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Ok so it doesn't show up every week....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Week 1: 1 lb down
Week 2: 1 lb down
week 3: .2 lb down SAY WHAAAT?? .2? Not even an entire stick of butter? piffle
Week 4: 1.2lb down that's more like it
Week 5: NOTHING zip Nada Zilch... I stayed the same. (envision steam coming out of ears)
Week 6: 1.4 down (hear that huge sigh of relief? And satisfaction?)
OK who's obsessed w/ the scale? um.... oh wow... yes that'd be moi!

Week 3 and 5 I was beside myself. What had I done wrong? Moreover, what had I done RIGHT on the other weeks that I hadn't done on those weeks? I looked at my trackers... hmmmm.... looks suspiciously similar all weeks. Well this is JUST NOT FAIR!

But what would I tell someone ELSE in this situation?
AHEM.... Dear... your body fat and the scale don't have watches and calendars. They don't say OMG it's weigh in day... GET READY. HERE SHE COMES!! Sometimes there is a lag in the results of all that hard work. But BEWARE! Equally sometimes there is a lag in the results of a week of indulgence. So the moral of the story?

PATIENCE. I need patience. Things often happen in their own time. Not MY time.
FOCUS. I need to focus on what I need to do to be healthy; let the scale follow along at it's OWN SLOW (sigh) PACE.
DETERMINATION. I need to maintain the determination I have, in spite of a disappointing scale.
FORGIVENESS. I will indulge. OK big deal, get over it and deal. Move on sistah!
HONOR. I need to honor myself for the work I've done. My cholestrol is now 160! My watch needs to have a link taken out (whooop di freaking do... I'm getting THIN WRISTS). I exercise more. I sleep better. I have more energy.
ENVISION. It's so very very far away but I'm beginning to be able to envision what life will be like at my healthy weight. Fewer aches and pains. No 106 blood sugars. Oh and yeah... i'll look a heckofa lot better. And the scale will smile at me one day.
Yeah. There's that.

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CJJANISS 8/25/2012 11:20AM

    Sometimes weight loss doesn't register on the scale for a while...are clothes fitting you FEEL lighter...the scale isn't everything....maybe for those frustrating weeks of no losses you could take your measurements and maybe see a loss with's a long, tough journey...but emoticon

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CATLADY52 8/18/2012 5:45PM

    You have faced the enemy and it's the scale. Grab a tape measure and checkout what it has to say. emoticon You are doing great. emoticon

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IBUCORNTZ 8/16/2012 11:34PM

    Loved this! Why is it that 3 weeks of losses are suddenly forgotten if the scale doesn't budge the next week?! And girl, you go out there and ROCK those skinny wrists! You have earned them! emoticon

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A-NEW-TARA 8/16/2012 11:14PM

    What a terrific blog, I think we all have those moments on the scale that frustrate us. I like to look at the non-scale victories or as you've put it honor yourself. Those are often more telling than the scale. Keep up what your doing, it is obviously working!

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FIT4MEIN2013 8/16/2012 2:43PM

    Great post!!

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WAVAIRENE 8/16/2012 12:04PM

    As always, it's fun to read your comments. It is very hard to keep in mind that these things take time. But it seems like you have an inner personal coach that's right on track. And remember, it's not about the finish's about the journey. Feel free to hit me now. :)

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DESERTJULZ 8/16/2012 8:30AM

    Love your positive self-talk.

Two weeks in a row, scale told me zero. However, tape measure said 2" gone from my waist. Ever since that, I recommend everyone add the measurement tracking!

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J0ETTE 8/16/2012 8:05AM

    WONDERFUL! this is so true. Loved reading this today. I havent stepped on the scale yet today, but I didn't behave yesterday... Lol needed this reminder to be patient with ME. :)

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IRISHANGIE1 8/16/2012 7:27AM

    Big Hair Texan what a great blog, you have taught us all some valuable lessons here...PATIENCE, FOCUS, DETERMINATION, FORGIVENESS, HONOR AND ENVISION!! I know we all can't wait to reach goal in our journey's heck, who feels like doing all this work???....but it is so worth it!! We need to honor those little accomplishments the non scale victories, they are huge victories to us and I'll take any victory I can get!! Envision, wow, with hope for the future and the full and healthy life style we all will live.

What a great blog, thanks for sharing!

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TURTLERAE55 8/16/2012 2:26AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Just do it.... Might do it?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I recently read a blog on the order of "just do it" or "do it anyway." I kind of took that off on another tangent and it was eye opening.

If I work or have things I "must do", I really just do it. When my dogs are running low on food, I never say "I'm too tired to cook up another batch of food" (yes I cook for my dogs... don't go there! LOL). I never say, "I cooked for them 5 days ago so I'll skip it this one time" I "do it anyway." How many people with jobs would keep them very long if every time they are tired or cranky they called in to say "I just don't feel like coming in today... maybe tomorrow." If they are able to keep that job... I WANT THAT JOB. Some things we HAVE TO DO so we do it anyway.

