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Can I transform to my dream body? Yes!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Well, it's been long time I blogged on what's going on with my life.
I moved to another state across the country and it's been almost a year.
My lowest weight before the move was 135 pounds and my BF was 15%(I don't think this is accurate) with 132 pounds by BodPod test. Since then, I have gained some, lost some and gained some more and my weight fluctuate between 136 to 142. I am planning to have another bodyfat test by BodPod in November. My goal is to beat my last lowest body wt & fat % and if I meet 125 pounds. Because I don't think the BodPod bodyfat % is correct, I will use my home scale comparison. Right now, it shows that I have around 29% BF and my goal is to be 20%.

This year has been a tough year for my body because I've been injuring myself a lot. Thru running and P90X3, I hurt my leg and I just had a surgery on my hand. Currently, I am recovering from the surgery and I will be seeing the doctor on Monday for final(I think). I was advised not to do any exercise for now. I will discuss about my exercise plan and the diet at that time.
Since the injury on my leg, I have not doing any high impact exercise and the only option was 'walking'. Also, I've been on maintenance mode for my eating since the surgery, I am glad that I didn't gain that much weight.
I am anxious to get my exercise started and get ready to lose some more weight to reach my goal for this year.
I am positive that I will reach my goal this year if I keep doing what I need to do. I know it has not happened yet but I know what I need to do now thru trial & error. This year( August to December) will be my 1st phase to my dream body. My ultimate goal, which I plan to reach in 2015, is bf 18% and body wt around 115 pounds.

But for now, let's focus on next 3 months. I threw all junk food out of my house today and ate the stuff I've been craving for(blaming 'the time of the month'). I will weigh myself and measure the body parts tomorrow morning. It will be little(just little, I hope) bit higher than normal since I consumed high sodium foods today.

I CAN transform to my dream body!

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2BEABETTERME 7/27/2014 9:37PM

    Bummer that you have had so many injuries, I hope you are finally on the mend!

You have such a positive attitude!

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A work in progress

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Here I am almost to the end of September, I am trying to see what I can do before 2013 is over. I lost some weight over the summer but gained some back due to getting too comfortable with new skinny me. My lowest wt for this summer was 132.4 in Aug. 23 and the highest after the wt loss was 145.2 in Sept. 14. Wow, that's a lot of wt gain in a very short time. That's about 13 pounds increase in 3 weeks. I blame eating too many cheesecakes and eating out a lot.
I weigh average 140 pounds now but I am more concerned about my BF% increasing. I was down to 27% but now it's around 30%.
As of today, 97 days to go for a fantastic 2014. I am committed to write more blog about my progress in wt loss or actually overcoming my binge. I am a hard exerciser(exercise every day) but in food wise, I am very bad dieter emoticon . My plan for October will be cutting my daily intake to 1500 calories a day. It will be really hard since I am eating way over 2ooo calories a day. I would keep my cardio as usual(or maybe little less) and put back my lifting plan. I haven't lift a while since I have been traveling a lot. I may do P90X or something that is planned out already.
Tomorrow I will measure & record my stats and work hard towards to meet my 2nd goal, which is reaching 120's by end of October.



Transformation Challenge until June 1

Friday, February 08, 2013

I signed up for a 'transformation motivation by June 1'. I am hoping to lose 10-15 pounds by then. My B-Day is a couple days after that deadline so, I really want to finish this challenge with a big wt loss. I made my mind up to eat very blend meals. Thru a course of binges, I noticed whenever I eat spicy, salty or any strong flavor food, it causes me to eat more other food. Therefore I will avoid spicy food, which is salty usually, like a poison. Don't know how it will be but I don't know until I try it. I am either do it 100% or none at all person. I will make a menu and exercise plan for everyday and will check it off as I follow the plan.
Tomorrow I will start this and I have about 81 days left for the final show-off. I already took a 'before' pictures and measure the body parts to compare with 'after'.
One meal at a time and one sweat at a time, I will transform myself to be a better me.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Update: as of June 1, I weigh 143.2, BF % 32 emoticon

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JULIERAE41 2/9/2013 8:45PM

    Way to go! Learning what causes us to overeat is a big win. You can do it!

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LALMEIDA 2/8/2013 11:30PM


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111BUTTERFLY111 2/8/2013 7:13PM

    One meal at a time!! Wishing you the very emoticon !!!

