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Mother's Day Weekend

Monday, May 12, 2014

This weekend was mother's day and it was such a lovely weekend.We had beautiful, if sometimes stormy, weather. Last year for mother's day I wanted a "spa" day in my house and got to go to the zoo instead. This year I had fairly low expectations, I just did not want to have to cook or clean. My husband made me breakfast in made, twice! Took me to the mall on the way to drop off my step-daughter and let me shop for 2.5 hours by myself. I bought two books and just read at Barnes and Nobles then bought some tea. I got to have Indian food for lunch and Cracker Barrel for dinner. Normally I would have gorged on both, to be honest, but while I didn't limit my calories I also stopped and listened to my body. I ate until I was full-not stuffed, which is an accomplishment by itself for me.

I had a tough conversation with my supervisor on Friday and we talked about my happy/unhappiness, which I am seeing a therapist to help with, but he in a caring way was trying to tell me to get happy. It's just not so easy to stay positive all the time with the way life is tending to go. I know it's a mindset, but it's not as easy as just thinking "be happy." I don't particularly love the town we are living in and since I have to be on call we can't move unless we really move. We have a lot going on with my step-daughter and with little man still being non-verbal sometimes I just need a support network, which I don't have here yet. My boss wants me to attend more stuff on our campus so I can interact with our students, but I really want to spend time with my family, not away from them. He's single and pushing 40 so I don't think he fully understands. I want to get more involved in the community, just not my work community and it's been slow going to get involved because of the fact that I work. The town is big enough to have stuff to do, but small enough that most of the stuff I want to do happens during the work day. After this conversation-which I know comes from a caring place- what I wanted to do was stuff my face with chocolate, but what I did was have 1 Hershey's mini dark and kept working.

I also weighed myself on Thursday and realized I've lost 15 lbs so I got to have a manicure. Nothing fancy, just a basic someone else cut and polish, but it was well worth it. Seeing that I've lost 15lbs was a great boost to keep me on track.

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ALICIA214 5/12/2014 12:15PM


Hang in there my friend you know emoticon .

Congrats on losing weight,and giving yourself a reward, feels good doesn't it?

I hope things improve with your work,your step daughter and life in general,you have
an awesome husband {breakfast in bed twice} Wow! lucky lady.

Be Happy!! emoticon emoticon

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ODDMENTTWEAK 5/12/2014 11:51AM

  emoticon Work-life balance is one of those really tricky things! Wishing you luck staying on balance.

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How to change an ingrained mindset

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Something my husband and I have been talking about for a while has been the ability to throw food away. When he grew up resources were scarce. He lived on a family dairy farm and with 7 children in a rural area there was not much of an opportunity to eat out. I am only one of 2 children, I grew up with my mom and dad both working full-time, but as a cop and a nurse, so time together was often more valued then eating from scratch, so we ate out, frequently. My husband I have developed a hybrid of sorts. We enjoy eating out but we try to limit it to pizza (or some other take out on Friday), one lunch on the weekend and maybe an occasional dinner out. The Friday night take out saves my sanity as he has to pick up my step-daughter every other Friday about 2 hours and 30 minutes away and I end up being home with kiddos during their prime cranky time, so I developed pizza and a movie Friday.

Where this is all going is that when we were in Florida I noticed that my mom and dad were much more willing to throw food away if they were done then my husband was. While that is wasteful, it is also more healthy. My dear husband will save (or eat) the last scrap of food of my kids plates so it doesn't go to waste. I noticed this and said something to him, as it was not a habit I had picked up on before.

We talked about it recently as my kids had not finished something and they probably weren't going to, as they did not love it. There wasn't enough to make another meal out of, but he reached to finish it. I asked him-are you really hungry or do you want to see the food not go to waste? He said he really didn't want to throw it out and it's so ingrained in him that it's physically hard to throw the food away. I reminded him that we don't want our kids to get to where we are and our 3 year old is already asking to save food for later but then not always eating it or eating too much.

So my question is what is the best way to change our ingrained habits? I am sure I have some as well, but since I'm the one doing the observing I am not analyzing myself, per se, today, that's for another day.

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EBERKSHIRE86 5/8/2014 12:52PM

    This is so hard! Growing up my family was big on the whole clean plate club and we were not allowed to leave the table until all our food was gone. This wasn't a big deal at the time because my family ate very healthy and served reasonable portions but as I got older and moved out started preparing meals for myself my portions grew and food got not quite as healthy but I still had the clean plate mindset and would eat even when I was full just so there wouldn't be food left on my plate. My fiance is the same way and it has been a struggle for us since I always tell our kids to listen to your bodies and stop when they say you feel full and this drives my fiance crazy but I feel the same way i want my kids to learn healthy habits and want them to listen to the cues from their body not go by the food on their plate since most times its more than their little tummys should hold anyways! I don't really have advice for you just commiserating I guess :)

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Let's Go!

