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What Worked for ME in 2008

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What Worked for ME in 2008:

Eating at the high end of my protein allowance
Eating at the low end of my carb allowance
Giving up (95%+ of the time) Sugar and White Flour
Weight Training with going heavy
Tabata at 5am for five minutes (Again, Thank you Donna)
Circuit Training
Letting go of bad relationships
Meeting new friends
Going out Dancing
Joining a gym
Continuing to use the food tracker DAILY
Logging onto MMM's coffee thread every morning to focus myself for the day

What Didn't Work in 2008:

Too much Wine!

I will continue to do what works for Me in 2009 and Never stop learning.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KYLIEMC8 5/14/2009 9:42AM

    Just updating my blogs and see you haven't done one in a while..are ya OK?

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METALBABE 1/19/2009 3:03PM

    Wow, Gabby - you are my heroine - not just for the demanding regimine, but also for having the hindsight to evaluate what you are doing. THAT is why you are such a shining success. All the best to you in 2009!

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TO_REBOOT_CHAR 1/12/2009 3:39PM

    Wow Gabs, That is some routine you have there. Glad it works for you. Keep it up.

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BINEMELLES 1/11/2009 5:57AM

    gabs, i think you are still one of my biggest inspirations here on SP. it's amazing how ardently you do what you do. and i think you've finally convinced me to startthat tabata thing. i've looked into the videos a couple of times and just couldn't picture myself trying it, but considering how many days a week i don't get a chance to do much cardio i should at least establish a wake-up routine like that.
keep us updated what new stuff you are discovering - it seems to work REALLY great for you!

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QUILTINGB52 1/11/2009 2:20AM

    Kettlebells & Tabata?? And I thought wine helped a person digest food? So one glass with dinner should be okay....


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PUPPYWHISPERS 1/10/2009 7:52PM

    Geez, Gab, what's wrong with wine? emoticon

And I'd also like to know what tabata is?

Happy 2009!

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CACO*** 1/10/2009 7:29PM

    Good for you, Gab! You should be proud of yourself for everything you did so well. emoticon


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MDTWEETY 1/10/2009 7:16PM

    Wow, what a great and long list of what you did right in 08! CONGRATS and keep up the awesome work!!
What is tabata?

Comment edited on: 1/10/2009 7:17:16 PM

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STARTSPARKING 1/10/2009 6:40PM

    You sure did a lot of things right in 2008! You continue to be such an inspiration to me. Keep up your great work, and I wish you the best in 2009! emoticon emoticon

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LESLIEJEAN43 1/10/2009 5:26PM

    Good for you! What is Tabata??
Leslie emoticon

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Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

I am so excited to start a new year full of happiness, and I wish the same for all of my Sparkfriends! I Loves you all!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANG76H 12/27/2008 9:48PM

  Happy New Year to you too! You look FANTASTIC! Thanks for the goodie!

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AZDRAGONLADY 12/26/2008 10:58AM

    have a happy healthy New Year Gabs!

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BINEMELLES 12/23/2008 5:01AM

    lots of love coming back from me!
have a terrific holiday, and all the best, health, happiness and success for your next year!

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METALBABE 12/22/2008 11:49PM

    Loves you, too, Gabs! Here's to a happy and healthy new year. - Kristin

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MDTWEETY 12/22/2008 9:53PM

    Happy Holidays, Gabs!

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MARTY19 12/22/2008 8:09PM

    And were you naughty or nice????
Merry Christmas.


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STARTSPARKING 12/22/2008 7:09PM

    So what did Santa bring for my sweet Gabrielle? emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm looking forward to getting together with family and close friends on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I'm going to another Christmas fair and a holiday light show this weekend, so that should be fun.

In terms of weight loss, I didn't progress as much as I hoped. With a new year comes new opportunities, and I hope to get over my setback and work harder to get back on track. I wish you much happiness in 2009, my dear! emoticon

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PUPPYWHISPERS 12/22/2008 6:31PM

    I too am looking forward to a brand new year. Have a magical holiday and a happy, healthy New Year!!