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ZIGGY122 2/8/2013 6:37PM


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Transformation: Phase I-Valentine's Day Challenge

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I want to transform my body this year. First phase will be 'controlling my appetite'. I always thought I burn off calories I ate by exercising but I didn't and couldn't; I eat way too much. So for this phase, I will concentrate on eating right. "Right" I meant, eating within daily allowed calories, eating more protein, eating more fiber, eating more good fat and drinking lots of water. I will not drink soda. It will be hard because I like to drink diet soda but it makes my stomach bloated and I crave food that's not good for me. I will be mainly walking and lifting weights. No heavy cardio which I always do...I have a 10K race coming in April but I will train for that after this phase is over.
So here is my day 1, phase I--reality check

Weigh-in: 166.2(32.9 BF%) @6AM
Bicep:R-12.75", L-12.5"
Above Chest: 36"
Chest: 38.5"
Below Chest: 35"
Waist: 35"
Belly Button: 42"
Hip: 40"
Thigh: R-24", L-24.5"
Calf:R-15", L-15.5"

My body is not symmetric. I'm right handed and my right arm is much stronger than my left. Therefore, it is .5" bigger. But why my left side lower body is bigger than my right thigh/calf? I know I cannot reduce one spot. I need to lose the body fat in order to see more defined muscle tone all over the body. I gain muscle easily yet it's hard to lose the fat since I overeat all the time. I will evaluate the progress on February 13. My weight for this morning is due to water retention due to my 2 weeks of indulging myself in high sodium foods and my monthly cycle. I am sure it will go down once I start my period (or at least I hope.)
I will try to blog everyday for my accountability.
I want to accomplish something this time around since I never follow the plan.

Update-It's almost 8PM and I didn't do good on my eating or walking. I only walked 3.5 miles and ate almost 4,000 calories I think(didn't measure). Also, I started my period this afternoon and that explained why I was craving for all sorts of stuff and body ache and chill. Wish tomorrow is a brand new day and start fresh. Will reach my goal this time!!! emoticon


Lifting weight makes me to overeat?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I lost weight before by not eating properly. But I gained it back and more. This time around, I want to lost fat by eating well and lifting weights. I am reading more about fitness and learned that I need to build muscle because as you get older you lose muscle mass and that means you cannot eat as much :-)
So, I try to do ST three times a week and every time I lift weights I get sore(that's good, I'm lifting heavy) and I want to eat all day LONG. I didn't notice it before but as I don't see any progress as far as losing weight, I am looking back why I am eating so much. I am trying to cut food intake so that I can lose weight and if ST is causing me to eat outrageously, what should I do? As much as I want to build muscle, I think I should limit to just one day of ST. Now on I will be concentrating more on cardio and my diet. I don't want to be a cardio bunny(hate that term) but I will try and see.
What do you think?

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RUDEGAL311 9/22/2012 8:59PM

    Working out totally makes me hungry too. I try to eat healthier foods so that if I do overeat at least it's not junk. Good luck.

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GOING4MUSCLE 9/20/2012 7:12PM

    Don't run scared of the lifting. It's normal to be hungrier, as your body is demanding fuel to do all its repairs and building. I'm always my hungriest, right after, and the next day, when I do my routine. And I lift 3 days a week.

And don't use the scale as your guide. Pitch that sucker, as your muscles are retaining fluid (it's normal) as they repair. This process takes about 4-6 weeks, then the fluid will let go and the scale will then (and only then) begin to move on downward.

Get yourself a cloth measuring tape and, weekly, measure every area of your body. I lost close to 70 inches, top to bottom. And it did take me 6 full weeks to register a scale loss. Prior to that time, I GAINED 8 pounds of fluid in my muscles. So frustrating! I panicked, thinking I was eating too much..but after researching, I found out it was NORMAL.

Keep pumping! Keep eating!! It IS working!!! emoticon

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LOWFATFOODIE 9/19/2012 10:34PM

    I think you should research some more on what you should be eating with ST. You SHOULD be eating more of BETTER foods... making muscle requires fuel- without it your body just breaks the muscle down AND you don't lose fat.

Check out the diet portion for LiveFit or some other weight training programs.

LiveFit emphasizes eating lean and clean. AND we eat every 2-3 hours. These are smaller, but complete meals. No more stuffing in 12 oz steak plus baked potato plus bread (ugh!) at lunch and then waiting 5 or 6 hours just to do it all over again.

The longer you go on ST and the heavier you lift, the more your body will tell you what it needs. Fuel. You're hungry because your body needs it.

and FYI, sometimes when you just start out with ST, you flatline or even gain weight the first few weeks as your body builds that muscle. then the muscle helps you burn even more calories when you do cardio but you still have to keep ST to retain the muscle you've built.

Its an adjustment, but well worth it. You can be strong AND drop clothes sizes like crazy.

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SYZYGY922 9/19/2012 10:10PM

    Three times a day? Or three times a week?

I've been doing lots of cardio lately and it makes me HUNGRY. But, I've also been doing strength training three times a week, which is new for me. I guess I never thought that could be doing it, too. I've been eating a lot. My weight loss has slowed down, but I'm changing my body composition so I'm not too worried.

No matter what you end up doing, there should be a balance between cardio and lifting with a healthy diet. I do way more cardio than lifting, personally, and I think I need to do more.

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