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Meeting the Clean House Crew, Training with Bob and my own little weekend goal

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So far this weekend has a good one. On Friday I barely managed to stay within my calorie range, but stayed nonetheless and also got a pretty decent workout on the elliptical at the gym. Yesterday I had quite a busy day starting with meeting the entire Clean House crew!, they were pretty cool!. My city won the messiest house in the country contest this year(airing in July) and it was the biggest yard sale I have ever seen!!!, they had to do it in an empty department store, they had so much stuff. So it was a warehouse sale basically instead of a yard sale. It was still pretty cool and I got to take a picture with each of them emoticon so I was happy and everything they sold when to charity too! so that's good.

Anyways, after that went on I took to doing errands including grocery shopping, with consisted of mostly fruits, veggies and meat! (I ran out and I'm tired of chicken and turkey, it's the only thing left in my freezer...), I even got some healthy high fiber wraps so I can lower my bread intake a bit and substitute every now and then. Oh and popcorn, that is my one weakness that I just can give up... granted I did substitute for a much, much healthier version of the treat so I can enjoy it without the guilt; and with it I manage to stay sane and with the program. The biggest challenge has been getting myself to stop adding salt to it, which I didn't yesterday and it made me feel proud of myself (I really need to lower my sodium, if even a little), though doing so was much harder than I thought it would be, I had to have an inner mind fight with myself to stop my hand from reaching for the salt shaker... good thing is, I won!

Later, I really didn't want to go to physically go to the gym... I remembered though that with my digital cable comes exercise tv, so I looked and up and found a video from Biggest Loser's Bob. Apparently it's the first part of the Cardiomax DVD, and I decided to try it. Wow. I haven't sweat soooo much, in a very, very long time... It was brutal, yet very doable, all I needed were my weights and even those aren't necessary to do the workout. The best part is, that Biggest Loser contestants are suffering in the video right there with you. It was however a bit hard on my knees after a while, so I think I would do it every other day instead of every day. Oh, after the 22 minutes were done however, I felt like it wasn't long enough (note: not the workout not being hard enough, it was, just the length of the workout. I wanted to make sure I worked out a bit longer since I didn't get to go to the gym) so I, in my insanity decided to do it again after just a short water break and drying off the sweat of my face ( I was literally dripping! I never drip! at least not often). So I did. In fact I managed to do over the whole 22 minutes, by the end I was very surprised at what I was able to do. Granted I have to admit that on the first round I had so much energy and did everything as told and did very little of the beginner versions, though I was quite off step a few times hehe. Sometimes I can be very uncoordinated. The second time, my energy of course wasn't the same, and my knees had started to hurt so all the lunges and stuff were getting to me. This time even though I managed to conquer the form of most of the stuff I was messing the steps on before, I was going much slower and did many more of the beginner versions. But hey, I managed to stick to it, twice! even if the times weren't at the same intensity. I still moved and broke quite the sweat, so that definitely counts.

Though I'm wondering how many calories I burned, I searched everywhere and couldn't find it. The only person I found was a guy who said that according to his HRM he burned 230 calories with it. Since I'm a girl, I'm short (5'3") and I'm not that big anymore I counted it as 185 per 22 minutes that should be an okay approximation, what do you think? should I adjust it further? I know it's not exact but I'd just like to have an idea of the work I'm putting in. Also, somehow, probably because I was so busy yesterday I managed to not only stay within my calories but actually get on the low end of them, which helped to balance out the higher calories the day before.
Today, so far I've been good with food, and much better in water than I have been in the past two weeks! (I'd been struggling to hit 8) Right now, it's not even 2 pm and I'm already at nearly 5 glasses. So there's even hope of going over today! I haven't worked out yet today, and it's actually been raining most of the day so I don't think I'll go to the gym. Today will be another exercise TV day.

