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Today's workout

Monday, July 30, 2012

Decided to hit up the Prevention 3-2-1 DVD and enjoyed it just as much this time as I did last week. I was feeling a little sluggish after the use of flexeril last night, but once I got going my energy perked up and I started feeling really good during the workout.

I've also decided to try out the 100 Push-up challange. Today was day 1 of Week 1. My MAX was 10 good form, on the knees push ups. My upper body strength is an area I'm working on since right now it's pretty pathetic. Lol. It will be interesting to see where I'm at at the end of 6 weeks.

Here is the link in case anyone is interested in trying it out.

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GRANDMABABA 7/30/2012 4:16PM

    Sounds challenging. Good luck!

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Goals for 7/30-8/5

Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Monday, folks! That means it's time to set goals for the week. I know, I know, this isn't my favorite thing to do either. But it does help keep me accountable. I have an alarm set in my phone to remind me to do it. So at minimum, I am thinking about ways to be healthy at least once a week. It's harder to get off track that way.

Water: I am still struggling with this goal. I think I may change the name of my "wake up" alarm to "hydrate or die". Water is very important and will continue to be a weekly goal of mine until the end of time.

Blogging my workouts: This is going great! I love having a way to keep track of what I've done AND how I felt before/after. It's been 2 weeks of consistently doing it, and it is now becoming a habit. If you don't do this I highly recommend it!

New goal for this week: Try not to go crazy on junk foods. My daughter's birthday is tomorrow and we will be going out of town this weekend. Both of those always end up in cake and ice cream overload. Plus snacks in the car, fast food on the road, etc. Moderation and good snack choices will be the goal here.

Financial goal for this week: Create a budget for this pay check. Financial health is a pretty new goal for us. Well worth the time and effort put into it.

Now that my goals are set, it's time to get busy accomplishing them. Have a great week! emoticon

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BOBBYS1GIRL 8/1/2012 9:02PM

    You can do it Cassie!

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CASSIE-O 7/31/2012 9:00AM

    I'm so glad that you are have goals and are doing them!

Water and fitness are my goals for the week.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Hubby is coming home early from deployment! I probably won't be very active on here the next few days. I am going to clean up today and he'll be here tonight. We will spend the next few days adjusting and celebrating his return. Can't wait!


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ALLIEALLIE2 7/27/2012 11:52AM


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Landscaping and life

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I did not work out today. After spending 2 1/2 hours working in the yard, I decided to give my body a rest.

I'm one of those weird people who actually likes yard work. Something about seeing my hard work create something beautiful is centering for me. My yard was a total nightmare when we first bought this house, especially around back. I knew it had potential, but it will take a long time to get it where I want it. A few trees have been taken out, and years worth of leaves and branches and mulch has finally been cleared away. 10 overgrown bushes have been taken out from the front yard and replaced with prettier, more manageable plants.

I'm watching my yard slowly transform. It's a process. A little work on a consistent basis is bringing out the best in my yard. Everytime I accomplish something in it, I see that it's good and it motivates me to do more. It can be overwhelming at times. But when I make myself just get started, and decide to do just a little, I still see the progress. And slow progress is better than no progress.

It's the same thing with getting healthy. My body is like my yard. An unfinished project with so much potential, and I want it to be the best it can be. But it takes those consistent, little steps to get there. I know that if I can just get started on a workout, I'll see it through to the end. If I just get started planning my meals, I'll eat better that week. If I just get started drinking water first thing in the morning, I'm likely to continue drinking it through out the day.

Look at the potential your body has, and see what steps you can just get started on to push you towards your goal. It only takes a little bit of effort, every day to see progress.

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DO4FIT 7/25/2012 9:57PM

  wonderful analogy (sp?).

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CASSIE-O 7/25/2012 9:46PM

    Love this needed to read this.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today has been horribly emotional for me. It feels like the hits just keep on coming. I was feeling so down and I just didn't have a long, energy filled work out in me. So I did 30 minutes of yoga for stress relief.

Being healthy isn't just a physical's mental. Sometimes you just have to take that time to get your head on straight. And that's what today's work out was for me. Take care of your mind, and you'll be more successful in your efforts to take care of your body.

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DO4FIT 7/24/2012 8:19PM

  True story. Sorry to hear your day was so horrible. Hope it starts looking up!

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PEZMOM1 7/24/2012 1:40PM

    So true.

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NWLIFESRC 7/24/2012 1:32PM


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