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Your Mileage May Vary

Friday, November 09, 2012

I've been reading a lot about post marathon recovery expectations. From what I have found, it seems to vary from 5 days to 5 weeks. Depends on how well you trained before, how many marathons you've done before, and a myriad of other considerations.If you're reading this, I'm sure you know them yourself.

Same thing with the post marathon blues thing. Widely different reports from different folks, not necessarily dependant on whether the runner is a glass half full, or glass half empty personality type.

And, don't get me started on race time predictors! I checked them. Endlessly - before my marathon. I should've run my marathon in less than 5 hours according to ALL the predictors.

However, my andecdotal and limited research via show entirely different expectations. I checked marathon times on guys aged 63ish to 70ish. Both those with few marathons under their belts and lots and lots of marathons to their credit. Briefly put, my conclusions are: if you are over 60 - go ahead and do your marathon prediction, but add at least a half hour to it. They seem wildy skewed towards younger runners.

Okay, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Some times it's good to be a "good enough is good enough" type personality, such as I am. I don't want or need the best of everything. I'm not an exact this or that type. Although, I do have some hobbies which require precision. I kind of stink at it, but it's enjoyable just the same. Good enough is good enough.

So, I kind of approach running the same way. I do tons of research. I love to read about my hobbies, and see what everyone else is doing, and what is the correct way to do it. Then I usually disregard it and go with my 'fly by the seat of my pants' approach, with my research tucked away in the back of my gray matter, just in case I need it.

Hey, it works for me. But, maybe not for you. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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WONDERWOMAN 11/9/2012 10:38PM

    I need to learn that good enough is good enough. Pushing to hard can make bad enough worse. :( Thanks for the reminder that I am very lucky to be as active as I am, in excellent health at this point in my life.

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CEKNIGHT 11/9/2012 8:28PM

    I really like this. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

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BUTTERFLY-1976 11/9/2012 5:34PM

    Great blog. I totally agree ' good enough is good enough'.

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    You are an inspiration.

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FANGFACEKITTY 11/9/2012 1:40PM

    That's good to know about the time predictors. I just used half a dozen of them a few days ago and they all predicted my marathon time to be just about 5:15 or less, based on my last HM time of 2:30 (which was actually my worst time). I just don't see 5:15 happening for me. I'm training with an eye towards a nice 12 minute mile average for a 5:20 finish but, really, I'll be happy to finish at 5:39:59, one second ahead of the sweep crew emoticon

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SKINNYPOWELL1 11/9/2012 1:10PM

    I totally agree with everything you've said. Good enough is always good enough if you give your best and I know you give 100%.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WINDSURFNERD 11/9/2012 12:27PM

    Great blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts! And a BIG Congratulations on running a successful marathon!!!

Good enough is indeed good enough...we all get to make our own decisions about how precise we want/need to be. Some things we do for ourselves (and the joy of doing!) so mileage does indeed vary :)

Good luck on your recovery!

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 11/9/2012 11:00AM

    I always love reading your blogs and you are right...
Good enough IS good enough
Not everyone feels that way, but it is a good way to be and a whole lot less stressful!
Hope the post recovery is going well for you!

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SEABREEZE65 11/9/2012 9:43AM

    Another great blog!!!
I love the idea of "good enough is good enough!"
I recently finished RUNNING THE EDGE which is about pursuing excellence in all areas on one's life. Whew.... that would wear me out. I like to do things as good as I want to do them today. Some days are just better than others.

I agree though that your "good enough" is most likely must better than most people's.

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NATPLUMMER 11/9/2012 9:28AM

    I love your attitude.
I'm doing my first HM on 12/2....I just want to time prediction.

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ONMYMEDS 11/9/2012 9:26AM

    Vic, if I didn't know better, I would think we were twins separated at birth. I'm constantly amazed at how closely your views and attitudes mimic my own. I could easily have written this blog myself, although not nearly as coherently or skillfully.

I love that "good enough is good enough" attitude, although I believe that it works because YOUR "good enough" is consistently over and above most people's "best I can do".

Although I do have random moments of exhilaration, as Bossdear has told me more than once, if I was any more laid back, I would be comatose.

Keep on keeping on.

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Post Marathon Blues?

Thursday, November 08, 2012

I have read that many first time marathoners get something called post marathon blues. Runners train hard, often for many months, to achieve a goal that few have accomplished. Then the goal is completed on marathon day. Naturally, you get the huge sense of accomplishment. Then what? Your goal is done. What can you ever do to match this herculean effort? Now comes a sense of depression or post marathon blues.