These videos are so very different from the usual work that I do. My cardio has always been around elliptical 95% of the time and walking the rest. Oh and every now and then I do the stationary bike, but that is quite rare. So I hope the changes with the videos is just the push I've been needing to finally break the 130's and go into the wonderful world of 120ville. emoticon emoticon

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GUNIVERA 8/13/2009 3:00PM

    Hey there! Our town "won" last year...It was so cool to meet everyone on the crew, they were all really nice to the fans. The family is doing really well. I just saw Phil & Mindy last night, in fact. We met them at their yard sale and became friends with them. My family watched this year's episode and were amazed at how much stuff was at the "yard" sale.

Woo Hoo on your progress!

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Starting up again

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lately I have been very frustrated with my scale, up, down, up down, though at least it has managed to stay in the same range. To be fair though the day before yesterday I didn't manage to eat properly, in fact it was quite an unhealthy day. Also, I've been struggling with myself to get my butt to the gym, it has been a nearly impossible task. However, yesterday I got a jolt of motivation, and managed to plan breakfast and lunch as well as snacks ahead of time and ate very healthily most of the day! my dinner wasn't unhealthy it just was much higher in sodium than it should've been, in fact I added waaay to much salt... hehe, well it couldn't be such a perfect day I guess, but still very good! Hey at least I managed to stay within my calories (though barely). Oh, and I even managed to get myself to the gym and push myself to do 38 minutes on the elliptical burning 360 calories emoticon plus if I add the walking to and from school and to and from the gym it added to up to 470 calories burned. So overall definitely a good day emoticon.
So I decided to keep it going this weekend, I'll keep it healthy, and go to the gym, I paid for an unlimited fitness classes pass for the quarter yesterday, and I do not want those 45$ to go to waste, so all that means is that I'll just have to use it hehe emoticon.
Another thing, today I weighed in at 131.6 and even though it's .4 more than yesterday I'm not going to let it get me down, it could just be the salt from yesterday or it could also be that the workouts usually take a little to kick into the scale, specially when restarting; which just means that when it does kick in it would be that much worth it. I'll just make sure to get myself to get a good workout in today and tomorrow as well.
I'll keep you updated how the weekend goes and when I finally break the 130's once and for all!

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JOHAL52 4/18/2009 9:11AM

    Don't worry about the .4 emoticon I was up 2 pounds yesterday morning after eating some Chinese food on Thursday night. But they have gone this morning. Just keep on plan and you'll be fine!


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So close yet so far

Friday, April 10, 2009

So I am still within the same pound and a half, yesterday 130.4 today 131.0, couldn't it go the other way instead? I want to see 129.anything so bad! To be fair though even though I remained eating healthy for most of my day yesterday I slacked off a little in that I gave in to some birthday cake they had at work, it was from a very good bakery which made it incredibly hard to resist! if it had simply been from the grocery store it would've made it easier on my willpower... also, I wasn't able to fit in a proper workout, though I at least managed to walk to school and back. That's slightly less than half an hour total, but hey, it's better than nothing. Ah, and I didn't drink all my water either... oh well. I'll do my best today and work hard, or at least harder than yesterday for sure hehe and I'll make sure I drink my water too. I've been so close to the breaking point for a while now, I just want to get to the other side!

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JOHAL52 4/10/2009 1:12PM

    You'll get there, you will--just don't let go!!


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EUGENERUGOSA 4/10/2009 9:37AM

    good luck reaching your goal. emoticon

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overcoming myself

Friday, April 03, 2009

Well so the originally set goal of 125 lbs. by my 25th B-day on the 25th of march, which was then postponed to my cousin's 25th birthday today is now a failed mission... emoticon...
I've been stuck, again. The day before my birthday I got to 131 which isn't bad at all. During my birthday though I declared it a free day and the next day I got a 135 back!!! I was aware that I would see an increase but didn't think it would be that drastic... good thing is by the next day I was at 133 so it wasn't as horrible a damage as previously thought. That much increase I can handle... and I did

emoticon after my free day I've been very careful with everything I eat and yesterday I got to 130.4!!! made me extremely happy, haven't been that low in a while! and even though today I'm a whole pound higher 131.4, not all is lost though, because now I know that it is possible for me to do it and even though I am again at my very familiar seesaw (though one step higher on the ladder) if I put in a little bit of effort I can move and keep it going, so that's what I'm going to do.

