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Super Hero Strength

Monday, November 03, 2014

One day when I was 4 and my sisters were 2 (M) and a baby (less than a year), my 2-year-old sister and I were playing in the backyard and my mum was inside with the baby. I got busy doing something (don't remember what) and next thing I know M isn't there anymore and I don't know where she went so I went looking for her only to find that she was crawling towards the road. I yelled for my mum but she was on the second floor nursing the baby so it was up to me to save the day. I stopped my sister from going on the road by sitting on her until my mum could get there.

~ I don't remember any of this but my mum told me this is how it happened and I believe her. ~

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_LINDA 11/3/2014 7:26PM

    emoticon Good on you! What a memory!

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SEATTLE58 11/3/2014 10:33AM

    Wow, this is so cool and such an awesome happening for you to think about, to apply it to anything in your life that you want to really obtain! emoticon emoticon

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TRUNKJUNK 11/3/2014 10:17AM

    Great Save!

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SWEETNEEY 11/3/2014 8:15AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Today's Hike w/Photos

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My MIL and I hiked for an hour on the Bruce Trail and here are photos from the hike:

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ITS_MY_TURN_NOW 10/31/2014 8:47AM

    Love it!!! emoticon

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_LINDA 10/26/2014 10:57AM

    Awesome!! So nice to see what your area looks like! I love rustling through fallen leaves, have to admit, one of the few things I like about fall.
Thanks for posting!! Love your new profile photo -looking great!

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JANET552 10/26/2014 6:30AM

    That looks like a great place to walk!!

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SEATTLE58 10/25/2014 11:31PM

    Wow, good for you! Love all the photos!

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ROCKPORT9 10/25/2014 10:21PM

    Wonderful walk! Thanks for the photos!

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CAROL494 10/25/2014 7:29PM

  Great photos!

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Weekend in Quebec

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I've returned from my weekend away. I managed to exercise for an hour for 3 of the 4 days of the BLC26 weekend challenge and got 119 points with one of the 25 point bonuses for doing part of the fit test. The only part I didn't do was the 1 mile walk because even though I walked 3 out of 4 days, the road was quite hilly so I didn't think it was a good indicator for the fit test.

I think I even managed to eat pretty well overall. It's a lot easier tracking by paper than trying to find the approximate nutritional data for each item on SP. My sister and her family are evening snackers but I didn't indulge at all. Good for me.

On Friday night, after I had been awake since 3:15 a.m. as I had to be at the train station in Toronto by 6:30 a.m., I played Settlers of Cataan with my sister, BIL and nephew and even though I had never played before, I won. I think it's partly because my sister helped me and partly because I got to go first (apparently that's important in this game). BTW, we were at my sister's cottage in Rawdon, Quebec (about 1.5 hours north of Montreal).

On Saturday, we walked for an hour before breakfast and then headed to La Source, the Nordic spa for the day. We got there around 10:15 and left around 4. It's only $44 plus tax for the day. Last year, my favourite was the hot tubs but this year, it was the steam bath. The only bad part to the day was that I developed a headache when I was getting changed back into my street clothes. I think it started because of the perfume that a lot of the women in the change room seemed to be wearing. But the headache didn't go away until early the next morning so I wondered if it might also have been weather-related as we got heavy rain Saturday night.

Saturday night, we watched a very funny Canadian movie called The Grand Seduction. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys intelligent humour. Here's a link about it:


On Sunday, my sister and I walked before breakfast again. After lunch, we drove back to Montreal and went to my sister's eldest son's new apartment (he'd been there a week). He's on the 23rd floor and has a nice view. We were there about 2 hours while my BIL put together a futon and hung the curtains, my DS had bought my nephew and my DS put together a floor lamp she had bought him as well.

After that, we went out to dinner at a Greek fast food place and then we headed back to her house on the West Island of Montreal. After settling in and unpacking (them not me since I was leaving to come home the next day), we watched a British mystery show but I couldn't keep my eyes open so ended up going to bed before it was done.

Monday morning, I did most of the BLC26 fit test (wall planks, modified jacks and the sit-rise test) plus 125 squats. I didn't have time to do much more as my train was at 10:30 and we had to leave my sister's house by 9:45 and I had slept in. The train was on time and I was back to Toronto by 3:30 and had to wait an hour until my connecting train to Aldershot (the train station nearest to my house). I got to Aldershot about 10 after 5 and my sister picked me up since DH is on afternoon shift this week. I was home before 6. By the time, I had unpacked and talked to DH from work, it was 6:30 and I was too tired to do much else.

