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Exercising To The Max

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a day!! I cycled to the gym this morning and then did an hour body combat then cycled back it took me a bit longer on the way back as my leg muscles were burning from the body combat.

Had a shower and then walked to my daughters school to pick up a copy of her exam results and then to the gym did a hour pilates and then walked home, I suppose you could say I exercised to the max. I am however really feeling it now but am on top of the world knowing that I can do it.

Healthy dinner and shower then probably put my feet up for a bit emoticon emoticon

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BIKECHIC1 9/28/2012 1:41AM

    Thankyou Ninjamel emoticon

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NINJAMELVANISH 9/27/2012 10:17PM

    Wow! I'm exhausted just reading about what you did today. That's definitely exercising to the max!

You deserve to feel on the top of the world--I would too!


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Ever Ready Bunny

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Had a really good session at the gym today (2hrs 10mins), I'm looking forward to zumba later (1hr).

Food tracking is going well and I'm staying within range. I've bought myself two new workout tops as a reward for reaching a couple of my small goals (weight loss and motivation).

Went out for an hour on my push bike yesterday even though it was raining.

I'm feeling really good about myself and can now see results from all of my hard work which also motivates me to keep going. I feel like an ever ready battery bunny). emoticon

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JERZGURL_NAN 9/29/2012 6:32AM

    I am working at getting that 'addiction' back - it is the greatest feeling, isn't it?. When summer came I added biking, swimming and a weekly appt with the Trainer.
All was / is great but my schedule/routine changed as well as the fact that I reached a major goal. I am looking forward to getting back that addiction/drive. It's empowering.
Congrats and Enjoy it - you will reach your goals!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I can't say that I've always had weight problems, because in truth I haven't, it all started in my teen years, I stopped being active. Don't get me wrong, I didn't sit about all day doing nothing, I walked every where because we didn't have a car, or I would catch a bus, I also walked for pleasure but I stopped doing other things that I did as a kid like cycling and gymnastics.

I moped about a lot and listened to music, I suffered with teenage depression mainly because I started eating more out of boredom, I especially loved sweet things like cream cakes, chocolate and ice-cream, my favourite was chocolate cake with chocolate ice-cream. I never dreamed that eating that kind of food would do so much damage.

I started having body issues, I suppose like any other teenager but I had big boobs which I hated, all my friends had 'normal sized boobs', and I felt like a bit of a freak, I thought my thighs were too big, that my waist wasn't thin enough but did I do something about it, well not at first, I did all the kinds of things that teenagers do, stopped having sugar in my tea/coffee, skipped meals by telling mum that I wasn't hungry or I'd get something later.

Looking back it wasn't the wisest decision but I, like many others was misinformed, little did I know that by not eating or eating very little I could potentially make myself fatter. I tried every latest diet going, yes I always slimmed down but eventually put it back on and more besides (you can relate can't you?).

Now, thanks to Spark People I can actually make an informed decision on what I'm actually putting in my body, I've still got a long way to go but now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I've learned to love exercise and honestly can't get enough. I look forward to meal times and appreciate the food I cook and eat, knowing that I'm using it to fuel my body not give in to my cravings, which I no longer have by the way.

So for those of you who are still struggling, keep going, have your off days but make sure you pick up the slack and get back on track the following day, it does eventually work, reading the articles really helps with the understanding of nutrition and exercise it's invaluable so a huge THANKYOU! to all in the spark team and other sparkers for your support, I wouldn't have got this far without you. Keep up the good work.


Bags Of Energy

Monday, September 24, 2012

Woke up to a real miserable day weather wise, it's been raining non stop from yesterday tea time. After a healthy breakfast I headed to work as usual, a quiet uneventful morning. Afterwards I hit the gym for my 2hr session, 30 mins treadmill for a bit of interval training, weighted row machine 3 sets of 30 reps, chest press weight machine 3 sets of 30 reps, lat T pulldown weight machine 3 sets of 30reps, cross trainer for 15 mins, abductor weight machine 3 sets of 45 reps, adductor weight machine 3 sets of 40 reps, 3 sets of 30 reps for dumbbell kick backs, 3 sets of 30 reps for dumbbell tricep extensions, 3 sets of 30 reps squats with a 5kg powerbag and then a 35 min stint on the powerbike, a cool down on treadmill for 5mins and finally a nice stretch.

Felt tired but not in a bad way, still getting a great buzz afterwards knowing I've achieved all of that. After a nice refreshing shower I went shopping, bought a new cd to dance about to when I got home. Cooked a nice healthy dinner for when hubby gets home while dancing to my new cd emoticon
Also managed a pile of ironing too...I'm on a roll. Don't stop me now, I've got bags of energy.

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ME_B4_INSANITY 9/24/2012 1:41PM

    Congrats!!!! Keep up the motivation as when you finally sit down your gonna feel like a million dollars.

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Loving Exercising

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Didn't get chance to blog yesterday, didn't do much in the way of exercise just a 40 min ride down to Halfords on my new push bike.

Went to Derwent Waters today with the new push bike, it has 27 gears and made the uphills a lot easier, I absolutely love it spent about 2 and a half hours out there going around two of the reservoirs and they aint small, we did about 16 miles and most of it uphill. emoticon
We went and bought some books of cycle routes around the peak district so I can start doing a bit harder terrains, we'll see how it goes.

So glad I had a protein rich breakfast I'm sure that's what kept me going. Looking forward to doing again soon.

I no longer see exercise as a chore, I actually look forward to it and can't wait for the next sessions. I'm loving exercising.

Managed to eat healthily, no take aways or refined sugar or alcohol, seem to be doing ok on that front, now I need to try and be more in control and not give in so easily when hubby says he wants take out. Oh well, another small goal. emoticon

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NKOUAMI26 9/23/2012 1:58PM


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PJ2222 9/23/2012 1:58PM

    Way to Go! Just don't quit!

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TCANNO 9/23/2012 1:57PM

    Well Done


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