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Day 8 of DietBet10 - Day 15 of DietBet4

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yesterday was a good day. It was my first day back at fitness after being so sick. I was also on track with my water. I ate very low in my calorie ranges - too low in fact. Today I'm planning on eating higher.

I am also starting to get more sleep. That's good to see. I've been trying to not worry about it. In all honesty though, when you are trying to not worry ...

My DietBet10 weigh in progress. I am getting there. Slow but sure

DietBet4 progress.

So for these bets, my deadlines are April 29/30 for the DietBet4, and May 8/9 for the first round of DietBet10. That's two weeks to loose 3.9lbs more and to keep it off for at least a week to win both DietBet4 and round 1 of DietBet10.

That's actually not too bad. Completely do-able.

There are days when I wonder if I can do this. If I'm EVER going to see results. Then suddenly the scale co-operates and I see the progress that helps me to see I actually can do this.

My plan for today:
emoticon Drink LOTS of water - it'll help flush out the last of this cold
emoticon Eat at least 5 servings of freggies
emoticon Find a healthy way to eat at least 1600 calories today - I'm okay with closer to 1800 if I end up that high.

Now for the tough one. I really don't want to do this. I even have excuses to not go out there and do it.
emoticon Run.

But I'm running a virtual half marathon on Friday. I'm not sure how smart it would be to push myself today, and then really push on Friday.

I know. It's an excuse. I guess I'm still nervous being so newly over this chest cold. That and seeing the fresh coating of snow over everything outside...

Maybe I can compromise. There is a Step and Abs fitness class at the Leisure Center. I can go right after the Chiropractor this morning. Then leave straight from there for work - I'm taking one of my moms to a baby and me group today. I LOVE hanging out with these two.

Anyhow, if I get in the fitness class. Then maybe a speed walk at the track. It'll count as fitness. I can get in 2 hours worth without pushing myself running so I can rest for Friday.

I think that's the way to go today. 2 hours of moving. Supper is already being planned - tossed salad with grilled chicken breast, and two chicken wings I'll sneak from hubby's plate.

I think I have an awesome plan to tackle today. What's your plan for today?

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WENDYSPARKS 4/16/2014 11:23AM


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Day 7 of DietBet10 - Day 14 of DietBet4

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Things haven't been going well since I last posted. I've been sick. Chest cold. On the weekend, hubby and I had an overnight road trip. Those trips are harder on my system than I want to admit. I love them, but... To avoid having to stop for a bathroom break aver 5minutes, I cut back on my water. Often I cut back too far and pay for it after the trip. It also involves a lot of eating out.

Needless to say, with the cold I stopped my fitness for a few days to let my body heal.
Not enough water over the next couple of days.

No wonder I'm feeling like a slug on the couch.

At least today I am definitely moving again. Spin class starts in about an hour. Then I'm going to try to do the bellyfit flow class.

Time for me to get offline, fill my water bottle, and get changed into my fitness gear.

I hope your weekend went better than mine

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RR1_RR1 4/16/2014 9:32AM

    Water is the hardest thing for me too- because Im always going to the bathroom! lol emoticon

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MNCYCLIST 4/15/2014 9:23PM

    Hang in there, I've been sick a lot this year, so I feel your pain! But eventually, things will turn for the better.

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KITT52 4/15/2014 2:13PM


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National Siblings Day

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I just found out it's national siblings day. So here are my pictures with my siblings. Some of them are old - like 40+ years old. lol

This one is me - I'm the youngest one - with my two older sisters.

Me with my two younger brothers.

Finally, a more recent pic of me with my two brothers. The older gentleman in the photo is our dads twin brother, Jack. This one was taken at our fathers funeral about 14 years ago.

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DNJEN471 4/10/2014 11:53PM

    Siblings are your first best friends and your forever support!

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Day 3 of DietBet10 - Day 10 of DietBet4

Thursday, April 10, 2014

This one will be short and sweet.

I'm sick.

Full on ill. My cold has moved into my lungs. No cardio for me today. I cancelled work today too. I have a bit of a fever with this cold.

Eating was okay. I did go a little over - I still fall back on my comfort foods when I'm not feeling well. That and the delicious soup hubby made me for supper. Yummy.

Anyhow, off to the city tomorrow. We'll be staying overnight. I'll try to check in tomorrow, but I might not get a chance. I'll be back online on Saturday night.

Hope y'all have a great start to your weekend.


Am I listening to my body? Or am I finding excuses?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm still not feeling well. In fact, my cold is coming to it's peak soon. It's mostly a head cold.

I usually don't let a cold keep me from getting out there and getting it done.

But today I'm wondering.

Am I listening to my body? Or am I letting my laziness talk me out of doing what I need to do today?

On my schedule for today:
spin class
bellyfit flow
taking one client for lunch
taking another client to yoga this evening.

Lots of fitness.

But I'm debating not going to the first two. For a few reasons
This cold is getting stronger
I don't want to share this bug
I'm already struggling to breathe
Yesterday my lungs hurt, today they still ache - is it a good idea to push?

I KNOW getting out there and doing what I need to do helps me feel better. But is my body telling me to rest today?

I just ate my breakfast, and took my allergy pill, and some coldFX. I think I'm going to relax and let my body decide if I should go or not. Right now, I'm leaning towards not. If nothing else, I am at least not spreading these germs around.

Decision made. I'm now struggling to clear crap from my lungs. Rest day today.

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ENDUROVET 4/10/2014 10:10AM

    I can so relate - the "not-feeling-good" becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and now I'm in pure panic mode as I'm staring down our Big Cycling Event in a little over 3 wks!!!?? Yet going out there & killing myself won't help build me up; I'm better off w/a couple of moderate sessions today & trying to stay on DIET plan...

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KEELIE21 4/10/2014 9:57AM

    Listen to your body!!! Not spreading the bug is important, but so is rest, you can get right back to it when you're feeling better. Hope it's soon!

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