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Maintaining My Positive Attitude

Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh how I have missed aqua fit Friday and today! I have gout and my foot hurts, but I am still active.
I went to church yesterday and out with friends. I read last night and this morning.
Later I am doing chair exercises.
Dh wants me to take the truck in today for detailing.
Am I in pain? Yes, I am and ignoring it to the best of my ability.
We are going to a conference in Dallas this week with friends, so I plan to be healed completely by then.
I have been studying what to eat and what not to eat for gout.
Apparently kidney patients, of which I am one, get gout. So I am following a low protein, low purine diet. Purines in food also cause gout.
Most important, I believe that I can defeat this malady, this irritation in my life.
Attitude is everything. We must never give up our quest for good health and learn everything we can.
I am not going down without a fight!
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37

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LIFE-FAITH 9/17/2014 9:32AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Keep up doing what you are doing for YOU!
You are awesome!

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DIANESKATZ 9/16/2014 1:23PM

    I don't know anything about gout but will research it to see what you are enduring. Never give up Linda. You have come so far! I have problems with my foot too; plantar faciitis I think. The heel hurts when I walk too much which irritates me because I like to walk. Tomorrow we are going to try aqua fit in the morning. I did it last Wednesday and had a good time. My friend Norma is currently at zumba. She's petite and has a lot of energy. I was too tired to go to the gym today. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day. Feel better and don't quit. We'll help each other.
emoticon emoticon

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KAREN-IS-HERE 9/16/2014 11:32AM


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TRESSWANN 9/15/2014 8:03PM

    You can and will defeat this!

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IAM_HIS 9/15/2014 4:31PM

    emoticon you are amazing and can do anything... emoticon

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AUNTRENEE 9/15/2014 10:59AM

    At least you got to enjoy your time with friends yesterday. I ended up walking to church. My dad slept in yesterday so I had to walk to and back from church. Then I mowed the yard last night. By the time I got done, it was getting dark. Almost to where I couldn't see.

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PATTIEMCD 9/15/2014 10:59AM

    I am so sorry you have to deal with this crummy condition. After you first told me, I spent some time online learning about it and reading what ppl have posted about how they deal with it. I agree about how someone's attitude is everything. It can either make or break a person, regardless of where it is directed at. I hope your foot issue disappears soon. :-)

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What I Wish People Knew

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The world is getting crazier, or am I just getting older?

I remember the days when you could trust people. Those people are now fewer and further between.

I remember the days when people would dress up, for funerals especially. At yesterday's funeral, kids were wearing shorts, shirttails out, caps on backwards. I was dressed in black and heels. DH wore his dress uniform. Many people in the military were there in their dress uniforms. ... but the young people...!

I wish that people had integrity. I have come to know when someone is lying to me. It is more often than it used to be.

I wish that people would own up to their mistakes and correct them. That is character.

We learn when we are teachable. If you can't take criticism, you will never learn.

Finally God gave us two ears and one mouth, listen twice and speak once!

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IAM_HIS 9/15/2014 4:32PM

    I just said most of what you here today to my friend... emoticon emoticon emoticon We lived in the truly Good Ole Days.

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DIANESKATZ 9/8/2014 6:29PM

    My sentiments EXACTLY Linda!
I find that in general people are just plain RUDE; especially in WalMart. Don't know why but that store seems to bring out the worst in people. As for the youth of today..don't even get me started! They in one word are spoiled too much. I include my own grandchildren in this; not by me but by their own parents who dote on them for every little accomplishment. In the mall a young man and I were saying how we used to be happy with inexpensive gifts. Now if you don't give a child technology as a gift he/she looks at you weird! Gone are the simple joys of childhood and coloring books. Yet, I wouldn't trade my childhood for any of today.

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LINDIEMAE 9/7/2014 9:15PM

    It is up to the parents to raise them up - it is up to them as adults to accept those values and ethics, or drop them and do their own thing. We've all been kids, all did things our way and dressed our way as well. Everything evolves and changes, history has shown this. You kinda just have to zip the lips and just look away, I know I see things that make me shake my head today. Or is the old timers?? I really liked this post, and glad you posted !!

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PATTIEMCD 9/7/2014 9:07PM

Yes, we are older and [ I think ] that is what makes us more aware.
Just take a look back in history....ppl have always been crazy. Some more than others. I was 13 yrs old when one of my brothers died. When I got a bit older, I cringed at what my mother had me wear to his funeral. smh.
From my experience, I never encountered a time in my life where I thought I could just trust ppl. I have unfortunately trusted more ppl than I should have but, those experiences taught me to be more careful. I wish all mistakes were correctable ! But owning up to them would definitely show character. I would like to hear more sincere apologies from ppl. Sincere being the key word here. Lol
I don't take criticism well. The word alone just irritates me. I like to say, "Positive Feedback". :-)
I'm sensing from this particular Blog that you've recently been rubbing elbows with some ppl that have left you, ummmm, a bit miffed ?
Leave it to God. Keep your focus on you, your hubby and the ppl you love.
Because really, that's all that matters.


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BRENDA_G50 9/7/2014 8:02PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RAPUNZEL53 9/7/2014 7:55PM


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Life - Make It Count!

Monday, August 18, 2014

We can and should enjoy life. I have had the philosophy that if you don't have a good time whatever you are doing, it is your own fault.

I also like what Eleanor Roosevelt said about the purpose of life.

You all know that we make choices in life. Here is what Shaw had to say.

Of course, no one likes a giddy-know-it-all, so be aware of others around you and how they might be feeling. If someone is depressed, for example, they don't want to see you all happy, happy, happy. Of course, you can still be happy but be empathetic without being overbearing.