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LESLIEJEAN43 12/22/2008 2:53PM

    Happy holidays to you too, and all the best for the New Year!!!
Hugs, Leslie

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Planet Fitness

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I joined Planet Fitness as a "Birthday/Get my butt in Gear" present to myself. For those of you that want to join a gym but, do not want to pay ridiculous club fees, this may be the gym for you. I am paying only $20 a month for:

Free use of all Planet Fitness Franchise Locations
Unlimited use of massage chairs
Unlimited Guest Privileges
Unlimited Tanning
1/2 Price Cooler Drinks
PF Black Card T-shirt

Now, the only downside (that I can see) to this gym is there are no cardio classes.

I took advantage of an introductory training class. I got to learn all about the machine weights and how to use them (I was very fearful about the machines). The trainer was informative, patient, sweet... and he had a great smile! just saying.
I am really liking it so far, and wondering why I was so fearful of the machines... I mean I have been working out for with weights for about 3 years now. I guess anything new or different can be scary but, this should NOT have been a fear for me.

Anyway, Go to their website and see if it is right for you.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MDTWEETY 11/9/2008 8:17PM

    Cool! Sounds like a great deal. I love my classes though. I'm not sure I'd be able to give them up. But this would be so awesome for people who just love to work out with machines. :)

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EDDIEMAE 11/8/2008 10:34AM

    Thanks for the info...gotta check it out!
With all the moving around that we do, this might be right up my alley!
Thanks, Gabs!!

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STARTSPARKING 11/7/2008 4:14AM

    I'm glad you are enjoying the gym! You're getting a great deal. I'm also very fearful of machines. I really should sign up for a training session to learn to use them. Too bad your gym doesn't offer classes. Unfortunately, that would be a deal breaker for me because so far that's ALL I do at my gym. Like I said, I really should start using the machines to challenge my body.

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SAYRAH-M 11/6/2008 3:34PM

    Very interesting. Thanks

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MARTY19 11/6/2008 12:25PM

    emoticon On giving yourself such an incredible present. Awesome. I'm thrilled that you love it too. You will see results from working out.


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VIBRANTHING1 11/6/2008 11:45AM

    Thanks for sharing Gabs. I have been looking into rejoining a Gym. I have Cardio equipment at home so this may be a good fit for me...pending there is one in my area. I will check it out.


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LESLIEJEAN43 11/6/2008 8:39AM

    That sounds like a great deal!! We don't have Planet Fitness here, but the Y will cost me about the same because of my low income. I am planning to join the Y before winter really begins----it will be my Christmas present to me! I love the machines!! The rowing machine is my favourite, but I love all the weight machines too. It's been a while since I've been there, so I will take the orientation class too when I join to get a refresher on how to use everything correctly.
Thanks for the reminder!
Hugs, Leslie

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PUPPYWHISPERS 11/6/2008 8:36AM

    I'm so excited for you! Have a great time with your membership!

Bummer, they aren't around me. And I could sure use something to get my motivation back too!

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HEATHHILL 11/6/2008 8:03AM

    Good for you!!! I'm still intimidated by the machines, but I just don't know why. I know how to use most of them, I just think I should be in better shape before I use them. How crazy is that???

I was afraid of the elliptical too, until I used it, and now I'm addicted to it.

Funny creatures, aren't we?

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Coffee and Boob Shrinkage

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I open up my email account to find that, not one, not two, but THREE emails warning me of this...

Coffee Can Shrink the Size of Boobs
London, Oct 18: Here’s some bad news for ladies who can't get through the day without their coffee fix: the caffeine-fuelled drink can shrink the size of women’s boobs, a shocking new research has revealed.

The beverage, which is best known for keeping people alert and sobering up drunks, has caused a stir by suggesting women who drink more than three cups a day could see their bra size drop.

Tests by cancer researchers found half of all women have a gene linking breast size to coffee intake.

Nearly 300 women were quizzed but Helena Jernstroem, of Lund University, said women should not worry too much.

“Coffee-drinking women do not have to worry their breasts will shrink to nothing overnight. They will get smaller, but the breasts aren’t just going to disappear,” the Daily Star quoted her, as saying.

“Anyone who thinks they can tell which women are coffee drinkers just from their bra measurements will be disappointed.

“There are two measurements for a bra – the cup size and the girth, so you wouldn’t be able to tell,” she added.

While caffeine may shrink women’s breasts, the reaction is the reverse for coffee-slurping blokes – it can make their “boobs” swell.

On the plus side, the study showed regular hits of caffeine reduce the risk of women developing breast cancer.