Monday, May 05, 2014

I am down 9-10 pounds (it depends on who looks at the scale). We had to buy a cheap scale because our good one broke. I would love to get an Aria but money is a little tight at the moment, so we bought a cheap $10 scale, however I can't see the hashmarks on the scale so I have to estimate or have my husband look for me. Anyway 9 lbs or 10 it's still pretty awesome.

I celebrated by taking a long HOT bubble bath last night. I NEVER take baths, one because then I have to clean all my kids toys out of the tub and two because I never seem to have the time. It was Wonderful and my husband very nicely came in and put candles around the tub for me as I had the lights off and was using the kids fish night light as my light.

This weekend was one of those weekends that stretched itself out, which was just happy :) We had things to do but we spent lots of quality time together as a family, not a lot in the car, but some. We did fun things and the TV was off almost the entire time. We have relied on that TV too often this winter (snow + brutal cold= TV). The kids are ready to enjoy time outside and they were working on the pool in our apartment complex, which I cannot wait to use!

I've been tracking my food and making healthy decisions. I am finding that if I really spend 1-3 hours on one weekend day doing ALL the measuring and prepping for at least my lunches and snacks it is making everything easier. I can sub in and out what I am eating, but if everything is pre-measured and then all I have to do is read what I wrote on the tupperware to track.

BTW I Love the song "Let's Go" I don't know who sings it but we used to use it at my old Zumba studio and it's such a great song to get me moving. I think if I can be healthy in the next week that's going to be my reward- a new song. I'm buying small things for each healthy week (i.e. nail [polish, the bubble bath I took last night). It's nice and motivating and it's not costing us much.

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THINAGIN2 5/5/2014 5:22PM

    Your moving forward so keep on keeping on!

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A tought week ending well

Friday, April 25, 2014

This week we had to make the difficult decision to put our dog down. This was very tough as we've had her for 3.5 years, almost as long as we've had T. Sophie (our beagle) was instrumental in getting me up and moving after I had T to be healthy again and after I had little man she helped to lift me out of my PPD.

I didn't do very well eating the night we put her down, some mexican and margarita's and dessert were involved, however I did not clean the plate and I took home a lot of leftovers. Then the next day I got back to being healthy and tracking.

Last night I took a bike ride with my kids in the bike trailer (they weigh 40 and 30 lbs, so there was some extra push happening). They LOVED it and they saw their bike helmets this morning and wanted to ride to school-so we did! It's only 3 miles from our house to my job, which is why I wanted a bike trailer in the first place, BUT the first third there's an incline, which you don't really notice in the car, but pulling 70 lbs on a bike you notice it. There are 3 inclines on the way to work, so it did give me a pretty good work out. The nice part is we go about 1 mile and then drop a kid off, then about 1.5 miles and drop the next one off, so it's doable-although going home tonight will be...Fun.

We are supposed have sever weather and tornado's this weekend so I don't know how much biking I'll be doing but I really do like the feeling of biking. It was particularly nice because two of my colleagues said "i'm proud of you", one in particular has been REALLY supportive and when I make a healthy choice he tells me that-which really means a lot to me.

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FRAN0426 4/25/2014 9:56PM

    Sorry for the loss of you beloved dog, it is always a tough decision to need to put our fur babies down. You are getting a very good workout biking with your children in the bike trailer, and should be very excited and proud of the biking your doing.

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DLDMIL 4/25/2014 6:50PM

    sorry about your dog. Sounds like you and the kids really like the bike rides.

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VIADOLOROSA 4/25/2014 10:52AM

    emoticon I'm sorry to hear about your dog, that was a tough decision.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

I just got back from my multiple trips and we had a terrific time in Florida. We did a MASSIVE amount of walking and swimming. My daughter loved the pool and Disney and my son is going to be a regular swimmer, he kept "diving" head in the water. We got back from Florida and then 2 days later I was on the road for work. I spent 3 quality days doing a lot of computer work. Wednesday I go to re-unite with my "tribe", former students wanted advice, I zumba'd with my zumba girls and then had dinner with a former co-worker and our mutual supervisor. It was 2 weeks that helped to fill my proverbial bucket. I felt so happy and satisfied.

While we were in Florida I ate so healthy, lots of vegetarian options (I'm not a vegetarian, but they just sounded GOOD), lots of seafood! I was not as healthy in my training, but I was able to zumba. So while my Trips were good, they tripped me up a little bit (see what i did there emoticon )? I thought that might happen, which is why I attempted to be healthy when I could in Florida, now it's time to get back to work-in every sense of the word.

It was raining today when I left for work, but I plan to take my bike to work tomorrow. I figure that between dropping the two kids off and how out of shape I am the 3 mile journey should take about 45minutes...I probably should have tried it this weekend to figure that part out...Well we'll just see how it goes!


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