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Molly the Wonder Dog, RIP

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last night, we had to have my darling loving soulmate, our 14yo Keeshond Molly Malone, PTS.

This morning I walked our other dog to the park so I could sit down and cry my eyes out without anyone seeing me.

I'm just devastated by losing my "heart dog" as a friend of mine says. I've had her longer than I've been married. Molly got me through losing my parents, and I regard her as having actually saved my life.

Right now it's really hard for me to even care about what I eat, *if* I eat, exercise, pounds, calories, or much of anything else. What difference does it all make, anyway? It won't bring my sweet Molly back...

I'm adding part of what I posted to a list that I'm on:

It is with great sadness that I post this. Our 14-year-old Keeshond, Molly, is no longer with us.

She became ill suddenly on Saturday, and it was determined by the emergency vet that she was bleeding internally from an unknown cause. Due to her advanced age, we decided that the best thing for her was simply to let her go without subjecting her to extensive tests or aggressive treatment regimens.

Her buoyant, cheerful, exuberant spirit delighted us and touched everyone she met as she welcomed people to our home with her ears up and fluffy tail wagging. A number of DASFAns have experienced her desire to become the world's largest lap dog! When I took Molly to Media*West Con in Lansing MI, she earned her nickname of "Molly the Wonder Dog" among my fellow RatPatrol fans. She never met a human she didn't like, and at Media*West she happily dragged me across function rooms to be petted into oblivion by total strangers.

Gail Barton helped me find and adopt her, as we searched shelters all over the Metro area looking for a Keeshond. We found two that day in July 1997, at Table Mountain Animal Center -- one male with a waiting list of adopters, and a female who had been brought in just a couple of hours earlier. When the staff brought her to meet us, she ran around in circles, barked, and bounced her way right into my heart. She was there for me during both the saddest and happiest times of my life, and even played a small role in Tay's and my courtship and engagement. She gave us her whole heart and many years of laughter, love, and joy (even though her youthful shenanigans sometimes drove me round the bend...!).

Of course we're very sad at losing Molly, but we're glad that we have so many lovely memories of our sweet girl.

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SWALLOWTAIL22 8/29/2010 10:48PM

  So sorry for your loss. She looks like she was a wonderful companion.

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CAPTHAMMER 8/29/2010 10:43PM

    Molly was a beautiful girl. Thanks for sharing her photos. You were very lucky to have a friend like her. Treasure the memories and be very glad for the time you shared.

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MART = Massive Road Trip!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just got back Wednesday night from the longest road trip I think I've ever been on. It was my best friend's business trip to Vancouver, but my DH and I tagged along for the fun of it and so he could help her with the driving. I don't drive, and her housemate who was also along, doesn't like driving my friend's 4 x 4 truck. Except for her GPS unit stranding us in a field of sagebrush in the middle of Wyoming the first night-- we never did make our motel, just slept in the car and waited for the sheriff to come rescue us at daybreak (it's a LONG story)-- everything went great. We went to Yellowstone, GrandTetons, Fort Hall, Idaho, Portland, and Seattle.

AND--wonder of wonders--I didn't gain any weight! I didn't really expect to lose any, but I was so happy that I kept it under control. Even better, I didn't have hardly any chips the whole trip! My friend always brings chips when she's driving, and she offered me some. I took 3 or 4, ate them, and then gave her the bag back, and said, "All yours, I don't want any more." For me, this is saying something...but I did it; I didn't have any but those few, the whole 10 days on the road. My husband and I packed cereal, fruit, and healthy snacks like bread, trailmix, carrots, natural peanut butter and cheese. He hates hummus, but I love it, and he got me a carton of little single-serving cups of hummus for the trip.

The BEST dinner we had on the whole trip was the planked salmon traditional-style and the rest of the package dinner that we got with our boat trip to Tillicum Village. The food there is just unbelievable... but not terribly unhealthy, so I felt I could enjoy my dinner without stressing about it. emoticon

The second best dinner I had was grilled salmon and roast veggies at the Soundview Cafe in Seattle's Pike Place Market. I brought home leftovers of that, it was so good. Also while we were in Seattle, we found Cafe Veloce in Kirkland, and I had pasta with pesto and sundried tomatoes and pine nuts. Not so healthy that time, but delicious, and I put aside half of it as leftovers.

So, now we're back home, and I'm trying to start tracking again and eating the way I should instead of the way I eat "on vacation."


An hour's walk...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today got outside and walked to a nearby park (Duncan Park) and back. I *think* it came out to about 1.5 miles, but I'll have to check the GPS or something to be sure.

I jog-walked for a while--jog a little, walk a little, rinse, repeat--but couldn't keep it up and just walked a little faster than I usually do.

Downside--it took me a whole hour, which means I can't always do that, only on my days off. Other downside--Duncan Park is *boring.* Nothing but a billiard-table green lawn and a so-so playground. So I spent five minutes in the swings catching my breath and having "swingies" as my college roommate would say.

Note to self--next time, pick a park with a restroom! Had to stop at a nearby church for a pit stop on the way home...At least I used to be a member, so they sort of knew me. emoticon

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BLUETABBY 6/29/2010 12:27AM

    Actually, I checked with Google MAps and it is exactly 1 mile from my house to the park. So, I walked 2 miles today! Woohoo! But it took me WAY too long. I used to walk a 15-minute mile not all that long ago...

In graduate school, my roommate and I loved to swing. There was a tiny little park about 1/2 mile or so off campus, and she and I used to take study breaks and trek over there for "swingies" (you know, like going for "walkies" with a dog.) Those were the days...I weighed 107 back then. Sigh.

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PLYNNWEEKS 6/28/2010 1:10PM

    I had to stop and laugh when I read your comment about using the church's restroom. Our kidneys aren't what they used to be when we get older and it's even worse if you've had children. It sounds like you are off to a good start so keep up the momentum. You also got a bit of fun in with the swings. We're never too old for that kind of fun.


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