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Regular(ish) bedtimes

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I wouldn't have ever said before that I had a regular bedtime. I just knew I had to crash sometime after midnight or I'd be kinda tired the next day. Or if I did stay up too late, I'd have to crash early the next night or ... eat more than usual. (It works, but it also helps the weight gain.)

Since moving at the end of August, I have to be up an hour earlier. Combined with all my extra activity, I hit 10:30-10:45 and my body says "BEDTIME!"

It's an unusual experience. I'm a diehard night owl.

That hasn't really changed, but I don't get to enjoy my night as much. =P I'm still out of it in the morning. I'm up and moving and to work, but almost on auto-pilot.

Even so ... these regular bedtimes are weird!


So MUCH walking

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I knew that I, in general, walked a lot. Not walking as cardio - where I'm focused and moving faster. Just walking from the house to the bus, from the bus to the store for water, back to the bus, back to the house, to the bus, to the LRT, to the park, to the Start for the 2 mile track, back through the park, to the LRT, to the grocery store, around the grocery store, to the bus with bags, to the house. Even listing all those out makes me tired. Well, I wore the pedometer today and it measured all that out at around 3.2 miles. (NOT counting the 2 mile track walking at 19 min/mile.)

My feet are pleasantly sore, I do have a twinge on my right leg above the ankle on the outside I need to pay attention to, but otherwise it was "business as usual". While I may not have that much walking every day, weekdays I also have a flight of stairs at work in the morning and down in the evening and a long hall walk every time I need the restroom on top of walking between buildings and buses and other buses. And I have a habit of getting off a stop early to walk those extra blocks.

My biggest issue right now, which I will probably have to go read up on, is bladder control. 8-11 glasses of water a day, and I have a VERY hard time with a 2 mile track even having used the restroom right before. I felt like I couldn't drink water along the walk or it rushed right to cause pressure. Weak abdomen is probably a good part of it, but ugh. I don't want to have my 5k experience be a porta-potty at each mile mark.

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BLUE42DOWN 9/26/2011 6:02PM

    Haven't tried to plan menus just yet. I'm getting all my current kitchen inventory entered, what I bought for this week entered, and just futzing around to get a feel for it.

^_^;; The hardest part for me will be ... I don't have/use the stove. I rent a room and have a shelf in the fridge, a cupboard in the kitchen, and use of the microwave. Ditto for at work. So I have to hunt through for the nuker recipes. (I have figured out how to add in the frozen dinners, at least - as "ingredients", which amuses me.) Plan/goal is to try to make a week-long plan probably about the second week in Oct, but I'll definitely keep you appraised.

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JAHCANNON 9/26/2011 9:24AM

    Oh the potty breaks! I struggle with that as well. So much water... and such a tiny little bladder. :P

I keep hoping I'll adjust and won't need to pee quite so much.

Also, I track those regular walking miles. You can track them at a slower pace, but you are getting exercise. You're up and moving - a lot!

*hugs* ohhh! I'm interested to hear how your menu planner is working out, too.

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Testing out a menu planner

Sunday, September 25, 2011

So, I think I've narrowed down menu planners to two candidates. One is cheaper, but has fewer pre-entered recipes. The other costs more, but has about 20x the recipes AND has a 30 day free trial (and a 60 day guarantee).

After a bit of thought I realized the trial was the best bet. If I hate the software after 30 days of using it, then the other one is still an option and I won't feel I've wasted money. If I like it, I've got 30 days worth of tweaking and getting it set up and learning to use it.

So the trial is downloaded and I'm a tinkering with the Inventory portion. So far it's made sense. I haven't looked at recipes, but it has meals and a calendar, which combined with the Inventory can produce a grocery list. Pretty much all the things together I was hoping for (and a few more I may find quite nice).

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BLUE42DOWN 9/25/2011 3:28PM

    My experience so far has been that SP has a menu plan - not planner. Every effort I've made to try to make my own menus has stymied me because I can only select from their short list of acceptable substitutions. In addition, part of what I'm looking for is something that can store/track my inventory (what I currently have) rather than dump a list of meals and grocery list that tells me to buy # eggs when I have 6 in the fridge.

To find and cut down the software choices, I've spent quite some time (long pre-dating joining SP) trying free versions of menu planners and recipe software, even trying to build a database in Access at one point) to get a feel for what it is I really want the software to do. Then I went hunting for reviews using the words describing those things I want, such as menu planner, shopping list, and inventory.

