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Tuesday Under the Weather

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Raining Tuesday here in the midwest. After a very busy weekend with the family I think all the running around in the nasty cold weather is starting to catch up with me. I could feel it starting in my chest late in the week and tried to over dose on Vit. C - but I still got something. The biggest 'bummer' of being under the weather is I can't workout. I got on the machine this afternoon and start going and felt faint. arggg....... Drink more water and sit near the fireplace dressed in my cozy fleece . I have kept my calorie in take low to make up for less activity. I do plan to do some arm weights and maybe a few crunches. We'll see how that goes?!!!

This morning on late morning TODAY show they had a great story about 'understanding your food personality'. This show story was extremely interesting to me .
You can find this information at:

From that story :
Find your eating personality
Some people need to eat large quantities to feel satisfied, while others nibble on snacks all day long. Some have a sweet tooth while others prefer salty snacks. There is no cookie cutter diet for everyone, and understanding what your “food personality” is will help you determine how you should eat. Bethenny Frankel, contributor to HEALTH magazine and owner of has “prescriptions” for various types of eaters to help make sure you get a balanced diet no matter what your personality is.

You may fall into more than one category depending on your mood or day, but all of these tips for each personality lend to a healthier eating lifestyle.

Indulgent Eater
The person that loves to eat and doesn’t like to diet.

Prescription: Taste everything but eat nothing. If you fall into this category, eat what you crave and love but do so in small portions. For instance, order an appetizer as your entrée or have a regular cappuccino but in the smallest size. Moderation is key, but also be sure to eat greens and or fruits at every meal.

** I think the last personality is me! Except I over eat ........ Working on changing that.

God Bless -

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JENSFITJOURNEY 1/30/2008 12:50AM

    Every interesting info from that article - thanks!

Hope you are feeling better!! :) So how was purse shopping?? :)

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It's the Weekend

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The weekends in the month of January have been flying by. I am sure it is because we have been keeping busy with the family. This weekend is no different. Hard to fit my exercise routine in but I have been doing alot of walking today and tomorrow. I feel ok with that because I will keep the calories down to compensate.

BIG NEWS.... I have lost 6 pounds in the 1 1/2 weeks I have been using Sparks!

A few Sparks Friends have asked for my tomatillo recipe so I am going to post it below. It is great getting to know all you veggie eaters out there. I think we can still enjoy cooking with a healthy lifestyle SPIN in the kitchen.

MOM in Gardens Salsa Verde
1 lb tomatillos, husked, washed and ready to boil
1/2 cup jalapeño , with seeds
1.2 cup of onion
3/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon salt

Boil the tomatillo , peppers and onion until soft (splitting)
Drain and add to food processor. puredd while adding the remaining ingredients. You can can this recipe or refrigerate up to two weeks. This is also yummy in soups or over enchiladas!

ENJOY - See everyone on busy day Monday!

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JENSFITJOURNEY 1/28/2008 12:04PM

    Go girl Go! 6 pounds is amazing!!

That salsa sounds soooo good - you are making me hungry - shame on you! :)


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SHAWNATONY 1/27/2008 7:50AM

    Gurlllllllllllll thats awsome!!!!!!!!! Whooo hooo!!!!
SO happy for you.. keep IT up!

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Tuesday - where did the day go?!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cold and snowy.... Of course we get snow the day our Florida friends leave for home. :-(

I was able to keep my goals in execise. I almost 'found other things to do' which is very easy for me. Extremely upset because things happen that were out of my control. It is easy for me to keep busy with other things and not stick to my new routine. BUT I stood strong and went to my workout room to do my 25 minutes on the EFX. I am so glad that I did. I feel great after working out. I'm totally enjoying the exercise videos available at sparks as well.

Getting too tired to blog but I really wanted to write something for the day. Time to sign off and get some much needed sleep.

God Bless everyone - Please keep in touch.


OH... don't you love the flowers. I love to flip threw my files of photos from the greenhouse when the winter months are the worse! It is just a refreshing reminder that SPRING is right around the corner.


