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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I need to update my Sparkpage but I didn't want to lose the information I used to have it on it so I'm recording it here in a blog so now I can start fresh. :)

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68 days until my wedding. I'm so excited! I have not dropped the weight I wanted but I'm back to basics...tracking everyday, getting in my 8 cup of water, took a step back with exercise for 8 weeks based on a recommendation from a nutritionist but did not see results so today I start back...I will fight my body EVERY hour of every day until I find the right combo of food + exercise to get the results I want! Stay tuned - my first new years goal is to blog more often and to create my vision board!!! (after 4.5 years on spark I think it's finally time!)

My NEW story: 09/30/11

I'm now 34 and ENGAGED! I'm getting married on March 10th, 2012 and couldn't be happier!

In the wake of my job loss 2 years ago, starting a new job, meeting a wonderful guy, moving in with him, and now being has gotten a bit in the way. I got lazy about tracking and my workouts weren't intense or as often as they used to be. I gained back 20lbs and am now fighting to get those back off.

I've added in bootcamp in the mornings 4 days a week, I'm coaching my running group again and run 3 days a week with them. I have also started adding back in spin and kickboxing. I'm struggling to get the snacking under control and it's a daily fight to get my calories down. I'm trying to find that balance between enough to sustain me and enough to lose weight.

I am fit - my resting heart rate is 47 and I'm feeling strong. My arms are more defined than ever and are actually getting smaller but my belly feels the same or actually bigger. I know you can't target specific spots but the scale isn't dropping and the pants are not fitting better...YET! But I'm a fighter I KNOW this works. I have to be honest with myself, control the snacking, and EVERY decision must be planned and be a good one.

Upcoming races:
Women's Half Marathon(nov)
Vegas Half Marathon (dec)
Pf Changs Half Marathon(jan)

My old story:

I'm 31 and have been heavy pretty much since grade school. I think I've always thought of myself as "heavy" even when I look back at pictures of me as a kid and I'm not. I was an army brat so we moved around a lot. I think I dealt w/new situations, feeling left out, and boredom by turning to food. I was always active: dance, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swim team, etc. but it never seemed to keep the weight off. I don't think I really tried at any of them assuming it didn't come easily so it wasn't meant to be. I always tried to bail at running or working out, it just didn't feel good to push myself very hard. I didn't see the point.

I did weight watchers in high school but trying to eat right felt like I was hungry all the time. I lost some weight but it didn't stick and pretty soon I was just content being bigger. College - pizza, subs, dorm food, nothing heathy, still stayed fairly active and thought I should workout but never had time w/school, work, and trying to be a part of the college life.

Then I joined the "real world" I ate what I could afford or what tasted good. Didn't like fruits and veggies, felt guilty about over eating sometimes, but really didn't focus on it. It was always a "one-day" kind of thing. Then I hit a point where I said enough. Put myself on atkins, followed it for 6 months and dropped 50 pounds. I was working out a lot yoga, spin classes, kickboxing, hiking. Then I hurt my leg hiking and I couldn't burn off calories so I stopped working out...I also slowly stopped eating healthy and the weight came back on...all of it PLUS some.

Then I had a picture taken of me and I HATED it. I didn't even recognize me anymore, I wasn't just heavy I WAS FAT! I talked to a co-worker and she told me about spark. I joined right away. I thought some of it was goofy like posting goals, and self affirmations, but I did it all. I stuck with it and the weight started coming off. For the first 6 months I lost 2 pounds a week. It's a lot harder now but somewhere in there it stopped being a diet. It became a way of life. I don't eat bad anymore. Sure I splurge here and there but I pick smart foods, I pick food based on what it can do for my body, not just because it tastes good. My tastes have changed drastically and I'm constantly on the look out for healthy tasty recipes. Vegetables are my main side and fruit has become a yummy sweet treat in the afternoons.

I still have about 20 lbs to get to my goal weight. It is a challenge every week to make sure I make the right decisions. Sometimes I don't get it right but most of the time I do. I know that I am healthier. I am stronger. I influence people around me b/c of what I've accomplished. I've made new friends b/c I'm more active. I'm not afraid to try new activities.

