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gravity loves the body

Friday, November 06, 2009

My sister wrote this book of poems this year and yesterday, she read the following reviews about her book:

University of York journal: "in her powerful new book, Monika Lee reminds us that poems, like bodies, speak a language that is visceral, evocative, sensuous and real".

In "Canadian Literature," "her humour, wit, and unflinching view make us trust her, and want to live in the richness of this book as long as possible".

Good reviews, eh?

Here's a link about the book, if anyone is interested:


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DDOORN 11/6/2009 10:36PM

    Great pic...lol!

Hope she sells BOATLOADS of copies! :-)


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MOLLIEMAC 11/6/2009 2:56PM

    I love the image! Congrats to her...MJ emoticon

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This One's for you, Don (DDOORN)!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

BIKING IN THE WINTER - emoticon - I was going to post this on your SparkPage but it seemed too long so since I'm behind on my blogs, I thought I would post it here and then everyone can have this information!

It’s getting close to winter now and it’s time to think about packing up your bike, or is it….? While some of you might be thinking “Uh yeah right, like I don’t live in Maui”, there are ways to enjoy biking in the winter comfortably and safely. After all, the benefits of bike riding are immense including:

- Improved cardio vascular endurance
- Better Balance
- Stronger legs
- Easy on the joints
- Stress release from work and personal matters

Below is a list of things to keep in mind in order to stay warm:

- Wear a ski helmet, or a bike helmet with a hood, balaclava, toque, or helmet liner inside. Look for ski helmets meeting the Snell RS-98 standard. The CEN 1077 and ASTM standards are not quite as good.

- Ski goggles will keep your eyes warm. Double wall goggles prevent fogging. Wear sunglasses on very bright days, clear goggles of “shooting glasses” when it’s dim. Cover your lower face with a neoprene ski mask, balaclava, or long muffler.

- Use a scarf or neck warmer to keep your neck covered and warm.

- Wear silky underwear, not cotton.

- Your windproof jacket should cover your bum, even when hunched over on your bike. Zip fronts can let some air in when you get warm. Sweaters and fleece or down shirts inside should have sleeves to keep your thinner parts warm. Layering is good, but de-layer by undoing the front zips of your garments rather than stopping to undress.

- Warm hands are important. Wear warm ski mitts – they are warmer than gloves. The outside should be windproof. You may need to wear two pairs on colder days. Carry hand-warmer packets in case you need them.

- Fleece pants, leggings, windproof pants and silky long johns will keep your legs and feet warmer.

- Use wicking sports socks (not cotton) under thick wool or fleece socks inside warm boots. Bicycle gaiters will keep your feet and calves dry and warm. They fit over your toe and around your heel and extend almost up to your knee.

- Woven or neoprene material keeps the wind out better than knitted fabric. Avoid cotton – use wool or polyester fleece. Cotton will get wet and cold with sweat. Clean your clothing regularly to get sweat and spray out, keeping their insulation at maximum.

- Drink some hot cocoa – you can bring some along in a small thermos. Fill a water bottle with boiling water or Gatorade and keep it in an inner parka pocket to keep you warm (Too hot? Put a clean sock on it!) Drink it when it cools down a little.

Happy Biking, Don (and everyone else)!

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 11/5/2009 7:59AM

    LOL. Before even scrolling down to Don's answer I just knew he would say something about being bundled up like an Astronaut, or something! hehehe

Me? I'll HAPPILY bundle up like an Astronaut if it allows me to continue kayaking. 'Cuz I'm JUST THAT CRAZY. lol

...but I AM thinking about getting a pair of XC skis...

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1888MICHELLE 11/5/2009 7:58AM

    I'm trying to picture someone riding in the snow in Toronto. It's bad enough to do it during the nice weather, but with the potholes filled with slush, and the storm drains sunk into the roads, I'd have to wear a wet suit as well as everything else!!

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DDOORN 11/5/2009 6:23AM

    Yep, I'm sure ALL those steps would help...but you know me...all bound up as I'd be after taking all these steps...how could I *enjoy* my biking...?

My strategy? Too cold? Let's go hiking or cross country skiing...! :-)


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Better than the RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens)...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

When I went to the RBG this summer, I was kind of disappointed and then I was at my Dad's house and thought that his garden was better than what I'd seen at the RBG so I took some photos.

