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Friday, March 27, 2009

This really should be titled TGIF, but I am a little to pooped to write that all out.

What I will say that this week as been exhausting if not mind-blowing. I've exercised but not with the same gusto like I have in recent weeks.

But today, was something different altogether. I exercised for two + hours and felt like I could do more. But I didn't. This Wii Fit is so addictive!!

Now with all of that exercising, and walking for two hours on the treadmill, I feel kind of jumpy, like I have to jump up and down to tire myself. But I won't. Even though I am seriously tempted to do so.

And it is so strange, because this week I was sooooo tired. I think Aunt Flow has it in for me, because I was so unusually tired.

But I am better now and I have caught up with everything including my classes. And I lost another three pounds. Thank you SlimQuick!!

Now if only I could settle down enough to get some shut eye. This is going to be a challenge. :D

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Blah, blah, blah

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This week Aunt Flow has visited and has a grip on my motivation as have not been able to focus on anything besides sleep.

I've done a little exercise, but not much. I need a kick-ass routine to get me into the swing of things.

Or maybe its the Slim Quick that I've started to take that has got me all out of whack. I don't know.


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SUMMARAH 3/26/2009 3:54PM

    I know the feeling of fatigue. I get sleepy too. My husband doesn't understand, but by golly, he'll learn! I think that potassium supplements might help. Or maybe some other supplement. I'll see what I can find out for you -- kinda rushed right now. But I hear that exercise helps with cramping and shortens the length of your periods. Good luck -- GET UP! Or go to sleep. Whatever feels better...
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Yeah, I'm Tired.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've just started the Wii fit. And the Jillian Michaels' Ultimate Workout.

I am tired yet feel like I have worked out with a live trainer.

It's all good. That is all!


The Workout!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Okay despite some of yours comments on my new exercise regimen, I've decided to exercise on the treadmill everyday.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will walk for 2 hours at 3 MPH.

On Tuesday, and Thursday I will walk for one hour and do my strength training.

Thanks for the comments and helpful hints.

I've lost another 5 inches on my hips. YAY ME!!!

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TMANGEL 3/15/2009 12:34AM

    I like your regimen, it sounds a lot better than mine, before I got sick I walked 30 minutes before and after work, however, at work I walked around the entire complex every hour and it took me 20 minutes just to walk around it. Thankfully, I'm no longer there. Its not good place to be when you have osteoarthritis in your hip and back.

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MOMMYTO6BABES 3/15/2009 12:07AM

    Good job!! emoticon

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The New Snax That Prove To Be Working!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

I am doing okay so far thanks to these new snacks. They are Jello pudding snacks. Fat-free, and only 60 calories per cup. They are good but leave a strange coating on my tongue.

So far I've lost another 2 lbs this week, which surprises me because I have not been enthusiastic about my water this week. Maybe it's because we got so much snow and ice that I am now totally traumatized by the sight of water in any shape size or form.

Ah well, there's better things to be frightened about. Like gaining all of my weight back. *GULP*

I think I am going to eat just bread and drink protein water this week. emoticon

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SPARKLE1908 3/11/2009 2:20PM

    Your Jello might have an artificial sweetner in it so you are getting an aftertaste....I'm not a fan of Splenda because I can really "taste" the difference...a lot of people say they don't notice a difference though..guess my brain isn't wired the same as others.....

I understand about the water...I lived in Chicago and that's enough snow/ice to last a lifetime...

Take care and congratulations on the 2 lbs loss!!!!!!!!!!!!


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