A lot of days I still feel like the "heavy" girl even though the outside doesn't look like it used to. It's getting easier to see me as I am and not who I used to be. I am not the same person as I was when I started this journey. I've grown inside as well as learning about myself. I know that I have to stick w/this and I will reach my goals.

My Program:

So I get lots of questions on what I eat and what works for me. Here are my basics, they worked for me, but everyone is a little different. I know my body is super sensative to carbs so that's my control point.

Food that I use all the time:

DANNON LIGHT& FIT– both the smoothies and the yogurt cups – easy low calorie low fat and sugar. Lately I've been getting the 4oz ones and adding in some Bear Naked protein granola (only 1/8 cup)
EAS ADVANTEDGE SHAKE – chocolate fudge – low calorie, carb high protein – lots of good nutrients – have one everyday 24 pack at Sam’s Club for $26ish
UNSWEETENED SOY MILK – higher protein less sugar than regular milk – I don’t drink milk so I just use this in my coffee everyday
WEIGHT WATCHERS CHEESE– it’s yummy, you can have a bigger portion, and it melts and does everything “real” cheese does
DREAMFIELDS PASTA– low carb high protein – tastes and cooks like regular pasta
SPRAY BUTTER – says 0 calories – there are some in there but it’s better than real butter
AIR POPPED POPCORN w/SPRAY BUTTER – great snack – even take in my purse to the movies
MISSION LOW CARB TORTILLAS w/turkey and mustard.
KASHI BARS- 120 cals for the Dark Choc and Cherry - my new favorite thing to carry around.
MELBA TOAST- the wheat ones are packaged in packs of 5 - these w/laughing cow light cheese are great snacks that crunch.
I make a HUGE pot of chili every other week so I always have a low carb healthy meal full of veggies anytime I need to "grab and go"
SOUTH BEACH DIET PIZZA's - love those - can't have too many but they are good when you don't have time to cook - or when I travel I get a couple and put them in the hotel freezer in my room and cook those rather than go out to eat...not as much fun but way healthier.
CHICKEN CAESAR SALADS - no croutons extra cheese and dressing on the side. Even though the dressing is a little high in cals if you dip in and then eat it's not too bad and it's my staple food for eating out...
My fav snack - 1 cup of really cold grapes and strawberries w/splenda and cool whip free! total treat!

MY TIPS: (maybe they'll help someone!)

CARB CONTROL: I keep my carbs at around 150-180/day and “turn on” the nutrients for calcium, saturated fats, dietary fiber, and iron b/c I try to tack those as well…I eat at the high end of my protein range and just below the carb range that it lists. Don't limit your carbs too much - it works but it's hard to maintain and causes too many bounce backs. I stay around 75 when I'm trying to "kickstart" myself after a plateau but after a week or 2 I put it back around 150...the more I run the more carbs I have to add in...I am comfy around 200 - don't feel like I'm missing out on anything which is the biggest thing for me. I just choose the "right" carbs now - whole wheats, multi-grains, etc...

PROTEIN: I NEVER eat a carb w/out protein w/it. Proteins help your body process the carbs. The 2 go together. I hit over 100g of protein a day! A trainer told me that once and it stuck. Gone are my days of just a bowl of rice. Now the protein is the focus and the rice is along side it...

EXERCISE: I try to do the bulk of my exercising in the morning (5:30am spin classes) and I used the couch to 5k running program to help me learn how to run 3 days a week. I use heart rate monitor to make sure I stay in the right training zone and it will track my calories burned. Now I am using a half marathon training program. I think it helps me the most to have a race or event to prepare for.

MY THOUGHT: Biggest thing is to track your food, drink water, exercise, and weigh in on Sunday so it keeps you honest on the weekends...The nice thing about this site is that you can put in how much or how little you work out and it calculates your calories based off that. It makes it easy to figure out where I should be calorie wise when I can't workout or workout extra so I get enough food and don't overeat.

**********************Original Spark Page***************************
Hi! I just turned 30 and decided it's finally time to take control and make this happen. I am a Purdue Boilermaker located out in sunny AZ. I like to stay active but am looking for a way to balance that with work and healthy eating.

