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C25k W2D1 - Made it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I was going to run week 1 again, but after my warm up and first interval, I jumped over to the first interval of week 2. Overall went well!

My hams did remind me it was a little too long since my previous workout...

Stretching was the best part of my workout today! Felt GREAT!

Now if I can *only* make it back in the next day or two, it'll keep me on track for the end of March race.


WW decision time...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

So... Weight Watchers came to my workplace at the end of last year. I liked the accountability of weighing in with someone(some weeks more than others), and the group at work was really great for talking through tough things, and getting ideas.

Not to mention having a "meeting" Friday at lunch hour has kept me away from some dangerous restaurants... :)

We weren't able to get enough people for the 3 week 'bumper' session, and it looks as if getting 15 people for a new series by next Friday is borderline. (If I join, we'll need 3 more.)

The decision boils down to: how badly do I want to make lifetime?

If I don't care, I take my losses and go. (I'm thinking I care...)

If I want it and WW@W happens, that's the relatively easy part.

If I want it and WW@W doesn't happen, I'll need to go to my local center, probably doing the monthly pass until I reach goal.

If I'm able to do it directly, I'm about 10 weeks away - 4 lb loss plus 6 weeks maintenance. My leader thinks I can do it - I was as low as 161 at one point, and my goal is 159. Friday I 'unofficially' weighed in at 163.

If not, the saga stretches out longer. The at work session is 13 weeks long with one blackout, making it 14 actual weeks.

So, the down side? ...I think my hesitation is because I'm not 100% sure I would go without it being at work. I'm lazy. If I'm not going to go, I shouldn't spend the money to make lifetime.

I think I'm going to post over at the WW boards, get some more input. My leader was very supportive, thought I should do it because not a whole lot of people would continue w/o support or motivation of some sort; she even gave me a couple of names of good leaders in the area and offered to join my on my first 'nonwork' visit. It was very sweet! Tara, thank you! =)

Thanks for reading my thinking-out of this... :)


C25K W1D3 - I made it, Woo HOO!

Monday, January 05, 2009

The last few nights I've been reading a lot about runner's knee, and tried to implement a few things in tonight's run -and so far I'm less sore.

I didn't want to cool down after the workout, I wanted to keep working out -- I think that's a good sign!

My video experiment proved ...interesting. :) The camera was off center, so most of the time all I saw was the front half of my stride -which is okay since that is the main part I'm interested in. I overstride big time. I heel strike. My ankles roll out a bit in-air, but I don't know that it is too much. I need more arch support. In short, I'm beating my knees up - no wonder they're not happy.

What did I change tonight?

First off, I SLOWED DOWN. My paces were 3.5 and 5, down from 5.5/6. This allowed me to SHORTEN MY STRIDE and focus on not overstriding. I increased my foot turnover rate; I was shooting for about 90, didn't seem to quite make it that fast. Why 90? That's my triathlon training kicking in... which I'm kind of keeping in the back of my head for an end of summer goal.

The treadmill was set to a slight incline; 1.0 most of the time. I read several places (I wish I had the references) that treadmill work can mimic a slight downhill run, giving a tendency to overstride. I think that the incline helped.

I changed shoes, I changed insoles. I don't have a lot of choice right now, so I grabbed the best of both worlds that I could find, mashed them together and ran with it. emoticon Seems like common sense... but my newest pair of shoes are now a size too big (thanks to a 70lb weight loss) and I don't think they're as best suited as my barely used (but older) 11s. The insoles are from my last pair of 'running' running shoes, and although they have a some miles, are better than the paper-thin insoles my 11s came with. Still could use some further arch support, but definitely improved.

ALLL this to say as I'm sitting here with frozen peas on my knees and Advil freshly popped, that I want to love on my knees as best as I can and tonight went well. They don't hurt, but they're happier with the veggies on them.

And to say WOO HOO!!! for making it through week 1! Mon-Fri-Mon is less than ideal, but at this point I'll take what I can get. :)

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FITTGRRL 1/6/2009 12:14PM

    OMG! 70lbs weight loss! great going. I really enjoy reading this because there are a lot of great pointers. I've had knee problems for years and found it rather difficult to adjust with orthotics to this new running adventure. I changed shoes 3X finally I took the insoles out and lo and behold I felt less pain and enough support!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
on finishing the first week! you are well on your way!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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C25k & Weight Loss

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I don't remember WHO had it as a post, but someone on SP stated that running C25k in and of itself doesn't lead to weight loss. This is finally starting to sink in... During my W1D1 workout, I think I burned 200-some calories, which I promptly offset by picking up a lower-cal smoothie at the gym. All that work for a smoothie? Yes, there's more happening than 'just' calories being burned, thankfully. :)

Enter in thoughts about "the glory days" of running in HS - my fastest year running distance was my sophomore year... I was 135lbs. (Insert Bruce Springsteen here.)

I've also been visiting a couple of female body builder's blogs and SPages, usually linking from the Clean Eating team.

...Blend on low 30 seconds. Rinse. Repeat.

I guess my brain is finally piecing together how nutrition, weight, and performance are interrelated. I've always understood that you can't eat junk and expect your body to perform well, that food is your fuel. But to run lean and clean... whoa. That's a discipline that seems light years away.

At the same time it makes me want to get back to 135 that much more. Not to mention my runner's knee has been reminding me of its presence. :
Granted, I didn't get to where I am without planning, tracking, and counting my WW points and making myself say "no" or eating better choices... but my crazy sweet tooth has been ransacking my continued weight loss efforts since about October.

Ack... anyway. Just needed to pound out a few thoughts before I got too tired tonight.


C25K W1D2 - it's been on of THOSE days...

Friday, January 02, 2009

...but I somehow managed to drag my body out to the gym.

One of those days where you don't /fuel/ well, then you don't feel well... one of those days where I wanted to go to BED at 6pm, not to the gym.

Admittedly, I set myself up for that bit... (Don't click if you don't really want to know! :-p~ ) Mistake #2 was setting it on the kitchen island... And yes, it's going to go into the garbage tonight!

But I made it out for W1D2. Pace was 3.7/5.7. Could still feel my form settling; I anticipate that happening for a while. Isn't there a law somewhere about it being easier to finish a workout than start it? Or something?

* * *

Soo... has anyone ever taped their own running? To look at your own form?



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