Then, I tried to post this blog in August but for some reason or another, SP wouldn't let me post my photos so I'm going to try again!

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    Very beautiful!

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MARILYNIM 10/24/2009 6:36PM

    beautiful flowers. I really like the pictures.

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Being Sick Isn't Necessarily Good for the Pocketbook!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm sick. I have a cold. It's not particularly bad but it's enough to make me tireder (is that a word - it looks weird) than normal.

And, since I'm just hanging about the house, I've been doing A LOT of online shopping, which as I said above isn't necessarily good for the pocketbook! LOL!

So, what did I buy you ask?

I bought a China blue fleece hoodie from LL Bean because I used to have this particular fleece hoodie and I loved it so much that I wore the zipper out so I took it to the local seamstress and she said it would cost 40 dollars to put a new one in and since the hoodie didn't even cost that much, it seemed like a waste of money. And, LL Bean had it on sale for $23.99 so I HAD to buy it, right?

I also did some shopping at Avon where I bought a wallet on a string because my over the shoulder small purse that I've been using for the last 10 years is falling apart and this wallet was less than $10 so I HAD to buy it, right?

I also bought at Avon, an Ultra Color Rich Lipstick in Sparkling Blush. The lady at the drug store told me that a sparkling lipstick has the look of lipgloss but the staying power of lipstick and it's usually got more moisturizer in it so it's better for your lips so I HAD to buy it, right?

And, Avon also had these great 3-in-1 lipstick, gloss and liner that all match each other to take the guesswork out of choosing the right shades yourself so I bought 3 of them in Berry, Red and Delicate Rose.

And, I bought this nice watch (see photo) because the one I have now (which I love, by the way) can't be made smaller because I've had it for about 20 years and the jewellery store lady told me that the watch would fall apart if they tried to reduce the size so eventually, as I lose weight, I'm going to need a replacement and I really liked this one:

I picked the gold-plated one. Nice, eh? And, here's a photo of my current one:

And, because I spent so much money, they're sending me two "free" gifts!

I also did some shopping at Lands End where I bought a new nightgown because my current one is getting thin. My new one is red; my old one was blue. I also ordered 3 long sleeved t-shirts in purple, blue and red and I ordered a blue pinstripe shirt/blouse.

And, my final online shopping stop was at Collage Video where I bought Karen Voight's Quick & Slim Cardio, Michelle Dozois' Rockin' Body Cardio Jam, Work Out: One-On-One with Jackie, Kelly Coffey's 30 Min. to Fitness: Kickboxing and The Firm: Get Chisel'd.

And, all that shopping just about maxed out my online credit card so I'm done but oh, shopping online can be so much fun and addictive so I HAD to buy, right???

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GEMMAJO 10/18/2009 2:52PM


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MOLLIEMAC 10/18/2009 2:23PM

    What a cure Joanna! Way to go, hope your cold is soon over...MJ emoticon emoticon

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JHADZHIA 10/18/2009 12:01PM

    Sorry you are sick, colds are nasty, but thank you for not going out and sharing it with everybody!! So online shopping is the way to go then! Got to treat yourself somehow when you are sick at home! Get better soon!
Let me know how you like those videos, and how they are for people with joint issues!

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Retail Therapy (title copied from TRAINOF4)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I did some retail therapy yesterday, too (as TRAINOF4 also did). I bought $155 worth of stuff for $130 (I had a $25 off coupon) and there was a sale on for 30 percent off the two blouses that I bought. I also bought a belt (never had one before but my new jeans are too loose and since I just bought them for $40, I decided that I needed a belt for them). I also bought 10 pairs of panty hose (5 beige and 5 black). I still have two beige pairs left from last year but I definitely needed more of them. And, that's just about it. I wore one of my new blouses to work today and I've received several compliments on it so that's always nice to hear.

One of my blouses has this colour scheme and pattern except the sleeves are shorter and the top part of the blouse is ruched kind of like a tube top.

And, my other blouse is this style but its colours are cranberry and black instead of just black and white like this one. And, actually the sleeves on this one are like the sleeves on the greenish coloured one.

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    Very pretty! I'm/glad you got some great deals.

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