2/20/08 update: I am doing it...66 pounds now. I eat and pick foods now based on what they can do for me, not just that look good. When I set my goal weight it was like "why not?" we can all dream a little but not I can actually see my goal weight now and can even see beating it by a few pounds. I need to add in more strength training and that is my goal for this month. I want to develop a better weight workout to really KNOW which muscles and areas I am working on.

4/22/08 update: I am down over 70lbs now. Not only that but I have a personal trainer at the gym now. 30 mins a week and it's showing. I am in a size 10 now - (down from my original 20-22 size) and can feel my muscles toning and getting stronger. I just ran the Pat's Run in honor of Pat Tillman and it was not only a great race but my time went from a 15 min mile to a 12 min mile! It was a 4.2 mile run and it felt great. Next going to shoot for a 10k and THEN I'm going to sign up for the 1/2 marathon next January. I feel better, I feel healthier, I feel like I can do anything!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TXPATRIOT 10/23/2013 12:18AM

    I wouldn't want to lose all that either!

Inspiring to see read how much you've progressed! Keep up the great work!

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USMAWIFE 10/22/2013 1:45PM

    hope things are going well for you.. your past blogs look encouraging.

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My Blog that's way overdue...w/last year in review...and this year's goals anew!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

hehe yeah that rhymed and its cheesy but it made me laugh so it's staying as the title!!

SOOO my sparkfriends that I have not been keeping in touch with enough...let me catch you on somethings...

I'm getting 51 the MOST amazing guy EVER! I've found a guy that wakes up when I'm getting get up for bootcamp, completely groggy and disheveled, at 4:30am looks over and says "you're pretty, I love you" then falls back asleep. To a guy who supports me at all my races, tells me I look beautiful just the way I am and I that I don't need to lose a pound but if I REALLY want to he'll support me, and who loves me with all my craziness! It's 2 weeks from our 2 year anniversary and I'm still completely happy crazy in love and can't wait to be married to him!
can you tell how happy I am? :)
my constant support:

So I want to be at my thinnest for my wedding day so all year last year I tried this and I tried that and I met with a sports nutritionist and I had blood work done. I increased my exercise I decreased my exercise...I fell in love with bootcamp and hot yoga....I ran and played hard...I ran my 2nd fastest half marathon (out of 10) and I ran my slowest...I decreased my calories, my carbs, my fats....then I increased them all....I pushed my body's limits and I took time to let my body recover....I ran 3 marathons in 3 months...and at the end of it all..I'm the same weight I was when I started the year off...and you know what I was missing the ENTIRE time? Consistency.... consistency...consistency! I did not stick with anything for very long - I got sooooo frustrated that I never let my body adapt to anything for fear I wouldn't get results...and you know what? I didn't get results...and it's ok I've accepted that. I've learned from it all (I hope).

So I will not be my smallest version of me for my wedding...I am still more than 50lbs lighter than I was when I started my spark journey...I will be strong and as fit as I can be by that point. I will be consistent from now until then, no crash craziness...I have found a plan that is working for food right's the chose to lose plan of carb and calorie may not work for everyone....right now it appears to be working for me. I do 1500 calories and healthy carbs and low fat one day and the next day I do 1200 calories no carbs high fat the next. This has kept my cravings to almost none and I have enough energy to do all the activities I am doing. I took off the tamale weight from xmas (David's mom and I made 6 dozen tamales at xmas...YUM but BAD but YUM but BAD...the extras are now buried deep in my freezer for an OCCASIONAL treat).

I am not sure if it's the motivation of the wedding or the fact that I KNOW I can have carbs one days and butter the next that keep my cravings away. I have avoided chocolate, bagels, and donuts at work, appetizers when out for lunch...I EVEN avoided chips and salsa when I went out...which is normally my weakness! whatever it is...I'll take it...I'm back to tracking food...I actually told MARLIE13 I'd send her $50 at the end of the year if she tracked more days than I did! I have a goal to track 347 of food...most of the missing days will be my I'm not tracking on that!! :) which is by the way a's booked, its somewhere warm, I need a bathing suit, possibly my passport...we'll be gone the week after my wedding...and that's all I know! I LOVE surprises!!!

