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Thursday, January 08, 2009

3.2 pounds away from my goal weight! -

I am almost at my goal weight (after a horrible December 2008) and yes, it feels great and itís exciting!

But, but, butÖthat means that I have to move into Phase 3 of the South Beach Diet. Transitioning is going to be tougher for me this time than back in July when I went from Phase 1 to 2 because I was only in P1 for two weeks. Iíve been in Phase 2 for about 24 weeks now so Iím used to eating a certain way. Now, to add back in all foods of choice into my diet is going to be really tough, but I have to try it out. Iím thinking maybe a Phase 2.5 Ö maybe? Hey, South Beach Dieters have made up something called P1.5 (which really doesnít exist) where you donít fully move into P2 until you figure out what makes you gain and what doesnít. This experimenting is going to kill me if I start gaining. Letís hope for the best.

Reflection about being so close to my goal weight -

I never thought I could ever lose 50 pounds ever! I never thought that I could be thin again. I never thought Iíd become athletic. I never thought any of this in all of my years. me? This is really the best feeling in the World.

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LILSHINE 1/8/2009 1:00PM

    Wow that is truly awesome! Congrats for being so close to your goal weight, I'm sure you're going to get there and then some.

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I Decided...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Iiiiiiii deeeeeeciiiiided!!!! (I love that song btw).

Anyway, I decided that I will not copy and paste my logs all over the place because it's too time consuming. I already have to keep up with my nutrition tracker and it's a beast to keep up with my fitness because I workout everyday except for Sundays and plugging in exercises is a b...anyway, if anybody wants to see all of my logs (cardio, running, food and soon cycling and swimming) then you will want to go to my official blog located at to see.

I will keep up my scale tales and my nutrition tracker here on the Spark because I like doing it and I like to count my calories so it's best to Spark about it.

Also, I'm ordering my Garmin 305 Forerunner this weekend!!!! Finally!!! I'm going to order the foot pod too because I need that for spinning classes.

What else...oh and to check me out everyday or every week you will need to look at my official blog at because that is where I'm tracking my journey to a new me.

I think that's about it! Oh and I 176.8lbs today!!!! It's the lightest I've been so far. :D 3.2 lbs. to goal. I'm consulting right now with my South Beach Diet teammates as to how to go about moving into Phase 3 of SBD. Once you reach goal weights you have to move into P3 and transitioning is also scary. I'm also worried about maintenance as it is not easy. I'm worrying about how to STOP losing weight at this point. Not sure how to do that w/o moving into P3.

That's all!


Wednesday, December 31, 2008 - Cardio, Lower Body & Abs Plus Stretching

Friday, January 02, 2009


No run today because it was too cold and I was starting to get sick!!!
So instead I treated this day as a Cardio day.

I did 20 mins of the rough stuff ha!ÖThe Biggest Lower Cardio Max with Bob. Uncoordinated to death, but it works.

Lower Body

DB Lunges s/s DB Squats
40◊12, 40◊12
40◊12, 40◊12
40◊12, 40◊12
40◊12, 40◊12

Stiffed-Legged BB Deadlifts s/s BB Squats
45◊15, 45◊12
45◊10, 45◊12
45◊15, 45◊12

Calf Raises w/ DB s/s Seated Calf Raises

30◊20, 40◊12
30◊15, 40◊15
30◊12, 40◊12


Bicycle - 2 sets of 15 - lowering my legs almost to the floor
Cross Body Crunches - 2 sets of 30 (for each side)
Reverse Crunches - 30
Crunches - 30
Superman - 25
Plank - completed 3 out of my anticipated 5 and held each for 10 seconds


Runnerís Stretching - 5 minutes

Total Minutes: 60 minutes - slow and heavy

I am down about 8.2lbs from this past Monday...I am beaming!!!! Registration at Rutgers University Rec Center starts on the 21st and I'm excited because I'm signing up to learn how to swim (doing this with my best friend), beginner spinning and a couple of aquatic aerobics classes.

Next season I'm going to continue with swimming, spinning and triathlon training. I won't be doing any 5k this year, but I want the training for it so I'll know what to do for my first 5k in 2010. I need a bicycle badly!

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BABY_GIRL69 1/2/2009 1:13PM

    emoticon on your workout!

Hope you are feeling better now?

Happy New "YOU" & blessings,


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008 - Cardio & Stretching

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I did 20 mins of the rough stuff ha!ÖThe Biggest Lower Cardio Max with Bob. Uncoordinated to death, but it works.


5 mins of runners stretching.

Calories burned? Not sureÖwill find out in due time (after I get my HRM).

I am also down 6.8lbs from Monday...what is going on??? I gained those 12lbs like nobody's business over the past two weeks and I'm losing it like nobody's business. I have a double Aunt Flo this month (not sure why she did that) to thank for my big fluctuations in my weight for the past two weeks. I also have my brilliant self to thanks for White Castleing, McDonalding, Wendying, Burker Kinging and Nino's Pizzariaing it as well. Never again! What a disaster! I'm just glad it's over.

I also became a SPARKPEOPLE MOTIVATOR TODAY!!!! What a wonderful surprise!

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ALISHAB3 12/31/2008 8:20PM

    I love your blog you crack me up.

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Monday, December 29, 2008 - Run, Upper Body & Abs

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Decided to start tracking my fitness in the tracker so I can contribute to fitness minutes of the overall teams I'm in so I'll be posting them there and in here too. I also post it two other places on the web. Not time consuming at all, I just cut and paste. :)


Power walked my ass off for 43mins around the hood. No HRM so I don't know how many calories I burned.

Upper Body Strength

Bench Presses s/s Bicep Curls

35x12, 30x15

45x10, 30x15

45x10, 30x15

45x8, 40x10

Lateral Side Raises s/s Bent Over Rows

20x12, 30x15

20x12, 30x12

20x12, 30x12

20x10, 30x10

Chest Flyes s/s Dumbbell Shrugs

20x12, 40x12

20x10, 40x10

20x10, 40x10

20x18, 40x10

Seated Rear Delt Raises s/s Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

30x12, 15x12

30x8, 15x12

30x12, 15x10

30x8, 15x8


I would have used my new ab roller (my best friend got it for me), but I found out that I need a pair of knee pads. I don't have my rubber flooring yet as I'm creating my new workout space so until then, no ab roller. :(

Bicycle - 2 sets of 15 - lowering legs almost to the floor (burn!!!!)

Butt Ups - 2 set of 10 (didn't use a ball this time, did it out of a full plank)

Cross Body Crunches - 2 sets of 30 (for each side)

Reverse Crunches - 30

Planks - completed 2 out of my anticipated 5 and held each for 10 seconds. will do better next time


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