Being aware of this possibility it did concern me a bit. I wondered how I would react, post marathon. I need not have been concerned.

In my case, I got home, did my recovery steps. Lots of rest, good diet, stretching and foam rolling as needed to decrease pain. Within a few days, I felt 100 percent. I went for a nice walk/run yesterday. Only 2 miles. I felt great and wanted to go further, but I reigned in, and took it easy. In the afternoon, I did about 15 minutes of ST. Mostly warm up stuff, and then low weights. Again forcing myself to keep it light. I felt great.

Before and after the training, I had been on the computer, looking for races. I found a couple I liked. Signed up for a half marathon that I'd enjoyed last year.

Read an email from - the sponsors of the Savannah Marathon. They asked for my feedback on the race, and in return they'd give me a $10 off coupon for any Rock N Roll event. I did that survey and was rewarded with a $10 off coupon code. I will use that to register for next years RNR Savannah Marathon. I liked it, and it's nearby, so I'll do it again next year.

I've been busy planning my activities, and inching back into training and feeling optimistic about my running possibilities. No marathon blues.

Just another surprise for me. Something I expected that never happened. Wonder if it's just a personality thing? I am just naturally optimistic, I always see the good in a bad situation. I certainly have not lead a charmed life, quite the opposite, in fact. I have had lots of problems, just like everyone else. I choose to not dwell on the negative, though. I look for the good and expect good things to come to me.

For what it's worth, I wasn't born an optimist, I had to work at it. I probably needed to, given my life's circumstances. But, those circumstances we will leave for another day.

So this was just something I've been thinking about, and I've concluded that the marathon blues are not a result of the marathon completion and let down as a natural or normal thing. It's just how one chooses to react to life's situation in general.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JENN03275 11/8/2012 6:22PM

    Great blog.

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NATPLUMMER 11/8/2012 1:48PM


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    You aren't doing absolutely nothing. I think you have done the right thing.

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SKINNYPOWELL1 11/8/2012 10:59AM

    Glad you are taking it "easy".

Love your positive attitude, the glass is always half full. emoticon

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BOILHAM 11/8/2012 10:15AM

    Interesting replies from jopapgh and carolcrc. Apparently no definite answer to why these blues come on. I appreciate those dissenting responses very much.

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CAROLCRC 11/8/2012 9:44AM

    I'm a prime example of how you can do everything right and still get the blues. I trained well, was disappointed in the marathon itself, did all the "right" things afterwards to avoid the blues and still ended up in a distressing three-month funk.

I did recover - after I decided to treat the marathon blues as one would an injury, with a 8-10 week rehab plan. Also figured out I was a little vitamin B deficient and fixed that.

Glad your plan worked for you. Good luck on your next races.

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MASRITE 11/8/2012 9:24AM

    After I finished my 2nd half last year (my first was a month before the 2nd), I did get those blues. It was like, "Now what do I do with myself?" Well, I stopped running. Bad mistake cuz I'm paying for it now. You keep on doing what you are doing. Sounds like you're in a great place and ready to run something else next week!!

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JOPAPGH 11/8/2012 9:11AM

    I respectfully disagree somewhat. I am not negative by nature and was fully aware of the possibility of the post marathon blues after my first marathon. They still came.

I had no such feeling after my recently completed second marathon.

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ONMYMEDS 11/8/2012 7:47AM


Good blog. I had heard the same thing regarding post marathon blues but hadn't really thought much about it as I did not experience this myself. Indeed, despite my poor showing in the marathon itself, my training had brought out and developed a real satisfaction and pleasure in doing long runs. I could barely wait for the following weekend so I could get out and run for 2 or 3 hours.

Also, I had already signed up for some post-marathon events, so I had other things to look forward to.

Once again, congrats on your first marathon and here's hoping you have many more. Perhaps we'll get to run one together some day.

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FANGFACEKITTY 11/8/2012 6:53AM

    I think your analysis is spot on. I've heard many runners get the blues after training for a big race. I have never personally experienced it as I already have something else I want to work towards. I think you are right, and the key is to appreciate the major undertaking one has just accomplished and have that next achievement to work towards.

For me, planning ahead, after my 1st marathon my current plan to start training for a triathlon.