Yesterday I had a horrible migraine that just refused to go away and had to over medicate horribly until it finally went away over 9 hours later... though at the beginning of the pain I managed to go to the gym, somehow... and get some strength work in since sometimes that actually helps with relieving the migraine, and I think it actually kept it from getting too bad too quickly but alas there was no stopping it...

I guess I just have to keep trying and attempt to stay as focused as I can... I wonder if I can manage to finally break the 130's by next friday... I really really hope so!

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KEMAUS 4/4/2009 8:27AM

    Don't worry you will get there!! I seesaw all the time. I hope your head is feeling better!!

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Fighting mixed feelings...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ok, so it's been a while since I wrote, and a few pounds it seems :) though not as many as I hoped. Last time I wrote I was 137, which was higher than I had been in a loooong time (since I'd been stuck in mid 130's for a few months) but that was due to the trip and that included a drop (due to jetlag) already!.... well I decided then to try to achieve my newfound goal of 125 lbs, by my 25th birthday on the 25th day of march! it just looked sooooo pretty!. But, now that I'm actually really close, that goal seems very hard to achieve, even though as of this morning I got to 131.8 ( emoticon) which is more than 5 lbs less on my way to 6! it seems that my original goal is pretty unattainable. To get it I would have to loose almost 7 pounds in the next 10 days! and well, even though it might be possible for some people (biggest loser type) it's pretty much impossible for me. I would have to starve myself while moving into the gym and that is just not going to happen. Soooooooo, I decided to be a little happier, even though I didn't manage to loose the 2 lbs per week I needed to reach my goal, instead loosing about 1 per week, which well, put me almost at half my goal at this point, I still should be happy because it still means that I'm that much closer to leaving the 130's once and for all! and if all goes well, I'll make it my new goal to be at 128 by my birthday, yeah yeah not as nice as 125 but still damn good! and pretty close to it anyways ^_^ humm, I have a friend of mine, her birthday is the 31 of march, who knows, maybe I can get even closer by hers! she's turning 25 too so that would be good enough for me, I think. If not another cousin of mine (we were born very closely) is april 3rd so that could be it too. Yeah, I think I'll make that my new goal date, 125 by april 3rd, ... lets see how that goes... wish me luck!

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BLESSFULLMOON 3/16/2009 12:11AM

    thanks for your support:) I do feel a bit better overall, though I haven't really been working out as I would like... now that the quarter is ending though I should have more time open and will do my best to work out a heck of a lot more!
yeah I suppose it does get harder to loose as I would like as I get smaller, though 125 is not my final goal but my more immediate one, I still would like to get to 115(I'm 5'3", with a small frame, though not as small as it should be at the moment hehehe it's suggested 104 even as my lower end healthy weight but I really think that would just be too low, if I get to 115 I would be perfectly happy) which is about 17 more pounds than I am now, well less actually... oh well my ideal would be to get to my final goal by early june so I can look great for college graduation!
It's just been getting more frustrating since I've been in the 130s for a looooong time! Leaving the 140s was hard too, and got stuck as well, but not for nearly as long, that didn't last more than a month and a half. In 130ville I've been bouncing for since july of last year! left it very briefly at 128-129 but if that lasted 10 days it was a lot and then right back... I really hope this time I do finally get to leave... for real...

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BILLALEX70 3/15/2009 8:44AM

    In my opinion; someone as tiny as yourself would have a pretty hard time losing 2 pounds per week. Take cues from your body. Did you feel better today than yesterday? Did you run (bike, walk, etc) faster/farther than before? I've never been as close to my goal as you, but I know that every week I see a smaller number that I view that week as a positive.

Keep working hard and you'll find the end of the rainbow.

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