It was a good weekend and today, I'm doing laundry and catching up here and then this afternoon since it's 22C and sunny, I'm going to hang out on the deck and finish the ebook I started on Friday.

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 9/23/2014 1:26PM

    Sounds like a really fun time. Glad you enjoyed yourself and a big emoticon for all that walking. Great!

Have fun!

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ROCKPORT9 9/23/2014 1:12PM

    What a nice visit with good exercise and good food choices. Wonderful!

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Reflections on BLC25

Sunday, July 20, 2014

BLC25 ends this Wednesday and I've got to admit that it hasn't been my best round. The good part is that I haven't gained much if any (final weigh-in is on Wednesday). The bad part is that I haven't lost anything either (at least not yet).

I was thrown a curve ball in May at my doctor's office when I was told that I definitely have tendonitis in my shoulders and that I shouldn't use my shoulders for anything for SIX MONTHS!!! I must admit that I have not been happy with this prognosis. Previous rounds of BLC have taught me to love ST and not doing ST for six months was a lot to handle. Consequently, I've been in a bit of a funk about this especially considering that my shoulders are still hurting even though I haven't been doing anything with them. emoticon

However since I haven't been doing any upper body ST, I have been doing a lot more lower body and core workouts than normal and I'm hoping that my final measurements will show that. I told my husband that my new goal is to finally fit into my size 18 jeans that I've owned for a few years especially since my size 20 jeans are getting really thin.

One NSV (non scale victory) from this round is that I've exercised every single day since the beginning of BLC25 except for one day. It helped that we had a cooler than normal year this year so we've done more walks at lunchtime.

My plan for maintaining or losing weight over the break is keep on exercising and tracking my food. For me, these are the two most important things I can do to stay the course.

The best thing about this round of BLC was getting to meet so many new members from other parts of the world like Australia and Nigeria. Way cool!

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A-STRONGER-ME 7/21/2014 6:28PM


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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 7/21/2014 1:31PM

    WOOHOO! YOU ROCK! I know how hard it is to be consistent with exercise, especially when your favorite form is not allowed. Good luck with the final WI. Have fun over the break!

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FUSIONFITNESS3 7/20/2014 10:37PM

    Joann, that's incredible that you exercised every day but one this round. That's way impressive!!!

I like how you are doing more core and lower strength training since you can't do the upper for some time. That's a smart move.

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BLC Fit Test - Week 6

Monday, June 09, 2014

SP has an article that talks about fit tests you can do at home and for this weekend's challenge, we were repeat the test which we did 6 weeks ago to see if we've improved.

Here's the article in case anyone else wants to try it:


Here are my test results from Week 6 (today) comparing them with my Week 1 results:

WEEK 1 - Walk 1 Mile - 20 minutes - SP rates this Poor
WEEK 6 - Walk 1 Mile - 19 minutes - marginally better but SP still rates this Poor

WEEK 1 - Pushups - 8 (my right shoulder gave out before the time was up) - SP rates this Average
WEEK 6 - Pushups - 0 - I'm guessing SP would rate this extremely Poor but since my GP has told me to do no shoulder work for six months because I have tendonitis in my right shoulder, I really have no other available options

WEEK 1 - Crunches - 16 (I did better on this than I thought I would) - SP rates this Good
WEEK 6 - Crunches - 20 - SP Rates this between Good and Excellent

WEEK 1 - Step-ups - 127 bpm (pulse rate 1 minute after they were done) - SP rates this Poor
WEEK 6 - Step-ups - 100 bpm - SP rates this Above Average

As I said above, I can't do the Pushup portion and I must admit that the first time, I did the Step-ups one, I don't think I did it right so I don't know if the first number is accurate or not.

We're supposed to do this again at Week 12 so we'll see how I do then.

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A-STRONGER-ME 6/12/2014 5:27AM

    Some limitations and still making progress - you are doing emoticon

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 6/10/2014 1:37PM

    WOOHOO! I see improvement in all your scores. Rest your shoulder. No re-injuring the hurting shoulder or the other one in trying to compensate. Great job!

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JLAMING263 6/9/2014 11:05AM

    emoticon emoticon

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