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Bouncing belly worries - icky topic

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I do not get along with my belly. It is white, wobbly and looks a bit like two giant raw bavarian sausages tied together.
I know, theoretically there must be abs somewhere under those two fatfolds, but I can only feel them with intense exercise. When I watch videos telling me to "tighten the core" or "the power house" I donīt know what to do. Of course I can take a deep breath in and tighten my belly that way, but somehow I do not think that is meant.
I have muscled arms, calfs, even a muscled butt. But somehow all the fat just sticks on my lumpy belly. Not that there is no fat around the rest of the body, but it spreads evenly and does not create those awful folds and lumps.
The other day I was exercising and noticed my belly bounces. I wear a good sportsbra so everything tight there, but seeing the bouncing fat just hurts.

I guess the skin is extended from jojoing my whole life and I will have to live with it. But if anyone has a idea how to deal with such a belly- I would be ultra grateful!

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    i don't know if you are talking about you still need to lose more weight to shrink your stomach/abdomen or if you are talking about since you have lost the weight you have lose/saggy skin with still a little "extra" fattiness there .. is isn't clear from your blog .. so the answer would depend on clarification of that .. i am still over weight so my stomach is still 'big' .. i think it is huge and not budging at all . . i can't see any difference and it really upsets me ..i know they say stomach fat is the hardest to lose but it is also the most discouraging to me (other than i am praying all this work lets me lose at least a cup size in the breasts, still plan to get a breast reduction either way but since that is a while off would like to lose a cup size now .. LOL) .. but anyway, just to let you know i am with you one the belly thing .. will check back and see if you "expounded" on your problem and answer from there .. don't get so discouraged you lose sight of the bigger picture of how much work and improvment you have made (i know, easier said than done) ... keep on Sparkin!!!

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Tip on new goal?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It took me soooo long to finally reach and keep my first goal weight of 75 kilos.
The first year long it seemed every time I reached it something inside me just gave up and the weight went up again.
Now I am a more active, movementfriendly, allweather clothing owner. I have kept my weight under 75 and am ready for my next goal.
Since my job and private life demand my flexibility, keeping healthy became the little afterthought no matter where and at what time.
I can only make baby steps. Possible at the moment: a zumba class a week, a hike ( 8-15 km) a week, walking everywhere (around 20 km per week) and some muscle workout (either dumbbell, or stretchy band or wii).
I do not track my food eaten.
I know to many people this might sound a too laid back attitude, but I have to divide my personal resources and : Yes, sometimes caring about my weight or fitness can wait.

But I still feel the necessity to define goals to participate properly in the spark way of losing weight. Should I simply be realistic and head for losing 6 ponds (goal weight 70 kg) until February. Or is a small time span more motivating: like weighing 72 kilos for chrismas?

Anyone else who struggles with goal setting ? Is it unrealistic I ever get to my healthy BMI weight of 58 kilos (31 ponds to go) with these baby steps?

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KERRYRHOTEN 9/7/2011 8:50AM

  great job

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My new salty craving

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Since I have been pretty stressed out lastly my cravings are full blown. I have my usual chocolate cravings and the tremendous salty cravings.
I substituted the bag s of potato chips I was hungry for for a bag of shelled salted sunflower seeds. I know there just as salty and fatty, but somehow I feel, I am making already a better choice by binging on something less processed.
Maybe I am just comforting myself, but the bad of sunflower seeds is certainly more frugal. I have been gnawing on it nearly a week now and it still not empty. The bag of potato chips I would have inhaled in one go.

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ELJAMISON 7/20/2011 7:37AM

    Changes like that make a big difference!

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RIDLEYRIDER 7/20/2011 7:31AM

  Nuts and seeds are more healthy and chips, you are right.
Soon that will lead to even better choices, I am sure.
I am still trying to wean myself away from chips...many setbacks, but we can do it! emoticon

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My veggie strategty

Monday, July 04, 2011

I am a vegetarian for 16 years now since I was 16 myself. I did not stop to eat meat for ethical reasons. For lent I decided to go meat free and afterwards the thought of eating flesh and blood just disgusted me. But only years later did I really question the way our society treats animals.

I think you can live healthy without meat with just a bit of attention to your nutients. Normally it is enough just to have some ready made convient meals in the back of your head and get creative with what you got!
If I am just making something for myself it might just be a wrap, a pan dish or something that works in under 15 Minutes. if I have company I invest from 30 to 45 Minutes but enjoy the time.
Legumes are a staple of my diet: You gotta love red lentils. The instant Dal with Ginger and a masala mixture or the oriental lentil soup with garlic and cumin, whisked to a thick consistency... so many different ways to incorporate them.

And I like to incorporate protein as a treat. I have yummy fruitshakes with soymilk, soy pudding, proteinbars with chocolate, honey almonds...

I really like dark greens, so incorporating them never was that much of a challenge to me. I adore spinach (raw or cooked), Brokkoli is essential part of every stir fry and needs to go into creamy white bean pasta sauce and Kale with redwhine sauce, sweet red cabbage, seitan or tempeh and Dumplings is a feast.

My blood levels are great, and have been even when I was rolling a 32 BMI.
I do not feel it a burden to live without meat, it feels more like a smart choice.


Where is my mind

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I am in the middle of my time management stress peak- with the love of my life facing final exams next week and rotating himself.
My life being this stressful is because I incorporated too many task in a way to small time frame and no recovery time. It will be better come august, till then I have to hang in. Other phd candidates might now, what I am talking about. Being your own boss can be a pain, if you are like me..

I am super happy with my weight- 75 kilos whooohooo- but it is so hard to stay healthy, when your brain is rotating in itīs shell.
I found myself preparing pastel last night: deep fryed pasty!!!
What the hell went wrong at that point? Did some old time routine take over and keep me from thinking healthy?

I suddenly find myself in situations of my old lifestyle ( Yeah, I will have that 0.5 Liter juice please without even thinking of the calories) and falling back into routines.
Even finding the time to check in on spark people became a luxury. Even though I need the community now more than before...


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