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Staying in the dark

Friday, September 18, 2009

When I woke up yesterday I found the ear piece of my glasses sitting is a very unusual and unnatural position. So, since it has been over 2 years since I had an exam, I called and made an appointment for this morning. She must have put extra drops in my eyes, because I couldn't see a thing all afternoon. I have sat around in the dark all afternoon and am still squinting at the computer screen. My eyes haven't changed much, which is good. And they managed to repair my old ones so they will work till the new ones get here, which is also good. Even with insurance, glasses sure are expensive.

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LINDA25427 10/6/2009 3:36PM

    I need to get new glasses too , but keep putting it off.Glad everything is working out ok for you . God bless. emoticon

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EDWARDS1411 9/23/2009 10:15PM

    Yikes - I need to get my eyes examined again as well - and my glasses don't seem as helpful as they used to so I won't be surprised if I need a new prescription - and you're right they are expensive - Yikes!!!

Thanks for the reminder LOL!!!

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GCHUNG 9/18/2009 10:41PM

    They sure are, I have been avoiding getting glasses for years. I bought the cheapy reading glasses at Walgreens earlier this year but finally broke down and bought distance glasses. It's amazing how much clearer everything is. My correction is not much but significant to me that it wasn't crystal clear - and I don't do fuzzy well.

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Friday in Seattle, and a sad good bye on Saturday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday was our last day in Seattle. We went back to the Space Needle and toured the EMP (Experience Music Project) and Science Fiction Museums. DD was amazed at how old some of the music she loves really is. The SciFi museum is really great. We took a walk around beautiful Seattle Center and had lunch. MIL wanted to take a nap, so we took her back to her room. DD and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, so we found Starbucks (didn't have to look far) and took off. Not far we found the cutest little art store, and across the parking lot was a vacuum and sewing machine store. Yup, had to look. They sold Viking machines and had several set up on frames, with quilts in them, to practice on. What a great time, gotta get me one of those. After drooling all over the nice man's sewing and embroidery machines, we went back to DH's cousins for dinner. They had friends from Missouri also and it was an absolutely wonderful evening.

Saturday we had nothing to do but pack up and come home. No big adventures, but once again they couldn't find our reservations, our plane didn't have any problems, but there were 2 others that did and some of the passengers were transferred to our flight (they were not happy at all) and some were really upset that we got to board first (MIL is in a wheelchair so we all got to board with her). But it worked out and we got to Atlanta. Then we had to go to a different gate because the plane at ours broke down and they couldn't get it moved (note a trend with Delta?). After all was said and done we got home about 12:30 Sunday morning and had a great time.

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LLCURTS 9/17/2009 10:56PM

    Sounds like you had a great vacation time !
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Thursday in Seattle

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MIL was still not feeling well, so we had another easy day. DH's cousin gave us a tour of his university (Northwestern). We had the dean of the new nursing school show us around their brand new building (MIL was a nurse for 45 years). It is a fantastic campus and everyone we met was so very happy and pleasant. Must be that crisp air in the north west. Then we went to Snoqualmie Falls State Park. Part of the park was closed, but we did get to see the falls themselves (after an extensive hunt for the handicap access ramp) and they are beautiful. After a nice nap and dinner at DH's cousin's house (his wife sure can cook) we went to the Symphony, then had a short night time tour of the city. It is just as lovely at night as it is during the day.

Here is the link to my pics again.

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MAKULEWAHINE 9/17/2009 10:01AM

    Sounds like a lovely trip. You really are getting around to get a taste of the NW. How was the symphony? I keep meaning to get up there to see them but never have so far. Glad you are enjoying yourself.

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R-U-JELLEN 9/16/2009 10:22PM

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful and memorable vacation!! I've always wanted to visit the northwest. My father lived in Seattle in his younger days. My grandfather worked for the Great Northern Railroad and my grandmother had a boardinghouse for railroad workers. That was a REAL long time ago!! Keep on enjoying yourself!!

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Wednesday in Seattle

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here is the 3rd day of our vacation, which keeps improving. MIL is getting tired so we are slowing down a bit. It was supposed to rain (surprising?) so we drove downtown to Ride the Duck. What is a duck? It is a WW2 amphibious vehicle. When you ride the duck, you get a tour of downtown, then drive into Lake Union for a tour of the city from the lake. The tour includes the Sleepless in Seattle house (repainted and now for sale), Gas Works Park, and some of the most fantastic yachts around.

Then we walked to the Space Needle and had a great (although very expensive) lunch. What a wonderful view of the city you get from the dining room. After lunch we had to let MIL have a rest, so back to the room. For the evening we spent a lovely quiet evening with DH's cousin and his family, sharing stories and remembrances. What a lovely day.

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DEBIPOGUE 9/15/2009 11:27AM

    So glad you had fun! My sister ate at the Needle also and made the same comment...but enjoyed the experience as you did.

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MAKULEWAHINE 9/15/2009 10:48AM

    What a wonderful tour. I just love going to places and learning and seeing new things. Too bad I just drive right through Seattle to my son's house up north. We do get around up there though, Bellingham area. This is really a beautiful state (and I grew up in Hawaii!). Glad you are enjoying yourself.

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MIMISCHENK 9/15/2009 8:45AM

    We'll be there this Friday. I may check out the Duck Ride. There is one in P'burgh that is a great way to see the city.

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Tuesday in Seattle

Monday, September 14, 2009

These are a bit late, but internet access was spotty for us.

Tuesday we started out by seeing the Klondike Museum State Park. It is a wonderful place about the gold rush, and be sure to see the movie if you go. Next we walked around Pioneer Square and to the UPS Waterfall Park. It is a lovely little park built on the site of the first UPS office, and a great place to relax a bit.

Then was the Pike Place Market and the world's best Mac & Cheese at Beechers, teriffic cheesecake at Confectional, and the original Starbucks, so of course we went. The vegetable stalls are so bright and cheerful. You can find everything from fresh fish to leather to flowers. After taking our lunch to the waterfront park we went home to let MIL take a nap so she could make it to the salmon bake for dinner.

For dinner we took an Argosy cruise across Lake Washington to the Tillicun Village for a native salmon bake and dance performance. I had to skip the clams (allergic) so as not to swell up and ruin everyone's evening. The fish was cooked in the traditional manner on sticks over an open fire and was quite tasty. Since one of Joe's daughters works for the cruise company, we had a center stage reserved table. There were only about 40 of us on the cruise so all seats were good. It was very late when we got in and MIL was exhausted, but we all had a good time.

Here is a link to some of my pictures. I had to sort through almost 500, so just picked some of the best ones I could find quickly.

I'll get Wednesday posted later.

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1BEARWIFE 9/14/2009 10:27AM

    What a great time you obviously had! How about I come over there, and you can repeat the day for me and DH? You are obviously a terrific travel guide!! Who needs to go "on vacation" when we live in the Pacific Northwest?? emoticon

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SJORDAN7157 9/14/2009 6:17AM

    Thank you for the pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

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