Hmmmm? I think my friends are trying to tell me something. I have a daily 2-3 pot coffee habit... No wonder I have no boobs!!! Oh well, I love my coffee and I am not giving it up. I'll be boob-less ... well except for my friends who are Boobs! ;)

Now they're gone...

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GREBJACK 1/10/2010 5:47PM

    My breasts left me when I lost all this weight. Still wearing it on my thighs, though.

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COBRACOMMANDER 10/17/2009 12:31PM

    That's gotta be a hoax email. Otherwise, I wonder if it works for men because I could use some reduction in that area and I drink plenty of coffee.

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STARTSPARKING 10/23/2008 7:29AM

    Since my total coffee intake is about one cup a YEAR, my "girls" should be the size of Dolly Parton's! emoticon

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METALBABE 10/23/2008 12:40AM

    Good thing I quit coffee when I went raw (so I can still have something up top when in the raw!!). HA!

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JAZZYJB 10/22/2008 6:43PM

    huh, and I thought it was just from middle age ;0

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MARTY19 10/22/2008 5:02PM

    That is so funny but I don't believe it. My boobs are the same size they have always been and my coffee drinking varies from 2-6 cups a day. LOL. So I won't lose any sleep over this. Thanks for giving me a good chuckle.

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VIBRANTHING1 10/22/2008 1:38PM

    Great something else I have to worry Thanks for sharing this gave me a chuckle.

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BINEMELLES 10/22/2008 12:17PM

    hmmm, now i have a good excuse for having coffee in the morning.
is there a study that researches the effect of coffee on kleenex? i am sure you don't have to worry about THAT!

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EDDIEMAE 10/22/2008 10:10AM

I thought I was the only one with such an extreme coffee habit!!
(My mug holds 32 ounces!)
I drink at least 3 mugs a day, and 4 or 5, if I mix Bailey's in it in the evenings!!
I'm still a C-cup, so am not going to panic just yet!!
...But thanks for the words of caution!!

PS~My hubby gets nervous when the coffee canister gets low...He says he can't imagine what I would be like without my morning IV dosage, and he NEVER wants to find out!


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LESLIEJEAN43 10/22/2008 9:46AM

    Great info!! I need to start drinking more coffee too! I could use a reduction.
Hugs, Leslie

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SWEETZMIX 10/22/2008 9:36AM

    LOL this was funny.

Thanks for helping to start my day off with a chuckle!

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HEATHHILL 10/22/2008 8:48AM

    You are too funny!!!!

Keep up the investigative work and keep bringing us such interesting news items. They're much better than all of the economic and political news we're getting recently!

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KASSIANDORA 10/22/2008 8:40AM

    My boobs are too big! I need to start drinking coffee. I wonder if there is something out there than can shrink booty too. emoticon

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Where Did I Go?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It’s been a stressful and emotional 2 weeks for me. I have not been myself at all. I have been eating junk (although, within calories) and have not been working out. Where did I go?

It started with my friend having a near airplane disaster coming into NY. All are fine. We had a great time when we were together but, then having to say goodbye is very hard for me.

Next, my family got into a pretty bad car accident. All are fine, except for the car which is totaled. Then all the issues of the aftermath regarding that.

Next, having to deal with a coworker who is spreading nasty rumors about me and my “none of his business” life! Which is still continuing and there seems to be no end in sight.

Then getting into an argument with my parents because they just don’t have any regard for anyone elses feelings but themselves.

Then having issues from Crohns because of the stress, which still hasn’t settled down, and is keeping me from working out.

And the cold, dark, damp, weather that has moved in hasn’t help me at all either.

And with the good and bad of the past few weeks I have been drinking too much wine.

There is a lot more but, I will keep it brief.

I am thinking of what I am supposed to take away from these past 2 weeks is:
I am NOT Wonder Woman, no matter how hard I try.
Life is too short so, go after what you want/need to.
Don’t listen to stupid people and/or their idiotic rumors.

Maybe now that I have let some of this out, I can move on and get back to being ME again. Boy, I miss me!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

AZDRAGONLADY 12/9/2008 7:08PM

    I love you Gabs. emoticon emoticon

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UP4MORE 10/20/2008 4:08PM

    You are one wonder of a woman - I am glad your famil did not get hurt in that crash and I sure hope your body setteles down from the stress soon. I miss ya. Cat

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    Hey Gabs, you can't be all thngs to all people, so just be the best you can to the people that matter most to you. You're great for us and people shouldn't judge what they know little about.
Keep on smiling and don't let the Crohns get you down.