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SEABREEZE65 11/8/2012 6:50AM

    Good blog!

It may be part personality, but I think this post race "non" blues is also just a part of experience and a bit of wisdom.

Being optimistic is a great attitude and greatly influences one's health!

Keep up the strong work!

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From 5K to Marathon In One Year.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

On December 3, 2011 I ran my first race, a 5K in Orlando, FL. I had just turned 65 years old. This was after about 10 weeks of training, which started quite innocently as a way to lose a few pounds. I enjoyed it so much I thought I'd try to do a 5K.

Fast forward just about one year, and I have completed my 1st Marathon. The Savannah Rock N Roll Marathon, on November 3, 2012.

Having started only a year ago, I had no idea how this was going to go. Oh yeah, I had my secret hope of finishing in a certain time, but what do I know, it was all guess work. I had no idea how difficult this task would be. To further complicate matters, I had recently been in a small accident, where I hit my ribs and back a good shot. I have been in pain for the last 2 weeks and wasn't sure how that would affect my race. As it turns out, that was to be the least of my worries. In fact, the ribs hardly hurt at all once I got going. My feet and knees, which had given me trouble in the past also turned out to be almost perfect. Very little pain or discomfort. What did come upon me, was very serious leg cramps later in the race! This never happened during training, so was a complete surprise to me! I toughed it out, stretched as much as I could and was able to finish.

We got to the start line very early, and had to hang around for over an hour to start. I got up too early, didn't need the alarm. So I got dressed in the RV and was all set, so we just marched off to the race - a mile long walk. A nice warm up.

I found my corral easy enough and settled in. DW took a few pics of me standing and waiting. I saw a pacer holding a 4:45 sign, so I thought I'd follow her as long as I could. Which I did until the half marathon mark, and then I lost her.

Once we got started, the first thing I noticed is the massive crowd and onlookers standing on the roadside, all supporting the runners. This went on for almost the entire length of the race. Not having done this before, I was VERY surprised at the huge amount of spectator support. They were out there for us.

The first several miles went just fine. Wasn't too sure about pacing. I didn't want to go out too fast, and I'm just not good at doing my own pacing, so I followed the 4:45 group. This seemed comfortable to me, not too hard. I drank water and gatorade at every stop, carefully attended to my intake of food. I had fig newtons and gummy bears, and a couple of GUs as well. I took in a packet of salt in the near beginning, too. I thought I had this part covered.

When we hit the half marathon mark, the group split up. Half marathoners went right, full marathoners went left. It was now 2:20 into the race. In hindsight, probably still too fast for a marathon pace. I did feel like I was working now, so I slowed down and lost sight of the 4:45 group.

I was now walking once in a while. The miles went by.

Miles 16 through 18 we ran through Savannah State University. I have to say this was the highlight of the race. The kids were out there in full force, and they cheered us on continuously. I couldn't count the number of little groups, doing cheers, dancing, playing music, clapping and yelling. A couple of times someone would run with me, clapping, "you can do this", "I can't run around the block, good job, sir". They were just terrific.

We ran around the athletic track, and I was not feeling like running, I wanted to walk, but I kept going. As we left the campus, my legs began cramping. Calves, quads, AND hamstrings all took their turns. I had to stop several times and stretch. Of course I worried that the cramps would not go away - it was only mile 18 or so. It took a couple of miles of nursing them, stretching, massaging over and over, but they eventually weakened their grip enough to run again.

At one of the water stops they had salt packets, so I loaded up on salt. That may have been what pulled me through the cramps. Certainly, I had been careful with my hydration and eating. I took salt before the start, and during - but maybe not enough.

At the mile 20 sign I laughed and yelled at the 'race coach' "Oh no, The Wall!" which got a lot of laughs and positive reinforcement from the supporters on the side of the road. I never really felt like I hit any wall, it was just constantly being tired - no significant, bump up in fatigue. So I kept going as best I could, now walking a lot. When I tried to speed up, the cramps came back, so I stayed at a slower pace, taking smaller strides which seemed to work.

Just after mile 23 we started back up the ramp to the Harry Truman Parkway, out in full sun, uphill. We runners mostly walked up this hill, it was rough on all of us who ran this pace. For that matter, the rest of the race was uphill, in varying degrees. Not good. This was boring, because there were no spectators, but not too boring, because it was the final 3 miles, and I knew I was within the closing miles of marathondom.

