at sea.

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JANTHEBLONDE 6/26/2014 11:56PM

    It is not an easy situation to be in.... having to encourage your dad to eat! That would have been a real tough 10 days for me too! Have a fabulous three weeks sailing around the San Juan Islands!
When I am on vacation I don't gain weight... I just make the right choices! A vacation is all about having a wonderful time it is not about the food! I can't wait to see all your wonderful pictures! Hugs!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 6/26/2014 11:57:46 PM

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BUSYGRANNY5 6/26/2014 11:18PM

    I so understand.... sadly I don't have any good reasons for my weight gain, just not doing what I know I need to do, to get where I want to be! Not giving up....

Enjoy your time on the sailboat, your trip sounds wonderful!

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Crazy medical week.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My 87 year old Dad, who lives alone, fell Monday morning, knocked his TV off the table, and hit the table with his ribs before he hit the floor. He doesn't like to ask for help, so, he lay on the floor for over an hour before he felt up to crawling to the recliner and somehow getting into it.

His neighbor called him after noon and willingly came over to get the walker out for him, put the TV back on the table, and get Dad some Tylenol for the pain. We are all so thankful for this very good neighbor!

My sister, the nurse, and her family are in Hawaii on vacation. She called Dad, found out what happened and called his Doctor. They all agreed that Dad should just stay home and rest rather than sit in waiting rooms for X-rays that wouldn't change the treatment even if there were broken ribs.

I found all of this out at 5:30 PM when I got home from jury duty. My diabetic Dad had eaten nothing since breakfast, and was in lots of pain. My husband and I picked up some dinner and drove 1/2 hour to Dad's, where we fed him and gave him the stronger pain pill the Dr. said he could take. (They were on a top shelf he couldn't reach.)

Tuesday I had to return to the jury, which finished its service that afternoon. Dad said he had slept well Monday night and was doing OK, so he didn't want me to come since I was planning to come Wednesday.

Wednesday I got to Dad's to find him in serious pain. He said he could feel something in his side grinding when he coughed. He didn't want to get addicted to the pain pills, so had only used Tylenol and had gotten no sleep. He wanted to see the Dr, so I got a pain pill into him, and was his chauffeur to the Dr and X-ray lab. He has 4 broken ribs, and is now convinced he HAS to take the pain pills or it will be harder for him to heal. He's rather discouraged about the 6 week recovery period.

Today I went over to do the taxes I didn't get to do yesterday, and found he had slept well but had not taken any insulin yesterday nor breakfast yet at 10 AM! Yikes! He's usually so good with his diabetes that we don't have to monitor him. I'm the "financial daughter." Medical stuff intimidates me.

He is back where he is supposed to be in food and medicine use. I have to keep at him to eat. I want my sister back! She's a great nurse and calm repository of medical knowledge. She's also better at getting him to eat.

There's such a fine line to walk between allowing independence and cramping his style to make sure he is safe. For now I'm just reminding and showing up often to do what needs to be done. He doesn't want to move or have anyone move in with him.

I need to remember this if and when my advanced age causes my children to have concern about my behavior! Maybe I'll be able to not worry them so much?

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BOPPY_ 5/26/2014 5:07PM

    Sounds like a great Dad and two Great Daughters.

Wishing you all, the best,


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    My heart goes out to you and your family- including your wonderful father, bless his heart. We miss our parents so much. We went through this with my mom, and my husbands parents. (my Dad passed away at age 64 back in the late 80's) All of them have passed now and we don't regret a moment we spent with them during the difficult years. It was tough because we were all still working and had so much to juggle. It's heartbreaking as they are so fierce about their independence. Ours finally gave in and went to assisted living and were content there. Is there any possibility your Dad might go for having a visiting nurse or a home health care practitioner (that the family hires) come in 2-3 times a week to check in on him? Really it should probably be every day but that would be pretty expensive. Still it's less costly and less traumatic than moving. SIGH. Lots of decisions for you and your family. God Bless you. Your family's love will find a way. emoticon emoticon

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OOLALA53 3/31/2014 8:22PM

    He gets to draw the line on his choices, and you get to draw the line on yours. That's the best we can do. We are already very blessed in this country, IMHO. I've lived where people die every day from a lack of a fraction of the resources we take for granted. No matter what happens, we can drive ourselves crazy with what we think should have been. One of my spiritual teachers says we can fight with reality but we'll lose 100% of the time. The serenity prayer makes more and more sense to me every day.

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TRAVELGRRL 3/31/2014 3:06PM

    I am so sorry to hear about this episode!

I hope you can have this concerned "talk" with your dad when your sister returns. Dealing with aging parents is so stressful. My husband's parents refused to go anywhere while they still could; now they can't and the three children that live in the same town spend all of their free time checking up on them, doing housework, bills, bringing food, taking them to appts., etc. etc. etc.

It's very sad, but we'll all be there someday. Like you, I hope I do a better job planning for my old age so my daughter isn't put in such a position.

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JANTHEBLONDE 3/28/2014 12:01PM

    Sending you lots of hugs!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KANOE10 3/28/2014 9:50AM

    It is very difficult to balance the independent spirit of the aged person and the need to take care of them. Your dad is an independent person who to his credit tries to stay off addictive medicine. However, painkillers may speed up his healing and I am glad he sees this. His diabetes does need monitoring.

You have done a great job of being a caretaker and trying to help him while your sister is gone.

I sympathize with you. My mom who is 94 suffers from exhaustion because her iron is low and she will not take her pills.

Take care of yourself . You are a wonderful daughter.