Ultimately, I want to be able to include any ingredient or get a frozen dinner and not use a recipe. I want to not spend months entering defaults (milk, 1% should be pretty much the same nutrition facts anywhere). I want to inventory my kitchen, such as it is right now, and find the recipes I can make with what I have now.

So far the trial I'm trying is doing pretty decent, BUT has some features I'm finding annoying or torturous. On is that the Ingredient list uses different categorization than the inventory list - putting something like Mayonnaise in Salad Dressings in one and Fats and Oils in the other (meanwhile I looked in Condiments). EDIT: The second item I just figured out a way around. The first is something that I can move them around to customize them - but might be related to recipe substitutions.

Comment edited on: 9/25/2011 9:27:25 PM

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KLASSIE 9/25/2011 3:04PM

    I thought that SparkPeople had a menu planner. I have not used it so I can't comment or recommend. Have you tried it?

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IILAAD65 9/25/2011 9:41AM

    This is interesting.... how did you find the software?

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Leaving a Spark Team - keeping only what works

Saturday, September 24, 2011

to one of my Spark Teams today. Kinda sad because I only joined it a week ago. But as I'm taking stock and setting up my goals and evaluating, I realized a couple things:

1) It might be tied to a hobby / interest of mine, but it's not one that connects well with healthy living, weight loss, etc.

2) The hobby is an online game, one that many consider grindy. The Team, at least the idea visible through quite a few threads, was treating their exercise/meals similarly - as if it was a grind only being done for the loot, the end reward. That's not how I view either the game or the process I'm going through.

3) It was mostly a ghost town. In one week I think I saw 2, maybe 3, other people post once apiece, and maybe 2 blogs show up from members. Now maybe a week is too short to judge, but given the first two points, I realized it wasn't providing what I wanted to join teams for.

I've joined two other Spark Teams since I joined that one. One is very much my mindset (**Positive Sparkers**) and the other is for the 5k Walk Training Program. Both more active and both more filled with other motivated people. My age group + pounds to lose group also has active members and motivation.

It felt momentarily awkward to be giving up on a SparkTeam so quickly, but if I'm really going to do this long-term, I need to be willing to strip away what isn't helping me and keeping (and supporting) what does help.

(Final comment on this - I am NOT a social networking / FB kind of person. I will never add people or Teams just to see lots listed. Yes, I'd like to make friends in the long run, but I want them as real as an online interaction can make them - not just names I read a blog by once that I liked. I know ... I'm weird sometimes. =P )

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JUDYPOPPINS 9/24/2011 12:36PM

    Teams need to be a good fit for you. Because in all of this...YOU are the most important factor. I've had to whittle my team listings down because I just didn't have enough time and some teams weren't a good fit for me.
I don't think you're weird at have a good idea of what works for you and you aren't just going through the motions.
Support is important but it has to be true support (and there really is lots of that'll know it when you see it).
Enjoy the journey!!

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Just one cookie

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tonight I had to go do laundry (which involves a bus ride to the laundromat with my utility cart stuffed full). When it was done, I hadn't eaten dinner and decided that given my troubles meeting my nutrition goals every day I'd just get a Subway sandwich. Subway being about 5 blocks away, I got a nice little extra walk in (I don't bother to track all those little walks - just the ones I measure and time.)

So I get my usual. 6" cold cut combo on white, american cheese, all veggies but peppers and pickles, normal mayo, light on the mustard, oil/vinegar and salt+pepper on the salad side. Get to the register and decide "just one cookie". Now, to make that make more sense ... I don't drink soda, I rarely eat chips unless my diet has been low in salt and I'm craving it. But I usually buy three cookies. (Heck, it's usually been 50/50 whether I get a 6" or a footlong.)

I get home, pour a glass of milk, settle down to eat and go to log it in figuring I'll be over in several categories. (And I specially went to Subway's site to build my sandwich to get a real calorie count - not the one that thinks I had no cheese or oil on it at all. Yuck.) To my shocked surprise, including the cookie and milk, I actually hit every category spot on.

... WHAT?!

That felt really strange. At the same time, it's reassuring because that's a completely normal way for me to eat. And if that, being normal, is what fits right into my nutritional needs even at reduced calories for now, this is going to be a bit easier than expected.

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JAHCANNON 9/23/2011 7:36AM

    That's what I love! Real life fitting into the catagories here without a ton of changes. Very cool!

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