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TO_REBOOT_CHAR 10/10/2008 8:12PM

    Gab…….you may not be WonderWomen! YOU are one heck of lady!! So hang tuff you have a lot on you plate. Love you much.

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STARTSPARKING 10/9/2008 8:47PM

    I am so sorry that you have been hit so hard from all different directions these past two weeks. I am glad that your friend is safe from the airplane disaster and you and your family were not injured in the car accident. As for the co-worker, let him stew in his own negativity. People like that usually end up getting themselves in hot water eventually. Sorry about the argument you had with your parents. Hold your own, my dear. You know what's best for yourself.

I pray that Crohn's will settle down and that you will get some much needed relief soon. I haven't been keeping in touch as much as I'd like to, but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. emoticon

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CAROLISCIOUS 10/7/2008 10:05PM

    Thanks for your are dealing with a whole lotta shizzle....

But look at all you have are amazing and you can keep all this from getting you down.

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METALBABE 10/7/2008 9:59PM

    Lady, if you're not Wonder Woman, I don't know who is! I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but the fact that you are here, and sharing this with us, means that you are on the right track. You've had a helluva couple of weeks, so try to be as gentle with yourself as you would be with any of us. We love you - we think you're GREAT - and we know you can come through this (and were behind you, all the way!!).
Hang in there,

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PUPPYWHISPERS 10/7/2008 9:53PM

    You are Wonder Woman, but even Wonder Woman needs to take a break once in awhile.

I'm sorry that you've had a rough few weeks. I hope things are improving for you, and I still think you're the strongest person I know.

Is there really any such thing as too much wine? emoticon

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MARTY19 10/7/2008 8:24PM

    Your quote is great. I may have to borrow that. You will find yourself. You aren't lost. Maybe you just misplaced yourself but you wil find yourself again.

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VIBRANTHING1 10/7/2008 12:23PM

    Gabrielle I am so sorry to hear things have been all over the place or you. I can totally relate. I hope things will settle down for you soon. One thing I admire about you in your wonderful attitude and the way you remain positive even in situations that are not. I am sending you the biggest hug ever!


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SAYRAH-M 10/7/2008 12:12PM

    Thanks Blonde Girl for sharing yourself!!!
First of all any life threatening situation can be life altering.
Second of all it is very hard for parents to be supportive or spouses when the stress in your life causes stress in their lives too. Lots of time worrying about you can come across as criticism or the need to withdraw and focus on their own lives. A life they have some control over.
Last of all, whenever we go through life changing experiences we do lose ourselves. You have been going through A BUNCH!!!! That is why I kept sticking you on the prayer chart. Ask or not you need the sunshine prayers for strength.
And the Crohns is such an evil reminder that your body is in control!!! UGH!
Chain or no chain, I do pray for you. I lift you up in prayer and wish for the healing of your spirit so that you can feel the power inside of you.

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BINEMELLES 10/7/2008 11:50AM

    tough times for you for sure ... i hope stressful things will settle down now and you will get a chance to breathe deeply.
it's good that deep in your heart you know you are NOT wonder woman - you don't have to keep trying as hard as you can because we all love you just the way you are and i believe you are the most amazing not-wonder-woman evah!
emoticon emoticon

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LESLIEJEAN43 10/7/2008 11:37AM

    I'm sorry for all the problems you've had lately, but it sounds as if you are on the right track to getting through them all!
Somehow, you always seem to land on your feet, and I'm so glad of that.
Leslie emoticon

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MDTWEETY 10/7/2008 10:19AM

    I love your positive attitude no matter what life throws at you. Sorry you've had such a rough time lately. I hope things get better for you soon!

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KYLIEMC8 10/7/2008 10:06AM

    Hey..think of it this can only go up from these last few weeks! So pick yourself up dust yourself off and start all over again! You've done it before!! I BELIVE IN YOU!! emoticon

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EDDIEMAE 10/7/2008 9:36AM

    Awe, Sweet Gabs!
Take some deep breaths!!
(Okay, okay, okay~let them out too! Holding your breath isn't healthy!!) Take command of what you can control and turn the other cheek to what you can't. You have the strength within you! Find that strong woman and let her roar!!

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