Exit the parkway at mile 25 and heading to the finish. There would be no final push on this race. I was running on willpower, in some pain, but determined. I chugged along the final corridor hearing all the crowd support, they meant well, but it didn't help me much at this point. I forced myself to smile at the finish line, and stumbled across.

I had completed my first marathon!

DW was there, took some pictures. I was in a fog, no sense of elation or emotional reaction that some have. I was expecting it, but in my case, I just felt calm, proud and tired. Interesting, because I have read many marathon reports and folks often are overwhelmed by emotion. Not so for me, that was my reaction and it sort of surprised me.

There was so much food at the finsh! Bagels, chocolate milk, GU, energy bars, fruit cups, bananas and more I am sure. I had no appetite but I forced down a banana and chocolate milk. I took a Snickers energy bar for later.

Sat in the park for a few minutes and then walked back to the RV parking lot. It was another mile of walking. No problem, 'cuz I wasn't in a hurry.

Once I arrived at the RV, almost immediately, I went to to see if Spark Friend Laurie, LAURIE5658, had anything to say on my page. I knew she had been watching my race via some virtual race thingy online.

There were lots of nice comments. The first from Laurie and more from Richard, my geezer pal, ONMYMEDS, who also was spying on me online. He and I both started running at a little later than most, and we both ran a marathon within a year or so of starting. So, we share information on our unique situation. Thank you, Laurie and Richard.

All in all a wonderful experience.

You have to be a runner to understand how something so painful and exhausting can be called "a wonderful experience". But, I guess you sparkers understand.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Edit: I just went online and checked the race results. It seems I won 3rd place in my age division on my very first marathon!!
Edit 2: Just found out there has been a corrected race result. Now I am posted as 4th place, after the correction!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MAESTROSHASHA 5/13/2014 9:35AM

    Spark being what it is, it seems I get people's stories in bits and pieces. Again you are providing inspiration knowing what you accomplished in a year. Sometimes I get discouraged because I am going so slow. Yet I am heartened to know it's not the speed that it takes to reach my goals its the determination to keep going.

One of these days (years) I'm gonna catch up to you! LOL!
Spark On!!!

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ELIZABETH5268 7/19/2013 3:15PM

    That is fabulous! Congrats!

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SUPERSYLPH 6/22/2013 11:17AM

    Wow, you are an inspiration!

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ON2VICTORY 1/31/2013 9:53AM

    Sorry Im a little late to the party buddy, way to go on your accomplishment!!! you did awesome... 4th... you RAWK!!

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CM_GARDNER78 12/14/2012 12:55AM

    WOW!! Your story is SO inspiring!!! Congratulations!! :-)

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REMEMBER2BME 12/13/2012 3:31PM

    Only 4th place? emoticon

emoticon for you!!!! I have only run (walked & jogged really) one marathon but I am so glad I did. I felt kind of the same as you I think, just proud. I was hungry though. I think it was the time my husband was most proud of me.

Great job!!!!

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JUMPUP 12/10/2012 8:15AM

    congratz on this milestone event!

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LIBBYL1 12/6/2012 11:49PM


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  emoticon emoticon

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KIMBOLEAN 12/6/2012 12:07PM


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HEMAMALINI100 12/5/2012 8:41PM

  Wow ! emoticon

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JO28352 12/4/2012 3:57PM

    emoticon Thanks for sharing. Such an inspiration!!!

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FIRECOM 12/4/2012 10:32AM

    I am dutifully impressed. Good on you.

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BOILHAM 12/3/2012 2:50PM

    Chaucer101, I would like to respond to you via your spark page, but there is no link to a spark page for you. Perhaps you have enabled some privacy setting which prohibits others from contacting you?

Hopefully, you will come back and read this:
I used the Hal Higdon Marathon novice program. I altered it to suit me, I didn't always run 4 times a week. At my age I felt I needed more recovery time, so I often skipped one of my short runs. I also incorporated a lot of walking into my longer runs. sometimes 2 min run/ 1 min walk. Other times 3/1 or more running. I was able to finish, and felt pretty good the next day. So, I was pleased with my results. I am now training for a 2nd marathon this February, and will be using the Hal Higdon Senior program. You will find these programs by doing a google search for them.

My personal advice is to not go strictly by any program you decide to use. Listen to your body. That is good advice. Do not be impatient, you will build endurance by slow and steady increments in training time and distances. Do not be hesitant to walk - A LOT - if necessary. Advanced age athletes need much more recovery time. Go slowly and train consistently.