And if my kids were coming to see me, or I was going on a cruise, I'd never wake up too tired to see my kids or catch that plane. I can see it now, "I know you've flown in from LA and St. Louis, but I had a really bad night. I tossed and turned and I want to veg. Sorry, I can't make it to the airport to pick you up... maybe tomorrow???" Or the day of my cruise, "Wow sleeping in these hotel beds are just not like home. And you know... it's really HOT. And I have to put on nice clothes and do my hair to get on the ship. NAH not today... I'll really try to get to it tomorrow." Why... I'm sure my kids wouldn't mind at ALL sitting in the airport for a day. And that ship will sail a day or so late to accommodate my disposition. Uh...NO... I'm there at the airport EARLY because I'm so excited to see my kids. And I try hard not to be one of the first ppl at the pier because I'm so happy to be cruising. I do it because I WANT TO.

So we've got the "I HAVE TO" and the "I WANT TO" categories. Then we have exercise. That's an "I SHOULD DO". Just saying SHOULD leaves me open for "I should....but......" It's not an "I HAVE TO" except that, my health will be much better and my weight loss quicker if I do it anyway. I have to do it in order to lose weight and be healthier. And when I do it, I even sort of kind of almost enjoy it; so once I start, I WANT TO finish. Not just to get it over, but so that I've done my hour work out and really accomplished something.

I need to move exercise from "I SHOULD DO" to " I WANT TO". Even "I HAVE TO". The big question is, how do I get rid of the SHOULD DO category? I think exercise needs its own category. JUST DO IT. Plenty of things in life we "just do" and don't over think it. I aim to have exercise be one of those things. THINKING about exercise just burns calories much too slowly.

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DESERTJULZ 8/16/2012 8:34AM

    Very poignant. I'm getting to the point where "I want to" is how I feel about exercise! It's taken since May to hit this, BTW. Now, I do a little bit even on my official "rest day."

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CJJANISS 8/12/2012 11:58AM


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DOGSTARDADDY 8/10/2012 11:44AM

    Sounds great!

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A-NEW-TARA 8/9/2012 11:48PM

    Wow! Does that put things where they belong or what? I have a new category now...JUST DO IT! Thanks for that!

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CATLADY52 8/9/2012 5:42PM

    Really puts a lot of things in to perspective. emoticon

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FIT4MEIN2013 8/9/2012 5:24PM

    I love this blog! Excellent!

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J0ETTE 8/9/2012 4:16PM

    Yay! I love this!

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HEALTHYOTTER 8/9/2012 3:06PM

    You're totally worth the " just do it, have to" category for exercise! emoticon

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back in the saddle again.....

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Week #1 down 1 lb
Week # 2 down another 1 lb
Week #3 down .2....WHAT.... Hold on here. .2? What did I do differently? OK SP changed my calorie range up... so what did I DO? I ate to the top of my new range. As I said before, if it ain't broke, it don't need fixin'.
So I restructured my calorie range, and ate mostly at the middle of the range. I did have 2 what I call "dietary indiscretions" and what has also been called a "pig out." Dinner at the Mansion at Turtle Creek (w/ 3 vodka martinis) ... probably one of the top 3 venues in Dallas and worth every dang calorie. Oh yeah... and a double double at Five Guys w/ an order of fries. Not a top 3 venue.... but you know? it WAS worth the calories. But OTHER THAN THAT (oy vey) I stayed well within my calorie range on all the other days. I worked out like a fiend. (OK like a 60 year old overweight fiend). And guess what? Even with my less than perfect choices.....
Week #4 down 1.2 lbs!!

So even though I'm newly returned to SP, that's down over 10# since May 22 and down almost 20 since the first of the year. And I threw in a 12 day cruise and a long wedding extravaganza which slowed my progress. But 2 steps forward and 1 step back is STILL going to get me to my goal. Patience, forgiveness, determination. Yup... I'm good to go.

