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May 3, 2012

Saturday, May 05, 2012

My first video blog. Keeping on track is key. This is my way of trying to keep on track.

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AUNTIEB82 5/5/2012 12:32PM

    Loved watching your vlog! I too have struggled with being overweight all my life.I can remember working out to Richard Simmons in elem school! My struggle with trying to lose weight is that when I do start that journey again I always gain weight instead of lose it...even by working out,getting in my water,eating healthier and watching what I eat. I never can get past sticking to it more than a month or 2. This time will be different.I am doing EVERYTHING possible to re-train my mentality and thought process and realize that its normal at times to gain but to not give up. I am learning to tell myself that although I may not be losing the weight, I am getting flatter,my food choices are healthier,and I am making all around better choices. Hang in there!!! We will lose this weight once and for all!!! emoticon emoticon

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    You go girl! Most of us are emotional eaters (Montel Williams is one also - told it on Dr. Oz yesterday!)

Your best bet each morning is to make a mental list of all the blessings You give to your family and friends, then thank your body for each day for allowing you to do that. You know we forget that our body is made up of a billion or more cells and each one works it's darndest to do whatever you tell it to do. When you told it to stop eating or when you ate too much, your body did exactly what you wanted it to do. You are the Queen of your body and your body is not only YOU but your "kingdom". Be the best QUEEN ever - treat your kingdom as with respect - nuture your "people"/cells with food that is fresh and without pesticides - try to wean back on sugars and caffiene, and most of all move your body every day. Limit time on the computer (if it is not work oriented) because it is sapping your energy. You know it and I know we can sit in front of this thing for hours and all we have "exerecised" is our fingers. If you play games on line - they numb your brain after a while. Instead go outside with your family and go somewhere, even if it is a walk together or revisiting an old picnic ground or lake or whatever. Or try something you used to love (mine was biking everywhere!)
Just know that as Queen, you are the only one in charge of you and how you react to everything outside of you. Stop allowing others and negative thinking to take away your power. You are beautiful inside and out and you deserve to be happy and healthy. I am routing for you! emoticon

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March 30, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Well yesterday I weighting and only lost 1lb. I can handle that. It just means I need to work harder this week coming up. I will probably sit down and plan out my day and see how that works. I will try something new till I find something that works.

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    One pound lost is NOT one pound FOUND! Enjoy the small losses and know it urges to do more! emoticon

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Keeping on Track

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On the day before I am to weight in early due to a doctor's appointment I find myself hoping for at least 1lb. I know after the first weight in you lose less each time without hard work and determination. This week has been slow for me but I am still trying to keep on top of my goals.


Day 3 Tomorrow will be better.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Well today didn't go as planned. First, I over slept and then didn't get started on my chores until about 11am. Second, I got very tired about 1:30pm and cause it was so hot I couldn't even close my eyes for 10 minutes. (Time to start thinking about putting in the Air Conditioner). Then after supper, I get ready to start my walk and my daughter (God Bless her) she say's I have a great pair of walking shoes for you. You should try them out. OK so I did. They were so tight that I got a 1/3 of the way thru my walk and had to stop and take them off and walk back in my bare feet cause I was in so much pain all the way up the back of my legs and in my feet. So, the day didn't end as I would have hoped. But there is always tomorrow and a fresh start. When I go to bed it will be in the past and only the future in front of me and I want it to continue to be inspiring. Remember that even if the day or even your week turns out badly. You always have to power to change how things go. Make things the way you want it and God Bless all who have the courage to keep going.

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BIGMOMMAROSE1 3/19/2012 10:11PM

    The view from my front porch.

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Here We Go Again

Sunday, March 18, 2012

So I kind of slacked off. Big Time. I have to do this. My mind is made up. It is only Day 2 but I have a positive out look for myself. My first goal is to lose 20lbs by May 20Th of this year. I CAN DO THIS!!!


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