Good luck to you, I hope you are able to do your marathon and 10K and be happy with your results.

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CHAUCER101 12/3/2012 1:19PM

  My husband and I just ran our first 5K in October and we're signed up for a 10k in December. (I'm 59 and he's 55). I'm curious as to what training schedule you used? The one we used for the 5k was perfect for us and had us ready just at the right time. It has been more difficult finding one for a 10k though. The jumps in time/miles is more than we can comfortably do. Any suggestions would be helpful. And yes, it is odd that something that can be so grueling and tiring can make you feel so good! I'm up to about 4 miles non-stop now... I'm tired at the end, but feel so good. My recovery time is really fast as well.

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LOGOULD 12/3/2012 12:13AM

    CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishment!!! That's emoticon

I want to be just like you when I grow up - give me a couple years....I'll get there. Probably not as fast, but I'll cross that magic marathon finish line someday!

You've inspired me!!!

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JIBBIE49 12/2/2012 7:50PM

    Great to see your blog featured in the Spark Mail. What an honor.

Several years ago, PBS-TV had a NOVA episode on doctors at Tufts University studying people who had not been runners and were out of shape, to train for the Boston Marathon in 9 months. After five months they ran a half marathon and the doctors found that they got 90% of the health benefits out of it because they went on to train four more months and run the full marathon and only improved 10% more. They said that they increased their chance of injury much higher to run the full marathon, so people were much better off to run the half marathon with less chance of injury and still have 90% of the health improvement. This program is probably still on the PBS site, but I haven't checked. It was very interesting.

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KATBOXJANITOR 12/2/2012 7:06PM

    Congrats for running and completing your first marathon. emoticon

Personally I doubt I will ever attempt one...running a mile hurts my knees and feet for days! Plantars fasciitis makes it very difficult to *want* to run.

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WHENDERFUL 12/2/2012 6:53PM

    Thank you for the kick in the pants I needed to keep going towads my half marathon goal....who knows....maybe even a full marathon one day! Congratualtions to you...I hope I experience a moment as proud as that one day!

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MARYJEANSL 12/2/2012 3:56PM

  What can I say but Congratulations!! It is an incredible, wonderful achievement.

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TEACHFIRST268 12/1/2012 6:30PM

    What an inspiration!

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PATRICIAANN46 12/1/2012 6:20PM

  Good for YOU!!!!! emoticon

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MAYBER 12/1/2012 4:51PM

    thank you for sharing your experience
know will never run a marathon but sure encourage others to if they can
it is great exercise and motivation to continue on your journey
One day at a time

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BEAUTIFUL_REINA 12/1/2012 1:05PM

    Omigosh this is an AMAZING blog! It was almost like being there, watching you. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and CONGRATS on being 4th in your age division on your very first marathon. Thats just incredible!!!

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AJARRETT 12/1/2012 8:10AM

  Absolutely fantastic!

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LEANMEAN2 12/1/2012 5:47AM


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FRABBIT 11/30/2012 8:13PM

  Way to go!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ROSE284 11/30/2012 4:37PM

    Wow! That is absolutely brilliant! Congratulations!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TIGERESTJEN 11/30/2012 3:10PM

    Wow what inspiration. Speaking as a sparkfriend, I am proud of your succes and you. Super!!!! emoticon emoticon

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LAINYC 11/30/2012 2:35PM


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LHOUSTON5 11/30/2012 1:48PM

    That was an awesome and truly inspiring story! emoticon
I don't even know you, yet I'm so proud of you!!! emoticon emoticon This give me hope, I've run 4 half marathons, but haven't had the courage to go for a full marathon yet..... maybe in 2013?!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LHOUSTON5 11/30/2012 1:45PM

    That was an awesome and inspiring story!! Congrats to you! I dont even know you, yet I'm so proud!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MELAFYAIYAI 11/30/2012 12:49PM

    Fantastic!!!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
PURPLEBABYBEE 11/30/2012 11:14AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IFDEEVARUNS2 11/30/2012 10:48AM

    Awesome marathon!
Sounds like my first, only I suspect I was slower than you are. I started running at age 60 - it's never too late. My first marathon was also in my first year of running. I have now run 3.
I'm usually troubled by cramps towards the end of a marathon, even though I don't experience it often on long training runs. Maybe I'll try a little more salt.
My issue is finding the right fuel - GU and similar things make me ill.
emoticon emoticon