So one thing I did this year was make a vision board...yes I have been on spark for 5 years and I have NEVER made myself a vision I stayed up late on January 1st to make sure I completed it before the year began!

My goals a little different than previous years...most of my goals are to run more and lose weight...well the plan this year is to get married and since I'm almost 35...we would like to start a family right away...God only knows what is in the cards for us in terms of how fast it happens but sooner than later is what we are praying for. So that little plan will throw a little wrench in my running/weightloss....but it means that I want to be my healthiest...I want to continue to be strong...I want to continue running for as long as I can. If it doesn't happen then I'll adjust my goals and go back to my goals of lose weight and run more...but God willing I will be starting a family very soon. I'm sharing that with you to explain the pics on my vision board...I think most things on it are pretty self explanatory...

My goals:
to have my future hubby be able to carry me across the threshold
to get financially stronger as a couple as we merge our finances
to get my life organized both home and paperwork
to get married!!!!!
to start our family
to add in more yoga consistently
to continue to coach running and motivate others around me
to start a blog I've always wanted to do one (one in the real world that is)
to get back to sparkpeople...really get back to the community and support system
to be conistent in tracking food and exericise...and really to be consitent overall
the full board:

close up on one side

close up on the other side

I got the best compliment in my life this week to after I finished my 10th half marathon: "So awesome that you have completed so many races. Truly an inspiration. Thanks for getting me started. I wouldn't have finished my third half had it not been for our friendship. Thank you." So despite not getting all the results I wanted...I was able to inspire someone else to get to their goals...and that makes me all warm and happy inside!

So life is good right now...I have very little to complain about and I'm floating so high on a cloud of happiness and love I'm not sure my feet ever really touch the ground these days...I'm not sure they need too quite yet!

I've already started out my year with my 10th half marathon in 4 years...pretty awesome!

Consistency is the name of the game this year and I will get there...if I've learned one thing....there is no stopping what I can do...the impossible is no longer a word in my vocabulary! Here's to what will probably be one of the most exciting years of my life!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KISHYMARIE 3/1/2012 10:16AM

    What a great blog! I loved it! CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming wedding... you seem so very happy, what a blessing!!

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JEM0622 2/23/2012 1:15PM

    sorry for my belated congrats but emoticon you are doing so well! very proud of all you have done and this is going to be an amazing year! emoticon

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MARLIE13 1/24/2012 10:29PM

    Wooohoo! Awesome blog. Yeah…It took me that long to get around to reading it. I had my head up my a$$ I think. Or something like that. Haha! What struck me the most is what you said about D and the “you’re pretty” at 4:30am. LOVE IT! He is definitely a keeper. Your goals are amazing and I know you will meet them all. You really are an inspiration to soooo many. Mainly me!

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RAINEMARIE214 1/20/2012 12:32PM

    I'm so excited for you! You sound so happy and I know that you will make 2012 a really fantastic year for you and your soon-to-be hubby!!

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KAMAPERRY 1/19/2012 11:03PM

    How exciting, congrats!! You both look so happy!

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ZIRCADIA 1/19/2012 5:09PM

    I need that consistency here, too... But anyway - WOOHOO to you and congrats on the upcoming nuptials. Sounds like you found THE RIGHT GUY. :) *HUGS*

We just moved to a new place - starting the year in a new state, with the DH's first career type job, and me not having to carry the money making burden... it's a whole new world! hahaha. And maybe kids coming in the nearer than ever before future... not right away, but not as far out as previous which was - ok at least not until he finds a job. :) You know? Anyway. Good to hear from you. I'm starting myself to tracking again right now, too - today is like day 3?

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10-10-11 burning 9600 calories in a week!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I ran 11.5 miles Saturday morning and this picture rings pretty true!! haha!

This blog is more my rambling about what I didn't lose any weight when I burned 9600 calories!
Alright so I burned 9600 calories this week but what does that look like?
Well it was:
Sun: 6.5 mile run
Mon 5:30am bootcamp (weights)
4:30pm spin
5:30pm body pump (weights)
Tues 5:30am bootcamp (weights)
5:30pm 5ml run in the rain
Wed 5:30am bootcamp (weights)
Thurs 5:30am bootcamp (weights)
4:30 40min trail run
5:30pm Kickboxing
6:30pm Yoga
Friday OFF
Saturday 11.5 miles
Sunday OFF

So I didn't lose any weight this week - so now you ask what was my deficit...well I didn't track last Sunday for food (bad me very bad me) but lets assume a high number like 1800...even though I think I ate well I don't know for sure!

