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Re-entry from "Vacation Mode"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wow, I had SUCH fun last week with a group of visiting relatives from out of town. We toured Maine and Boston, having lunches out, lobster dinners, beer in the afternoon, and stops for ice cream. Boy, it was a good time.

And now I am back in "real life" and it is difficult to go back to the way my life was before. I forgot how enjoyable it is to eat other foods and I'm finding myself still wanting them. Scale was WAY up yesterday at a freakishly high number but has settled into a more reasonable figure this morning -- yet it's still 4 pounds up from where I was before the company arrived! Sheesh, really, FOUR POUNDS?!? I went to the gym, walked lots, and ate several salads plus seafood last week, but I guess the extra bread, alcohol and desserts caught up with me emoticon

So I am working very hard to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon because we all know how easily 4 pounds can slide into 8, and then 10, and then.....well, you Sparkies know what I'm talking about, we've all been there.

Anyway, last week was FUN FUN FUN, but weight gain is NOT fun fun fun. I need to remember how much better I feel at this lower weight and how I will NOT feel good if the scale keeps creeping up. Yesterday I cut up fruit for 5 breakfasts this week, and made 5 salads for my lunches. Today I will make a big pot of vegetable soup with turkey meatballs for easy, nutrition-packed dinners. I know that prepping is key for me and I want to be prepared for the week. It's also my first week back to my school job and, although the extra activity will help with my weight loss, I also know there will be cookies in the teachers' room!! emoticon

Have a great week everyone! I'm going to work hard to make it a good HEALTHY one!


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PICKIE98 8/25/2013 9:13AM

    This is also my last day off from vacation. Being in the forests, cuddling bear cubs, driving in the middle of nowhere, dining out for fresh fish, etc.. Back to the real world and prepping for meals.. I guess that is why vacations are so special..

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Weight Loss Plateau -- BE GONE!!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Arrgh, I am so tired of being stuck with the same 10 pounds left to lose, since the middle of April. July and August are my best times to lose weight (hot weather, don't feel like eating, lots of fresh fruit and veggies) so I am kicking it up a notch and shaking things up in both the food and exercise departments. Working on eating more vegan foods, more seafood, less dairy, less meat. Continuing with the fruits and veggies. Also trying new cardio/strengthening classes at my gym and tried a water aerobics class this morning as well, followed by some lap swimming.



Teacher Appreciation Week (aka "Carb/Sugar Week")

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I work in an elementary school and I hate complaining about Teacher Appreciation Week but I'm going to anyway. Apologies in advance to all the parents who work SO hard to make it a nice week for us.

Yesterday's teacher breakfast was about 85% bad carbs: muffins, donuts, bagels, coffee cakes, crumbles, you name it. There was only one protein provided and it was a store-bought quiche, so therefore loaded with fat. There was a large platter of fresh fruit, thank goodness. I'm sure the parents think they are "treating" us with all the sugary, fatty choices, but please, how about some yogurt? Some cut-up lowfat cheese? It is SO hard to walk past that food and make healthy choices. Ugh, I think I did okay, but felt bloated and sluggish after.

Tomorrow is the teacher lunch so I will bring a salad as back-up :)

Thanks for listening! And, again, apologies to all the parents; I know you did your best.

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NASFKAB 5/7/2013 11:51AM

  great idea for the salad

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RIDLEYRIDER 5/7/2013 7:38AM

  Yes, too bad all that work goes to 'waist', isn't it? Be strong, you are worth it!

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LEESHAK_ 5/7/2013 7:30AM

    good idea with the salad!

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Cravings -- both good and bad

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I read an article in a magazine a long time ago and I wish I had cut it out and saved it, but it said something like this: "Whatever you give your body on a regular basis, your body will start to crave it." I have found this to be very true, and it applies to both desserts and vegetables, exercise and couch-potato life.

Years ago I had a 10pm ice cream habit. Every night at 9:55, my mouth would start salivating and all I could think about was ice cream until I finally just ate it. I eventually broke that habit somehow (I think by brushing my teeth instead of eating), but that is one example of a bad craving. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about!