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DUSTYPRAIRIE 11/30/2012 10:17AM

    Fantastic and uplifting bl0g! Glad y0u shared it with us!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DONNALEE24 11/30/2012 9:34AM

    E emoticon xcellent

Report Inappropriate Comment
JGRAY76 11/30/2012 6:53AM

    Great story and it helped motivate me. At 59 I am just starting to run 5K's. Maybe someday I will give a marathon a shot. Congratulations!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LYNMEINDERS 11/30/2012 12:19AM

    WOW...go you...thats awesome

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOVEXAVIE 11/29/2012 11:49PM

  Great job and THANK YOU for sharing your journey with us, both in words and in pics.
Very inspiring!

emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANGIEN9 11/29/2012 11:27PM

    Awesome!! Congratulations on your 4th place finish. Way to go!! Angie

Report Inappropriate Comment
CRYSTLE4HIMTX12 11/29/2012 11:20PM

    emoticon Way to go!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CRAZY_KAT_1984 11/29/2012 10:32PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
That is incredible! I cannot even fathom how you marathoners do it. I've never walked more than 5 miles at a time. You have my admiration & respect!

Report Inappropriate Comment
WHITEANGEL4 11/29/2012 9:39PM

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Report Inappropriate Comment
HDHAWK 11/29/2012 9:04PM

    Such an amazing accomplishment! emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
VANITHA72 11/29/2012 8:53PM

  Wow! That is really great! You ARE a real inspiration for people like me who have turned 40 and weigh at 249 pounds and just keep thinking about doing something but not pushing myself to do it.....

Report Inappropriate Comment
JAMER123 11/29/2012 7:59PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
What an inspiration to others!! Keep it going!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ONEKIDSMOM 11/29/2012 7:46PM

    Woo-hoo! emoticon And a featured blog about it, too! Congrats on your first full marathon... maybe some day I'll do one? But not just yet... I still have a few tri dreams to fulfill. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHARTHESTAR 11/29/2012 7:31PM

Your first Marathon after only runny for a year- and you were in the top 4!
I'd say that was super awesome!!

Congratulations! your hard work and determination paid off!

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BTRFLY08 11/29/2012 7:21PM

    Congratulations!! That is AWESOME!!!


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Ready to Rock N Roll

Friday, November 02, 2012

Got to Savannah yesterday afternoon. I wanted to make sure to get a good parking place at the Savannah Visitors Center. They allow RV parking overnight, and it's less than a mile from the starting line!

We got to the Expo Center at 2PM - so it was really easy to get in and get out. Virtually no traffic problems. I had heard it was a real nightmare last year on the Friday before the race, so that's another reason I decided to arrive Thursday afternoon.

The staff was all very hospitable, and smiling faces everywhere. I didn't shop or look around at all. I beelined it for my race number, T-shirt and swag bag - all at different tables.

DW waited in the RV and was surprised I got back so quickly.

Then we headed to the visitors center to park the RV and settle in for the wait 'til race day. It's now Friday morning, and 51 degrees. They are expecting high temps of 75 tomorrow. Not too bad.

Here I am with my swag.

Today, we'll take the dogs, my 2 boston terriers, down to the start line and check things out.

At my age, I don't get excited about much anymore. I've seen and done a lot, and nothing excites me anymore. This is one of those exceptional times where I am a bit excited. It feels good.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KKINNEA 11/3/2012 6:11PM

    Have an awesome race!!

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DAPHNE_RUNS 11/2/2012 9:38PM

    So glad to read you are going to have some great running weather. Good luck to you!!!

Enjoy the marathon experience.


Report Inappropriate Comment
NWFL59 11/2/2012 7:27PM

    Enjoy the run, looks like you'll have some nice weather. emoticon

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 11/2/2012 1:52PM

    How exciting!!! Good luck!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BUTTERFLY-1976 11/2/2012 1:27PM

    I am sooooo excited for you! I can't wait to read your report.

Good luck & Have fun!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MASRITE 11/2/2012 1:03PM

    I'm so excited for you!! I'm getting antsy and hey, I'm not even running. Good luck tomorrow. You're going to do great!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
PMRUNNER 11/2/2012 11:13AM

    Have a great run! Looking forward to the race report.

Report Inappropriate Comment
CBAILEYC 11/2/2012 11:13AM

    Have a fabulous time and enjoy yourself!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ONMYMEDS 11/2/2012 10:53AM

    Glad to hear that you are excited about this. Best of luck and have a great, enjoyable race.

