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Baby Steps

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I went for another jog this morning and realised that I need new running shoes the ones that I have are causing a blister on my left heel emoticon
I'm achieving my fitness goal which is good and have considered upping it but after reading some of the book (The Spark) decided to leave it where it was just for a while longer and just see if I can maybe quicken my pace ever so slightly or just add a bit further at the end not much I don't want to over do it and stop enjoying it because I'm good at that my my targets and goals so out of reach it stops being comfortable or enjoyable and get fed up and give in....not this time!!

The eating seems to be going fine although I did have my usual cup of coffee with one of my clients I didn't have chocolate and I had an apple for a snack instead of biscuits(cookies).
I am drinking more water now although I always feel bloated when I've drunk it and have no idea why it's not as if I glug it down in one go, so if you have any ideas or information please leave me a comment, not sure if I'm doing something wrong surely I can't be the only one feeling this way.
Hope fully climbing later so that can go down on the fitness tracker although not sure where as yet I've not really had a proper look yet.

That's my granddaughter that we take once a week.

Didn't end up doing the climbing had some bad news about my doggie, he's terminal emoticon but we went for another walk instead.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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PINKIEPARADISE 6/13/2012 11:05AM

    YOU CAN DO IT! Adding a little bit over time is an excellent strategy. You kinda trick your body into getting stronger. Say 5 minutes extra a week and you are doing 20 minutes more at the end of a month than you were. Thats great.


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MYBULLDOGS 6/13/2012 7:20AM


my sister walks 15,000 steps a day at 63 years old and has lost 93 pounds.

i gave up grain and sugary products and have lost 44 pounds at age 60.

we are both still loosing weight until we reach our goal.


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The Next Step

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I did the jog this morning and bumped into a friend...."come on who on earth takes their dog for a walk at 4.30 in the morning?", anyway didn't feel too bad but had to stop and say hello but only for a minuite and I pushed a bit harder the rest of the way to make up for it.

Today is shopping day and the intention is to swap most of the bad food for good food so the shopping list has got to change, fresh fruit & veg, low fat items, no pop (soda), definitely no chocolate or biscuits (cookies) or foods with lots of sugars, this my friends is going to be a tough challenge but I'm ready for it.

I started the tracking food this morning so hopefully I can stay on track and if I don't then I've no-one else to blame but me!

The poor dog doesn't know what's hit him he's never been dragged out for so many walks in his life, now he spend the rest of his time indoors fast asleep. So when I grab the lead now instead of getting all excited and running around I swear he rolls his eyes back and thinks "on no please God not another walk, she's killing me!", :)

I suppose the hubby will have good whinge that I haven't bought any munchies as he like to call them but what he doesn't realise is that if they're there then I'll be tempted to eat them, it's ok for him he's got a physical job and he doesn't put the weight on like I do, although he could stand to lose a couple of pounds. Well unfortunately he'll just have to lump it and munch on a carrot stick or two instead :)

So I went shopping without it being to much of a challenge and I bought mainly healthy food, the usual salad, veggies, fruit, yogurts etc.

Had a piece of melon for a snack instead of a biscuit, water in place of coffee because if I have a coffee I automatically reach for the biscuits. Not actually feeling hungry at the moment and my tummy usually thinks my throats been cut at this time of day.
After a healthy lunch and tracking what I've eaten I took the dog for his walk, came back emptied the dishwasher I felt a really strong craving for a cup of coffee and some chocolate bit I didn't give in I came and blogged about it hoping it's going to help, it seems to be taking my mind off of it for now. I've got to recondition my mind into wanting something more healthy although a little bit of something sweet and naughty isn't always a bad thing but I know if I give in straight away it won't stop at being a "bit".

I managed to keep my chocolate craving at bay all afternoon but had two hot chocolates when I took my granddaughter climbing but I wasn't worried as I'd been good all day. Of course Tuesday night is bike night at Scarcliffe and they serve pie, chips mushy peas and gravy, so I thought "well, if I have pie, mushy peas and a bit of gravy it shouldn't be too bad", so I sought of behaved. I was bought a J20 Apple and Raspberry and couldn't very well say "no thankyou", I was starting to worry that I'd gone over my daily intake but to my surprise after tracking everything I was actually under.....was so relieved, so far so good just hope now that it long continues.


In the beginning

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hi everyone, Just a quick intro:

Ok, so I get told on a regular basis that I'm not what they call "overweight", right so what would you call overweight? A lot of my clothes are getting tight, I feel lethargic and down as well as tired most of the time. I'm unfit although I like a drink now and again, I don't smoke but I do like my food and even though I try and eat quite healthily I more often than not eat chocolate, take aways or fast food, a couple of nights a week, I tend drive more than walk mainly because of the nature of my work (community carer).

My husband has got high cholesterol even though it's not too bad at the moment, he tends to close his eyes to the fact that we're becoming lazy in a lot of ways.....sound familiar yet?

Right so at the moment or rather for the past week I've been getting up at 4.45am to get ready and go for a jog, a very slow start but I'm getting there. We are lucky enough to live very close to a canal and jog down there early when no one is around to see me as I'm very embarrassed about anyone seeing me trying to jog. I also have real body issues.

This is one of the main reasons for joining Sparkpeople not only for support but to help me track what I'm doing and to see where I'm going totally wrong.

The photo is me at my biggest I was almost a size 18, apart from my pregnancies, which we won't go into right now.

I will try and blog each day to keep track of what I've done and to help support and encourage other people so if you want to message me please feel free. xxx


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