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I'm going to slit my throat if....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I don't lose weight this week. Our Living With RA Challenge only had us weigh in once on October 1st and we'll be weighing in again on Tuesday for the final weigh-in. I've exercised every single day this month EXCEPT October 1st with most days being a minimum of 30 mins of cardio and lots of days being 60 mins or more.

I went over my calorie range 5 times but not by huge amounts. With my luck, that's what will be the problem for not losing weight.

I hope and hope and hope that the scale is kind to me this week.

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    Wishing you the best for Tuesday...come on scale ! - show us the number !!!!! ( Lower than before please)

FYI - I never lost more than 3 pounds in a month. I was a half pound a week girl. We'll take any loss for you. You've been burning up the calories.

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Race to Paradise Update - Week 2

Monday, October 20, 2008

Since my last update, I'm now 167th out of 352 participants in this race and I have walked 111335 steps, which translates to 84.34 kilometres (52.4 miles).

However, our team has moved from 48th out of 64 teams to 36th out of 66 teams, largely because our 6th member wants around 12,000 to 17,000 steps every day, which translates to 366.9 kilometres (227.98 miles)! emoticon

I also bought and assembled (DH really did the assembling) a Freestyle Gazelle elliptical machine yesterday and am planning to use it at night when I'm watching TV.

I really hope that all this activity will have me finally losing some real weight since I'm currently 8 pounds heavier than when I joined SparkPeople back in September 2007!

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LINDAJOYWK 10/23/2008 6:27AM

    Keep up the good work! emoticonLinda

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Race to Paradise Update

Monday, October 13, 2008

Since last Monday, I've walked 43.6 kilometres (27.1 miles) for this challenge and I'm 81 out of 318 participants in this race.

My team has walked 79.4 kilometres (49.3 miles) and we're 48th out of 64 teams.

Our team at the beginning of last week was called Femmes d'Eau (Women of Water) but now we have 3 guys on our team, too so I had the name changed to Gens d'Eau (People of Water). The reason we have "water" in our name is because we all work for the Water Division at work.

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MOLLIEMAC 10/13/2008 10:21AM

    Way to walk, Joanna! BTW, loved reading about your day at the Rockton Fair, i can fully understand why you slept like a log after all that activity...MJ emoticon

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Canadian Thanksgiving This Weekend

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our family celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday but I ended up coming home before dessert because my legs and back were killing me. My sister from out of town was disappointed but I was going to spend all day Sunday with her so what more does she want?

And, I didn't eat too much. I just had one piece of ham, my garlic mashed potatoes with gravy that my sister made especially for me using spelt flour, squash and cabbage salad and, 3 chocolate-covered strawberries that DH brought home for me because he stayed after I left. He's a good boy.

My dad had hired a photographer to take our pictures so we spent an hour in various groups and poses getting our pictures taken. It was interesting especially when he told "the parents" to get out of the picture and so DH and I remained in the picture because we're not parents - LOL!

And, then after that, my sisters and I went for a walk. That's probably what killed my legs because it was kind of hilly but it was good exercise and I got a chance to talk with each of them one-on-one.

On Sunday, we spent about 6 hours wandering around Rockton Fair and my legs were killing me by the time I got home. And, not only that but I had dressed for fall weather and it was so hot. I wish I had worn my capris and sandals; I would have felt so much better.

I went on one ride, the ferris wheel, which wasn't like the old bench seat ferris wheels; it was a saucer that I shared with my brother-in-law, Scott, 6' 3" tall and 2 nephews, Marcel, 16 and 6'3" tall and 11 year old Alexander. It was fun and I love and like all of them. Scott and Marcel helped me in and out of the saucer, which I found to be the most difficult part of the ride.

The kids went on a bunch of rides and other than a few frustrations like Alasdair not being able to get his bumper car to go where he wanted to go and Samantha having to waste some of her ride tickets on the boring merry go round and Seb almost tossing his cookies on the Tilt-a-Whirl, I think we all had fun.