How about some pics of the inside of your RV? Does it have a kitchen? What a great vehicle to have for traveling to races.

I'll be cheering you on, and waiting for the full race report.

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LAURIE5658 11/2/2012 9:55AM

    Vic, I think I know how you are feeling right now and I am so excited for you!!! Remember, for this first one and because of the bike accident...take it nice and easy. There are plenty of chances for wicked fast marathons in your bright future. For RnR, savor each and every moment!

I am thinking of you!

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MAGGIE805 11/2/2012 9:50AM

    I ran my first RnR last weekend and had a great time! Love the swag and good luck . emoticon

Comment edited on: 11/2/2012 9:52:51 AM

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    Good Luck with the Savannah, hopefully you will get to check out the town a little while you are there. emoticon

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Short Progress Update

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A strong cold weather front brought temps of 51 degrees way down here in Florida this morning! Perfect weather for running.

Today will be my last training run until my marathon this Saturday. My back was injured recently, so I've been having constant soreness. I hesitate to call it pain, although it does hurt sometimes when I get up from lying down. I've cut way back on my training, so as to recover enough to finish on marathon day. However, it is taper week, so I believe my prior training will be enough.

This morning I ran just about 5K, a tad over, actually, in 32:02 without any real pain, or discomfort. I ran the entire distance at a nice even pace and felt fine, not like I was racing or overdoing the run.

Very encouraging. I still have 3 more days of recovery, too.

The weather forecast is for lows of 49 deg and highs in the low to mid 70s on race day. Not ideal, but good enough. I certainly have prepared for warm weather running, another plus for me. I doubt the humidity will be too high either, not like here.

I am getting a bit ansty now. There are so many things to remember.

Okay, this was supposed to be short, so I'm ending it here. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

EMMANYC 11/2/2012 1:56PM

    I know it's not the same kind of injury, or the same distance, but I was surprised to find when I did an HM last year with piriformis trouble and lower back (disc) trouble that I felt no pain at all during the race or in that area for the rest of the day. I think that adrenalin and endorphins kick in and enable you to do what you want and need to do. Good luck with the race!

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MASRITE 11/1/2012 11:31PM

    I know you're going to do so great on Saturday. You are so ready for this. You've trained hard for this and prepared yourself well. Just looking forward to that after marathon blog!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CORBY58 11/1/2012 5:43PM

    Looking at your site makes me want to put on my running shoes again! Loved 10K's. My fastest was a 42:20, but that was 30 years and 55 lbs ago!

Good luck and stay hydrated!


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SKINNYPOWELL1 10/31/2012 9:41AM

    You're gonna be great.

Report Inappropriate Comment
ONMYMEDS 10/30/2012 4:40PM

    Good luck, enjoy yourself. Remember. Geezers rule!!!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LISAINMS 10/30/2012 12:53PM

    Good luck and have fun!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RUN_BAKE_BLOG 10/30/2012 12:28PM

    You will do great!
You have trained hard and I am certain that your back will be fine for the marathon.
You have done everything you can to prepare, so now it is just time to Go Get It!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LAURIE5658 10/30/2012 12:22PM

    Vic, with your training you will be just fine. Antsy is what you want and it will get a little worse before show time. That adrenalin is all part of the plan and you will use it too. It's all good!!!!

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DAPHNE_RUNS 10/30/2012 12:21PM

    Oh Vic, you are going to to just fine for your marathon. Two things to remember; smile for the camera (they are everywhere), and just know your spark friends will be right there with you, in spirit, every step of the way!!!


Report Inappropriate Comment
REMEMBER2BME 10/30/2012 10:19AM

    Outstanding. Enjoy yourself!

Report Inappropriate Comment
HEIDI-25 10/30/2012 10:14AM

    Good luck!! You will be surprised I how much all of your training has paid off on race day. I was :) The crowds and support are amazing and made the actual marathon a wonderful experience- much better than I expected. The training is work- no doubt about that. The race is what you are training for...You will do great!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SLIMMERJESSE 10/30/2012 10:14AM

    Good for you! Enjoy!

Report Inappropriate Comment
STRIVER57 10/30/2012 10:11AM

    good luck! you will do great!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RHONDALYN10 10/30/2012 10:09AM

    You got this!! Show them what Sailors are made of!

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