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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have been reading some other blogs this morning and it has got me thinking about transformation. Easter is a wonderful time to take a look at new beginnings and accept cleansing for where we are with our struggles.

My little boy has been learning about butterflies in school and he is so mesmerized by the process of their transformation. It makes me think...

Instead of getting frustrated by my moments in a "chrysalis"... times where I seem to stay the same on the scale (even when I know that I am working really hard)... when I am emotionally drained and feel defeated... when I want SO badly to fit into "that dress" for Easter and I know that I won't this year...
I need to take a step back and gain some perspective.

I am in my chrysalis. I am no longer the caterpillar that doesn't move very fast and eats everything in sight ... I have moved past that stage... I have grown...
I have made huge strides to NOT be that caterpillar anymore. I am at a place where I know that I cannot look back... only forward... I will NEVER be that caterpillar again! I am in my transitional phase... the MOST IMPORTANT phase of my life.... the phase where I learn how to move ahead and not look back... the phase where I concentrate on ME and how to honor the body that God has given me and realize that I am NOT being selfish, I NEED to do this for ME! I have to realize that it is NOT taking time away from my husband and my kids and my dogs to take a walk without them sometimes... it is adding to my life with them. When I take care of myself... I am giving them the BEST gift of all. More time with me in the long run! So, here I stay in my chrysalis... working hard and eating right (even if noone else notices right now)...

Soon... I will grow wings and fly!

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KALISWALKER 3/31/2010 10:44PM

    I love how you described where you at now. Only you can work on you, and now you are doing it. You are making yourself into the person you were meant to be - happy, healthy and fit - a role model for your family and friends.

I really appreciated the message you sent me. Despite almost 3 years of diet and exercise, it's my online friends who keep my motivation fresh.
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BABSRA302 3/31/2010 12:39PM

    Thanks Lisa! That is a great outlook and perfect timing too. Easter makes us all think of transformation but I never thought to relate it to this journey. Thanks for the insight! Have a great day! You are doing good things.

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LITTLEBRICHIZ 3/31/2010 12:32PM

  Thank you for this blog. I love your outlook. Stay positive.

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SPORTSMOM03 3/31/2010 11:42AM

    And fly you will!! But believe me, people are already noticing the changes!

Thanks for sharing; this is how I was feeling a couple of weeks ago, and all of a sudden, my wings started to emerge!


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March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is a milestone day... 10,000 steps in BY NOON! Yahoo~ why is it that with ALL of this exercise and eating soooo well.... the scale is not moving.... sigh... I NEED to see movement in the downward direction on this scale to keep me motivated. Plain and simple!! What am I doing WRONG?!

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MRS_AQUARIUS 3/30/2010 1:54PM

    Well for one maybe weigh yourself once a week at the same time of day each time rather than daily...I found that works better for me maybe that will work for you too and don't peak till then even though its tempting. Also taking your measurements really helps because you may not have lost weight but you may have lost inches. You may find that you think you lost weight because it feels like it and it looks like it but then you jump on the scale and nothing...then its probably inches if you notice your clothing is looser. Or maybe you reached a plateau and you have to workout harder that could be another reason...if your not sweating your not burning as much calories. Good luck!

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KALISWALKER 3/29/2010 11:15AM

    I was thrilled when I stopped gaining weight. That was a major milestone. Next I saw my weight trending downward, not quickly just going in the right direction. When you find the answer to your question, please let me know. Have a great week.Let's kick that scale next weigh in.
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BLEST2BME 3/29/2010 9:50AM

    Thanks, Barb! If my scale isn't broken now... I may break it soon!! Some days I feel like throwing it against the wall, haha! I think we all go through that. I am going back to my boring routine of eating the same things every day to see if that helps to boost something. I have found that I LOVE Ezekiel bread in the morning with Simply Jiff peanut butter... boring... but it really keeps me full. The texture of the Ezekiel bread makes me feel like I am eating 4 pieces of toast instead of 2... bread is my kryptonite!! Lunch is tough because I am often "on the fly" and I skip it a lot and then I am STARVING later on and eat like crazy for dinner and before bed... not a good plan! I will also be faithful with my water this week... especially with that Easter ham coming up... salt, salt, salt! You know... if we have to go through all of this "gunk"... I am glad that we have each other! The support of a team is so healing. You are doing GREAT!! Keep up the good work! Any tips that have really helped you??
Hugs to you!!

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BABSRA302 3/29/2010 8:03AM

    You may not being doing anything wrong, sometimes it just takes a couple days to show a difference on the scale. Hang in there! It will be moving in no time! I get obsessed with the scale so I only get on it twice a week. Keep up the good work, wait a couple days and then get back on the scale. Or...maybe yours is broken and you need a new one!

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