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WORKNPROGRESS49 3/28/2014 9:48AM


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TERI-RIFIC 3/28/2014 9:15AM

    That's rough. I hope he heals quickly and gets back to normal. But it is a wake-up call to have plans in place just in case. emoticon

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BROOKLYN_BORN 3/28/2014 7:20AM

    You're lucky to have a sister to share this with. I'm an only child and the ONLY time I've missed having siblings was as my parents got older. The decisions were all mine.

Perhaps your Dad would get a medical alert system? Especially if it was presented as a way to reduce YOUR worry. He could still be independent but help would arrive in case of an emergency.

My Mom lived with us for 10 years and after a fall when she hit her head, we got one. It cost $30 a month with no contract or anything. It gave me peace of mind so I could go out knowing that either I (or 911) would be called if the need arose.

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ILOVEMALI 3/28/2014 12:52AM

    I hope that your dad is feeling better. This getting older stuff stinks.

What I learned when my father was failing is: long term care insurance.

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WATERMELLEN 3/27/2014 10:17PM

    I've got this Tshirt too . . . and it's a tough place to be for sure. You are doing all you can to be a good daughter, in so far as he will permit you . . . and unless his doctor says he lacks capacity such that his choices are a danger to himself, then (probably) he gets to choose . . . even if his choices aren't those you would choose for him.

(A good time to make sure his will and his powers of attorney for property and for personal care are in place, up to date, what he wants . . . ).

All best.

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MEADSBAY 3/27/2014 10:15PM

    The last chapter of many folks lives is the hardest, and yes, indeedy, it is not easy finding that fine line of caring for them without taking their independence from them.
How nice that you and your sister have been able to divvy up the work like that.

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PHOENIX1949 3/27/2014 9:55PM

    Been there, done that. Bless you and all the caregivers. Not sure who is going to humor me as time passes by (no children).

PS - a reference I found helpful to me was

'Can Mom Live Alone?: Practical Advice on Helping Aging Parents Stay in Their Own Home' by Vivian F. Carlin, Ph.D.

Comment edited on: 3/27/2014 9:59:27 PM

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A Sense of Urgency

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I've finished 21 days of the video series on mental toughness. I face the future without a daily dose of tough talk from the coach. His parting words:

~Life is fragile. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Your time is limited.

~Don't wait to pursue your dreams.

~What are you waiting for? The "correct" time will never come. Take action now!

~Finish what you started. The old habits will try to come roaring back. Don't let them.

I do have a greater sense of urgency concerning what I eat and how much I exercise in order to maintain my weight right where it is today. I am anticipating some travel this year to some national parks we've long wanted to visit, so I have to make plans to take care of my maintenance during travel and in those new settings.

This isn't the end of being mentally tough. It's the beginning of applying it for myself.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LEANJEAN6 2/2/2014 7:52AM

    lots of goals to strive for--good for you!-Lynda

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BESSHAILE 2/2/2014 7:50AM

    Finishing what I start is the hardest part for me. I'm determined to get stronger with that one.

I am positive you'll plan healthy trips to those beautiful parks. I hope you'll post some photos. You ALWAYS look so beautiful when I click on your page, btw. It makes me smile just to see your pictures.

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CUTENHEALTHY 1/28/2014 10:37PM

    Just keep tracking on vacation! If you have a cell phone you can use Spark's mobile tracking app:)

Awesome for going through the 21 days!

Comment edited on: 1/28/2014 10:38:22 PM

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ONEKIDSMOM 1/27/2014 9:24PM

    emoticon on making it through the 21 days. This has been a good journey, seeing one another's reactions / input on Siebold's take on it. Life *is* fragile. Seen too much in mine not to appreciate that. We are blessed. Savor those trips!

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WATERMELLEN 1/27/2014 9:19PM

    Thank you for the "finish line" goodie: as you say, we're just getting started on something new! I've really enjoyed reading your fatloser blogs: together we all get more out of the series, each of us with a slightly different take-away!

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TRAVELGRRL 1/27/2014 3:11PM

    Can't wait to hear about your trip! We too are hoping to get west to do some national parks. We enjoyed Acadia in Maine and Shenandoah in Virginia immensely!

Do you have a Senior Pass? And a National Parks passport book? We have found sooo many places in the passport book that we otherwise never would have known existed.

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BOPPY_ 1/27/2014 1:08PM

    National Parks are great.

Enjoy yourself.

Celebrate your accomplishments, by being the new you.

We know you will,

Lee emoticon

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SUSANNAH31 1/27/2014 11:49AM

    I am happy to have shared this video series with you.
Siebold's final suggestion to keep the urgency is a good one. It will be difficult, I know, but I plan to stick to my total commitment for 90 days.

I do not have any plans for my next big goal. That will take some more thoughts. Right now, I'm focusing on achieving this one.

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WORKNPROGRESS49 1/27/2014 10:22AM


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KANOE10 1/27/2014 7:34AM

    Congratulations on completing the 21 days of videos and thanks for sharing your insights with us. Maintaining that sense of urgency is so important for maintenance. It must be a daily focus and effort. I know you will figure out ways to continue maintenance when you travel!


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OHMEMEME 1/26/2014 8:48PM

    Congrats on being tough!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    emoticon emoticon emoticon You have done great so far, and I know you're in it for the long haul and will continue doing well. I am so glad to be reading your blogs and learning about maintaining. It all begins with maintaining the loss of that first pound in a way. I really appreciate your sharing.

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BROOKLYN_BORN 1/26/2014 8:19PM

    I've come along on those 21 days virtually with you and other sparkers.
Now we look ahead.
Maintenance is harder when "on the road" but not impossible.

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PHOENIX1949 1/26/2014 8:14PM

    Here's to beginnings!

Sparkling apple cider in these glasses, ha.

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