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Les Arts Decoratifs

Monday, December 12, 2011

Today, I am writing about this place, which is a great place for light hearted fun..they have here, a collection of things for the home..sounds simple. So off, Nic and i went, there was no long line, 10 later, we were in ! And what did I see first combs..the kind you wish you had, with ruby stones ., as went ventured ..we came across period rooms, which are always fun to me..because I will never understand, why the chairs in the 17-18th century were so small, and the dresses so big ! ! so the dress was supposed to hang off ??

Then we found the area for home "advances " ..and we came to chairs ..most of the chairs on display were very uncomfortable looking, I took pics, due to they are art forms ..if nothing the chair that must hang, and you sit inside a bubble ..with a seat can you have a chit -chat..while your seat keeps moving you around ..

Or the wire seat chairs...sorry, i hope i never have to sit on one of those..without a seat cushion , and I HOPE - mine will never be thick enough , to cover that kind of chair !

as for the long red chaise..takes up too much room for a paris apt..not practical..
then there were chairs, that took the classics..and tried to improve them..
like the CLUB CHAIR metal ? ..there is no way to "sink" into steal ..

the pink chair ..looked like your butt, would be on the smallest part of the chair..was this made for stick people..models ? ...the no -butt people ...

my fav, was the updated -folding chair, it becomes totally flat , unlink the metal ones i am use to ..and the plastic seat, i think is a little softer , than the traditional metal seats, and still cleans easy...

and I do love the plastic, re do of the classic Louis 14th clear plastic, I think , this can be a great, extra chair, to a classic dining room..for guests...if they drink ( yes, we are in wine world ) too much, no prob, if they drop food...(cause they drink too much -ha) ..again no prob..its plastic, and for optical purpose, it does not "crowd" the room..making it look smaller...

So in closing- what is the best chair to me ? one that is confortable, easy to clean , works with every decor..and make my butt look smaller ! ha emoticon

i posted the rest of the pics, in my gallary-SP software makes it hard to add pics to blogs ..

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SHOOPETTE 12/13/2011 3:29AM

    I'd be scared to loose my comb if it was with diamonds etc... plastic is less heart attack inducing :)

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Do old people get a pass for mean ?

Thursday, December 08, 2011

I have a qu for you - Nic's mother told him, that I should automatically apologize because she is older ... Nic told me, its a french custom, to apologize to an elder, even if the old person is wrong.She has insluted me for every week I have been in Paris ..I have kept a list ! I do not think she gets a pass ..wrong is wrong -at any age ....i am from the States ..what do you think ? emoticon

i was looking for info on this topic- and found this funny instead ...

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ANNAKBASS 12/9/2011 10:08AM

    In my experience as people get older, the tend to be meaner to family. My father passed away in October and I keep hearing how wonderful, funny and sweet he was to everyone - well not to me he wasn't. I'm glad to hear that he didn't treat others the same way he treated me. I know part of it had to do with the era he was raised - during the depression there were no shades of gray - it was black or white. You just have to keep remembering that there is a generation difference.

I have heard from others that he bragged on me and my family - so I know that he cared and loved - just really didn't know how to show it.

Hang in there. :)

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SHOOPETTE 12/9/2011 1:05AM

    Well by now you know it has nothing to do with her being French nor old, she is crazy and there is nothing you can do about it.
I have to say though, Nic and I both being French, why doesn't he man up and cut the umbilical chord? It is NOT usual for French men to see their moms so often. really. a few times a year, at worst once a month is way enough. Some families do have a ritual of eating together every sunday but that's less and less common these days

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MRE1956 12/8/2011 6:57AM

    Remind her that you are from America, not France, and that the world does not revolve around one culture to the exclusion of others! I REALLY hate it how people use their cultures as "bully pulpits"! That is so, SO wrong!

And, uh, YEAH-old people can indeed be wrong! (Don't ask me how I know this.....)

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

sorry , having card reader issues , here are the pics-here is the electric dress, battery opert..crazy
here is the dress , that is too short in the front, you can't tell by this pic, trust me..
here is the red hoodie, that almost was wearable, but the bulk was too much for me..
here is the plastic dress, like in a wind tunnel ..who would wear plastic can you sit down ?

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SHOOPETTE 12/7/2011 11:22AM

    I like the second pic, looks like something I could almost wear

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Monday, December 05, 2011

In our little world, Nic and I want to keep in touch with the beautiful things of in this kind of weather , going to a museum is logical. For some reason, we set out for LES ARTS DéCORATIFS, we wanted to see some "lighter items" , so chairs and lamps seemed like fun.

The Museum was having a special exhibit of HC, and a booklet was know the kind, to tell you how insightful he is ..blah , wonderful I entered with great enthuse, since I am a fan of PROJECT RUNWAY. This show, i enjoy very much, and it also teaches you some things when you love fashion...Nic was not too keen, but went with me...

WEIRD is the only word, I think can cover this ...The first dress, was buried for 6 months - then he dug it back up - and made the model wear the decaying stink on the runway !! gross !

Then you move into a room where there is a woman, changing clothes , while she rides in a "egg car " ..she never gets to her destination ...just off and on with the clothes ...all the men liked this one ..I left Nic there..

Next was "the unwearable " , dresses that showed your "yahoo" to the world, and a hard plastic dress -in a wind tunnel design..but the "best one " ..are you ready... was an electric dress , powered by batteries ! Lets just think about this HC - ok , you are a girl in a club..dancing , and someone spills a drink on you - your dead are going out to dinner , and need to use the ladies room- one fatal move, your dead ..what is this man thinking ? who would want these items that are worse than a corset ?

30 min later, Nic notices I have moved on..and finds me at the end of this show of weird the suits "with a point " ..out of all the stuff , this almost looked wearable ...but can you see your self in a job interview..and as you shake hands with you possible new suit point - hits him in the eye...not a good impression ...duh..

So in closing..I can only say - save your money friends !

The should have named this show "It does not work " ..pun from show , Tim Gunn always says "make it work the new designers "..

I will link his website ..some things look normal on the site..maybe he has gotten wiser..and knows , he has to pay the electric bill...

I will post later about the rest of the museum . emoticon

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SHOOPETTE 12/5/2011 12:45PM

    we also had Les arts décoratifs here and my friend really liked it, it was a bit less avangarde

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Star Saturday Workouts-Joan Collins

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Its raining here; so our sat plans had to cancel. Nic has to help a friend install a shower , so he was going to drop me off at BHW, a large upscale store, for ..ready..ribbons, and christmas trim for our coming tree...not clothes shopping - someday , I hope to see my stuff (hint Melissa ) . Once he was done, he was going to join me to view the Christmas way I want to shop , in wet clothes, we use the moped for Paris travel,too much traffic for car.

So , now, I thought , I always start my day with a workout, I have to get it out of the I want to my Joan Collins !! What a fun light workout , hits the tummy and legs..but the best part , is her speaking to her trainer, and her comments to her fans

I think, I was born in the wrong era..I LOVE true Hollywood Glam stars..they always look beautiful and polished ...even doing a workout video ..I love it .

And my fav. character was of course her role in Dynasty...I always watched the clothes and hats

So , if you need to do a workout , because your conscience tells you a Hollywood Workout, there are tons of stars - I do not do Joan as a regular workout, usually , I am out and walking, shopping, etc..

As a mental break , do a Star workout , it covers the requirements, plus you get to spend some time with a Star .. emoticon

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SHOOPETTE 12/4/2011 2:09AM

    I wouldn't have thought of her as a workout buddy!

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