Happy Monday!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Monday Everyone!
Today flew by..... it was the end of our four day weekend. The week begins tomorrow because we will be back on normal schedule.

It was nice visiting with our out of town friends this weekend. Sad we didn't have snow for the kiddos to play in but we sure did make the best of it! I was inspired to check out some new fitness plans by my girlfriend who is an instructor for spinning/ ball/ and some new body Mils workout. ( is nice to see my friend feel so GOOD about herself (physically). She use to be so quiet and you could tell she was not happy with herself when I first met her 7 years ago. Too extreme for me right now. I can see myself getting over whelmed and giving up at this point in my life. However - I was inspired to introduce some new moves to my strength routine.

I also took some time to look at some members pages. Be sure to check out JeninRussias' page - I put her URL in my blog entry link. WOW... that girl is AMAZING! Reading all that she does each day to get in shape. It is well worth it.... she looks fabulous. I can relate to her comment about 'this is the photo that made me take notice'. ONLY that has been my photos for the past 3 years. Arrggg....... I have noted some of the work outs she is using to see if that might work for me.

Feeling good as usual. I was able to stick to my workout goals and stay in the below 1.200 calorie diet. Looking forward to a good night sleep after a long weekend. GoD Bless!

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    I really do not know what to say. I read this and was overwhelmed. After tearing up reading this - I had an amazing workout!!! I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make a difference in my life today.

I am looking forward to seeing our progress as we become fit and work towards a healthier life together.

Blessings beyond measure -
Your friend Jen

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NITAINMN 1/22/2008 12:33AM

    You will get there Mom-in-garden. Jen is my darling friend and she partakes in our MLHOP team's 'New year..New you' challenge. Check out KTQT's page too. They both work out real hard- same with DMPARKS. Soon people will talk about your weight loss's to you!

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SHAWNATONY 1/21/2008 9:08PM

    Good job with the calories girl!! :) and yes if you havent already go say hi to your buddie(she wont bite!) and ask her what her main goals are etc.. and share with her what you want to be held accountable for.. I know tonite I had to do a workout. for the 1st time. Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels(biggest looser) and I tellya..if I had not told a few others I got the book and was due to start today..I would of quit. Killer workout. I hated it. (glad I did it! lol) but man.. accountaBUDIty is KEY ;)

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It feels like Saturday..... 4 day weekend!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Having a fun weekend here in the midwest. Today we woke to 6* f and man it is COLD! I went out to do chores this morning and had to grab my big down-coat it was so cold! All the farm kitties were huddled together near the feeding dish. The bunnies are all nestled in their straw keeping warm. Good day to stay cozy in the house near the fireplace.

I have a new diet buddy for the week - HIKERMOM. Not sure what my 'offical' job is but I will do my best at encouraging! I do know I am happy to meet another great achiever here at Sparks! If I could lose 40 pounds this year like she did last year I would be extremely happy. They have some fun things going on at the 2008 Challenge board at Sparks. Lovely girls!!!!

We have out of state friends staying with us so we are spending most of our time visiting. I fit in my exercise yesterday but today I am gonna skip the routine. I have worked out every day this week and will continue tomorrow. Last night we ate out at our favorite Mexican restuarant so I put in my mind before we got there that I was gonna put some chips on my plate and seconds on the chips! I also picked out a low fat dinner choice before we got there that way when I sat down I didn't even have to look in the menu to be tempted to eat something else! My biggest down fall with the Margaretta's! Can't eat Mexican with out some tequila.

Today we have some light snacks (smoked salmon) and a fabulous salad planned. I am making home made lasangna loaded with veggies and some of my homemade sauce. The red wine and the bread are my biggest down falls. I will have to plan to sit a piece on my plate and not GO Back for more!

WELL.... looking forward to planting this spring. I will share a bunch of the new bulbs and seeds I have on order in my up coming blog.... low on time today!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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NITAINMN 1/22/2008 12:30AM

    My! that is cold.....Where do you live? Glad you got a buddy:) Good luck. I have no official buddies but, lots of spark friends to cheer on and to for me. Let us know how everything goes.

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