After the rides, we went and had lunch. Most of my family lined up for food from the Lion's Club (fries, burgers and sausages) but I had a veggie pita that wasn't great but was probably better for me than something from the Lion's Club and then I had some ice cream for dessert but I didn't really like it so I gave half of it to my nephew, Marcel. Seb wasn't in the mood for lunch and that was how we really knew he wasn't feeling well as he's 14 and always hungry and he's 6'4" tall. But, near the end of the lunch, he got an order of fries, which he managed to keep down.

After lunch, we went to see the animals. We saw some goats and some huge, black horses. I think they're called Percherons? And, then we went and saw the chickens and other birds and rabbits, my favourite animals to see at the fair. Some of the chickens are so interesting looking like the Bantams and I saw two Lion's Mane rabbits that looked like a pair of rabbit slippers!

Unfortunately, at that point in the day, we were all hot and tired and I was sore and we were ready to go home but my sister's husband (the ones from Montreal) has type 1 diabetes and he wandered off by himself near the end of the day without telling anyone where he was going because his blood sugar was low but we didn't know that at the time and thought maybe he had headed back to the van without us so we went to the van but he wasn't there so my sister went and her two eldest sons (16 & 14) went back to look for him. When Fiona found him, he was staggering around and was in obvious distress so she sent her eldest son to get him a drink with sugar in it (pop or juice or whatever) and brought him to the van where I gave him some of the fudge that I had bought for my husband. But, he kept insisting he was fine but he so obviously wasn't. So, that was kind of a poor way to end the day but he's okay now.

So we took him home and then I walked to my home and then Fiona came down for her tea and we chatted for awhile and then she went home for supper.

I was so hungry but not hungry so I just had tomatoes and feta cheese with Greek dressing for dinner but even that felt like too much and I ended up going to bed at 9 and then I slept UNTIL 7:30 this morning. As I said before, I was wiped!

And, today, we have to go to my mother-in-law's hot apartment for dinner. It's supposed to be hotter today than yesterday!

The only thing I have to do tomorrow is go grocery shopping, make dinner and vote (it's Canada's federal election this week). I'm off work until Thursday because on Wednesday, I have my next Orencia appointment and then I have an appointment with my rheumatologist.

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FABGRAMMA 10/13/2008 11:48PM

    That was a full day celebration, my legs would hve been sore after an hour.
Good luck with your tratment on Wednesday, it's cold and rainy up here in Northwestern Ontario

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NURSEMOMTOTHREE 10/13/2008 10:36AM

    What a holiday celebration ! I can understand why you were tired. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday during your treatment. .

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Walk to Paradise

Sunday, October 05, 2008

So, me and 2 friends at work have decided to join this 8-week challenge to walk to Paradise (Bermuda).

All we have to do is work out every day for 8 weeks and then log it on the Challenge website.

We decided that we would walk each day at lunchtime but one of my 2 friends and I already work out but the other friend doesn't do anything and she was a little worried about the ability to keep up so on Friday, we went for a practice walk to see how it went. I told her that if it didn't go well, I'd let her not join the challenge with us but it was fine and so she has joined with us.

I'm a little worried about how the weather might affect our walking every day since it's typically the time of year where there's rain and possibly even snow but we'll see.

I told the friend who was worried that it was her responsibility to get me out walking everyday because I haven't been losing a lot of weight on SP and perhaps this extra 30 minutes of walking every day would help me (but in my mind, I'm thinking this should definitely help her!).

Anyway, that's the plan. And, if the weather is terrible, we could always do the stairs in our office building!

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    That sounds great ! I wish you the best with the weather, but I know this is the time it gets iffy. The steps would be a great alternative. Keep us posted on how it's going.

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HEAVENLYCHILD83 10/5/2008 11:21AM

    That's a great idea. Hopefully the weather cooperate's with you. Good luck and have fun with it.

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