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SECAFF 9/9/2012 1:09PM

  I loved your blog. Sounds sorta like the type of experience I'm having with all this weight loss/health stuff. I never thought about "two steps forward/one step backwards" as still being a move forwards. THANK YOU! It has taken me awhile to get back to my goals. I got waaaaaaaaay down when I didn't lose much weight after trying harder than I've ever tried before. emoticon

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CJJANISS 8/3/2012 2:15PM

    sounds like you have a winning attitude...thanks for the blog...I'm a two steps ahead one step back kind of gal too... emoticon

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DESERTJULZ 8/3/2012 1:53PM

    Good going! Those are consistent, repeatable results. :D

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GODDREAMDIVA1 8/3/2012 1:07PM


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You know if it ain't broke

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I was humming along. Week 1.... exactly a 1 lb loss (which is what I'm really hoping for). Week 2... exactly a 2 lb loss. SO then I started THINKING. That's so dangerous and will someone please STOP me the next time I start to do that??????
Anyway, I realized that my calorie range and rate of loss etc was all set when I first joined SP many years ago. I weighed less then, and I couldn't remember what rate of loss I was shooting for. 1 pound a week? more?
So things are going well.... working just as smooth as clockwork.... and I decide to "tweak" it.
I put in my current weight. I entered my goal weight. I let SP know how that I wanted to lose 1 lb a week.....JUST LIKE I'D BEEN LOSING BEFORE I GOT THIS BRIGHT IDEA!!
Of course I can't enter that I am on several medications that play havoc with my metabolism. And no place to remind them that my metabolism moved to Reykjavic (they don't read my blogs I guess).
So VOILA I got a new calorie range... several hundred calories HIGHER than I had before.
OK so a reasonable person would think "OK I lost 1 lb a week at the first calorie range... how likely is it that I can add a few hundred calories a day and still lose 1 lb a week?"
Yeah but when did I ever say I was reasonable? So i ate at my new calorie range, often toward the higher end. DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON.
SOOOOOOOOOOOO..... weigh in day and I was exactly the same. Surprise SURPRISE! *SIGH*

"When it ain't broke... it don't need fixin"
Who knew? Ok I did but I had a momentary lapse of my grasp on reality!
And I have re-adjusted my calories back down. Ya live and ya learn!

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PATTIE441 8/2/2012 9:25PM

    emoticon emoticon

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CJJANISS 7/27/2012 9:57PM


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JOYFUL62 7/26/2012 9:48PM

    You caught it early and had a week with a bit of a break which isn't such a bad thing. Keep at it and you'll reach your goal. We all learn as we go! emoticon

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MOM-MOM8 7/26/2012 7:05PM

    emoticon emoticon good catch before it went on to long. emoticon

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Well am I not the "shizzle" or what!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boy I expect trumpets to blare of this news: I logged in 697 calories burned on my activity tracker! I hurt (but not a bad hurt). I have abs (they're hiding but I KNOW they are there... I feel them). I'm a bit pooped out (but on the other hand I also am energized). And I feel so SMUG (not BAD smug... just very self satisfied for the moment).

I know how many of us get when we underperform, either on our nutrition or activity. And how we can be hard on ourselves. I don't ever mentally beat myself up, but I sure don't usually get proud of myself. I did NOT want to go in the pool (get the bathing suit on, take a shower afterwards, wash my bathing suit yadda yadda yadda). But usually for me the hardest part of any exercise is getting READY to do it. Shorts and sneakers on, iPod in my ear.... OK might as WELL go for a brisk walk. Bathing suit and water shoes on...well gee, it's nonsensical NOT to get in that pool. Waterrower down and in the middle of the room. Let's see... I can walk around it for 3 days, or I can use it and get it put away.

Dieting for me is really 99% about attitude, mental outlook and preparedness. The actual DOING is the easy part. So I don't have a fat body in reality.... I have a fat brain and it just shows up on my tush and thighs! BUT NOT TODAYYYYY!!!

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TJWGCT-SPARK 8/3/2012 8:43AM

    the shizzle...the bee's knees...the cat's pajamas...whateva, you're it! Love the blog ... and the attitude!

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IRISHANGIE1 7/26/2012 7:37AM

    Shzam!!!, You are the Shizzle!!, Love how you get yourself mentally prepared to do your exercises, I find myself in the same boat. Have to think about it before I actually do it, but once it is done, boy do I feel good. Great blog my Shizzle Big Hair Texan, I loved it!!!

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DOGSTARDADDY 7/25/2012 11:22AM

    Nice job!

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CHODGES83 7/25/2012 8:02AM

    Absolutely true! The exercise isn't usually the hang up--it's the preparing for exercise! Getting up early, not watching that tv show, having to change my clothes, get a workout playlist ready, having to drive somewhere to do exercise, taking a shower afterwards, etc etc. We really set ourselves up for failure with all this negative talk, but I've never felt like the exercise wasn't worth it once I've done it. Just gotta get out of our heads! Great Blog!

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BLUE42DOWN 7/25/2012 2:27AM

    Love how you set yourself up to do the activities!

emoticon on the glorious workout!

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DESERTJULZ 7/24/2012 7:24PM

    What a fun blog!

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WALKINGCHICK 7/24/2012 5:11PM

    You go! I'm loving the attitude - its really great to hear how upbeat you are, and how positive you are! Its given me impetus to stick with my plan and continue to work hard - emoticon emoticon

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