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Today's Weigh-in

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's disheartening. I gained 2.7 pounds. I ate well most of the week but once again was unable to exercise because of sore knees, etc.

How am I going to do for the next week when I'm not exercising and I have six special events to go to? One tonight, two on Friday, one on Saturday, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. Sigh...

I don't want to gain but I don't see how I can help it. I'm one of those people who wants to put in my mouth what I can see and smell. Point in fact, my friend at work brought a baggie of goodies over for my husband and she made me a small baggie because she knows that I'll just eat his if I don't get my own and all day long, it was calling my name so at lunchtime, I ate two shortbread and two chocolate macaroons and then I ate the remaining shortbread and macaroon when I got home last night.

But, the good part about this is that from yesterday morning when I weighed in to this morning when I weighed in, I lost 1.2 pounds. So, maybe eating not great isn't necessarily bad.

And, Christmas dinner at my dad's house on Saturday doesn't sound too unhealthy - we're all supposed to bring our favourite salad and something crusty and my sister (who lives there, too) is making a large capon and providing something sweet for dessert.

So, maybe I'm worried for nothing.

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NINIVA 12/20/2007 3:35PM

    Hey, it does sound like your family is trying to be more conscientious about their diet; that's some help. I'm the same way; if I smell it, or see it, or just know about it, I want some. That's always worst just before the TOM for me, which could be some consolation.

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Today's Weigh-in - Yay!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Even though, I'm still not exercising because of my knee problems, I'm down 2.4 pounds today for a grand total of 23.6 since January! Yay, me!

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MRSK68 12/13/2007 2:14PM

  YEAH! to you. Good work.

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Today's Weigh-in

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I gained weight this week (1.8 pounds) but I'm not surprised since I only did 50 minutes of exercise for the whole week and I haven't been eating very well. In fact, I went out to dinner last night with my sister and so I weighed in yesterday morning in case I went overboard last night and this morning when I weighed in, I actually weighed point 4 less than yesterday morning.


I'm ready for Christmas but...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Boy am I ever sore. I just spent the last 2 hours decorating the house for Christmas. But my arms and legs are killing me.

I've also done two loads of laundry and am just starting my third and then I have to make dinner. I'm making roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes and a veg (either cauliflower or zucchini - I'm leaning towards the zucchini).

My husband is working and won't be home until midnight so I can make supper whenever I like. I also have to do the recycling and watch a DVD that's due back at the library tomorrow (Happy Feet).

And, I exercised this morning for 50 minutes. Hopefully with all this activity today, my next weigh-in won't be too horrible since I haven't exercised since last Monday.


November (edited)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Overall, I lost 3.2 pounds for the month but this week has been bad. I haven't done any real exercise since Monday because my left knee is killing me and it seems when this happens, I tend to eat more, too so I've been eating too much and not exercising. So, going into December, I don't know how I'm going to do next weigh-in (on December 5th).

Oops, I made a mistake - overall, I actually lost 6 pounds for the month! Yay me!

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SIDNEYGIRL 11/30/2007 6:00PM

    Joanna ~ 3.2 pounds this month is Great! it really is! I feel your pain as my knee is bothering me this week ~ and I TOO tend to overeat or just eat more than I should when I'm exercising less. I think frustration leads to overeating too...I think that during a week when exercise is limited simply getting thru without Gaining is good news. I find it very difficult to lose weight by just eating less alone....the exercise is crucial for me to lose weight. I hope your knee's feeling better real soon! hang in there!

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