So my BMR is 1550 per day so I get 10850 then lets add in the burned calories from exercise of 9600 so total burned calories are 20450 then subtract out my calories I ate at get 7068 divided by 3500 which should be a weightloss of 2lbs...what's the scale read...200...yep didn't lose a pound...and my clothes are not fitting any better either -so it's not like inches are coming off instead. :/ This is the freaking story of the last few months!!! I even contacted a sports nutritionist this week but she isn't accepting any new clients!! :( (looking for suggestions for an online person since there aren't many locally!)

My next step: I am going to try a fat burner this week - I have never, nor do I think that supplements are needed, BUT something has to change! I don't want to do it but after 2 months of doing what I'm doing it's not working. I have already dropped the carbs this week...preplanned all our meals and will see if that makes a difference but next step is a fat burner. My boot camp instructor recommended one so I'll try it an see. It should not be THIS hard to lose weight. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement but I keep going because my body will lose this battle and the weight will come off! Will it come off in time for my wedding is the question....

So this weeks plan - fat burner and lower the carbs and maintain activity level...stay tuned for those results next week!

Now on the positive side - I feel great, tons of energy, feeling stronger and stronger. I'm just hoping the scale will start reflecting what I'm feeling!

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MARLIE13 10/13/2011 11:05PM

    I’ve been thinking…what about going to see an endocrinologist? Maybe to rule out PCOS or thyroid issues or something else? I think a sports nutritionist is a great idea. I’m sure we can turn up a reputable one with all of our heads together. Are there any running coaches in your area that could recommend a good nutritionist…licensed/certified of course?

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KAMAPERRY 10/10/2011 9:59PM

    Love this picture! I agree with Kirstab, maybe you need to eat more!

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BOILERINAZ 10/10/2011 3:30PM

    Yeah I try for 1500 but end up about 1800-2000/day...Sunday was probably about 1500 but was guessing higher in case I was off...I would like to be at the 1500 cal range I just can't stay there...I'm hungry all the I have upped the workouts to cover the extra calories...but just not working! :)

That picture makes me laugh all the time - I have it posted in my cube at work!

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KIRSTAB 10/10/2011 3:15PM

    PS love this picture. I showed it to my hubby when we started Couch 2 5k. It's so awesome. :)

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KIRSTAB 10/10/2011 3:14PM

    So frustrating!!! I'm curious about the fat burner.

Are you getting enough calories? If 1800 would have been a high day, are you trying to be under 1550/day? My range is 1200-1550/day and I strive for 2000 cals burned from exercise. You should be in a different calorie range than me for sure!

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Friday 9/30/11 can't tell if I lost 1 pound or gained 3...

Friday, September 30, 2011

I found this on a friends facebook page and totally stole it...I'm thinking of having it enlarged to door size and mounting it to the closet door since it is OBVIOUSLY true!

Gotta love the stupid scale...I weighed in this morning at 202 knew that wasn't right so I calibrated the scale (it's digital so it's I have to tap it to zero it out) and then I weighed and it was 196.4 well that's too low so I did the tap thing again and I got 199.6 then again and I got 197.6 then again and I got 198.2 and again and I got 198.4 so I'm just going to go with the whole 198 ish thing and weigh again tomorrow...what sort of nonsense is that...hopes dashes...hopes up...down up down up ....oh yeah its a darn scale...stupid stupid scale! How's a girl supposed to measure her progress...and yes I'm too cheap to buy a new scale!