However, I have learned it is possible to create good cravings.

In my new healthy eating life, I eat tons of veggies at both lunch and dinner. If I can't get those veggies for some reason, I am absolutely craving them. One night we had dinner at our friends' house and the wife was serving a delicious meal, but it was mostly meat and potatoes. She held up a bunch of broccoli and said, "I was going to cook this but I don't think we really need it, do we?" I almost snatched the broccoli out of her hand and ate it raw! I didn't want her to go to any extra trouble so I suggested we bring the appetizers, which had some veggies involved, to the dinner table.

I am finding these cravings to be true with exercise as well, especially since I changed my exercise time to early mornings. The biggest benefit to this has been the boost to my aging 51-year-old brain. All day long I can think so clearly, and multi-task so much more efficiently, if I get that cardio burst in the morning. Without it, I am stumbling around and can't even get out of my own way. My brain craves that cardio now. On nights when I don't sleep well, if I wake up early, I go ahead and go to the gym because I know that the cardio boost will help me overcome the lack of sleep. If I stay in bed tossing and turning, and trying to get that extra hour of sleep, I am sluggish and groggy all day. Not worth it.

Anyway, I have concluded that cravings are often a habit that you have formed with your body. Notice I said "often," not "always." There's still that tub of cookie dough ice cream that calls to me occasionally, but as long as I don't answer that call every single day, that craving remains just that -- an occasional craving, but not a regular habit.

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EVIE4NOW 4/21/2013 7:43AM

  I think you are right! emoticon emoticon

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BOOKWORM27S 4/21/2013 7:37AM

    So very true... I crave asparagus and salmon now!

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DWSCHUYLER 4/21/2013 7:37AM

    I hope you are right about the cravings, as far as exercise goes. It's fine once I get into it and I am committed to doing it, but not quite craving it yet! On the other hand, after not eating fast food at al for a couple of years, started craving a Big Mac. Talked myself into it, was not very good at all. My body wasn't used to it!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
Thanks for the reminder!

Comment edited on: 4/21/2013 7:37:47 AM

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SWEETNEEY 4/21/2013 7:27AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Seasonal Weight Loss

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have been tracking my weight loss for more than two years now, and I have noticed a distinct pattern. For me, it is much easier to lose weight in the hot, summer weather vs. trying to lose in the cold winter (I live in Maine.) My body simply does NOT want to let go of fat when it's cold outside. I can lose weight fairly steadily from May through October, but once November arrives, and the cold weather + holiday season with it, I start putting on a few pounds. I allow myself a 5-pound gain for the holidays (I refuse to feel deprived!) and this past January it was more like 7-8 pounds. I spent all of January and part of February getting those extra pounds off, and now I have plateaued again, hovering right around the same weight that I was before the holidays.

I also notice that the temperature outside really affects my hunger level. When we had an extreme cold snap for a few days this past winter, I was starving all day long, constantly needing snacks. When it warms up outside, I often don't even finish my lunch salad or feel like I need a snack between meals. Huge difference for me.

Right now I am only 3 pounds down from what I weighed at the end of October 2012. I will be interested to see if the soon-to-arrive warm weather will once again help me break through this plateau as it did last spring/summer.

Has anyone else noticed the season/weather affecting their weight loss?

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ALIHIKES 4/14/2013 10:34AM

    Don't think the winter weight gain that holds true for me. I seem to gain during times of long hours at work and work related stress, which unfortunately coincides with spring and summer usually due to seasonal work demands.

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KKKAREN 4/14/2013 7:58AM

    I also feel this way. Those winter sweaters hide a lot!

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GHOSTFLAMES 4/14/2013 7:53AM

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JAVAJENN 4/14/2013 7:39AM

  I live in Pennsylvania, and I have noticed the same thing you describe, my husband notices it too.

Same things, slight weight gain and feeling hungry all the time.

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