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P90X Day 10: Shoulders & Arms; Ab Ripper X

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



One more day completed.

Yesterday and today, I awoke late, got hungry and ate breakfast, and then couldn't bring myself to workout until later in the day.

You know what? That doesn't work so well for me. I am a morning person. I need to get done the important stuff ASAP when I wake up, otherwise procrastination really makes it difficult to get out of whatever inertia-inducing thing I've latched on to for the day.

So, tomorrow, I vote to just DO the workout before I go grab breakfast!

Today's workout was tough - probably because I added dumbells (yes, I did go out and buy a couple of 5-lb dumbells and a couple of 10-lb ones last week). The shoulder exercises were just about right with the 5-lb weights, and 10 lbs was just at the teeniest-bit-too-light weight for the biceps, but I think I can definitely up the weight on the triceps exercises. I think I'll go grab a pair of 12 or 15 lb weights the next time I am near a store that sells them. And a pair of 2 lb ones for when I'm feeling exhausted (heh - yeah, wimpy, two-pound, GIRLIE weights!)

It's still a source of slight annoyance that they don't make the brightly coloured girlie weights in the higher weights - and the ones that I *did* see were disgusting - the plastic was peeling off right there in the store - on FIVE POUND weights! Yikes. So I got the boring old metallic ones. They work. They just don't inspire me to the heights that a real girlie colour would. :)

Oh, well.

Ab Ripper X is still TOUGH for me. I can now do a proper sit-up (again, it turned out to be mostly mind-over-matter). But the V-ups? I'm still convincing myself they're not so tough - and my gut still totally disagrees! :) As for the Fifer Scissors - yiiiiii! Haven't done ONE in good form yet. I'll work on it some more on Thursday, when I have to do the Ab Ripper X again. :)

So. Day 10 done. Just 80 days to go!

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ROYALETBONE 3/23/2011 1:58AM

    I was in the hardware store this week, and saw the cutest screw driver sets with pretty patterns and flowers. Made me grin ear to ear. Maybe the guys wouldn't steal my tools so often if they were pink and pretty. I can understand wanting pretty bar bells... just a joyous smile to you on that thought.

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P90X: I goofed.

Monday, March 21, 2011



Turns out the routine outlined in the P90X Lean Program is actually intended to be a *second* workout each day, on TOP of the original P90X Classic program.


That will teach me to rush through the instruction manual, huh?


I did complete what I thought was Day 9, the Cardio X workout.

I will evaluate whether I want to start over completely from scratch, or whether, perhaps, I just want to keep going with *my* impression of the Lean Program, especially that right now this is manageable for me and I don't think I have either the energy nor the inclination to throw in a second workout each day.

So my choices really are: stick with the Lean supplemental-workout-only program, or switch over to Classic. I'll review and decide over the rest of this week.

Either way, I'm calling it a DONE, emoticon for today's workout.

P90X: Day 9 complete. 81 days to go!


I just re-read the P90X Fitness Guide. Okay, my original understanding was correct. The Lean program *is* designed as a stand-alone workout, and it *is* intended to *replace* the Classic program, not to supplement it. The one that calls for TWO workouts a day is the P90X Doubles. NOT what I am doing.

Phew. I hated the thought of starting over. :)

So I guess I am continuing with the Lean program.

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HAPPYKATIE27 3/21/2011 9:26PM

    YAY!! lol I'm on day 3 of the lean program and you just scared me so bad! I was like 'ohhh my God, I'm doing it wrong too!!" I'm glad that I don't have to start over too! :) Yay for P90X lean!

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P90X Day 8: Core Synergistics

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today is the first day of Week 2 of the Lean Program of P90X.

This week will be a repeat of last week, but hopefully with better form on the moves, more control.

Today felt a LOT tougher than the first time I did this Core Synergistics workout. Maybe because I was determined to keep up with the gang on the show as much as possible.

And probably also because this time I actually DID add in the weights - a pair of 5 lb. dumbells.

Now don't get me wrong - I've done curls and kickbacks with 20-pounders before and not felt it quite as much as the 5-pounders on this workout. Maybe because when I do a strength training day, I take it easy between sets - this workout keeps you moving pretty much all the time. The weights are just icing on the cake - I know I got a terrific workout *last* Sunday with no weights except for a pair of hard-cover books!


Another day done.

Today, it was the mental aspect that was tough.

I slept in, waking up only at 5:30, and then killed another hour procrastinating. All of that helped make me reluctant to get going. Hmph.

But I got dressed and DID the workout. Yay.

8 days done. Just 82 days to go!

Happy Sunday!


P90X Day 7: X Stretch!

Saturday, March 19, 2011



You'd think that'd be easy-peasy? Right.


And in a way, it actually was.

But you have to remember that we are talking 60 minutes of stretching. That kinda ups the challenge.

And we weren't just doing the basic stretches - this was full-out stretching, with a lot of yoga-like poses thrown in and variants thereof.

Loved it.

Was actually all hot and sweaty by the time we were done.

Oh, and today, when Tony and the gang did the shoulder stand, again, I was just back-a-little-off-floor, feet-in-air. *THEY* were all doing shoulder-stands: butt up above their shoulders, legs straight. And my "stupid voice" was busy going, "Oh, geeze, that's TOUGH. Way too tough. You can't do THAT. These are experts".

Oh, yeah?

I *hate* that defeatist little voice. So I told it to shut up.

And I did the shoulder stand.

Okay, I cheated to get into the pose - walked my right foot up the bookshelf that was beside me, but hey, I *got* into the pose and held it while Tony was leading everyone through the heels-over-the-head-and-on-to-the-floor-be
hind-the-head move.

And when I was ready to do *that* move (right - it's called the plough pose!), they rolled up out of it and went on to the next move, so I abbreviated mine.

But now I know I *can* do this ... my body will remember the feel. Yay.

One more challenge conquered.

Everything else was relatively straight-forward.

I guess I am reasonably flexible.

Oh, yes, my "upward dog" is still actually "cobra" - my knees are on the ground.

But I am getting there. :)

And that's another P90X workout that simply rocks.

You getting the feeling I'm enjoying the workouts?

You'd be right.

That's 7 days done. One whole week.

And that means just 83 days to go! :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


P90X Day 6: Kenpo X

Friday, March 18, 2011

Now THAT was a fun workout. Lots of punching and kicking. One of those workouts that you *could* sleepwalk your way through, but it's way more fun to get all hot and sweaty putting your weight and speed into the punches and the kicks.

Oodles of fun, just an hour long.

*Just*, I said.

Ha. P90X warps you, it really does.

After 3 days of 80 to 90 minutes of exercise each day, the 60 minute workout seems really short!

Well, it's DONE.

That was a good six days. Longer than I've ever lasted on the P90X before - probably because the last time I tried, I did the Classic program (more weight training) and this time I am doing the Lean program, which seems to only have 2 days a week of intensive lifting, the rest are cardio and/or kickboxing. :)

Fun stuff.

6 days done, just 84 to go!

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JAZZIEGIRL05 3/18/2011 5:43PM

Great job! I've been intrigued by this workout for awhile. Glad you're loving it!

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