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Facing My Night Demons

Monday, April 25, 2011

With all my weight loss success, there's one dragon I haven't quite learned to slay: nighttime eating. Since I often enjoy a crispy Rome or golden delicious apple at night with organic peanut butter, I have named my dragon Ladon for the mythological creature who guarded Hera's golden apples.

Ladon seems to rear its head most often toward the end of the week, after particularly challenging days/commutes, and when I find myself home alone for extended periods.

This is still a challenge, so here are some things I am attempting to do to hold Ladon at bay:

1) Last night I decided to have a couple of jawbreakers instead of a candy that would have taken me about 20 seconds to consume. By the time I finished the last piece of my 60-calorie serving, I didn't want anything else.

2) I am taking a few suggestions from XPHOENIX's awesome blog post, "Things I do that non-Sparkers may find weird..."
. Taken particularly to heart: eating only whole foods after 8 ... not so comfortable with additional liquids at that time, LOL ... and planning exercise. I have not done so well with the days off.

3) Starting tonight I will track exactly how many unplanned items I consume after dinner and post as a profile update.

So, whay say you all? If anyone out there has slain this demon, I'd love to know how you did it!

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    I've been trying really hard to avoid any unnatural sugars. I'm grateful to be done with Easter because of that, because I took a few days off. I'm back on track this morning. I really try to look at it in small victories and small achievements. I avoid chocolate, that's an achievement. One thing that might help with snacking is having precut vegetables or grapes around so if you need something, chug a glass of water and then have a few vegetables. Good luck!

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In Panic Mode

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This past Friday, the manager of my facility announced that it will be closing the last week of March. That gives me about a month to find a new gym!

The two nearest Curves are 3 and 4 miles away, respectively. (The one in my town is a mile away and I have gotten very accustomed to walking there.)

After being a member for nearly eight years, I feel like a part of my family is moving to the other side of the country.

Given the current price of gas I don't want to do any more driving than necessary, so I am debating trying to develop my own program before contacting any of my local facilities. I would consider riding my bike to the nearest gym -- once I learn to ride it!

I have the luxury of living near a fairly large county park, so I would be as happy walking the track (or working with a trainer to pick up running or jogging).

What say you, Sparkers? What options should I explore?

A) Join another gym (and hire a bike coach)
B) Work out my own program between walking and DVDs
C) Work out my own program between walking and hiring a trainer
D) Other

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HANKENSTEIN 3/2/2011 5:01PM

    You know you best, B. Have the other friends of yours at the facility that's closing indicated where they are heading? Perhaps you could all end up at the same place again?

Be careful in that park. There's some riff-raff lingering. LOL

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SNOWANGELDIVA 2/28/2011 8:00PM

    Follow the path of least resistance?

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Time for Some Action!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Greetings, SP! I just joined a few days ago and already I feel very much at home.

I had been very successful at losing weight over the last few years and suffered a major setback in 2009. While I am not in fighting form yet, I did make some progress this year. I thought that I would spend the last day of 2010 not milling over what I didn't accomplish, but rather what I did:

1) Took off 25 pounds since Thanksgiving 2009. (There were a lot of weight-related low points in 2009 and this was the second lowest.)

2) Became a certified primary aerobic instructor. I am still working on becoming certified with another organization, but getting that certificate in the mail was quite a kick!

3) I moved -- before work, after work, on the weekend, when I wanted to, when I didn't want to, in sun, in rain, in snow, in bitter cold. Even though the numbers aren't I think they would have been, my clothes fit well, my skin is clear, my hair is growing and my BP is down (most of the time!)

I'm not a big fan of resolutions since they're so results-oriented, but I do have a list of things that I am committed to doing in 2011:

1) Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. When I was losing before, this wasn't an issue, but now it's a challenge.

2) Move six days a week -- whether it's walking, Curves, strength training, Zumba (more on that later), or another activity. I am stressing the six days because right now I work out practically every day. I really need to convince myself that my body needs a recovery day.

3) Track food, water and activity every day. I am still getting used to the SP tracker, but I track on pen and paper every day, usually a day in advance when I can.

4) Prepare for my second certification through regular study. This means purchasing the text, study guide, etc., and making time to study for written and practical once a week or so.

5) Take a Zumba class at least twice a month. I am a licensed instructor who is too bashful to teach -- that has to change in 2011!

6) Get out more -- some of you who have been at the weight loss thing for a while know that sometimes the whole gig gets isolating.

7) Read my piece. (Back story: in 2009 a national women's magazine published a story about my weight loss. With everything going on in my life then, I have gone to great lengths to avoid reading it and minimize it whenever anyone talks about it.)

Anyone notice a pattern here? Most of my goals are all about regular efforts (mostly daily), not getting results. I encourage everyone to work on their goals on a daily basis -- we may not always be able to control the results, but miraculous things will still take place!

I will eventually update my stats and post my photo/link so you all can see what I wrote when I was in a better place. Until then, I hope to see everyone meet their 2011 goals!

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    I was bashful about teaching Zumba also. I am now a certified instructor, got certified in Sept.2010 started teaching in February 2011. I teach twice a week, was paranoid about my weight(158.5) getting in front of people but many of my students aspire to be where I am.My first class had 75 people in it. You have no idea how shy I am but I love teaching wish I had done it sooner.It is good for my self esteem and it keeps me in shape i can encourage others, grasp your dreams in this new year you are already a wonderful role model for me be like Nike, just do it!!!

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HANKENSTEIN 12/31/2010 10:07AM

    I love what I'm reading about you seeing all the good you have done, and recognizing where you have faltered and why, and tackling those areas in 2011. You will inspire many.

Happy New Year.

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