This week's workouts went well I burned 6912 calories in 575 minutes (LOVE HAVING THE NEW HRM...PolarRS300!)...I had hoped to get in 5 miles this morning but ended up sleeping a little extra and just got in 3 miles. I will miss my long run with my group this week - it is my fiance's and my first class with the church tonight and tomorrow for our marriage requirements. We have class from 7-10pm tonight...which is bad for me bc I usually go to bed before 10 on Fridays and then again tomorrow from's going to be a LONG weekend...I would like to get up early and run but we'll see how tired I am. Might have to move my long run to Sunday morning instead. Unfortunately they are providing breakfast snacks and lunch tonight and tomorrow so I'm going to have to be prepared to be good and just make the best possible decisions I can.

I just found out that we will have to go to 5pm church tomorrow at the end of our first marriage class. That means that I will be in church AT THE SAME TIME AS THE PURDUE vs NOTRE DAME GAME. Maybe he’ll be so distracted watching me in church to make sure I don’t mess up that he’ll forget to help them in the game and Purdue will win…I know for SURE I'm praying for a Boiler win! GO BOILERS!

Here's to good healthy eating this weekend!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GBELL11 10/3/2011 11:20AM

  maybe you could use some other form of measurement like waist measurement, how your pants fit? god luck

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KAMAPERRY 10/1/2011 1:42PM

    Throw out that dumb scale!

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BILL60 10/1/2011 8:08AM

    That's a bunch of church time. Hang tough!!

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MARLIE13 9/30/2011 11:56PM

    Oh goodness. What are we going to do with you! haha! I need to see a video of this scale tapping thing. Hoping you survive church while your Boilers are playing. haha!

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Daily Blog - 9/27/11

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

It was a good but busy weekend -with the wedding it seems like there is SOOO much stuff to do and never enough time! We did get 90% of the addresses for invitations and sent our Save the Dates yesterday so I am very happy about that! We also went to a few stores and registered for a ton of stuff we don't need (lol our house is full but we have to put something on the registry I guess!). lots of kitchen stuff - hopefully for cooking healthy stuff!

I had a great 10 mile run on Saturday - I was excited by that! I had only 5 hour sleep the night before, not a great dinner, and was on call for work so didn't expect that but it was awesome! didn't even need walk breaks - I stopped 3 short times for gatorade at the coolers and then kept going. I actually ran 7.5 and decided I could get in more before I got a work call so I went back out at mile and then I was at 9.5 so I went back out for the last .5 was great! I felt legs felt good...and I am feeling much better about my 3 half marathons (one in nov, one in dec, and one in jan!) now that I have 10 miles down! Its been since march since I've run 10 miles so the confidence booster by doing it was great!

I got my heart rater monitor replaced as well! REI upgraded me to a new model for free! It was awesome! I am so happy with the new one and it's working great so far! I did bootcamp yesterday morning and then after work I went to my first spin class in months! It was the great - the instructor was AWESOME super tough super intense...I loved it! I am glad the lights were off or everyone would have seen my goofy smile when we hit sprints...yeah I LOVE spin that much! I can't believe it's been so long since I did it! the girl teaching was a sub so hoping the regular instructor is just as awesome as well! I also tried body pump = a weight lighting barbell was good - I really want more cardio but it was fun and since I did spin first I burned another 800 calories in body pump so I can't complain too much! hoping this is the jump start my body needs to start shedding pounds! I was thinking it was because I wasn't getting my heart rate up to a high enough rate for long enough...I had it over 170 quite a few times last night! I might do kickboxing on Thursday evening as well instead of my running and then run Friday mornings! kickboxing should ramp it up pretty high too!

Nice thing is that I'm a little stiff and muscles are fatigued -- but I'm NOT sore...yet! lol I know if I keep working out then it prevents the soreness! Eating is a little better - not great - I did cheat saturday night - mostly as a reward for an awesome 10mile run. I need to break that habit bc I've had plenty of reward meals that were unearned lately!

Was not great today but if I stay in line for dinner I might just come out ok!

Alrightly I'm off to run and strength train and run some more!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MARLIE13 9/29/2011 10:47PM

    Weights weights weights! They’ll change your body composition and help you burn more calories at a time. But the HITT cardio will getcha going too. Sounds awesome! I’m looking forward to mixing it up more here when the marathon is over. What’s the new HRM? Still Polar?

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BILL60 9/28/2011 7:24AM

    Lots of activities. You're really doing great!! Keep it up.

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