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ANASONIC 8/23/2014 9:22AM


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DIANESKATZ 8/19/2014 7:44PM


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KAREN-IS-HERE 8/19/2014 8:40AM


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TRESSWANN 8/18/2014 8:19PM

    Love the blog

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KIN59VARA 8/18/2014 1:35PM

    Love the quotes and the pictures.

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Getting Back To Self Image

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In July, my team had a challenge of motivation and in June to throw out the negative self talk. These are real challenges especially for women. We are especially critical of ourselves, seeing every flaw on our faces and bodies.
Yesterday before aqua fit, me and a group of women were discussing what we don't like about our bodies. Later on, I realized I still need to work on the negative image. Wow! You can just slip right back into that negative talk easily.
So I plan to post those 10 steps and re-read them every morning until I finally get it.
Here they are for those of you who are not on my team. As you can see, I "borrowed" this from somewhere else, but it is so good!

10 Steps to Loving Your Body (c)
by Pat Ballard
1. Never stand in front of a mirror and think negative thoughts about yourself.
2. Never stand anywhere and think negative thoughts about yourself.
3. Search carefully for your good points and when you have found them, nourish them and build on them and cause them to grow daily.
4. Close your mind to any negative words, thoughts or actions that someone might send your way. Don’t allow negative thoughts into your subconscious.
5. Always conduct yourself in an honorable fashion and don’t allow your mouth to appear larger than your body.
6. Always do your best to look like you care about yourself, as no one respects a slob, no matter what size that slob might be.
7. Learn what your best colors are, what your best hair style is, and what your best clothes style is, and never leave your house without being dressed accordingly.
8. Always, and without fail, smile and simply say, “Thank you,” when you receive a compliment. Never think or say that the compliment isn’t true.
9. Stop apologizing about your size. Expect everyone to accept you, respect you, and be
happy with you just the way you are.
10. But most of all, you have to love yourself. When you love yourself, others will love you and respond to you in the exact manner as you feel about yourself.

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CIERAPOET 8/17/2014 5:55PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Such a blessed reminder Linda! We have to LOVE ourselves and SPEAK Life to Ourselves if we expect ANYONE else to love and respect us. I've learned that through the years and still working on it. God sees us as BEAUTY in motion! His Creation and WE should too! I'm Beauty!
Thanks again!
Love & Blessings!

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TRESSWANN 8/12/2014 7:58PM

    Really nice. Thanks for sharing

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DIANESKATZ 8/12/2014 12:41PM

    emoticon I especially liked point #8. So often when any of us receive a compliment we shrug it off, say nothing or say something negative about ourselves. It is time we started to simply say thank you and love ourselves too. It's okay to do. I am going to apply these things. Thank you Linda!

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PATTIEMCD 8/12/2014 11:53AM


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DOTTIEJANE1 8/12/2014 11:43AM


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MAINEALI 8/12/2014 11:25AM

    I'm guilty of negative self talk! This list if amazing. Maybe I should post it too and read it until I get it!


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AUNTRENEE 8/12/2014 11:02AM

    Amen to that.

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KAREN-IS-HERE 8/12/2014 10:53AM

    yes mam! emoticon emoticon

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Candidly Digging Deep

Thursday, August 07, 2014

I have been talking about starting a graphic design business for a while now. My logo is on my page and I have a website, but I have not joined any networking organizations (the best way to gain business).
When I was looking at the Chamber of Commerce website on Monday, getting ready to join, something held me back. What? I wondered.
I looked at the areas of my life, self, spiritual, finances, nature, family, etc. I realized that it is fear of failure. Why?
I am still working on the why.
There have been many failures in my life.
I do believe I have the ability to do the business. I believe I have the tools to succeed. I also believe that you are never too old to start something new. What have I been afraid of?
I am discovering it is a long held belief coming from my family... my father had his own business but died young. My mother then was fearful of the future and raising the family by herself.
I am afraid my health won't hold up. I am afraid I will lose the money I have invested into getting clients.
This fear has found its way into other areas of my life, two failed marriages, getting fired from one job, getting laid off from two others.
So I am working on it.
The Bible says to not be worried or fearful. I am doing my best to put that into practice and I will, at last, join the Chamber of Commerce... soon.

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LAURELEI 8/8/2014 4:05PM

    I always repeat this and sometimes it helps "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."
Confucius emoticon

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LIFE-FAITH 8/7/2014 7:41PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Wishing you the best!!! take care of you and emoticon your kidneys! Jean

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PGHP31CK 8/7/2014 11:59AM

    Of course you can do it!!!! Faith is knowing that, when we take a step into the darkness, we'll either step on solid ground, or receive flying lessons!

Praying strength & courage for you!

Philipians 4:6-7

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WIFE48 8/7/2014 10:07AM

    emoticon Good luck on your new adventure.

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PATTIEMCD 8/7/2014 10:01AM

    Whenever I hear someone say they would love to start their own business but are afraid of all the "What Ifs" that hold them back...the first thing that always seems to pop in to my head is the woman who started Angie's List. A few years back when I saw her first Ad, I scoffed and thought, " really? who is going to pay to join a Site to read reviews about businesses"? I don't know how the Businesses get on there to be rated or if the Business has to pay to be on Angie's List... I was really skeptic back then. But, look at her now. Promote, promote, promote your business. Long and Loud !

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KAREN-IS-HERE 8/7/2014 9:52AM


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AUNTRENEE 8/7/2014 9:37AM

    Go for what you believe in. Go for the goal of what you have set for yourself and no one else's goals.

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